I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike

Kristin goes to Honolulu with an empty suitcase (and Jen!) and has to find two complete outfits for a day look and a night look.
‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach
Manaola Hawaii
MW Restaurant
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  • Jen is so gay...omg its hilarious but we all love it lol

    fluffyunicorn 2005fluffyunicorn 200515 minutes ago
  • I'm plus size and from Hawaii and I love Torrid so much!

    Polar Bear MascotPolar Bear Mascot35 minutes ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks Jen looks so cute while sick? Only me? Ok

    lloyd cagelloyd cageHour ago
  • This title was misleading

    Hey Its darkHey Its darkHour ago

    GeorgiaGeorgiaHour ago
  • I am so buying every one of those dresses! Gorgeous!

  • Come to Minnesota!!!! Please!!!!

    Alyssia KangasAlyssia Kangas2 hours ago
  • I love Jen!:))

    Pablo D.Pablo D.3 hours ago
  • living on oahu i usually get my plus size bathing suits from target its a little cheaper than torrid. but old navy is another place i go to to get my clothing. decently priced but honestly i wear yoga pants alot lol

    keilah imaikeilah imai3 hours ago
  • Can we just pep how beautiful kristians make up looks 😭 like it’s so natural but glowy 😭

    Camila ACamila A3 hours ago
  • i want whatever drug jen is on

    Mira KulkarniMira Kulkarni4 hours ago
    • Tbh that me

      brøkêń_båñdîtøbrøkêń_båñdîtø17 minutes ago

    Camilla BraukmanCamilla Braukman6 hours ago

    CynthiaCynthia6 hours ago
  • Go to the phillipines! or Jamaica. Seriously, I'm blasian that's why

  • The maroon dress is reaaaaally pretty with that lipstick

    Ira SIra S10 hours ago
  • Kristin looks so happy shopping at the first store. And I feel the same too! It's contagious 😆

    Ira SIra S10 hours ago
  • Come to Calgary during the stampede!

    MidRoseMikaMidRoseMika10 hours ago

    Ira SIra S10 hours ago
  • Kristen: I dropped meat on my dress Jen: where?!?!? Kristen: no you can’t lick it Jen: That’s Homophobic

    Adrianna GAdrianna G16 hours ago
  • Why is her head piece worn so low on her face? It’s low key annoying to look at 🙈

    Aliya BaradiaAliya Baradia17 hours ago
  • The clothes from Manola are stunning, those Hawaiian patterns are gorgeous

    AmandaAmanda17 hours ago
    • Jen is so ill and so adorable, I hope she got her naps

      AmandaAmanda17 hours ago
  • I really wanna go to hawaiii

    Chelsea CrisostomoChelsea Crisostomo17 hours ago
  • The way jen said ponyo

    Kasper Not The GhostKasper Not The Ghost18 hours ago
  • i never comment on these but i feel like kristen doesn’t get enough love and she is literally one of the most beautiful people i have every seen and she’s just such a positive perosn i love watching any video with her in it. especially her and jen together because they always make me life and smile. kristen i love you!

    Carissa SponagelCarissa Sponagel18 hours ago
  • The dress she chose for the night looks incredible on her! Goddess 😍

    Annie St.MarieAnnie St.Marie19 hours ago
  • I love how unapologetically gay Jen was this episode

    Punk SparklesPunk Sparkles20 hours ago
  • Does manaola ship?

    Veronica GuerraVeronica Guerra21 hour ago
  • Where are all my locals at?!

    Dylan’s PaintingsDylan’s Paintings21 hour ago
  • Jen was kind of horny in hawaii

    Alia MacKayAlia MacKay21 hour ago
  • Kristin is my absolute fav

    lalaistheallknowinglalaistheallknowing22 hours ago
  • This was great! I especially loved Manaola. I always love Jen but Jen with a cold is even more joyful! And the halo-halo reference! #pinoy ^_^ Also, all of these videos make me feel hopeful as a plus size shopper. It's rare I enjoy shopping but seeing how you shop makes me feel like it doesn't have to be a stressful, depressing experience. Thank you for great content!

