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FULL FIGHT! Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr

Anthony Joshua defends his heavyweight world titles against Andy Ruiz Jr at Madison Square Garden.



  • I love how sky sports boxing upload full HD versions of fights, keep it up♥️

    Stephen 246Stephen 2464 minutes ago
  • i cant even watch this fight again makes feel so sad.

    Jedi KnightJedi Knight12 minutes ago
  • Joshua looked well upset with his trainer.

    Dino SDino S25 minutes ago
  • Let's hope Aj can get the rematch win

    RaMbO PlAySRaMbO PlAyS26 minutes ago
  • gonna downvote this video in the hope that youtube dont keep putting it on autofuckingplay

    Truth TuberTruth Tuber39 minutes ago
  • Eddy and his dad watching their favourite pub burn down 😅

    wayne nunnwayne nunn42 minutes ago
  • So glad Ruiz Jr won!.

    Anthony LewisAnthony Lewis46 minutes ago
  • Subscribed to bounty bars now

    Prithvi SindharPrithvi Sindhar47 minutes ago
  • What’s the music in the background on34:00

    What’s the Name againWhat’s the Name again49 minutes ago
  • reading between the lines...l am not saying the fight was a fix but l do think it makes more sense to lose the fight to Ruiz's then to win because AJ loses the rematch is on for the end of the year (a rematch is in the claws) AJ is guaranteed a rematch and l think there will be a different AJ next time he wins and he is a great champion and that delays any fight with Tyson fury or wilder two fighters AJ has been avoiding there much harder fighters and he has made Ruiz's dream come true l think AJ was a little bit gracious in defeat...just my opinion

    Keith MiddletonKeith MiddletonHour ago
  • "Fool was a paper champion"

    Steve MoonSteve MoonHour ago
  • Andy Ruiz needs to be in sumo wrestling

    Timur GamingTimur GamingHour ago
  • No Deal Brexit NOW!! Well done Ruiz.

    brand exbrand exHour ago
  • I've watched alot of fights... Would say over 15 years.. the quality of boxing is not like it was back in the old days.. it's like any one can come a boxer... There isn't any power in the ring... It's like any one can just jump in the ring... One time it was down to quality of the boxer....

    British FirstBritish FirstHour ago
  • absolute set up how fat fuck beats boxer never ever would happen

    S ProctorS ProctorHour ago
  • Joshua was classy in defeat ...

    Philip LevinsPhilip LevinsHour ago
  • A bit like Frank Bruno , cant take a decent punch...

    Derek macDerek macHour ago
  • Look into AJs eyes when his name is called in the ring - his in a non-caring mode for some strange reason. Damn I am starting to feel sorry for the lad - I am a Dillian Whyte fan ;)

    Gerard O'NeillGerard O'NeillHour ago
  • I guess a legend has to experience defeat one day in his life Respect Anthony Joshua🙌🏾🤝

    Joseph DanielJoseph DanielHour ago
  • Hate to say it, but does anyone think they were asked to 'throw' that fight? They look fucked over to me, somethings gone wrong for them both???

    Gerard O'NeillGerard O'NeillHour ago
  • AJ looked on top - used the mouth piece as a stress toy

    Gerard O'NeillGerard O'NeillHour ago
  • Hooks counters BODY SHOTS JEEZ the body shots and the relentless press not to mentıon the tough jaw of Ruız aj was hunted down

    komik olmakomik olma2 hours ago
  • Fix money grabbers

    Danny SimpsonDanny Simpson2 hours ago
  • Hearn and AJ didn't look on friendly terms as he walked out to the ring??? Both looked pissed / shocked???

    Gerard O'NeillGerard O'Neill2 hours ago
  • Cash Cow Gone! HA!

    Gerard O'NeillGerard O'Neill2 hours ago
  • What about a real fight ruiz vs tyson fury

    Carlos Diaz VillalobosCarlos Diaz Villalobos2 hours ago
  • 34:50 i like how they are all hugging each other lol

    Claudio AndreiClaudio Andrei2 hours ago
  • free boxing amazing im watching this now tonight

    antony trick shot taylorantony trick shot taylor3 hours ago
  • 11:22 trainer telling him to relax something was not right and that was first round. He definitly had some sort of panic attack that was and had effected him before fight. proofs, there.

