I lived on the streets of LA for 48 hours

What would you do if you lost everything? Ammar decides to live on the streets of LA for 48 hours in hopes gain a better appreciation for the simple things that he takes for granted in life.
All proceeds from this video will go to www.safeplaceforyouth.org to provide care and support to youth experiencing homelessness.
* Ammar was by no means trying to simulate homelessness or pretend like he knows what being homeless feels like, he was just trying to deprive himself of everything and see how he'd handle it.
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  • Are you not fasting bro

    abdihamid abdiabdihamid abdi19 minutes ago
  • ma sha allah Ammar. I'm so proud of you and aren't you fasting?

    Buzz OriginalsBuzz Originals4 hours ago
  • what a pussy

    M SiM Si5 hours ago
  • Step 1 : sell camera Step 2 : buy food

    JustJordanJustJordan13 hours ago
  • hats of keep up the good work

    Aron PokhrelAron Pokhrel14 hours ago
  • Watch London hacks and learn

    iAvynex TviAvynex Tv14 hours ago
  • Where’s my chair!!

    K4RTooN 123K4RTooN 12318 hours ago
  • you really should have watched simon wilson before doing this challenge

    Jack SkippJack Skipp19 hours ago
  • How do you manage to do shalat when you’re out in the street?

    Rizkita MileniaRizkita Milenia19 hours ago
  • Oh the drama... the first 8 hours could've been spent in a public library. But for youtube reasons, why not spend it in the streets right?

    FreeWorldChannelFreeWorldChannel20 hours ago
  • two days? what a joke. Try at least a week!

    FreeWorldChannelFreeWorldChannel21 hour ago
  • You actually walked 2x the distance from all the walking back to get your canners

    James HickmanJames Hickman23 hours ago
  • Wow you guys really seek discomfort, you need to be brave to do this.

    Simón GámezSimón GámezDay ago
  • I'm just going to be honest, no one on this Earth takes anything to be greatful , we all do things and need thing that require someone to do something for as little as nothing. Take this in to context, rhino have went extint because of humans more specifically the black rhino and no one cares but all of sudden people care, and same with homeless people... At least they live in a place way safer than other country's think about we are not greatful no matter what u do. We came into this world with nothing and leave only with the memories we made. 🤔

    clip'sclip'sDay ago
  • Who took the drone shots?

    AppleDealerAppleDealerDay ago
  • 5:59 refill the drink

    ELITE. MacELITE. MacDay ago
  • My mom has been homeless in California for 15+ years this time around. I lived "homefree" six months so as to experience even a portion of the struggle she still faces. I often wish to help my mom. I have lived in North Dakota & Minnesota for over 20 years. I haven't seen my mother since i was nine. 24 years without her and not being able to talk to her much at all :( I did call the city she lives in around mother's day. They said someone saw her two weeks ago. So that is "good" news! I miss her. I wish she could meet her grandkids and get her life sorted so she can become safer and more protected. I love you Mom! XO

    SpinningSageSpinningSageDay ago
  • Should’ve just hung out at Starbucks all day lol

    KeniaaaKeniaaaDay ago
  • Way to go Ammar!! I love this channel. ❤ you guys!

    Katie St CyrKatie St CyrDay ago
  • Great video 👍

    GameTalk AlexGameTalk AlexDay ago
  • but they have a drone

    PlumbskyPlumbskyDay ago
  • Imaging 140 million citizens of Russia feels this shit almost everyday. Thanks you Vladimir Putin ...

    Баги КенжебековБаги КенжебековDay ago
  • BRRRR!!! I'm so cold in this 40 degree weather!!! B..But i have time for hella cinematics!

    SakootSakootDay ago
  • Do this again after watching some Simon Wilson videos, that'll be much more effective.