    A SkerstoA Skersto23 hours ago
  • Here’s an idea: West Virginia 🤔

    Avery BurrisAvery Burris23 hours ago
  • 23:14 idk why but i died laughing😂

    Kerris ParkingtonKerris ParkingtonDay ago
  • This was such a good episode and wonderful representation of the local fashion! The designer was really funny too!!!!!! You guys should do Texas next!

    Kyra PlasKyra PlasDay ago
  • I wish she got that red off the shoulder elastic dress it was so so pretty

    Sick AngelSick AngelDay ago
  • I love Jen and Kristin

    Brooklyn CBrooklyn CDay ago
  • go to vermont

    Sten!Sten!Day ago
  • go to italy!

    Kelli ReneeKelli ReneeDay ago
  • I'm living in Hawaii now Just for these store

    Elemental alphas 19Elemental alphas 19Day ago
  • Yo jen is so cute😍😍😍😍😍

    Skyler CaseSkyler CaseDay ago
  • next Texas?

    Kynnison ihwKynnison ihwDay ago
  • I have one of the same bathing suits that Kristin picked out

    Emma CutlerEmma CutlerDay ago
  • you should try seoul, south korea or tokyo, japan next

    Mr. KatMr. KatDay ago
  • and ... which pills was jen taking for her flu? i want some😂

    Esther NjorogeEsther NjorogeDay ago
  • It is the best episode! Kristin you looked so so beatutiful and i loved all of the outfits 😍

    Mayra FernandezMayra FernandezDay ago
  • store guy; my name is manaola me; manaola? store guy; yap! .😂😂

    Esther NjorogeEsther NjorogeDay ago
  • LOL y'all went to the beach my brother lives on in Kailua!! I'd recognize that view anywhere.

    TorrieTorrieDay ago
  • You had a VERY easy flight. Me my mom and sister had to take 3 flights with a total 14 hours. We stayed at a hotel in San Francisco between the first and second flight.

    Lily PopeLily PopeDay ago
  • Go to South Korea! I spent two month there for school and it was a struggle to find clothes my size (18) while i was there. I would be interested in seeing if you guys would have any more luck than I did. Place its such a beautiful and fun place to visit!

    Rachel DurnerRachel DurnerDay ago
  • I live in Hawaii on Kauai

    Lily MockettLily MockettDay ago
  • U should go to Helsinki

    Syd ThorntonSyd ThorntonDay ago
  • As someone who has never been to Hawaii I'm happy you went to Hawaii 🤣

    The PrincessThe PrincessDay ago
  • Kristin and Jen being a comedic duo for 24 minutes straight😂❤️

    Jordan StahlerJordan StahlerDay ago
  • Go to Japan with no clothes?

    Jennie HessJennie HessDay ago
    • It would probably be more difficult

      Jennie HessJennie HessDay ago
  • Jen jumping for the orange swim top is literally me at work bc I work for torrid 😂

    Amanda RoseAmanda RoseDay ago
  • aaw i wanted to buy that red/gold dress from manaola but it's not on the online store (anymore?). now i'm sad ._.

    ErylariaErylariaDay ago
  • Go to Asheville NC we have the Biltmore estate, downtown, the French broad river, and we’re the beer capital

    Jamie MJamie MDay ago
  • Jeeeeen, I so get the hands thing! I'm 5'2 and only guys over 5'10 have bigger hands than me. I also wear a womens size 10 shoe 😅 (an 8 in mens)

    Jordan CollJordan CollDay ago
  • At this point, we get it Kristen, you travel 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Obviously LexObviously LexDay ago
  • Makes me want to go to Hawaii just to buy some of those dresses 😭

    Isabel ShayIsabel ShayDay ago
  • Anyone else from oahu ✌

    No NameNo NameDay ago
  • Easy breezy beautiful me 😀. I want to meet the store owner 😊. Jen should do a video 😊. Vancouver babe lol

    Mrs JMrs JDay ago
  • And dress number 3

    Christain WrightChristain WrightDay ago
  • I’m going to just comment as she tries them on I love outfit one

    Christain WrightChristain WrightDay ago
  • No one: The comments: whatever the heck the designers name was so cool and I love seeing tribal prints Me: Am I at school sitting with the nerd

    Subscribe to get a cookieSubscribe to get a cookieDay ago
  • jen is such an awesome supportive best friend

    Mari GMari GDay ago
  • I miss Freddie in videos

    renee costarenee costaDay ago
  • You should go to Paris France next

    Akira CohenAkira CohenDay ago
  • *Reads title half way* “I went to Hawaii” *Sees thumbnail* Me “omg yaygood for you” *Reads rest of the title* “Without clothes” Me: “oh god, no way” *Watches video* Me: “oooooh ok”

    Wil RideWil RideDay ago
  • Sick Jen is my queen!