    Cee JayCee Jay3 hours ago
  • Got up on 8 turned round held the ropes for another 10 seconds, the ref said what you doin this aint a break let's go, then asks him if hes ok to fight on, joshua quit was gassing from the ring walk, he.should just tell the truth and say why he never performed instead of being a fake and phony yes man 😯

    Legend 27Legend 273 hours ago
  • Yes Ruiz was the better boxer that night. I do believe aj could of won if had not rushed in. I get aj is giving no excuses for his loss FairPlay what a man and that’s why everyone loves him but there’s no denying he had some serious anxiety issues when he’s standing in that ring before the bell went it’s written all over his face. The pressure on him is tremendous I just hope he can fight his anxiety cuz if he does that he will beat Ruiz. If it was anxiety don’t take the rematch back at madison square gardens cuz u will worry it’s gna happen again before u even get there.

    Mark SchofieldMark Schofield3 hours ago
  • Think my favourite bit is Ruiz's celebration at the wave off..... pure unadulterated joy!

    Magnus TullockMagnus Tullock4 hours ago
  • But Ruiz is a dangerous fighter who can take a shot and give one.i would not take the rematch straight away

    James MitchellJames Mitchell4 hours ago
  • Fury trainer Ben Davidson was bang on.He was keeping his jabbing arm so low.He was open to Ruiz right hook all day long.Joshua needed to use the jab a lot more.if he used the jab regular he would have not let Ruiz back him up.He let ruiz pressure him that had Joshua backing him up meaning Joshua most biggest threat which is coming forward with hooks and good offense. Joshua is not a defensive fighter that's the weak part of his style.And mcCracken is a trainer that concentrates on the attacking side of boxing.

    James MitchellJames Mitchell4 hours ago
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    big follow thanksbig follow thanks4 hours ago
  • Funny seeing all these comments about BT & Sky, yeah BT is better without a doubt but do people not realise they put these fights up for free to combat people watching illegal streams? it’s so people watch it on their channel so they get the ad revenue.

    QWERTY _QWERTY _4 hours ago
  • what was AJ's ring walk song...?

    Arjun KenthArjun Kenth4 hours ago
  • End of 4th "Listen, all that happened was you hurt him-you rushed in and he caught you" Don`t think so...

    XythantiopsXythantiops4 hours ago
  • what was Joshua thinking interrupting Ruiz like that?

    englishmanspeaksenglishmanspeaks4 hours ago
  • Ruiz could have taken AJ out when there was 30 seconds left in the 3rd, he is there for the taking.

    XythantiopsXythantiops5 hours ago
  • Andy Ruiz took those shots flush from Joshua and didnt flinch. I honestly don't see Joshua winning the rematch. Beginning of the end for AJ

    John BarnesJohn Barnes5 hours ago
    • Exactly. I agree. This was no fluke

      Evonne OkaforEvonne Okafor3 hours ago
  • Aj got found out, this is why he kept dodging Fury and Wilder as he knew he would get his arse kicked, he should pack it in now as he is not gonna come back from this.

    Jaco 38Jaco 385 hours ago
  • All the little fat guys are gonna be on the town now looking for trouble. I'm staying in for a bit.

    General ZODGeneral ZOD5 hours ago
  • 17:06 if that left hand would’ve landed it would’ve been a difference fight.

    Andelspei DalerAndelspei Daler5 hours ago
  • Ruiz will win the rematch

    Callum SurmanCallum Surman5 hours ago
  • AJ blowing after the first round 🤦

    obrien pufcobrien pufc5 hours ago
  • aj was not focused on the fight enough, and i dont think he could adjust to the atmosphere out of the uk. ruiz just wanted it more and it showed, he was the better fighter also fucking hell ruiz has a chin and a half. the aj jab in the fifth literally bounced off his face

    Samuel KeaySamuel Keay6 hours ago
  • cant beleive he got done by a telly tubby,,

    handsomesolo Savagehandsomesolo Savage6 hours ago
  • 33:53 When mom brings home taco bell

    Jack HaynesJack Haynes6 hours ago
  • 06:11 to 06:58. Is that really normal behaviour? I hate to say it, as I’ve always smelled a rat with Joshua and thought it was a matter of time before he gets exposed. I think he’s finished now, he won’t ever be a world title holder again.

    David PagettDavid Pagett6 hours ago
  • Hehe 😂 look Anthony face how upset 😢😂😂😂😂 Eddie find you easy opponent 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😭

    gary fengary fen6 hours ago
  • Its like they just grabbed a fat cu*t comming out the pizza shop and asked does he want a fight ffs. shamefull Anthony Shamefull

    Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson6 hours ago
  • 17:13

    abdul muminabdul mumin6 hours ago
  • Gotta ruiz’s chin here 17:04 took a straight right hand

    abdul muminabdul mumin6 hours ago
  • ...and can someone pls edit this video and remove the commentary. Thanks.

    chidubemchidubem6 hours ago
  • Skip the bullshit to 8:05.

