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  • Fav people ever

    TheUltimateIloTheUltimateIloDay ago
  • Yo lets make a pact. Whoever stops uploading we should just start unsubscribing and subscribe back only if they start uploading again lets see how fast they upload then

    Rohit PoolustRohit Poolust2 days ago
  • Miss the old you

    IkIk2 days ago
  • Make a distrack on KSI ....EARTQUAKE PT2

    Kukin KimplKukin Kimpl3 days ago
  • *video ideas* becoming a rapper for a week becoming instagram famous for a week

    Tiger musicTiger music3 days ago
    • also id think it would be hillarious if the sidemen did vids like nelk

      Tiger musicTiger music3 days ago
  • Remember this? Akneehow!?

    ImAndrew 766ImAndrew 7663 days ago
  • Make a disstrack on Phil😂😂😂😂

    leon seale finchleon seale finch3 days ago
  • you're the real inspiration

    Nik OlaiNik Olai4 days ago
  • I came here to see if his tattoo is real

    Wizl3yWizl3y4 days ago
  • What’s his climbing grade

    Hipster MangoHipster Mango4 days ago
  • 10:47 u farted when u jumped

    morzmorz5 days ago
  • i never wanna hear the word fam again

    Crumpets BeatboxCrumpets Beatbox5 days ago
  • Bro, Whers this place ?

    A JA J6 days ago
  • ey, don´t forget posting your transformation video on june 20th, you promised

    GekkougaGekkouga7 days ago
  • 10:47 anyone Else heard that fart? Lmao 😂

    Anel SalcinovicAnel Salcinovic8 days ago
  • When ur accent changes cause ur with a londoner

    Jude BoydJude Boyd8 days ago
  • When ur accent changes cause ur with a londoner

    Jude BoydJude Boyd8 days ago
  • More climbing please (you are the best! :D)

    Dallan88 GamingDallan88 Gaming9 days ago
  • correct me if im wrong but this ayy dude seems like an extremely arrogant person

    Ask EngelandAsk Engeland9 days ago
  • morgz's mum has got more subs than you

    JekoJeko10 days ago
  • If Behz sees Magnus climb he'd be gassed

    Kyle SanchezKyle Sanchez10 days ago
  • I wanna attempt rock climbing now but I’m weak as hell😂

    Angel HeartlyAngel Heartly11 days ago
  • Thought that was kawhi

    Anthony HartmanAnthony Hartman11 days ago
  • Where is AFC sidemates ???

    Everton Daily news and reviewsEverton Daily news and reviews11 days ago
  • Melissa Jamie Potts and ethen would be jokes

    DashFTWDashFTW11 days ago
  • 12:12 on the right😉

    Mikail AlbogachievMikail Albogachiev12 days ago
  • Dude is ridiculously strong. Could be climbing so much harder

    Youtube's HardYoutube's Hard13 days ago
  • Do an eating vid

    Mahmood KhanMahmood Khan14 days ago
  • How much do you earn juss curios

    Mahmood KhanMahmood Khan14 days ago
  • 1:25: He’s jumping around like a monkey!!! 😆

    Deleted Error 404Deleted Error 40415 days ago
  • Mate that intro with all the fucking sounds for likes and subs is super annoying.

    Fraser HughesFraser Hughes15 days ago
  • You should test ur fifa stats to compare from last year

    Ivan ChallengeIvan Challenge15 days ago
  • Tú sabes que le pasó a reidk

    KevinKevin15 days ago
  • Hey does anyone know behz workout routine or can someone give me a good workout

    Fabian RodriguezFabian Rodriguez16 days ago
  • Being a climber my self it’s so cringy to watch them struggle on things I would warm up on

    fahim khandelfahim khandel16 days ago
  • How did u loose 16 bars of ur belly

    F1 DawberF1 Dawber16 days ago
  • Driving through bermondsey yeh

    Gaming l UkGaming l Uk16 days ago
  • Ayy was so fried in this video

    MrAzzehxDMrAzzehxD17 days ago
  • Remember to do the annual try not to laugh with stimp btw 😂

    Xd MiniCheeezXd MiniCheeez17 days ago
  • You got thinner were you working out 🏋️

    Abdullah AlelweetAbdullah Alelweet18 days ago
  • Watching Behz work out is amazing! It inspires me to get stronger as I'm a bit underweight

    Mukharram MirbabaevaMukharram Mirbabaeva18 days ago
  • you are a fucking idiot

    William BurgaardWilliam Burgaard19 days ago
  • What rock climbing place is this

    Kharma _KKharma _K19 days ago
  • 1:45 that kid in the back looks disgusted

    Nich GNich G19 days ago
  • thought it was kendrick lamar at first

    im dilpiiicklesim dilpiiickles19 days ago
  • That happened to me once in grade 7 due to shitty school monkey bars that had its paint chipped off... It hurt like a b*tch! Never went back to monkey bars after that...

