Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

It's time to review the 2020 Toyota Supra. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the new GR Supra, and I'm showing you all of the quirks and features of the 2020 Supra. Then I'm going to drive the new Toyota Supra to show you everything you need to know about the Supra.
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  • As soon as he said BMW parts I left a video

    ENVY TVENVY TV35 minutes ago

    DeezNutsDeezNutsHour ago
  • man how is the feeling to drive pretty expensive cars like ferraris pananis etc and then drive this car? or just a normal car? its not a little bit disapointing?

    JohnFPVJohnFPV2 hours ago

    john jayjohn jay2 hours ago

    john jayjohn jay3 hours ago
  • @21:24 Doug mentions the air doing that. It happened to me when I used to own a 94 Supra.

    Richard's World TravelerRichard's World Traveler8 hours ago
  • No manual trans means junk lost almost all your market

    Michael BertoniMichael Bertoni9 hours ago
  • i prefer the gt86: cheaper, looks better, and more parts available edit: and its available as manual. no manual --> no buy

    NetchoNetcho10 hours ago
  • It’s not really a Toyota Supra The European-market 2019 BMW Z4 and global-market 2020 Toyota Supra share the same BMW B5830M1 3.0-liter DOHC 24-valve twin-scroll single-turbo inline-six. Sorry kid :/

    Jose PerdomoJose Perdomo11 hours ago
  • Rather save a bit more and get a Z4

    CLAM BAKECLAM BAKE12 hours ago
  • No, not it still waiting for my Supra!

    CLAM BAKECLAM BAKE12 hours ago
  • Expose more cars doug.

    Carlos RubioCarlos Rubio13 hours ago
  • "Punch em in the face while they're driving...or something" 😂😂😂

    Garrett PittmanGarrett Pittman14 hours ago
  • The old Supra is better in my opinion.

    TOMTOM14 hours ago
  • That is not a Supra, it's a jazz hand Z4. Shame on you Toyota, you took the most iconic car you ever built and let someone else build it. It should have a 4Jz or something similar and should be turbo powered. I would have been happier if you would have just made an "R" version of the 86 and let it make 450-500hp. Fail in my book and a big one.

    ETOutdoorsETOutdoors14 hours ago
  • The problem is that the car does not have its own personality and identity, so you can not call it SUPRA, if you have something base on BMW, with a copy of a Ferrari, with a old Mazda like front, and the toyota trademark only at the front, back and steering wheel

    Alvaro LopezAlvaro Lopez15 hours ago
  • Toyota Blew it Car is under powered, overpriced, and too much like a BMW basically BMW made a "Toyota" Supra

    Larry Reed Jr.Larry Reed Jr.17 hours ago
  • you said basically , you dont see why people are mad that the supra is basically a bmw , well , when u buy your pepsi .. do u want it to actually be coke? if i buy a supra .. thats what i want .. a SUPRA not a bmw

    JReckline 410JReckline 41018 hours ago
  • Hopefully we'll get an RZ with a 6 speed... in the meantime i cant wait for someone to mount a 67mm precision on one

    Black MarioBlack Mario21 hour ago
  • Too expensive and too slow

    S CS C22 hours ago
  • Big mistake from Toyota

    Vincenzo TwentyThreeVincenzo TwentyThree22 hours ago
  • Does the car come with the napkin for your knee? 3:13

    dpoolerapsdpooleraps23 hours ago
  • Looks like my beautiful 370Z which was driven through a nuclear waste dump.

    philglassfanphilglassfanDay ago
  • Another stupid this could be better or don't buy because...... Get a fucking life!

    MeanazhellMeanazhellDay ago

    Justin RichardsJustin RichardsDay ago
  • Toyota just want to let us modification their car in to what we love. They just dont want to heard anyone said its a Japanise car. No. Its everyone car. see we are equal. Mod it what every you want. I give you a paper. Draw your picture in your Supra. Good luck. they might said. i think. for me i just love the ft1 ugly nose. ill just change the front bumper. thatsit. and for the engine show. i might do a laminate bullet proof glass for the front hood. thats why itis a effort able supercar.

    com4gamemastercom4gamemasterDay ago
  • *Toyota:* Can I copy your homework? *BMW:* Sure make sure to change it a bit so its not obvious. *Toyota:*

    Zoid BurgZoid BurgDay ago
  • Just fine😫

    Sebastian SalapataSebastian SalapataDay ago
  • Real Supra have a back seats

    Tiger GrayTiger GrayDay ago
  • It's a z4

    Tiger GrayTiger GrayDay ago
  • That isn't a supra anymore with a bmw motor!