    Scott GibsonScott Gibson6 hours ago
  • Wow, the fat, unfit, beer guzzling, dorito munching, tattoo loving Ruiz beat the healthy, super fit fanatic, bodybuilding African, who lives in the UK.

    Pete WatsonPete Watson6 hours ago
  • 2010: Six Packs & Tatoos! 2019: Flapjacks & Fast food!!

    chidubemchidubem6 hours ago
    • Ha ha ha 👏🏼😂

      Dean McAndrewDean McAndrewHour ago
  • This commentary is brutal.

    Kombuchis ClayKombuchis Clay7 hours ago
  • I have come to the conclusion, this match was fixed and its all part of AJ taking back the belts as his legacy... but Fury is gonna lick Ruiz!!

    Mr PatraeusMr Patraeus7 hours ago
  • There was something up with AJ before a punch was thrown. Not the AJ I know.

    DeeArrDeeArr7 hours ago
  • Mexican Rocky

    Darius RaisutisDarius Raisutis8 hours ago
  • Never underestimate the chubby guy.You can have all the muscles you like, you go down with a weak chin against a fighter.

    foppo leeuwerkefoppo leeuwerke8 hours ago
  • Lets keep it real congratz 2 Ruiz but Joshua was trash....

    Aki AdamAki Adam8 hours ago
  • Fury was right, big dosser

    Mob BarleyMob Barley8 hours ago
  • AJ,s biggest problem is his promoter.

    sashagoochsashagooch9 hours ago
  • 34:19 The ultimate troll was that Mexican music 😂😂

    Frank CastleFrank Castle9 hours ago
  • Ub vs fat Majimbu... Joshua was lucky enough not to be turned into a candy or chocolate... Where's Goku? Who'll be strong enough to defeat this walking mass of lard?

  • Not taking anything away from Andy Ruiz and the result, . but i'm curious when Anthony say's "Why am i feeling like this " ? at 31:35 , and why no one has picked up on this ?? i do have a very strong opinion as to why he said it.

    alan robertsalan roberts9 hours ago
  • 8:04 - Round 1 starts

    Objective IncisionObjective Incision10 hours ago
  • Joshua has a very poor stamina he has to do something about it

    Foday SaccohFoday Saccoh10 hours ago
  • We got a new mike Tyson in the heavyweight arena again, keep going forward square on to opponent, then use handspeed and power with both hands. Ruiz has just beaten two 6”5’ + fighters within 6 weeks. This weight division is gonna be interesting now. But why have they gotta wait 5-6 months for rematch, it’s ridiculous. Ruiz has proved it’s possible to fight again in short period, plus they’d make more money the more fight they have a in a year. The old days Tyson etc was having 3-4 even more fights a year. Ruiz will win rematch, can’t see AJ troubling Ruiz at all.

    20sentryboy20sentryboy11 hours ago
  • how intense....ruiz is a machine, he brought the street into the ring. Well deserved, can not wait for the rematch

    Reds WorldReds World11 hours ago
  • He needs a new trainer, no advice apart from jab jab right. I’d be like suck it up and hit this guy hard or your losing the titles.

    20sentryboy20sentryboy11 hours ago
  • Andy Ruiz Jr has the talent, tools and heart to truly conquer the heavyweight division in a way that has not been done since Lennox Lewis, but if Ruiz is the achieve that, then the hard work starts NOW. - He needs to clean up his diet and spend more time running on the roads to get in the best condition of his life. If he's happy to become another Buster Douglas, then fine, but Douglas had the talent to remain as champ, but not the mentality.

    Solid as rocksSolid as rocks11 hours ago
  • FIXED !!!

    alan cunninghamalan cunningham11 hours ago
  • Third round ruined AJ. Wonderful job by Ruiz. For AJ, when he kept it long, Ruiz couldn't do much.

    MulMhmmMulMhmm12 hours ago
    • Wrong, Ruiz kept closing distance in a number of ways...he cuts down the ring, he weaves and slips in side, he also moves in behind body jab and he can also jump in quickly with a lead...he also parries Joshua's shots before they get going.

