Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini

Earlier this week Gordon and Hip-Hop Sensation Lil Nas X finally turned Twitter chatter into reality at his Lucky Cat Restaurant in London. Gordon taught the Old Town Road Star how to finally make a Panini with Asian ingredients.
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  • He was quoting Lil Nas X's lyrics. that had to be so cool

    starinthemstarinthem44 minutes ago
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    Maria RosaMaria Rosa2 hours ago
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    Virginia YbarboVirginia Ybarbo3 hours ago
  • Ayy Panini

    Neon BTWNeon BTW3 hours ago
  • I would like to see PewDiePie and Gordon Ramsay make Lasagna

    NutellaJarNutellaJar3 hours ago
  • So did they cook a horse ooooooorrr??

    Joergen #1Joergen #14 hours ago
  • I hope this means I have a shot at Gordon Ramsay attending my wedding. :)

    Masked B1tchMasked B1tch4 hours ago
  • But lil nas x doesn't like paninis

    Kmell 2234Kmell 22344 hours ago
  • Gordon ramsey teaches a black guy how make chocolate

    unironical minecraft letsplayerunironical minecraft letsplayer7 hours ago
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    FrostzFrostz7 hours ago
  • The difference in intelligence is huge in this one

    Thijmen van OldenThijmen van Olden7 hours ago
    • intelligence or experience, imagine comparing a professional cook to a rapper. Besides other professional cooks get shit on by gordon all the time. So you being there wouldnt make a difference either smarty

      Ibrahim AbdiIbrahim Abdi3 hours ago
  • When lil nas x picked up that axe he turned into nle choppa

    KillaCamJamesKillaCamJames10 hours ago
  • Becareful he can make you gay

    edgar anniel olguin torresedgar anniel olguin torres10 hours ago
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    AnonAnon12 hours ago
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    Gettriggered _IanGettriggered _Ian13 hours ago
  • hEy PaNiNi, DoNt yOu Be A mEaNiE

    Thot ObliteraterThot Obliterater15 hours ago
  • I’m surprised he didn’t scream at Lil Nas X

    CS Hip HopCS Hip Hop15 hours ago
    • why would he scream at someone who doesnt cook or work as a chef. The only times Gordon gets mad is when other professional cooks are dogshit

      Ibrahim AbdiIbrahim Abdi3 hours ago
  • *_aYe PaNiNi_*

    leyna duongleyna duong15 hours ago
  • I made a Panini Type beat on my channel, check it out.

    Jerrold LynchJerrold Lynch17 hours ago
  • can he get a better video team

    AwebzzAwebzz17 hours ago
  • next: lil and x and Gordon Ramsey teaches squidward how to not be a MEANY

    Maxi MilosMaxi Milos17 hours ago
  • Nice tosti

    Herman SminkHerman Smink18 hours ago
  • Why is every youtube comment section so dry? Ya'll have no creativity like at all.

    Abdullah NaeemAbdullah Naeem19 hours ago
  • Damn they are legends

    Eran BoazyEran Boazy20 hours ago
  • Gordon Ramsay teaches Kendrick Lamar how to make a swimming pool full of liquor.

    cauzlogcauzlog21 hour ago
  • Lil has x:Just say to me what u want from m- Gordon:A good goddamn panini

    Soup BowlSoup Bowl21 hour ago
  • Make Collard Greens for SchoolBoyQ

    NermalNermal22 hours ago
  • Oddly, this is not how panninis are made in my region.

    Rockin BoBokkinRockin BoBokkin23 hours ago
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    Abdi LopezAbdi Lopez23 hours ago
  • We need a Gordon Ramsey teaches XXXTentacion to cook pooh eyes semen nachos feather leather coat

    SpatOfficialSpatOfficialDay ago
  • I got the spices on the rack Chef hat is attached Pots are matte black Got some eggs that imma cra-a-ack

    I Am TiredI Am TiredDay ago
  • once you know Lil Nas X is gay... u can never unsee, like fuck - whats wrong with my gaydar nothing changed ofcourse, just stating

    MrBigTMrBigTDay ago
  • Panini don’t be a fucking meanie

    January RyanJanuary RyanDay ago
  • All jokes aside, i think lil nas x is a genuine person. His composure is excellent

    hey its mehey its meDay ago
  • Who’s here after the music video

    Hero Clan1Hero Clan1Day ago
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    Alisarticwolf AJAlisarticwolf AJDay ago
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    T MoxT MoxDay ago
  • Don't be a Meanie Panini. This man is a legend.

    SepticRavenSepticRavenDay ago
  • After this Ramsay does it simple and shows Chance how to make lemonade.

    amanee wornumamanee wornumDay ago
  • Gordan Ramsey teaches R.Kelly how to make under aged steak.

    LecrampLecrampDay ago
  • Lil nas teaches panini how to not be a meanie

    LecrampLecrampDay ago
  • They're gonna poison the ceo of racism

    nut busternut busterDay ago
  • And what about a feature in the Song with gordon ?

    DesertStorm620DesertStorm620Day ago
  • Next lil nas x teaches Gordon Ramsay how to cook a horses hind

    Chris AlbaneseChris AlbaneseDay ago
  • Gordon Ramsay should do this for every artist that has food in their song title haha be amazing that

    CollinzCollinzDay ago
  • Gordon: "let's put a little touch of cheese on there" * puts two whole slices of cheese on it * 2:10

    AmiraAmiraDay ago
  • Gordon Ramsey teaches Lil Yatchy how to make broccoli

    Min YoongiMin YoongiDay ago
  • Nice

    Captain MurphyCaptain MurphyDay ago
  • Gordon u need to have ur part in panini, I said what we’re all thinking

    Robbie LamacchiaRobbie LamacchiaDay ago
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    The Ultimate Blaze YTThe Ultimate Blaze YTDay ago
  • Hey panini

    I’m ThinkingI’m ThinkingDay ago
  • Next vid, Gordon teaches a teacher how to make an apple.

    YFN DamianYFN DamianDay ago
  • Lol the song _panini_

    87x21 ?87x21 ?Day ago
  • Lil Nas X:Makes a song about panini Gordon Ramsay:Hold my panini

    Clorox BleachClorox BleachDay ago
  • this was surprisingly awesome and wholesome lmao

    Mary A.Mary A.Day ago
  • It isn’t a Lil Nas X video without his cowboy hat

    Glasses BoiGlasses BoiDay ago
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    Cindaya MortonCindaya MortonDay ago
  • I am a major fan of both, yet this video severely underwhelmed me

    Jae LeeJae LeeDay ago
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    Zubayer MahbubZubayer MahbubDay ago
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    KreshKreshDay ago
  • I was just skimming through the vid and I see bro holdin a big ass battle axe 💀

    Deep hugDeep hugDay ago
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    Naeha JoshiNaeha Joshi2 days ago
  • who is lil nas

  • Next up: Gordon Ramsey teaches lil dicky how to make fried bull penis

    brightfishsambrightfishsam2 days ago
    • Great video

      Deep hugDeep hugDay ago
  • Gordon Ramsey is such a personality what a legendary man

    God's ParticleGod's Particle2 days ago
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    Mr BlobMr Blob2 days ago
Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini