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  • The best two on the pitch

    PlasticNewtPlasticNewt10 hours ago
  • Why doesn’t the code work on glitch

    Kofi GonsalvesKofi GonsalvesDay ago
  • Not surprised that the guy Seb chose won 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Fahim Fit UKFahim Fit UKDay ago
  • Izu would not get into the first team, his decision making has been poor in the game.

    PirateRadioDudePirateRadioDudeDay ago
  • Love these series

    Nasty AirNasty Air2 days ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks that Izu looks like Winston Reid?

    ProBros DFAProBros DFA2 days ago
  • I backed these two from the second episode (missed the first episode lolz). Well these two and Alexander. Amazing to see them go so far. Congrats on Osude winning, deserved after the final performance. Some of the other guys definitely deserve contracts as well but all in all, GGs and good luck Joshua!

    ProBros DFAProBros DFA2 days ago
  • U should get josh to do Logan Paul’s $100,000 in 100m

    Keanan BurnsKeanan Burns3 days ago
  • wrong player to take but okay

    mads grevemads greve3 days ago
    • Why?

      SuperMessi G.O.A.TSuperMessi G.O.A.T3 days ago
  • Get Josh to race Logan Paul

    Ben MckeownBen Mckeown3 days ago
  • Deserved congrats to Josh and commiserations to Izu! Both talented players, that I'd like to see in the Hashtag shirt.

    Robbie PetrovRobbie Petrov3 days ago
  • Should sign some of the other best players like the first series

    Carly SershallCarly Sershall3 days ago
  • Brilliant series you boys really nailed it. Hope you sign both the finalists it's hard to judge a cb against a winger as if the winger has a good game he will really stand out.

    Vinny EagleVinny Eagle4 days ago
  • Did anyone see how the ball bobbled

    Will LennyWill Lenny4 days ago
  • # spencer # wheel of futchune # fifa 20

    Luke ClintonLuke Clinton5 days ago
    • Should’ve signed both

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss4 days ago
  • 3rd season please

    Jesus SawyerJesus Sawyer5 days ago
  • Izu needs a contract

    Ryan MacRyan Mac5 days ago
  • Last year' academy was good but the quality of it this year is amazing👌

    Leopard Bra BradoLeopard Bra Brado5 days ago
  • Great series love to see it again

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide5 days ago
  • Sign Samraj Gill his performance was unreal that game

    Jake Allan LeyJake Allan Ley5 days ago
  • Where was Isaac stukbich

    darragh maherdarragh maher6 days ago
  • Surely Tom Williams has got to be some relation to Buffon thought it was him at first 😂

    Puppet loverPuppet lover6 days ago
  • Feel bad for izu. He should get a contract for hashtag too

    Need you nowNeed you now6 days ago
  • Feel bad for izu. He should get a contract for hashtag too

    CassieCassie6 days ago
  • Josh's dribbling is not that good. Have you seen his touches?

    less kissless kiss6 days ago
  • The pace is just mind blowing😂

    hazzaboy001hazzaboy0016 days ago
  • I feel that Isu will definitely sign later

    Dunton and broughton lukeDunton and broughton luke6 days ago
  • Great series. Really wanna see a third season and find out which name we should remember from josh

    Sub 2 me for No reasonSub 2 me for No reason7 days ago
  • Say what u want but they should sign Sean Alexander and develop the young lad

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss7 days ago
  • I haven’t watched the end yet but honestly I really don’t feel as though Osude deserves to be in the final. All he has shown throughout the series is that he has pace and a very average and inaccurate shot.

    Matt BlackstockMatt Blackstock7 days ago
  • I feel bad for jacko for getting beaten from now a hashtag united player now but when he was a academy player . Well done George.

    Toby GriffithsToby Griffiths7 days ago
  • Imagine signing a player who cant pass the ball straight😂hes embarrassingly bad

    BexonBexon7 days ago
  • Osude has absolutely no personality but he still deserved to win, great player

    Owen LeachOwen Leach7 days ago
  • Should’ve signed both

    Deep hugDeep hug7 days ago
  • Everyone: Callum G from Superfans are u gonna be on this academy series Callum G for the 9 millionth time: I’ve told u lot already I’m only 15 and you have to be 16 to enter...

    Footy 720Footy 7207 days ago
    • looool this is jokes

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United7 days ago
  • Josh is gonna be a very good player for hashtag

    Shay HarrisonShay Harrison7 days ago
  • I wish izu won but well done josh, hope we can see more of u in the future of hashtag though izu

    Footy 720Footy 7207 days ago
  • Last year' academy was good but the quality of it this year is amazing👌

    Eli ShapiroEli Shapiro7 days ago
  • Great series love to see it again

    Ethan DolezalEthan Dolezal7 days ago
  • hashtag united vs salford city?

    Cameron ReidCameron Reid7 days ago
  • Samraj Gill was class

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez7 days ago
  • Surely Tom Williams has got to be some relation to Buffon thought it was him at first 😂

    Jim CreechanJim Creechan7 days ago
  • Feel bad for izu. He should get a contract for hashtag too

    The Mobile Game TesterThe Mobile Game Tester7 days ago
  • Josh's dribbling is not that good. Have you seen his touches?

    RyanRyan7 days ago
  • Braw game and braw series. Right man won the contract but i would sign izu also as new hashtag captain. The legend jack harrison pushing on a bit👌

    BFI ACEBFI ACE7 days ago
    • Thanks for watching!👊

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United6 days ago
  • Saw them on the flight back!!

    Zara WickertZara Wickert7 days ago
  • Say what u want but they should sign Sean Alexander and develop the young lad

    Jvb99Jvb997 days ago
    • Hashtag United he’s got a lot of potential I think I’m happy he’s training with you guys 👍🏻

      Jvb99Jvb997 days ago
    • Not about signing at our level. He is trainjng with us and let’s see where that leads 👍

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United7 days ago
  • Please give izu a contract he would be rlly good

    Dilsheen KhanejaDilsheen Khaneja7 days ago
  • Izu is so underhyped because he’s a cb...Osude was always getting picked after the ‘remember the name’.

    ParryZoneParryZone8 days ago
  • Hashtag United 19/20 Neil Richmond Harry Honesty Joshua Osude Albie Keith Ricky Evans Ross Gleed Tom Williams Cain Brougham Izu Jack Harrison Jamie Jackson Subs: Louis Lawler Sean Alexander Charlie Morley Jack Martin Lee Hursit George Smith Bertu Seyhan

    BrewBrew8 days ago
  • Josh wins Saved you the time you would spend watching it 👍

    NickWba20NickWba208 days ago
  • Should’ve signed both

    Jack BoiiJack Boii8 days ago
  • Izu dominated the whole series and even had a phenomenal goal and performance in the final. How on earth did josh win? Izu seemed easily the better player

    connor speerconnor speer8 days ago
  • Osude is so entertaining to watch, love his energy, needs some technical work but I believe he has the potential to develop into a big talent

    Nathan_11Nathan_118 days ago

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United7 days ago
  • Izu !!

    FruitsFruits8 days ago
  • josh is unreal watch out for him for sure

    Paul CrisPaul Cris8 days ago
  • Scott Pollock is never wrong #RememberTheName JoshuaOsude

    Fizzy RhinoFizzy Rhino8 days ago
  • Great series

    Myles BurnettMyles Burnett8 days ago
  • Felt josh deserved to win but you could just see how heartbreaking it was for izu being 22 and feeling he’s finally getting his break to being rejected again. Hope he still gets signed or gets a different club

    Jack MurphyJack Murphy8 days ago
    • We haven’t rejected him. We could only pick one winner but he has been asked to join us.

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United7 days ago
  • Well done josh and I am a cov fan and I love hashtag

    minif2 superstarsminif2 superstars8 days ago
    • minif2 superstars Legend 🙌

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United8 days ago
  • Wrong decision

    Sofia LeslieSofia Leslie8 days ago
  • what is the song at the end

    JD skillzJD skillz8 days ago
  • Josh reminds me of Nicolas Pepe

    rhmn _11rhmn _118 days ago
  • They both should get the Contract

    phaykephayke8 days ago
  • Should sign Berkane. At just 17, he still has huge potential. Made far less mistakes then Sean Alexander and looks like a through and through defender

    Joey ElleryJoey Ellery8 days ago
    • @Hashtag United Yeah but happens to all defenders, and I think that was the first mistake he has made, that I can remember. Anyway good news that he is training with you guys. Also a huge fan have been watching for a couple of years now, from Australia, keep up the awesome job, love the academy series

      Joey ElleryJoey Ellery8 days ago
    • And gave away a pen in this game! Undoubtedly has talent which is why we’ve asked him to train with us.

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United8 days ago
  • Definitely would love a 3rd season. Loved it.

    MithirasMithiras8 days ago
  • Josh was absolutely electric in that game, a joy to watch play. However, a defender is going to have a much tougher time demonstrating their value than an attacker, thus it is easier to see what Josh brings to the table. Also Izu couldn't be doubted as the best player throughout the series, before this final. Won the physical and technical challenges, and demonstrated really a dominance over everyone else. I'm happy that Izu will get a chance in the team surely, but I think he deserved to win the competition outright.

    RoscoesWetsuitRoscoesWetsuit8 days ago
    • @Hashtag United Very fair, I didn't mean to insinuate either player was undeserving or Devs wasn't looking at a larger picture. Only to show an appreciation for Izu as a fellow defender, knowing the position often goes underappreciated.

      RoscoesWetsuitRoscoesWetsuit8 days ago
    • Devs knows what he is doing and has watched several full matches. Positioning, decision making, plus the fit for the team were all taken into account.

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United8 days ago
  • Get Lois in the team. We need a 2nd keeper

    AHB FCAHB FC8 days ago
  • Honestly Bertug Seyhan was one of the best competitors, idk how he didn't make the final 4

    Demi OniDemi Oni8 days ago
  • bullocks. if osude was not as fast, he would never even make it to the final, he would be trash. hes bad at dribbling, finishing, passing, and positioning. izu came first in the physical and technical tests, and hes been ripped off of 5,000 pounds.

    Santiago IiamsSantiago Iiams8 days ago
    • Finishing is bad? He got 2 goals.

      Hashtag UnitedHashtag United7 days ago