      Zayd DepaorZayd Depaor7 hours ago
  • Aj was a fool to try rush a knock out just cos of what wilder did to breazeale. That's what cost him his belts

    Kacper PytlarzKacper Pytlarz12 hours ago
    • Ruiz was fine from the knock down though. He would have caught Joshua no doubt in my mind anyway. AJ needs a new defence and chin

      John BarnesJohn Barnes5 hours ago
  • Hard for Joshua to come back in the rematch knowing he quit in this fight , his heart was broke and going into a rematch straight away is suicide and curtains for his career if he loses - 12 week camp this time for Ruiz and going into the fight knowing he can hurt Joshua , Ruiz will be much better for the rematch but you’d hope mentally AJ will be but he’ll have a lot of demons in his head with the way he lost that fight

    Henry LogmanHenry Logman12 hours ago
  • It seems AJs weakness is fighting short guys.

    wanderer1955wanderer195513 hours ago
  • Ruiz won because he was more skilled and showed more heart getting up from being knocked down. Funny how people are somehow championing him being fat though, dude will be unstoppable if he gets conditioned better scary lol.

    Alun GrayAlun Gray13 hours ago

    littlejonnywonnylittlejonnywonny13 hours ago
  • I really felt sad for AJ because at a time he was even asking his corner men why am i feeling this way 😭😭😭

    Abdulrahim BashiruAbdulrahim Bashiru13 hours ago
  • You should off at least fought wilder b4 ruiz fucked u your that guy they call nobody ,wilder is not intrested,fury is not,you need to beat ruiz to get some face back. No body is great as THEY think only God is,

    Gops BGops B13 hours ago
  • I wish Paulie malignalliwally would shut up, sick of hearing him talk.

    20sentryboy20sentryboy13 hours ago
  • I think Joshua knew he was gonna lose, that’s why he looked so nervous before fight started. He didn’t scare Ruiz and mentally that affected him.

    20sentryboy20sentryboy14 hours ago
  • :))))) biggest humiliation in boxin ever .

    Bad GirlBad Girl15 hours ago
  • Anyone can fall victim to underrating an opponent. Barcelona underrated Liverpool because they were 3-0 up. And they got hammered 3-4.

    Joseph BisharaJoseph Bishara15 hours ago
  • that was kinda good

    Andy PearsonAndy Pearson15 hours ago
  • It's still shocking.................

    Tony StockTony Stock16 hours ago
  • Ruiz super fast hands And gets hurts he’s more dangerous Mexicans....

    FaisFais16 hours ago
  • I don't care what anyone says AJ wins rematch

    Bryony PetersBryony Peters16 hours ago
  • Cheers , learn from it , you could see he was mentally not prepared to deal with an upset and the fight not going his way . But also he was definitely not himself??? , you need to watch what you eat and drink as it can be tampered with. He Deserved his win though really tough fast hands , just a little hiccup for AJ !! He will bounce back even better .

    Anthony FosterAnthony Foster17 hours ago
  • 46.44......did he say somali boxer? does anyone know who that somali boxer that aj sparred with that he mentions. Ibrahim17 hours ago
    • Mo Farah perhaps. At least Mo can go the distance

      craig brierleycraig brierley45 minutes ago
  • The deciding factor, one fighter has a chin of glass, one fighter has a chin of stone. They meet, both throw bombs, which chin goes first. There is the answer, and Joshua's problem. That's why hes been a protected fighter at every turn by his management team. They know his limitations, but still made $100,000,000's by selling you, the gullible clowns, a hype job.

    RSR423RSR42319 hours ago
  • Aj is a basic boxer...needs a new trainer otherwise hes gonna be a sitting duck again and again...can't throw combos .saw it coming in the povetkin fight....

    jack tylerjack tyler19 hours ago
  • There was nothing wrong with AJ he has never faced a very good attacking boxer. He liked to pick his shots and Andy, was a fast handed better technical boxer.

    Gareth RobinsGareth Robins19 hours ago
  • Swallowed by hype and expectation!

    Paddy CarrPaddy Carr19 hours ago
  • The desperation in McCraken's voice, he knows hes about to lose his main source of income. Joshua was chinny from day one, Whyte, Klitschko, and a hundred rumours of him getting put on his ass in sparring. Never been allowed outside of the U.K., and this is why, Hearn can't buy refs and judges in Vegas, he just don't have the same pull in the States as back home in UK. Listen to Eddie at the end, "We'll make the rematch in the U.K."....That's so he can control the outcome. Ruiz will be calling the shots now as champion, and Mexico should be the venue. There's a massive chance Ruiz will get robbed by going to fight the rematch in the U.K.

    RSR423RSR42319 hours ago
  • so this proves you don't have to be cut and fit to knock world champion

    Binhiding123Binhiding12319 hours ago
FULL FIGHT! Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr