Garfild Comic Explained

NOW I GET IT! Thanks to everyone who redrew the comic! I had a really fun time reading all of them!
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  • Wait... How do YOU know what a crack pipe looks like!?!

    LLDay ago
  • You should look at lumpy touch... its mess up

    Jacob TatanaJacob Tatana2 days ago

    Ethan EllisonEthan Ellison5 days ago
  • 4:01 i die of laughter every time Jhon says garfunkl

    sansprogamersansprogamer5 days ago
  • The pea's not round because it's a pea pod, not a single pea.

    Jack CampbellJack Campbell5 days ago
  • That's not garfield that's your own original character [ *GARFIELD!* ]

    sja dhsjsja dhsj6 days ago
  • Ha ha funny Pee

    Tony LawrenceTony Lawrence6 days ago
  • I love ya James, godd luck in your life of youtuber and tour brothres. 😊😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Denyh AguilarDenyh Aguilar7 days ago
  • *hears “sans.”*......... YESSSSSS

    TonyTony9 days ago
  • Oh Sorry it’s fixed

    Street PacinoStreet Pacino11 days ago
  • The video is showing tehodd1sout but the channel giofilims ... are you teaming up with him??????????

    Street PacinoStreet Pacino11 days ago
  • Garfild Garnish And Garfunkle Love those names

    TheAnimators LifeYTTheAnimators LifeYT12 days ago
  • 5:07 whoops he blurred it out lmaoo

    tommy trantommy tran13 days ago
  • It is pea sized, Jon. Everything you know is false, Jon. Just give up Jon.

    Jack from NYJack from NY14 days ago
  • You just did wah.

    wogi playzswogi playzs14 days ago
  • *gorefied gorefild*

    Kevin KenWay Assassin CreedKevin KenWay Assassin Creed15 days ago
  • Garfeeeeeeeld

    TofueTofue16 days ago
  • (3:13) *Chickadee laughs her head off while a robot is reading a Garfild comic*

    Jordan CharlestonJordan Charleston16 days ago
  • 3:20 don’t think you can hide that undertale music in the background

    I AnimateI Animate17 days ago
  • Garfield is so creepy

    Luis DominguezLuis Dominguez17 days ago
  • The Garfield Show creepy

    Luis DominguezLuis Dominguez17 days ago
  • When google was talking there was music from undertale ,,name's sans"

    Blue YTBlue YT18 days ago
  • 3:24 sans

    ElevCraftElevCraft19 days ago
  • James didnt say wear your seat belt O_O .... WERE ALL GONNA DIE

    Isadora GreenbergIsadora Greenberg19 days ago
  • I am going to enjoy this video with my weird twin Garfild

    Jonathan BradyJonathan Brady20 days ago

    Pinkwolfplayz PinkwolfplayzPinkwolfplayz Pinkwolfplayz20 days ago
  • But you alredy did the *muach* two times even...😅

    Ameera WindarmawanAmeera Windarmawan20 days ago
  • S.C.P stands for see cat poop

    Nicole ThompsonNicole Thompson20 days ago
  • r/imsorryjon

    FearzzFearzz20 days ago
  • 3:10 thats from dont hug me im scared... colen

    James PetersJames Peters20 days ago
  • I think it is 20 not 23

    Cokes CervantesCokes Cervantes21 day ago
  • For elementary school I go to Garfield Elementary

    Scoodleloo PonyScoodleloo Pony21 day ago
    • i was going to go to a elementary school garfield

      Nathan ClarkNathan Clark20 days ago
  • In the last comic GARFILD! Was always t-posing also you did do the *Mwah!*

    SANEEESSS dude09SANEEESSS dude0921 day ago
  • Yes it is

    SoloSolo21 day ago
  • Garfillld

    Sonic Saiyan 4Sonic Saiyan 422 days ago
  • Kkk

    fred tuberfred tuber22 days ago
  • Garfild on Serbian mean Garfield

    Winged CocoWinged Coco22 days ago
  • 1:39 pause on the teth past

    Fat FoxFat Fox22 days ago
  • Pee pee

    PhantomEclipse 01PhantomEclipse 0123 days ago

    Deutalios 818Deutalios 81823 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Garfild

    Steene PonySteene Pony23 days ago
  • I'm 13 and have a PayPal

    Zander VarnadoZander Varnado23 days ago
  • 3:12 #DDM?

    André ShinyaAndré Shinya23 days ago
  • gimmie the 3 dollors *PLEASE*

    Natalie HowardNatalie Howard23 days ago
  • 3:17 that undertale music fits perfectly

    elepa gamerelepa gamer23 days ago

    Yoz -Yoz -23 days ago
  • I want an r/imsorryjon variation of this

    Rick J-420Rick J-42023 days ago
  • At 2:49, am I the only that sees “belly” spelled out in the toothpaste?

    SparkleShoe22SparkleShoe2223 days ago
  • he is uhh 18 now......101

    seamoonwolf 83seamoonwolf 8324 days ago
  • Hey can I have those 3 dollars James?

    Anton BorissenkoAnton Borissenko24 days ago
  • I like it that it has a spelling mistake.

    Parth AcharyaParth Acharya24 days ago
  • hes probably 18 now 3$

    Antoni LewAntoni Lew24 days ago
  • Lmao the sans soundtrack

    Satsuki ChirukaSatsuki Chiruka25 days ago
  • John thats not pea size Garflid yes it is John passes out

    Xavief DealXavief Deal25 days ago
  • When it’s the text to speech it plays sans’ original theme

    carterdabeastcarterdabeast25 days ago
  • *r/imsorryjon*

    scoofscoof25 days ago
  • Garfild.......???

    Tawhid ChoudhuryTawhid Choudhury25 days ago
  • 3:12

    Jackson 1414Jackson 141425 days ago
  • Alex your font 🤩🤩😔🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😩🙁😕😫😟😖😣😔🤔🤔🤔

    Mattew's worldMattew's world25 days ago

    MrNarwal YtMrNarwal Yt25 days ago
    • @Fuzian I am new to this channel, we all have our opinions. I'd rather not

      MrNarwal YtMrNarwal Yt25 days ago
    • this video is 3 years old, and undertale is bad. thank you come again

      FuzianFuzian25 days ago
  • 5:06 , is that what i think it is?

    Grapes5eGrapes5e26 days ago
  • Hi

    Sunshine RainbowsSunshine Rainbows26 days ago

    TopNotch CoffeeTopNotch Coffee26 days ago
  • You should react to lasagna cat

    Julian 3l proJulian 3l pro27 days ago
  • I have massive pea

    walter frankwalter frank27 days ago
  • 5:20 did anyone saw that John had to many arms and hands?

    Sonic Z07Sonic Z0727 days ago
  • Garfild!!!

    RJTJ Odod animationsRJTJ Odod animations28 days ago
  • teth paste (TM)

    sergent chrissergent chris28 days ago
  • He didn’t say wear ur seatbelt

    JB McClureJB McClure28 days ago
    • Fixed

      JB McClureJB McClure25 days ago
  • You said 20 dollars not 23

    Josue MoranJosue Moran28 days ago
Garfild Comic Explained