    Mohammad FrznMohammad Frzn19 days ago
  • Make sure KSI is not sleeping with your loved ones... You never know, he did it to his bro too

    Cuban BoxerCuban Boxer19 days ago
  • You wrong for kissing up to someone like KSI

    abby1startist YTabby1startist YT19 days ago
  • Who else is sick of the axe ad

    Manuel MarrufoManuel Marrufo20 days ago
  • dam

    MarkQubMarkQub20 days ago
  • holy fuk he looks old

    Abdur RahmanAbdur Rahman20 days ago
  • post more please

    Ben ArmstrongBen Armstrong20 days ago
  • Only OGS remember ayyonline 💯❤️

    ParentParent21 day ago
  • What's that think in your hand

    yeet lordyeet lord21 day ago
  • He’s saying fam too much

    J7J721 day ago
  • 5:12 it's a simple equation fam

    Scottish KennethScottish Kenneth23 days ago
  • Fog gggygg g***. Fav fly g. Gg

    Alejandro AcevedoAlejandro Acevedo23 days ago
  • bro this is the 20 year old miles Morales

    jack stanfilljack stanfill25 days ago
  • Is this the Arch? i dig it

    Christopher RossettiChristopher Rossetti26 days ago
  • The way he's so controlled and smooth

    G a b r i e lG a b r i e l26 days ago
  • What flavour pre workout do you use ???

    Sam KingSam King26 days ago
  • So many ‘fams’ in this video

    John HaydenJohn Hayden26 days ago
  • Bruv should be on Ninja Warrior

  • Subbed just to see videos about him and melissa. XD go get ems boi

    Chris LaChris La27 days ago
  • "FAM"

    Alex AshworthAlex Ashworth29 days ago
  • 12:23 monkey bars are difficult for me

    Jenson_BFCJenson_BFC29 days ago
  • That’s bouldering not rock CLIMBING you numpty

    Theresa McTheresa Mc29 days ago
  • Fam

    Joseph BlackJoseph BlackMonth ago
  • Lowkey looks like viddal

    GoncaloNuno GamerGoncaloNuno GamerMonth ago
  • Behz: “Man doesn’t understand US-vision algorithm” - proceeds to talk about grabbing tits all video 😂😂😂

    BlockceptionalBlockceptionalMonth ago
  • So refreshing to see ayyonline again and he’s not talking about eating out girls

    Sachin SharmaSachin SharmaMonth ago
  • If this is racist in your eyes I’m sorry but but does he look like will.i.am facially?

    MexaMexaMonth ago
  • this should be a sidemen Sunday challenge

    rishann scottrishann scottMonth ago
  • What supplements do you take behz? I have a feeling that you take Creatine. Idk. Do you?

    General220General220Month ago
  • Nice video, Fam.

    Oliver BroOliver BroMonth ago
  • I myself am a rockclimber and that is a really nice gym! I wish I could visit it, and you're already getting good with climbing if you can go up and keep your grip, if you get into it, always use your toes, stay low most of the time, and don't waste energy.

    ConnorsharkConnorsharkMonth ago
  • 10:47 behz deffo farted ahlie😂

  • horny men tho STILL LOVE UR VIDEOS

    P4ND4P4ND4Month ago
  • Loving the content man 👍

    Yikes im boredYikes im boredMonth ago
  • Anyone remember when ayy had the ghost chilli pepper? One of the funniest videos on US-vision.

    M AM AMonth ago
  • Like you could have been a gymnast in another life. The way you catch and hang, your core muscles in absolute control.respect.

    Titito De BologayTitito De BologayMonth ago
  • Been waiting for ayyonline to come back, the OG of the chilli challenge

    SmizzSmizzMonth ago
  • About time ayy had a bring in about timeeeeee

    David WrightDavid WrightMonth ago
  • Send him to ninja warrior UK now

    Fishing made SimpleFishing made SimpleMonth ago
  • I feel like Ethan's trying not to call him a monkey 😂

    TG x LMCKTG x LMCKMonth ago
  • what is this song at the end tell me PLEASE!!!!!!

    Matthew ClarkeMatthew ClarkeMonth ago
  • Only real ones know about AyyOnline. He’s like an urban legend

    MrQ.123MrQ.123Month ago
  • The music/sounds in this vid are sometimes waaaay to loud ... Good content tho ;)

    Victor MalmstrømVictor MalmstrømMonth ago
  • This boi lookin like the chicken connoisseur pumped iron then fell half way down the white cliffs of Devon

    Smithy04 :3Smithy04 :3Month ago
  • You need to do more with Ayy this vid was siiiiiicccckkkk

    T FT FMonth ago
  • Had to flex in the thumbnail

    MeatSwordMeatSwordMonth ago

    A NA NMonth ago
  • 0:51 milk?

    KisualKisualMonth ago
  • Love how this goon thinks he’s got big arms lol 😂

    Binja NinjaBinja NinjaMonth ago
  • where is this place

    sean watsonsean watsonMonth ago
  • When did he get so hench?

    Batty ManBatty ManMonth ago
  • Anyone know where this is

    HavicLFCHavicLFCMonth ago
  • Ayy it’s been a minute

    ・DomBlazee・・DomBlazee・Month ago
  • Which pre workout does behzinga use ?

    AnonymousAnonymousMonth ago
  • Where's AFC Sidemates