    Pedro SantosPedro SantosDay ago
  • Toyota’s Option Catalog when ordering your Supra: Base Toyota Supra: $50,920 Dynamic Suspension: Tuning Company Sport Exhaust option: Tuning Company Chassis Stiffness: Tuning Company Dealer installed Car Cover: Tuning Company Leather Bolstered Seats: Tuning Company Ambient Lighting Option: Tuning Company TRD Performance Option: Tuning Company. TRD Floor Mats: Tuning company

    MoldygreenbeanMoldygreenbeanDay ago
  • This is why I lost interest in new cars... $50k for that? $65k for a Z4? Keep it...

    Giosaurus RexGiosaurus RexDay ago
  • I know why toyota put the escape latch on the trunk so tuning companies can put a divider between the passengers and the trunk

    XxaX 2510XxaX 2510Day ago
  • But what about the tuning companies Doug?

    vincent4226vincent4226Day ago
  • The front looks like a bulge owo

    TTTTDay ago
  • Doug the only guy to sit in a brand new sports car all wet and sweaty.

    Chin Sau YongChin Sau YongDay ago
  • Hi. Love your work,keep it coming. I am sorry however as I gave this video thumb down - my first one in years,I swear! I don't give thumbs down.. The video is good,bud this is a joke of a car.. I am missing the point in driving BMW with Toyota badge.. Might as well drive BMW,surely..?! And tunning Toyota supra with all the Veilside,Rocket Bunny stuff etc is a very different story than to try tunning any BMW.. What a disappointment.. I'd rather buy BMW M235i.. :) Thanks for sharing though. All the best

    David SnejdrDavid SnejdrDay ago
  • Great objective review, as always.

    SamSamDay ago
  • First time I had witnessed it a SUPRA made by BMW -love it

    Paul SturgisPaul SturgisDay ago
  • Looks like a frs and brz

    Crow ZeroCrow ZeroDay ago
  • german-japanese alliance, why I have heard it before...

    Ali MäkiAli MäkiDay ago
  • At least this BMW is good looking.

    Roberto DavalosRoberto DavalosDay ago
  • it looks like a gta 5 online car lol

    BLKBLKDay ago
  • If something goes out in this car, it may be months to get it delivered to you. It's all over the place. I'll pass.

    Nimaj Da greatNimaj Da greatDay ago
  • It looks like a nissan GT-R R35

  • CRAP

    saine414saine414Day ago
  • Its not a real supra, its a BMW.

    saine414saine414Day ago
  • Haven’t watched the video, not going to watch the video. The title alone in my feed instinctively alerts me to tell this boy to fuck off.

    Ken MoneyKen MoneyDay ago
  • new is shitttttttttttttttttttttt

    richard vitaglianorichard vitaglianoDay ago
  • Is this the new Supra? I couldn’t tell from the video

    Greased LightningGreased LightningDay ago
  • The new 2020 BMW Supra

    King_AbelKing_AbelDay ago
  • Nobody: PETA: Have you Neutered your pets? Toyota:Yes.

    Lukas PattyLukas PattyDay ago
  • So toyota got lazy on this one

    ExileExileDay ago
  • like shit!!

    吳白曉吳白曉2 days ago

  • Should have used the LC500 and made the Supra with that!!

    GmedalionGmedalion2 days ago
  • kia-stinger just beat it

    Abu Naif 1717Abu Naif 17172 days ago
  • My parents asked why I didn’t mow the lawn. I told them the tubing company could do it

    Jadeyn BarrientesJadeyn Barrientes2 days ago
  • One car I was waiting for and I'll never buy! Toyota can suck it!

    GoneInSixtySecondsGoneInSixtySeconds2 days ago
  • So basically it's a bmw

    far cry gangfar cry gang2 days ago
  • Lets play a game. everytime doug mentioned “Tuning Companies” take a shot.

    i Papii Papi2 days ago
  • So u buy the car and wait for DLC 🤔

    King of hearts 203King of hearts 2032 days ago
  • So its's a discount Z4 that you can upgrade to be a Z4?

    JaaggJaagg2 days ago
  • Nissan , please save the Japanese sport car. Put the q60 engine in there

    kcklubkcklub2 days ago
  • what is the point...

    Mahi StMahi St2 days ago
  • So after the dealership I still need to go to the tunning company?

    kcklubkcklub2 days ago
  • 👎 So Toyota didn't know what to do hey BMW? This will have shitty sales id rather just buy a m2. .

    aaronchase38aaronchase382 days ago
  • This review sucks..You're review was the opposte of 90% of the glowing reviews I've read. You have way to many Subs.. if you watched the engineer's interview and others it would of made sense.