    Ali FardanAli FardanDay ago
  • So I love this video because it has a great message about not taking what you have for granted but cmon, Ammar you are playing it up you spent a few hours in LA and you’re super lonely and being torn apart? You’re scared because thisnt isn’t a way of life for you, most of the fear you have is different than other homeless people’s fear. They’re probably more scared about when they’ll have there next meal etc

    Sam StephensSam StephensDay ago

    Its wolfey HereIts wolfey HereDay ago
  • You should’ve went to a local fast food joint and grab a cup from there to drink water/soda

    RakxnnRakxnnDay ago
  • That chicken looks like the one I threw lol😂

    outcast navyoutcast navy2 days ago
  • Everyone’s so judgy about why he didn’t walkes into an starbucks and asked for water. Truth is that even tho water must not be denied to anyone, when you’re real homeless you get cero special attention, sometimes you even get shut down so that’s the thing about this experiment. He wasn’t bad looking but a lot of homeless people won’t even try to ask in an establishment for water bc they know they’re being judge. So just contemplate the idea of this video, Ammar did great, the message behind this is so real. (S/o to the person who left the food almost full; Ammar was able to eat but you shouldn’t be wasting food)

    ThaísThaís2 days ago
  • 12.40 alhamdulillah ❤️❤️

    Typical ZainTypical Zain2 days ago
  • meanwhile... simon wilson

    PoisoNPoisoN2 days ago
  • You guys sure know how to dramatise everything

    Hallam RobinsonHallam Robinson2 days ago
  • Now do this but in Detroit

    UFOmarkoUFOmarko2 days ago
  • shit i forgot their names

    Hugo GomezHugo Gomez2 days ago
  • You're a brave man Edit: after i wrote the comment you said hamdulilallah and i was wandering why this guy is so tough but now i realize you are an arab and arabs are fucking solid

    Adam leonidas El ardaouiAdam leonidas El ardaoui2 days ago
  • Does Ammar even do Ramadan? Not judging him, just asking.

    AracornAracorn2 days ago
    • He might have filmed it before ramadan

      Willow DressWillow Dress2 days ago
  • Such a handsome , brave, amazing man 😭❤️😍

    Kim MelnaKim Melna2 days ago
  • best fucking youtuber ever

    JuicyPvpJuicyPvp2 days ago
  • You should do this in chicago or Seattle

    MyNegativeCreepMyNegativeCreep2 days ago
  • Thank god has been creating more and more jobs for people. It is terrible that someone who committed a crime has more than citizens who live on the street.

    UWotMete metteUWotMete mette2 days ago
  • oof if he gets sick form that food though

    Reap YTReap YT2 days ago
  • Yes theory: what would you do if you lost your house your family your friends are dropped in the middle of the street. Me: cry

    Lisa SebastianLisa Sebastian3 days ago
  • how does he know what time it is if he doesnt have a phone?? xD

    SauceSauce3 days ago
  • GTA simulator

    Steelko66Steelko663 days ago
  • He was sort of being a pussy about the sleeping thing ngl 🤷‍♂️ Edit: I still respect the hell out of him for doing it tho.

    Hi my name is McGunga and your watching Disney XDHi my name is McGunga and your watching Disney XD3 days ago
  • i’m new and this is already my favorite channel of all time

    Allexis MarieAllexis Marie3 days ago
  • 24 hours living homeless then 24 hour living a rich life or in reverse :)

    Fergie 29Fergie 293 days ago
  • on the roof was probably a good idea, I live in a rural area and one night I was at my friends place and left to catch the bus home, left his house , caught my first bus to get to the stop where I would change into a different bus to realise I had missed the last bus until the next day, 13 years old, Broken ankle, climbed my way onto a roof ( which I threw my crutches onto before climbing up, glad I could climb it haha ) and slept there the night, I am from Australia, we don't even live in a dangerous area but I felt way safer. I don't trust people enough to willingly loose consciousness in public haha

    DbikekidDbikekid3 days ago
    • Oh and also once some guy wanted to fight me at my friends house, didn't want to do it and no one was sticking up for me so I ended up going to the local maccas as my options were basically fight, continue to get punched while not fighting back or just leave, it was there that I seen a bunch of cops eating food, I was only young at this point too probably still 13 but I had told them I had gotten lost and needed a lift home ( my house was over an hour away, I was a shithead kid and would travel from my country town to the city to hang around with people I probably shouldn't have been ) they told me they would help me, but once they finished eating they all just got up and walked out without saying anything to me, I ended up sleeping in a maccas play ground thing in some slippery slide until morning came around and I could catch the train to my uncles house a town away. didn't want to show up at his place in the middle of the night haha.

      DbikekidDbikekid3 days ago
  • If I was homeless id either just wait for people to order take out and snatch it from them, or go to jail which im sure my food snatching would help me accomplish. Not very nice but if I was homeless the last thing id be worried about is a person that has a house and money missing out on his maccas dinner haha.

    DbikekidDbikekid3 days ago
  • I wouldn't eat from the garbage, imagine you ended up with herpes or some shit because you ate shit out of the trash for a youtube video you and your friends were making.

    DbikekidDbikekid3 days ago
  • Pepper spray xd

    Challenge WarsChallenge Wars3 days ago
  • Watching him, being tired made me really tired 🤤😒 now I just want to sleep 😑

    Elicia WestmorelandElicia Westmoreland3 days ago
  • I want to deprive myself from my phone, and electronics and also the food and shelter I am always given. being a 16 year old it's hard to get the courage the permission to that. One day I hope to complete that challenge and enlighten myself

    AikoAiko3 days ago
  • which camera is he using?

    Di_RectDi_Rect3 days ago
  • I can't imagine the fear that homeless women in particular must have

    Hannah BreedloveHannah Breedlove3 days ago
  • You should have collected plastic bottles and handed them into one of those machines and gotten money for food

    Peaches and CreamPeaches and Cream3 days ago
  • When he walked to the airport it must have taken 100min

    Wesley HiebertWesley Hiebert3 days ago
    • He kept on going back for the camera

      Wesley HiebertWesley Hiebert3 days ago
  • I thought ammar left the group????

    EndyEndy3 days ago
  • new title of the video "how to live like a mindless human with no ambition"

    Kris JansoKris Janso3 days ago
  • Awesome challenge and great video! I'm a side note, the most surprising thing to me about this video (being cheeky here) is the price of gas there in LA!! That's almost 2 dollars more a GALLON that it is here in Dallas Texas!

    voicetubevoicetube3 days ago
  • Me: sees the drown in the video In my head: how did they? The screen: shot a few days before Me: gosh dang they read my mind

    Chocolate ChippyChocolate Chippy3 days ago
  • How did you know how long it took to get to the airport?

    Zach MorrisZach Morris3 days ago
  • This just makes me realize how blessed I truly am, 🙏🏻 for the homeless hope they seek a way out

    Candyman 381Candyman 3813 days ago
  • I did this for one night in Cali, Colombia. That was scary, but I used all the resources I could, I asked for money and bought bread

    Zach MorrisZach Morris3 days ago
  • i will just punch some trees

    Mr.CoolBoiMr.CoolBoi4 days ago
  • Californian:it’s fucking freezing it’s like 40° Wisconsinite: Aw finally it’s 40°, time to bust the shorts and tank tops

    BenjiBenji4 days ago
  • I dont think u can really understand what living in the street mean since u still know that in 48 hours u gonna be safe..

    Antoine StewartAntoine Stewart4 days ago
  • I just kept thinking about how many times he had to place the camera and walk away or on the opposite side of the road and then go back to get the camera

    Meep MeeperslyMeep Meepersly4 days ago
  • a dude in sweden did this for 36 days and made a docometary about it. But it is in swedish so only the swedes can understand it. It is called "36 dagar på gatan"

    KnattexKnattex4 days ago
  • 14:24 no fap

    3 nasty3 nasty4 days ago
  • 6:22 Damn, he can throw his camera pretty high.

    TABBYTABBY4 days ago
  • 4:21 Yall forgot to censor the "fuck" lmao

    LúcioLúcio4 days ago

    Alwin _Alwin _4 days ago
  • A real homeless person would have gotten kicked out of the airport no?

    brookeee528brookeee5284 days ago
  • See...

    Daniel PlazaDaniel Plaza4 days ago
  • Both philosophers are stoic, and they practice acceptance of the worst case scenario of their life... When you're asked of what you are afraid of, it is the reality that we have that something, and losing it will result to despair, frustration and disappoinment... I think

    ABC 123ABC 1234 days ago
  • Always said "Alhamdulillah" what has been given to you

    Lanaya The Templar AssassinLanaya The Templar Assassin4 days ago
  • Aren’t you muslim shouldn’t you fast for ramadan

    Abees AlsharaniAbees Alsharani4 days ago
  • Why are you not fasting for Ramadan?

    THE BloodBeardTHE BloodBeard4 days ago
  • sad u didnt talk to any other homeless people!

    Delores LolaDelores Lola4 days ago
  • you'll get killed cuz of that beard line like honestly but like I really love yall its just your brard lineeeeeeee


    Crawford7Crawford74 days ago
  • Alhamdulillah

    vorniervornier4 days ago
  • my uncle has been doing this challenge for 23 years

    ur m0mur m0m4 days ago
  • Basically everyone: *24 HOURS IN WALMART!!!* Yes theory: 48 HOURS on the streets with literally no purpose of living. *YAY*

    Melon BadgerMelon Badger4 days ago
  • pray?

    hass nainhass nain4 days ago
  • Bro he said what would u do if u lost everything. I didn't have anything in the first place

    Thomas FiliusThomas Filius4 days ago
    • Hey stranger I don’t really know what you’re going through but you’re not alone. If you feel like you don’t have anything you can at least be grateful for being alive. 💕

      Becky MBecky M4 days ago
  • I went to LA a few years ago, it was the first stop on my gap year (from Aus). I remember just wanting to leave the whole city as I was so overwhelmed by the amount of homelessness everywhere you went, even in the day time, it broke my heart, and equally hardened it by being frustrated over not knowing how to help ALL the people asking for money/food/help :( Bless you dude! Hopefully one day I can come back to LA and see positive changes in the city

    Sophie RainbowSophie Rainbow5 days ago
  • I'm actually going to Japan for college next semester in August, and this will be my first time away from home. so during this trip, I will learn what it's like to not have my parents with me all the time. and be surrounded by people who don't know a lot of English. I believe this will be an amazing eye-opener to just how much I rely on my parents for things like meals, etc. and just being there for me when I need them. But it also extremely excited!

    College Life In JapanCollege Life In Japan5 days ago
  • I love you guys!!

    Dayton GageDayton Gage5 days ago
  • do a help the homeless video

    kayykayy5 days ago
  • The moment he said Alhamdullilah my heart melted

    Iemand AndersIemand Anders5 days ago
  • Just steal the food 😂

    Simon JessepSimon Jessep5 days ago
  • Wow you must be brave to put your self through all this , respect 👌🏼

    Sara HeshamSara Hesham5 days ago
  • Arent u fasting tho

    nba saleh /youngboynba saleh /youngboy5 days ago
  • Ggg

    Elon MuskElon Musk5 days ago
  • Do it for your whole life

    Sean O'MahonySean O'Mahony5 days ago
  • Embracing seek discomfort with my roommate signing on stage for the first time!!! us-vision.net/detail/video-RzHHnQlYq1s.html

    Liberty vlogsLiberty vlogs5 days ago
  • 15:38 walks to other side of road to retrieve his camera

    fadbobfadbob5 days ago
  • nothing is definitely a charger, pepper spray, backpack, flashlight, jacket DEFINITELY

    Mythical PlayzMythical Playz5 days ago
    • Mythical Playz probably not pepper spray forgot about that but a flashlight is a possibility.

      f1rebreather123 gamesf1rebreather123 games2 days ago
    • +f1rebreather123 games but ik for a fact they dont have pepper spray and a flashlight

      Mythical PlayzMythical Playz2 days ago
    • Mythical Playz almost all homeless people aren’t born homeless. They usually have a jacket before whatever happens as well as a backpack. Some may actually carry a flashlight but that’s rare. Every single homeless person I have seen has had a jacket or blanket and a backpack at least.

      f1rebreather123 gamesf1rebreather123 games3 days ago
    • I really dont think the homeless carry all of that because they cannot afford that. Especially the new people that are forced to sleep on the streets.

      Mythical PlayzMythical Playz3 days ago
    • Mythical Playz lots of homeless people carry most of those. You wouldn’t be watching this video if he didn’t have a charger.

      f1rebreather123 gamesf1rebreather123 games3 days ago
I lived on the streets of LA for 48 hours