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Halle Berry is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, with a storied career in film that spans more than 25 years. You can catch her starring alongside Keanu Reeves in John Wick 3, which is currently in theaters and premiered at #1 at the box office. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the Oscar winner lets her competitive spirit loose on the wings of death, and discusses everything from Kanye lyrics, to dog training, to her iconic film roles. Will Halle Berry join the Clean Wings Club? Watch to find out.
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  • Move over Gary Vee. It's time to bow down to the Clean Wing Queen, Halle Berry!

    First We FeastFirst We Feast9 days ago
    • Keanu :- )

      kerretkerret5 hours ago
    • I need kobe lol or other athletes or comedians or anybody soon I love yall

      Ijlal Haziel TaufikIjlal Haziel Taufik20 hours ago
    • First We Feast Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler plz...or Jimmy Fallon with Justin Timberlake 😁

      Jose GarciaJose GarciaDay ago
    • Invite Donnell Rawlings

      slickabyssslickabyssDay ago
  • Too bad she lost her career to Billy Bob. She was untalented. Even getting naked couldn't save her.

    Toussaint LouvertureToussaint Louverture4 minutes ago
  • What a milf man, looks so much better with that long hair.

    JDMJDM18 minutes ago
  • I love that women she so dope.

    Money makin Mitch 810Money makin Mitch 81032 minutes ago
  • That upper lip sweat js the realest tho!

    Brittany TottenBrittany Totten34 minutes ago
  • Dang! Halle is really taking the heat? Storm spirit reincarnated I guess..superb endurance!

    Isiah Herald of TMH ParkerIsiah Herald of TMH Parker47 minutes ago
  • Halle Berry is a BEAST!

    Irene TarellIrene Tarell52 minutes ago
  • 21:25 literally the hottest thing ive heard a woman say....especially a actress

    LoneBersekerLoneBersekerHour ago
  • My god, Halle berry is so damn fine 😳

    Brave DuckBrave DuckHour ago
  • she kill it 😍😍

    Kay KKKay KKHour ago
  • Literally in love

    Fred Hughes IIIFred Hughes IIIHour ago
  • She's the hottest one

    Teruaki TsumuraTeruaki TsumuraHour ago
  • godaaam she cleaned them wings.... without any help!! no water/milk/icecream nothing

    butel12butel12Hour ago
  • Beast mode.

    Christle GreenChristle GreenHour ago
  • I've always admired how beautiful she is, now she is 52 and just seems to be getting hotter and hotter.

    zabnatzabnatHour ago
  • Halle Berry came to have dinner alright!! She handled those wings like a CHAMP. She deserves that award, hands down. It's gonna be VERY difficult for anyone to top her. Without complaining, without fluids. I don't even think she wiped her mouth. That was EPIC. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    Judith GonzalezJudith Gonzalez2 hours ago
  • She puts everyone to shame sheesh!

    Maria RubioMaria Rubio2 hours ago
  • I remember when I was 11 and my parents were watching Swordfish in the living room and I was playing Ocarina Of Time on my N64 and went to the kitchen to grab some string cheese and I glanced at the TV and saw Halle Berry for the first time in my life.. that was the first time I got an erection... great episode. Love you Sean.

    Israel MeserveIsrael Meserve2 hours ago
  • It's hilarious to me it took Tums so long to sponsor this show Like I almost ALWAYS want some wings after watching this. It's a no brainier

    Jay DavisJay Davis3 hours ago
  • Why she come in looking like a functional crackhead πŸ˜‚

    Jay DavisJay Davis3 hours ago
  • She rocked this flawlessly...πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌ

    New VenturesNew Ventures3 hours ago
  • She cleaned those wings but damn her hair is a mess

    Kendall CaspersonKendall Casperson3 hours ago
  • man! she's as hot as the Hot One(s)

    Johnny WuJohnny Wu3 hours ago
  • I love herrrr!!!!

    Ohina LoOhina Lo3 hours ago

    Rodney Gilmore JrRodney Gilmore Jr4 hours ago
  • The show has been going about 8 seasons now & i'veseen actors going crazy and drinking water & swearing & freaking out in all the sausage levels and especially on the da bomb one..but on the other hand, halley never even blinked or complained or drink water and even fully completed each of the chicken wings..ive seen so many episodes of this show but this is most fav episode from the bottom of my heart..she is the best ever...

    Sakib ZekkiSakib Zekki4 hours ago
  • Not a single drop of Milk. Halle Berry to the top of the honor chart.

    Science of SelfScience of Self4 hours ago
  • I never knew eating wings could be so sexy, she's so damn fine it's sickening

    Odell JacksonOdell Jackson4 hours ago
  • She’s a sexy savage

    mvdakingmvdaking4 hours ago
  • She is just a lovely presence. Such a sweetheart... I could just be smitten though haha.

    J MillerJ Miller4 hours ago
  • Gorgeous! What a trooper 🧑

    A SA S4 hours ago
  • Holy Hotness!

    bardkrbardkr4 hours ago
  • Not a sip of water. Not a sip of milk. Cleaned every wing. Another Philip DeFranco Flawless Victory!!

    PSFanMikePSFanMike5 hours ago
    • Brutality

      CodyLoadee30CodyLoadee304 hours ago
  • Shes the best, so beautiful, smart and a beast!

    Usman ShahzadUsman Shahzad5 hours ago
  • Bruh, honestly Halle is incredible and as always Sean is asking the REAL questions thank you

    Super PotatoSuper Potato5 hours ago
  • Halle, Issa, Padma WoC out here rocking these wings

    Lydia GibsonLydia Gibson6 hours ago
  • she has the most searing eyes I've ever seen. damn!

    Daniel ThukuDaniel Thuku6 hours ago
  • O YEAH Halle Berry hot ones doing it again HOttie Berry

    Carlos gomezCarlos gomez6 hours ago
  • shes aging finer than wine

    Kuya117Kuya1176 hours ago
  • I dont listen to the interview. I just skip to the parts where the guest is in pain.

    Kissy, Kissy!Kissy, Kissy!6 hours ago
  • Prolong ur answer and u can let some heat die

    NT2BOSNT2BOS6 hours ago
  • Is it safe to assume the next Hot Ones sauce will be named Halle Berry? Never in the history of sauces will one be so aptly named.

    Glen RalphGlen Ralph6 hours ago
  • This is my favorite episode of this show

    Nick ZakharNick Zakhar7 hours ago
  • halle berry is a boss.and still hot af

    2TMS20092TMS20097 hours ago
  • Bhava Newale misal kha Chinchwad la yeun kadhitar!πŸ”₯

    Saurabh PatilSaurabh Patil7 hours ago
  • She's a beast! And got the highest award too. Mad respect for Halle. No one's ever did hot wings like that. Mad respect!

    Last RideLast Ride8 hours ago
  • Anyone else getting turned on by her sweaty face? Then she goes ahead and says "I have sweat dripping from my boob" Damn Cuz! I nearly dropped my phone!!

    Last RideLast Ride8 hours ago
  • Baddest gyal eva ! Argue wit ya mama.

    albert palmeralbert palmer8 hours ago
  • Not even on my radar

    Thomas McLeodThomas McLeod8 hours ago
  • Halle Berry is the queen of hot ones.

    KaleyKaley8 hours ago
  • the putt in swordfish was extra ordinary

    Peter HarrisPeter Harris8 hours ago
  • Love her laugh. So hearty

    Last RideLast Ride8 hours ago
  • The Halle Berry Dab needs to be a thing. Show up!

    Bureda GhodhandBureda Ghodhand8 hours ago
  • do I feel some sexual tension between them

    Brandon RicoBrandon Rico8 hours ago
  • Wtf. How can she be this attractive.

    forkandknifeforkandknife8 hours ago
  • What's with the music at 20:55 through tho lol

    alana terrelalana terrel8 hours ago
  • She never gets old.

    Daze Glynne ChaseDaze Glynne Chase8 hours ago
  • I like the kanye lyric

    alana terrelalana terrel9 hours ago
  • Best episode ever...

    Taff Rivers Jr.Taff Rivers Jr.9 hours ago
  • We need Robert Downey Jr

    Perfect CellPerfect Cell9 hours ago
  • Not one sip or complaint or newbie move of touching her eyes. This award is well deserved.

    Plastic HooksPlastic Hooks9 hours ago
  • Not my proudest fap. Lol.

    David CiprianoDavid Cipriano9 hours ago
  • Halle Berry has been sexy since the BEGINNING! DAMN! All time celebrity crush Halle and Chilli from TLC.

    Satisfied CustomerSatisfied Customer9 hours ago
  • What a hot broad, cleans the meat rite off the bone.! πŸ˜›πŸ₯΄

    Ray JamesRay James9 hours ago
  • 21:53 .so adorable.

    toon toontoon toon9 hours ago
  • She is so Ahhhhhh

    Perfect CellPerfect Cell9 hours ago
  • She did better then Gordon Ramsey

    matayia nealmatayia neal9 hours ago
  • Person: β€œNow do Catwoman 2!” Halle: β€œProbably not in this life” Me: β€œWhat about in your other 8?”

    Tati VTati V10 hours ago
  • Halle berry is the only woman who could rock a messy hair and still looks bad ass!

    Notorious PandasNotorious Pandas10 hours ago
  • I’m just here for the music in the background

    Jerry JerriJerry Jerri11 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who thought she was dead or was that someone else

    Aaron WeaverAaron Weaver11 hours ago
  • I would love to see Christoph Waltz or Andy Richter (from Conan) on this...

    akib hakib h11 hours ago
  • Halle Berry by far the Winner of First we feast of all time!! WOW!!! She basically ate all the wings and not one sip of anything!!! G.O.A.T.

    Alex cAlex c11 hours ago
  • Trever Noah didn't drink anything neither but he didn't get the trophy

    Bram SchipperBram Schipper12 hours ago
  • Hotones is getting the best guests. Halle is a champion. I hope you bring on Aubrey Plaza at some point.

    Michael FelsMichael Fels12 hours ago
  • Sad will be the day, when Halle Berry has to leave our planet because her people need her.

    David HombachDavid Hombach12 hours ago
  • What a champ! She's so awesome! I actually bought the Catwoman movie on DVD at a gas station not that long after it came because I had just gotten a new DVD/RW player in my computer... still have it! xD One of like 2 or 3 movies I ever have owned on DVD! xD

    MurdochMurdoch12 hours ago
  • LOL.... That is Legit! The most Janky Assed Trophy I've ever seen..... Holy shit man... whoever made that shit couldn't even use some painters tape to keep it from being all fucked up with paint runs all over the damn thing and it's stand???? FFS... Basic making skills is all that would have been required.... Total Fail... Which is also what makes it so pathetically awesome haha

    CarbonTalonCarbonTalon13 hours ago
  • sean asks the best questions

    ana rubinoana rubino14 hours ago
  • how is she 52?

    dyslexius maximusdyslexius maximus14 hours ago

    LUX 3000LUX 300014 hours ago

    LUX 3000LUX 300015 hours ago
  • Halle showing her TRUE SCOUSER SIDE

    LUX 3000LUX 300015 hours ago
  • Get our boy Keanu Reeves on this show

    GradiusGamingGradiusGaming15 hours ago
  • Halle Berry is a queen omg x

    Geek GirlGeek Girl16 hours ago
  • She broke 3 ribs during training for John Wick 3. Let that sink in

    chow uychow uy16 hours ago
  • Did he just say Simi Valley? Represent

    LoboTheAztecLoboTheAztec16 hours ago
  • Sean got owned. Halley got dinner.

    Nadine ParsonsNadine Parsons16 hours ago
  • Bruh Hallie berry is bad 🀀

    olvan molvan m17 hours ago
  • Halle Berry saying β€œ...sweat running down my boob.” πŸ₯°πŸ€€ Mental picture banked!πŸ’ͺ🏽😎

    That guy That paintsThat guy That paints17 hours ago
  • I love you halle berry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Divy sagarDivy sagar17 hours ago
  • She didn't like the last dub πŸ’©πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜Ή

    Apostolos KouziokasApostolos Kouziokas18 hours ago
  • She tore those wings apart!! I hope D.....J.....Khaled crawled into a corner watching this!! You shld have given her some Swordfish pieces instead

    Lou YoungLou Young18 hours ago
  • the champ

    Anabek CardozaAnabek Cardoza18 hours ago

    Jonathan WJonathan W18 hours ago
  • So damn fine

    Saif FoxSaif Fox18 hours ago
  • hallie doesnt look good anymore im not being mean but here she looks like a druggie alil

    Dancehall fuhlifeDancehall fuhlife18 hours ago
  • You should invite keanu reeves

    RaphaRacoonRaphaRacoon18 hours ago
  • I need to see Dr Phil do this.

    Maddyson HerseliusMaddyson Herselius18 hours ago
  • Didn’t even blow her nose...

    dale chendale chen18 hours ago
Halle Berry Refuses to Lose to Spicy Wings | Hot Ones