    DGDG2 days ago
  • They ruined this car. What a shit show.

    blahblahblahblah2 days ago
  • Me: why don't you rise the Power output? Toyota: tuning company. Me: but-- Toyota: TUNING COMPANY!!!

    Denny CahyalieDenny Cahyalie2 days ago
  • Rather have a mustang gt

    Jake HampshireJake Hampshire2 days ago
  • Well Toyota built it to be less because of the price. The Supra is supposed to be around 60k not 100k or more

    MiataBoiMiataBoi2 days ago
  • The 2005 Chrysler 300 has an issue with your blanket statement regarding new car design.

    Dewy WannamakerDewy Wannamaker2 days ago
  • So it's like half a car the rest is up to you and your ( tuning company ) of choice ... I'll pass

    nick adznick adz2 days ago
  • That car should be the Celica

    ssportugalssportugal2 days ago
  • No Doug, Toyota was too lazy to create a Supra. We are true Toyota PEOPLE and Not BMW PEOPLE.... Toyota has just chased pure Supra Fans, away to buy a 3Series.

    Rowen SamuelRowen Samuel3 days ago
  • *In other words: Toyota designed the new Supra to be highly CUSTOMIZABLE, because they know that the owners of such cars, are going to customize them anyway.* What is the problem here?!? I swear, people are just trying to find ways to be upset about nothing.

    Matthew RiderMatthew Rider3 days ago
  • Real car guys : Wow! Toyota is using the 1990s Supra badge, that's called thinking about fans. Fake car guys : Toyota is the worst company because they just cheaped out for old badge.

    AD TVAD TV3 days ago
  • Love the immediate rust on the rotors!

    cherokeep100cherokeep1003 days ago
  • Honestly the old supra is WAY TOO OVERRATED....and I'm saying this as my favorite car is the supra ....but the old one wasn't built strong or fast and it was expensive compared to this supra it was only our favorite underdog that we loved. But in this supra dose live up to the lagend and even more now this one is built with BMW technology and Japanese hands and it has enough power for those who enjoys it and if you want more here go ahead tune it as much as you like . If you want a strong car go and buy a muscle car , that most of them are unable to handle their power . But if you want a car that says " hey I am YOUR car " then there you have it ((( hey if you made it this far here is your cookie 😄🍪))) and let me know that you did with a like 👍

    B.D.RB.D.R3 days ago
  • I will be convinced when I see a stock long block, 6 speed make the 800whp mark without exploding. The old supra did without a hiccup.

    Denny D SpeedDenny D Speed3 days ago
  • New drinking game: take a shoot every time Doug says : “ tuning companies “ .. 😅😅

    Pablo De LeonPablo De Leon3 days ago
  • Thats an ugly BMW

    Benson 'Drongo' HedgesBenson 'Drongo' Hedges3 days ago
  • Please do the Z4 M40 also, and compare.

    Alvin WAlvin W3 days ago
  • Please do the Z4 also, and compare.

    Alvin WAlvin W3 days ago
  • This is what shaking your head to say yes and no at the same time sounds like .

    embec7embec73 days ago
  • Only 2 seats? Come on

    Kai KaiKai Kai3 days ago
  • Japan is too broke and TOO much in debt to make a Supra without Nazi help.

    Adam KadmonAdam Kadmon3 days ago
  • the name of this car must be celica not supra

    Ali AliAli Ali3 days ago
  • Please , stop calling that car Supra , it is not a Supra …. it's not even a Toyota .

    armando cardenasarmando cardenas3 days ago
  • As bad as the car is in stock form u can bet plenty of ppl will be turning these into absolute monsters..lowered w the right wheels and body kits changes prolly end up being one of the better looking cars out there

    SharonNeedles@freedomsnotfree.comSharonNeedles@freedomsnotfree.com3 days ago
  • I really want everyone to know that this isn't just a bmw rebadge. It was actually a collaboration between the two companies to build a new car.

    howdoucallhowdoucall3 days ago
  • Plain and simple.... ugly....

    bigden 2755bigden 27553 days ago
  • You can’t compare a sports car (Supra) and a super car (gtr) 2 different classes

    ChallengerChallenger3 days ago
  • Hey, where's "toyota4life" ???? Has someone seen him ?? LMAO.....

    bigden 2755bigden 27553 days ago
  • Because, Tuning Companies 😂

    What tha Chuck DaddyWhat tha Chuck Daddy3 days ago
  • BMW: endless money pit!

    Arbaab SheytaanArbaab Sheytaan3 days ago
  • The new Supra has been dyno tested and Toyota has greatly under rated the HP and TQ numbers.

    Allan SonacAllan Sonac3 days ago
  • Fucking ugle

    taylor merlinotaylor merlino3 days ago
Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better