    Christina NeelChristina NeelDay ago
  • Next you guys should go somewhere in the Midwest bc we don’t have super inclusive sizing here. Grand haven Michigan is absolutely beautiful!

    Jill ReffeittJill ReffeittDay ago
  • Where was the Haku Lei from??

    DinoDinoDay ago
  • "Do you want my knife"

    Kat'sCornerKat'sCornerDay ago
  • Come to Oregon!

    Rachel HammackRachel HammackDay ago
  • They should go to Japan

    Michaela GradyMichaela GradyDay ago
  • This is how many people think Jen should make her own channel. Maybe vlogs, or just Jen being Jen. ⬇

    Coley ReedColey Reed2 days ago
  • Oh my God how is Kristen so pretty. I wish I was half as fashionable as her. I love these videos

    Kim CarlsonKim Carlson2 days ago
  • SO STUNNING!!! Love All of it! Lookin like a pin up girl in that gorgeous coral swimsuit 🌺

    leannescottyleannescotty2 days ago
  • I wanna move to Hawaii

    Wtf. Trin17Wtf. Trin172 days ago
  • Omg they went to the same airport as me when I went to Hawaii

    Alexis MorganAlexis Morgan2 days ago
  • I lived there

    kk kamkk kam2 days ago
  • New York, Seattle or Paris

    Rachel ClagettRachel Clagett2 days ago
  • The dresses Kristin bought kinda remind me of Game of Thrones. The blue one looks like something Daenerys would wear right at the beginning and the pattern on the other looks like something Cersei would wear. Also Kristin looks so amazing all the time and I live for it

    EilsTheDaydreamerEilsTheDaydreamer2 days ago
  • Manaola was so charming and funny and his designs were stunning - I'd wear every dress Kirstin tried on.

    Clare DugmoreClare Dugmore2 days ago
  • kitchen and jorn flirting for 24 minutes straight

    Ashley CAshley C2 days ago
  • She said one size but it's really a size 2 lol and I cried

    Crystal PriceCrystal Price2 days ago
  • Iʻm excited she went to Manaola but super jealous because his clothes are expensive!

    darimariedarimarie2 days ago
  • Come to Richmond Virginia with Freddie!!!!!!

    Meg LavinderMeg Lavinder2 days ago
  • I love the romper you had on shopping

    Alyssa MortonAlyssa Morton2 days ago
  • Kristen: You sound like a sock right now. Jen: Oh yeah!

    Astrilla FoxAstrilla Fox2 days ago
  • I think you should go next to Romania 😄

    Liliana EnacheLiliana Enache2 days ago
  • can you tell us the exact color, name, and pattern of the manaola dress? i want one but i cant find the dress you bought. or if you can give a link

    ZeldaLover628ZeldaLover6282 days ago
  • Alaska

    Emma 70388Emma 703882 days ago
  • I’m not a pattern person but I would literally wear all of them

    Sophie WiddowsonSophie Widdowson2 days ago
  • I love it when you guys mention/go to Torrid in your videos. I work there and I love it. 🥰

    beautyontheinsidexbeautyontheinsidex2 days ago
  • The bathing suit that she picked is absolutely amazing! I was actually looking at it at torrid recently because I really wanted to get it but they didn’t have it in my size :(

    Aubrey VasquezAubrey Vasquez2 days ago
  • Jen should try this challenge

    Emma WebbEmma Webb2 days ago
  • Where can I buy Jen's t-shirt at 4:12 ? :O

    KPKP2 days ago

    R. P.R. P.2 days ago
  • My bff was actually born in honalulu

    Jetay SwineyJetay Swiney2 days ago
I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike