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Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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    Lele PonsLele Pons5 days ago
    • Woooooow

      enrique iglesias heartbeatenrique iglesias heartbeat3 hours ago
    • BTW I love (this)

      Cheeto c_a_tCheeto c_a_tDay ago
    • Lele Pons you aren’t funny

      Lema 600Lema 600Day ago
    • This acting is insanely good

      Elyse's Wack WorldElyse's Wack WorldDay ago
    • Nope

      Riichi OtaRiichi OtaDay ago
  • That took a turn. And this series is amazing! Great concept! I love the characters and everything! A whole new world... what an engaging story. They all have twists and you’re like, ‘ oh great. This is gonna be bad!’ But then it’s amazing. I love it so much, keep it going!

    丅ᗴᗩ丅ᗴᗩ2 hours ago
  • Wow! What an ending!

    gocubs22 .gocubs22 .2 hours ago
  • 6:33 bottom right screen where it says Lucy's chat room

    Jannette AmesquitaJannette Amesquita3 hours ago
  • I have an idea what you should cosplay lilo and stitch

    Tariq MuhammadTariq Muhammad3 hours ago
  • This is 2025

    Danker DakittenDanker Dakitten3 hours ago
  • Black mirror

    Abdelhak CharfAbdelhak Charf3 hours ago
  • *mY nAMe ¡S JeFf*

    xD Anthony ‘’/xD Anthony ‘’/3 hours ago
  • I just watched Rudy and thought it was so this one too and more!

    Takeo TakahashiTakeo Takahashi4 hours ago
  • Idk how to feel bout this

    Danker DakittenDanker Dakitten4 hours ago
  • Plot twiiist

    Arijana VasiliauskaiteArijana Vasiliauskaite5 hours ago
  • Ciao ti voglio bene ❤❤

    Tina RaduTina Radu5 hours ago
  • I wanna be in the future

    Flower SafariFlower Safari6 hours ago
  • SAO

    Ahmad TakritiAhmad Takriti6 hours ago
  • Seems like a copy of a couple Black Mirror stories

    Emily MoonEmily Moon6 hours ago
  • still watching you after 3 years💞

    Rach & SydRach & Syd6 hours ago
  • *_THIS is awsome it really capture my eyes well creative_*

    Mask RickMask Rick8 hours ago

    Izzy MarlenaIzzy Marlena8 hours ago
  • I love u Lele

    Charlotte DanceCharlotte Dance8 hours ago
  • Jeff, cmon man...

    TheDreamTacularTheDreamTacular9 hours ago
  • hahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahha!!!!!!! ah! funny video hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahaahahhahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Malamine GuirassyMalamine Guirassy9 hours ago
  • “The Lioness Catches Her Prey”

    Hannah RoseHannah Rose10 hours ago
  • Omg loved it😙😙😙😙

    Vicky ChaconVicky Chacon10 hours ago
  • Did you notice in the part that they were watching a movie they were watching the music video “Magic” by Rudy?

    Inquisitormaster_Zachary FanInquisitormaster_Zachary Fan10 hours ago

    Javier Linde MartínezJavier Linde Martínez11 hours ago
  • Did you know lele pons was on escape the night

    christian Kestochristian Kesto11 hours ago
  • You inspired me to learn Spanish

    AmandarissaAmandarissa11 hours ago
  • Lele girl I love you but escape the night was made for you

    Imperfectly TiffanyImperfectly Tiffany11 hours ago
  • Indeed, a good content

    Robinartson XoXRobinartson XoX11 hours ago
  • omg love it amazing twist

    zoe nightzoe night11 hours ago
  • kinda reminds me of Unfriended:Dark Web ending

    AKim 424AKim 42412 hours ago
  • Music is just so sensational 💞

    Sara ZakariaSara Zakaria12 hours ago
  • Very interesting video 👍👍

    Atena HosseiniAtena Hosseini12 hours ago
  • Best video game or what?

    SWEET jj leeSWEET jj lee13 hours ago
  • I don't anderstand

    Malek The kingMalek The king13 hours ago
  • *lele was a little girl afraid of a big wide world. She grew up with in her 14m subs* *ALLAN WALKER: •0•*

  • Is it real

    Kai Xuan OngKai Xuan Ong13 hours ago
  • Anwer is on the subjects

    good guygood guy13 hours ago
  • 0:34 that face tho

    XaraXara13 hours ago
  • This is a little bit scary 😬

    Eleanna G.UnicornEleanna G.Unicorn14 hours ago
  • I thought it was a song 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Eleanna G.UnicornEleanna G.Unicorn14 hours ago
  • This is downright scary.but genius

    nazzl mahmoodhnazzl mahmoodh15 hours ago
  • So basically a discount black mirror episode ?

    Sikandar NawazSikandar Nawaz15 hours ago
  • 🤣🤣 you sneaky little .....

    Farida AshrafFarida Ashraf15 hours ago
  • Also can anyone eggsplain what happens in the end? I’m sooo naive and confused rn

    thesaltywhalethesaltywhale15 hours ago
  • I aM lAtInA

    alienatedalienated15 hours ago
  • OMG! This is incredible. That's how you deliver a meaningful story without saying a single word. Stellar acting by Lele and the male lead... Way to go!

    Farrukh AqilFarrukh Aqil16 hours ago
  • i love the beginning composition oof

    monica jayemonica jaye16 hours ago
  • This is epic❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!

    Mavis ChimeuraMavis Chimeura16 hours ago
  • this remind me so much about blackmirror! i love it

    sallyroesensallyroesen16 hours ago
  • this is exactly like that one episode of black mirror

    Mariam NosseirMariam Nosseir17 hours ago
  • Entrapment VR Edition, got it.

    CarlitosWay277CarlitosWay27717 hours ago
  • Did anyone notice at 4:12 it showed Rudy's video

    DP studiosDP studios17 hours ago
  • These vids are scary

    Cloud PrincessCloud Princess17 hours ago
  • *Sword Art Online* 😃

    Asitio JubakaAsitio Jubaka17 hours ago
  • I hope this ends up on Netflix Me:watching this on Netflix Mom:son what are u watching this is amazing move out the way and get some popcorn so we can watch this over and over Me:dang okay mom chill Dog:*barks* Me:so much brainwash

    Can i get 1000 subscribers for no reason :/Can i get 1000 subscribers for no reason :/17 hours ago
  • Who else noticed Rudy and Anwar were one of the cheaters😂 6:28

    Sydney IvySydney Ivy18 hours ago
  • 0:21 wait a second that is the crush of James Charles

    bear and svenbear and sven18 hours ago
  • This is so interesting but so freak at the same time...

    Rose DesrochesRose Desroches18 hours ago
  • Definition of shit

    Lil oofLil oof18 hours ago

    Sarah GoodmanSarah Goodman19 hours ago
  • Did anyone else notice what the books read? 'The Lioness Catches Her Prey'!!! So clever!

    Rose TymeRose Tyme20 hours ago
  • It this a movie cause at the end it said Netflix

    Can i be pretty ToCan i be pretty To20 hours ago
  • I'm confused by this

    Miriam RuthMiriam Ruth20 hours ago
  • Siempre si salió la porqueria ? Jajajajaja kiasco

    chuchongo06chuchongo0621 hour ago
  • This video remind me of roblox.....

    lαυяєи αямуlαυяєи αяму21 hour ago
  • Do a part 2

    Jordan FloresJordan Flores21 hour ago
  • What about another amigos

    Nibitanga ClaudeNibitanga Claude21 hour ago
  • You are getting along

    Cesar PaulinoCesar Paulino22 hours ago
  • I’m happy lele pons is not making videos about Latino and making videos about cool and interesting stuff 😱🙌🏻

    Amy BirsAmy Birs22 hours ago
  • I wish you could actually do this

    The SariansThe Sarians22 hours ago
  • You didn’t by any chance get this idea from the first episode of the new season of Black Mirror, did you? Lol absolutely pathetic.

    Shannon HollyShannon Holly22 hours ago
  • Soy la única que habla español pero no entiendo

    dayris ortegadayris ortega23 hours ago
  • Trippy

    Mist WolfMist Wolf23 hours ago
  • I love how it tells a story without speaking a single word.. I love how lele and Rudy are so creative with their videos!! I can’t wait for more videos!! ❤️🤣😍

    Not so NoticedNot so Noticed23 hours ago
  • I’m really sorry but I still don’t get it

    Isaac moralesIsaac morales23 hours ago
  • I love lele but this vieo is bood can i be in a vieo with you lele🎥🤷🏼‍♀️👭

    Lilia SanchezLilia SanchezDay ago
  • I wonder how many times she got "NGAGED" to someone 🤔

    Dalaejah ThomasDalaejah ThomasDay ago
  • Little Black Mirror :v

    Carlos :VCarlos :VDay ago
  • Oh my gosh, that’s terrifying

    Emily LucasEmily LucasDay ago

    acarrenocacarrenocDay ago
  • Hi i like the video but i dont understand enithyng

    pinchis vcbpinchis vcbDay ago
  • Don’t u think that this is like an episode of “Black mirror “ ??

    Isabel Sophia Pinto LeonIsabel Sophia Pinto LeonDay ago
  • This is literally the first episode of season 5

    JiruberutoJiruberutoDay ago

    Little_Miss_ ManiacLittle_Miss_ ManiacDay ago
  • Best sing

    Amairan VillafuerteAmairan VillafuerteDay ago
  • Well that is a way to catfish people

    Caterina WilliamsonCaterina WilliamsonDay ago
  • The only thing unbelievable about this is that kids are still playing with physical toys

    Yasmin FarzanYasmin FarzanDay ago
  • Is it a series or a movie ?? And when is it coming out ?!!!! I NEED AN ANSWER !!

    Sama FayezSama FayezDay ago
  • Cool video other than lele flirting with James she gonna get herself in trouble

    Tierra JonesTierra JonesDay ago
  • James know better

    Tierra JonesTierra JonesDay ago
  • Wowwwww crazy

    Tierra JonesTierra JonesDay ago
  • Ok that’s impressive

    Asna AhmadAsna AhmadDay ago
  • OMG wow Lele love it

    Ava ReyesAva ReyesDay ago
  • Jeff❤

    Amber van DelftAmber van DelftDay ago
  • I rode it under every video but really the videos could be a black mirror episode

    Lara LawtonLara LawtonDay ago
  • This is very cool, i love it !!

    lu' gnrlu' gnrDay ago
  • That's a quite good short film actually!

    De LaMarDe LaMarDay ago
  • Woah it’s afraid me a little bit because maybe one day ! This will append 😱

    Héli Its MeHéli Its MeDay ago
  • Hi you sock

    Azaan ChodreAzaan ChodreDay ago
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