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Today I’m taking a trip down memory lane and finding out how I did my makeup 5 years ago! In the then vs. now makeup challenge I’m gonna see if my techniques and skills have had a serious glow up! I can’t wait to see how it compares to my daily routine!
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    NikkieTutorialsNikkieTutorials23 days ago
    • NikkieTutorials My Mom Left September 2015. But, My Favorite Makeup Memory Was, Momma Showing Me How To Apply Lashes To Her Eyes. But, I, Knew How To Do The Rest. Including, Washing &, Styling Her Wigs. And, Her Own Hair. Cosmetology, Is Fun To Me. Except For Doing Curly Perms. I’m On Instagram &, I Watch You Tube Everyday ❣️🌺

      Uncle EddieUncle Eddie3 days ago
    • NikkieTutorials good makeup this year girl

      Ricardo RamirezRicardo Ramirez12 days ago
    • Hi Nikkie ♥️ I've got super idea (literally I think that I would be super 😋) for film on your yt channel. I love watching you there and you are the biggest make-up authority for me 💎 I really really would like to watch a video in which you would gather and show all your "Holly Grails"🙏 for example 3 best from every category of make-up stuff like 3 fav primers, 3 foundations, 3 concealers, 3 palette, 3 best brushes etc ♥️♥️♥️ That would be great 😍

      Dominika Maja BonarewiczDominika Maja Bonarewicz13 days ago
    • I love you nikki

      Nicole De FilippisNicole De Filippis17 days ago
  • tbh i feel like ur makeup from 2014 made your eye look bigger and its soo pretty!!

    Johanna JankoJohanna Janko5 hours ago
  • Usally i dont like wathing makeup videos but i love your videos!

    Youtube hoursYoutube hours10 hours ago
  • an unproblematic beauty guru

    Julie BodnarJulie Bodnar13 hours ago
  • Woow❤️

    Sarahí GuzmánSarahí GuzmánDay ago
  • What headphones are those??

    Mister RealMister RealDay ago
  • I might be missing a video somewhere or has it been a while since you've done your brows on camera?

    Brandy LeeBrandy LeeDay ago
  • LOL!!! You are so cute!! At 5:45 you looked crazy serious

    Brandy LeeBrandy LeeDay ago
  • The old side looks better... Eyebrow included. 🙄

    Cheebs McPCheebs McPDay ago
  • I really love the dutch word of the day thing

    Sally ShilagSally Shilag2 days ago
  • right

    Claudia AllenClaudia Allen2 days ago
  • Verdelen brow is so shy! LOVEEEE your hair by the way

    Dominique Labelle St-OngeDominique Labelle St-Onge2 days ago
  • I don't like the full coverage base because it doesn't look like skin it just looks flat

    Dumbass BitchDumbass Bitch2 days ago
  • Nikkie's dark circles have been getting worse lately and it's kind of concerning me because she looks so tired

    Dumbass BitchDumbass Bitch2 days ago
  • Omg Mac soft ocre paint pot i used to say it with her

    Katie BussKatie Buss2 days ago
  • that Video was so informativ and Funny 🙌🙌🙌😍😘

    Julia_enjoysJulia_enjoys2 days ago
  • I like the old version way better

    Lavella DarlingLavella Darling2 days ago
  • Why do people blame themselves for their old techniques? We were all the same haha! For me.. face and body c4 (I am not that tan!) no concealer or powder, bronzer on the cheeks, eyeliner with 0 technique and for lips.. MAC Snob, Myth or foundation and lip gloss haha! Loved the washed out lips! 😅 bless

    B UnitB Unit2 days ago
  • Hey girl I super love your looks! I follow your videos and post the “results” haha on my Pinterest...Ryebreadtrc0 look me up and come see!

    Rye DRye D2 days ago
  • Wow your english has gotten so good 😍😍😍

    Layla FranklinLayla Franklin2 days ago
  • Anyone else notice that her eyebrows in the 2014 video look nothing like the ones she said were the “old” version? The ones in the 2014 video look better than the current ones she has IMO!! A queen nonetheless.

    Wyndham GantWyndham Gant2 days ago
  • PLEASE! Start listing the products you used in the description!

    Maia StengerMaia Stenger2 days ago
  • The old side is hilarious

    sarahtrees1sarahtrees13 days ago
  • Your makeup has improved but ur accent has also improved 👏🎊🎉

    Merel NasMerel Nas3 days ago
  • Omg you were GORGEOUS I had to pause it to doubletake if it was really you

    ohohvalerieohohvalerie3 days ago
  • I love u but your older brow looks way better 😂x

    Julia xxJulia xx3 days ago
  • The new version looks more like a drag version. I prefer the old one. My opinion.

    Nazgul MNazgul M3 days ago
  • Norwegian word of the day past = fortid

    Just meJust me3 days ago
  • I love these Dutch words of the day

    thatshitcrayablethatshitcrayable3 days ago
  • Personally, I find the left eye more beautiful. it looks bigger and dulls your beautiful eye color the other eye looks a little more cat-eye

    Die FloDie Flo4 days ago
  • I always love her hair and accessories!!!!

    Allyson cociubaAllyson cociuba4 days ago
  • And still looking stuuuuuunnnniiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggg AF!

    Lucas MorcerfLucas Morcerf4 days ago
  • A glow-up for sure, but I think the new eye looks a little draggish. Still pretty though.

    Maja.J.Maja.J.4 days ago
  • She talks too much

  • you talk too mmuch!!!

    Rita Jo RouletteRita Jo Roulette4 days ago
  • The left side looks more drag while the right side looks more natural and realistic imo

    Dez AnneDez Anne4 days ago
  • Stunning

    ValjermayneValjermayne5 days ago
  • I really like the "now" makeup, but honestly I like the old eye shadow style more :)

    iblandandraiblandandra5 days ago
  • I wish I had your pigmented lips 😭

    Alexandra GamarraAlexandra Gamarra5 days ago
  • Expecting natural looking make up on this channel is honestly surreal, however, I do believe Nikkie is super talented, no doubts. Having said that... It’s just too much for me, too much make up and too much Botox, which is a shame, because she looks stunning with her bare skin

    Mariana Delgado VarelaMariana Delgado Varela5 days ago
  • I think you should have stuck to sort of the same way you did the past makeup. The "now" eye looks like a completely different look. Not really rainbow. The technique is better, but I like the color set up of the "past" look

    Brittany DavisBrittany Davis5 days ago
  • I feel like the old eye look makes your eye look bigger because of the smaller lash. I feel like the big lash closes your eye.

    Shaley ukeleShaley ukele5 days ago
  • I've been watching since 2014

    therainbowtherainbow5 days ago
  • So nice to see the progress you did within those 5 years :)

    itsVivienneHitsVivienneH5 days ago
  • I actually prefer your old brows they compliment your face. But you do you hunny love what you do :)

    Chynna BurtonChynna Burton5 days ago

    Ashlee SlaveyAshlee Slavey5 days ago
  • Anyone else been subscribed since 2015?

    Lorelei HLorelei H5 days ago
  • Verleden is good, present nog beter

    Joan VogellandJoan Vogelland5 days ago
  • I like the old colors way way better.

    FinnFinn5 days ago
  • The brows look basically the same but ok lol

    pandabppandabp6 days ago
  • wait how is 2014 elevn years ago??

    Grace HallGrace Hall6 days ago
  • I always do my kids first

    melissa gibbsmelissa gibbs6 days ago
  • perfect

    Change Color EyeChange Color Eye6 days ago
  • I like the older brow look more

    EveliBananaEveliBanana6 days ago
  • drag queen style makeup!

    Beyond Beauty69Beyond Beauty696 days ago
  • I have to say... your skin appearance has improved so much. I love skin care more than I love makeup and I’m so happy for your skin journey. Only good videos and compliments intended. I mean 0 offense by it .

    Darbi PaddockDarbi Paddock6 days ago
  • omg her LV airpods are no surprise! what a iconic queen 🤩🤩

    lilly blilly b6 days ago
  • Face and body is beautiful and needs to make a comeback. I do love it. I know it's not for everyone, but damn I love it. Also- when I do sunset eyes, that's what I do.

    lindsey baileslindsey bailes6 days ago
  • Your hair looks so much healthier now!! So beautiful!

    Ruby and SassyRuby and Sassy7 days ago
    • Because she doesn't take sponsorships for vitamin brands that don't work or crying on an Instagram story on how her friends don't support her or her brand because she's money hungry. She actually uses products that work 🤯

      yourgirlcallsmedaddyyourgirlcallsmedaddy3 days ago
  • Iemand nl?

    Loes WeghLoes Wegh7 days ago
  • Ik zou het geweldig vinden als je een budget proof video maakt met je budget proof favorieten zoals essence of catrice bv merken die je bij kruidvat vind💕

    marjolein Bmarjolein B7 days ago
  • Would you like to make a budget proof look with your favorite budget proof products like catrice or essence? 💕

    marjolein Bmarjolein B7 days ago
  • Can we get a hair tutorial? 🤩

    sarah miraclesarah miracle7 days ago
  • Nikkie where did u buy ur pearl hair clips

    Victor FernandezVictor Fernandez7 days ago
  • C to

    Erickson MachokaErickson Machoka7 days ago
  • A brush shame on you

    Moon of My LifeMoon of My Life7 days ago
  • I like more the way of eyeshadow how you put it before than now

    Huawei HuaweiHuawei Huawei7 days ago
  • both ur brows are bomb af but like old brows >>>>>>>

    Sarah BeeSarah Bee7 days ago
  • Nikkies brows 5 years ago: Nike - you could just do it if you want but I'm not forcing you to do anything Nikkies brows today: NIKE - JUST DO IT!

    MenkunaMenkuna8 days ago
  • hi uhm nikkie your under eyes are making me start to worry. they look swollen or something

    Maxine LopezMaxine Lopez8 days ago
  • Why do these beauty gurus expect their old self to use stuff that was not even there or even not 5hat famous if there

    Aanya OberoiAanya Oberoi8 days ago
  • why do i like the 2014 eye look better?😂

    Grace M.Grace M.8 days ago
  • Fantasy vs. Dreaming of having a fantasy 😂

    Jay JayJay Jay8 days ago
  • you say prime the face, but you showed the HUDA BEAUTY N.Y.M.P.H All Over Body Highlighter, is that what you use as primer?

    S WS W8 days ago
  • You are absolutely one of the ugliest bitches without makeup.

    Steve RodriquezSteve Rodriquez8 days ago
  • Please keep all of your creases to yourself.

    Steve RodriquezSteve Rodriquez8 days ago
  • Wow, you look like a corpse.

    Steve RodriquezSteve Rodriquez8 days ago
  • You look like a total clown.

    Steve RodriquezSteve Rodriquez8 days ago
  • She plucked the fuck out of her eyebrows. That's murder!!!

    Steve RodriquezSteve Rodriquez8 days ago
  • Her face is a nightmare without makeup

    Steve RodriquezSteve Rodriquez8 days ago
  • Once again please don't ever take off you makeup

    Steve RodriquezSteve Rodriquez8 days ago
  • Het zou zo cool zijn als Nikkie jouw make-up een keer zou doen...

    Lucia Isabel RoosLucia Isabel Roos9 days ago
  • Dutch word of the day: vooruitgang Btw your american english is beyond amazing. It almost sounds like english is your first language. (Moedertaal) 😙☺️

    Rosalin PlaatRosalin Plaat9 days ago
  • what's the primer?? And I prefer the old one.

    Taurian BelleTaurian Belle9 days ago
  • I honestly think your eye looks bigger on the right 'old' side, but I can see what you mean about the eye look getting lost when you look head on. I struggle with that, too. the left eye look is just soooo intense and extra, for ME personally. no hate at all, I adore you Nikkie!

    violetdreamsvioletdreams9 days ago
  • i need help picking a primer 😂 bc i don’t use one and i’ve been wanting one forever

    brookie cookiebrookie cookie9 days ago
  • Why don't you contour your jawline and chin?

    exxg .gexxg .g9 days ago
  • Wait she said 11 years but only hops back to 2014

    Kara KoehnKara Koehn9 days ago
  • I may be the only one but she reminds me of Jennifer Coolidge somehow? Lol maybe it’s the voice or something but omg she’s hilarious! 😊🤣🤣👍🙌 I could be totally be so off but I don’t know why maybe it’s her mannerisms? Lol

    WHITNEYWHITNEY9 days ago
  • This is why I want to learn makeup and teach self makeup!

    AnonymousAnonymous9 days ago
  • this is what practice can do!

    too small for the malltoo small for the mall9 days ago
  • Like my comment for no reason.

    TiffanyTiffany9 days ago
  • 11 years on youtube! 11M subscribers! Happy youtuberversary Nikkie!

    Carol FermeCarol Ferme9 days ago
  • How do you figure out what color is better for your lips? Like you have red lips, which is very pretty but you found out that a pale lipstick works even better for you.. any tips? :)

    Roxana TapiaRoxana Tapia10 days ago
  • I love your intro, Hello it's me nikey

    Hanin AbualiHanin Abuali10 days ago
  • Girl I wish you could do my makeup, I have hooded eyes and unless I bring it up to my brows the shadow on my lids disappear 😭😭😭

    Sam BironSam Biron10 days ago
  • Even the old way she used to do her makeup is incredible in my opinion❤️

    Panagiota AntonatouPanagiota Antonatou10 days ago
  • Prefer the old side apart from the bronzer. Also there will be people who have done the old look recently and you’re mocking them. Not impressed. Possibly unsubscribe.

    Sam BuckleySam Buckley10 days ago
  • love you

    Hanna Danawit Lykke Kjaer HaukroghHanna Danawit Lykke Kjaer Haukrogh10 days ago

    star moonstar moon10 days ago
How I USED To Do My Makeup VS. NOW! | NikkieTutorials