Foreign Mothers | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso

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    Anwar JibawiAnwar JibawiMonth ago
    • I'm Arabian

      ṅıҡҡı'ṡ ɢѧċһѧṡṅıҡҡı'ṡ ɢѧċһѧṡ7 hours ago
    • سلام عليكم انوار كيف حالك انا بخير كيف صحتك وامك طيبه انا اسمي شهد و بحب اتكلم معاك انا من عمان 🇴🇲 عايشه في مسقط وحبيت اتفرج على قناتك ❤️

      Abdul MalikAbdul MalikDay ago
    • I did not know Rudy was brasilian. Good to know. Success to both of you. Kiss from Portugal 🇵🇹 🇵🇹 🇵🇹

      CristianaCristianaDay ago
    • Anwar Jibawi i met u at the meet & greet and i met your mother and little mohammad and i watch this video a lot bc it’s so relatable

      Miriam KaderMiriam KaderDay ago
  • Kkkkkkkk amei 😅

    Nayana Almeida SantiagoNayana Almeida Santiago5 minutes ago
  • الحمدلله يا انور اول مرة بشوفك تتكلم عربي

    anass gameranass gamer17 minutes ago
  • Anwar i thought your mom was fasting wallah

    Mariam YousefMariam Yousef20 minutes ago
  • Ya I’m Muslim

    27Imran Salti27Imran Salti46 minutes ago
  • By the way I am lough so much

    Al Arfast KhanAl Arfast Khan54 minutes ago
  • Who is Arabic but like i am from jordan

    Rimas showRimas showHour ago
  • I speak Arabic so I don't have to read the translation in English

    Yasmina HammoudYasmina HammoudHour ago
  • I knew the dads would come at the end 😂

    itz Iz Izitz Iz IzHour ago
  • Oh my god. Anwar's mom carrying a Shisha. Lmao😂😂

    Jagmeet Singh AntalJagmeet Singh AntalHour ago
  • Thumbnail:my mother loves ergile

    Jana JalloulJana Jalloul2 hours ago
  • Is your mom Muslim oki :)

    Samah hammodaSamah hammoda3 hours ago
  • Are you Arabic and Muslim

    Liver PoolFCLiver PoolFC3 hours ago
  • I can vouch for mrs Jibawi, mammoul tastes great! I’m Lebanese and proud!

    Z47N 73H74Z47N 73H743 hours ago
  • add a filipino mom into the mix and it will be chaotic

    Leanne FerrerLeanne Ferrer4 hours ago
  • That's what i called RESPECT man i love you guys

    Aryaka keitaroAryaka keitaro5 hours ago
  • انا سعوديه

    Latifah AlfuzaiLatifah Alfuzai5 hours ago
  • طلعت عربي احبك اطالع كل فيديو هاتك توني اعرف

    Latifah AlfuzaiLatifah Alfuzai5 hours ago
  • 1:37 They be like....who da fuck is this, Bitch?

    Neco CurtisNeco Curtis6 hours ago
  • I love anwar's mom, she reminds me of my mom... The way she dress and polite attitude....

    Ajfan AreesAjfan Arees7 hours ago
  • 4:58 lol

    YT SaraYT Sara7 hours ago
  • Yooo my mom is always throughout her shoe. Lol story. My grandma once threw a high Heel at my mom 😂

    Kristen The GachaTuberKristen The GachaTuber7 hours ago
  • Your my favorite youtuber I’m Muslim too I love your vids أنا ‏ سعيدة جداً أن امكِ هـي مضحك أنا مسرورة جداً للمسلمين

    Mal and DunMal and Dun7 hours ago
  • Kkkkkkkkk bem assim aqui no brasil

    Hamon SantosHamon Santos8 hours ago
  • It’s so funny!

    Cash/serene BakerCash/serene Baker8 hours ago
  • WoW you are arabic ما توقعتك😂

    Ash XDAsh XD9 hours ago
  • لهجتها فلسطنية

    Mahdi IssaMahdi Issa10 hours ago
  • X3 know how to talk arabic and the arabian mother is so funny! X3

    •Sugar Cookie••Sugar Cookie•12 hours ago
  • Lol, im Arabic AND Hispanic

    Gretchen Weiner's HairGretchen Weiner's Hair13 hours ago
  • You talk Arabia like me am from oman انا اسمي ايه

    gacha star phonegacha star phone13 hours ago
  • Knew he was Muslim

    That's So RaadiaThat's So Raadia13 hours ago
  • I dont know how I would even be able to say this. But American moms are chill.

    No. MumNo. Mum14 hours ago
  • Arab uncle starter pack: *Sandal lookin shoes* *leather jacket* *and a ciggy*

    rxl._.wolf.x1 1rxl._.wolf.x1 114 hours ago
  • Omg i was fasting also xd

    X- GarethxX- Garethx15 hours ago
  • Cara, que massa, sempre assisto vídeos aleatórios do Anwar, e quase sempre via esse cara, Mancuso, mas não fazia ideia que era Brasileiro que massa.

    Anderson DiegoAnderson Diego15 hours ago
  • I taught Rudy suppose to be Latin not Brazilian Edit:like if you watched foreign boys

    Rubi AlvidrezRubi Alvidrez16 hours ago
  • My god I died when they did the “say it again” bit 😂😂😂😂😂

    Hillary TranHillary Tran17 hours ago
  • Rudy is Brazilian?

    AustraAustra17 hours ago
  • Mom's with chancla's these days, it hurts more with the plastic chancla's tho 😔

    Ärûz ČrüzÄrûz Črüz18 hours ago
  • وت انت عربي

    Allousy هلاAllousy هلا18 hours ago
  • هههههههههه هاي حلوة كتير من ستي وستي عطتها لامي وامي عطتها اللي 😂😂

    Nabaa MustafaNabaa Mustafa18 hours ago
  • And here I thought only in India moms through sandals😂😂😂

    Hunger GamesHunger Games18 hours ago
  • Continue it. Make it foreign fathers

    7 Savage7 Savage18 hours ago
  • A voz do Rudy é muito diferente falando português

    Lost StarLost Star18 hours ago
  • Brazil here! #SuperFan

    Cup of TaeCup of Tae18 hours ago
  • Anybody else Brazilian🤣

    Ultim4te AnthonyUltim4te Anthony18 hours ago
  • *Reads title* Hehehehe

    clickonmyprofile 10,000Subscriberswithoutanyvideosclickonmyprofile 10,000Subscriberswithoutanyvideos19 hours ago
  • طيب ليش مابيترجم المقطع للعربي،ظظ

  • If u are fasting anwar then why are u doing parties

    Sally MohammedSally Mohammed19 hours ago
  • Again

    A10A1020 hours ago
  • 😂 استمر يا مبدع

    klof dxbklof dxb20 hours ago
  • أنور والديك مرة كيوت 😭💓💓 Anwar ur parents are so cute 😭💓

    Blue TaersBlue Taers20 hours ago
  • Lol I can speak brasilian Portuguese

    DailyGamer4RealDailyGamer4Real20 hours ago
  • 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿❣❣❣

    Anfel Ben battaAnfel Ben batta20 hours ago
  • Anwar make more vids with ur mom btw انا فلسطينية (خليلية) كمان

    Da Panda FriendsDa Panda Friends20 hours ago
  • Shesa

    Savage GamingSavage Gaming20 hours ago
  • “Chocolates good for your heart” lol

    Queenofhearts 0102Queenofhearts 010221 hour ago
  • Rudy is brazilian omg

    Camila CorreiaCamila Correia21 hour ago
  • Two mothers: **versus each other** Rudy and Anwar: **try to stop it** Mothers: **gasps** Mothers: **unite the slipper power and fight Anwar and Rudy** 5:37 Is that supposed to be a blooper? Lmao

    Mykola IvanusMykola Ivanus21 hour ago
  • Arabic!!!!!

    blablabla bla bla blablablabla bla bla bla21 hour ago
  • Meuuu adoro os bom bom 🍬brasileiros kd vcs??

    AndressaAndressa21 hour ago
  • Go Brazil there chocolate is the best

    J ToegobblerJ ToegobblerDay ago
  • An I the only one who specks Portuguese here ?

    Ludimila FernandesLudimila FernandesDay ago
  • أحنا بنحبك ❤❤❤❤

    Black TapBlack TapDay ago
  • Lol true

    Hảo ĐinhHảo ĐinhDay ago
  • Hookah ya habibi

    Great value Chris brownGreat value Chris brownDay ago
  • At least Anwar is taller than his mom😂😂

    Syd WhiteSyd WhiteDay ago
  • عربي يحط لايك

  • Rudy's mom want to get some coffee Anwar's mom sure And I'm like usnt she fasting

    Laaibah KhanLaaibah KhanDay ago
  • *TO CHOCADA ELE É BRASILEIRO? * 💚💛💙💜🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Avakin MihAvakin MihDay ago
  • والله حسبتك ماتصوم بس طلعت كفو انا من السعودية

    Queen NQueen NDay ago
  • But it’s mostly blamed on me not my brother

    Hana BANANAHana BANANADay ago
  • Wallah they always blame it on us like if my dad did something wrong this it what my mum would say: Mum: ‏هنا ‏ ‏ايه ده Me: ‏والله معملتش حاجة

    Hana BANANAHana BANANADay ago

    Lucky FuyoLucky FuyoDay ago
  • انوار احلا حلقه

    Iman MansourIman MansourDay ago
  • كيييييف؟!! أنور انت عربي ولا اجنبي ولا ايشش؟!

    Misaki _chan UwUMisaki _chan UwUDay ago
  • من وين انت يا انور

    Sahab AlshammariSahab AlshammariDay ago
  • Go back to your country !!! 😃

    wree backwree backDay ago
  • Did you know how to speak arabic ?

    Samsung J7pSamsung J7pDay ago
  • Brazilians and arabs in comments hippity hoppity this is my property

    Nancy The unicornNancy The unicornDay ago
  • Bro make a video on dads too It will be fun They won’t even fight like moms and chill together

    Harshal PatilHarshal PatilDay ago
  • يا عيل هو مسلم ولا كافر لانا انا شفت مقطع كان قاعديحطي وشم سبونج بوب

    H AH ADay ago
  • I love it when Anwar’s mother walked in peacefully and then Rudy’s mother was like ITS ON HONEY!

    Daily AbigailDaily AbigailDay ago
  • متتتت ضحك لما قالت شو بتحجي😂😂😭😭😭

    nim Taenim TaeDay ago
  • A video for your dads please

    Rami GoalkeeperRami GoalkeeperDay ago
  • I didn’t know you were from Brazil!

    Taijah CloughTaijah CloughDay ago
  • Islam 4 eva

    Imad JusicImad JusicDay ago
  • Anyone else Muslim Asian ? 😂❤️

    WorldOf SewaWorldOf SewaDay ago
  • Rudy’s mom: Go back to your country Anwar’s mom: Go back to your country Rudy’s mom: *Gasps* Anwar’s mom: *Gasps* *1 minute later* *Goes our for coffee and forgets about the whole thing*

    5P00N1E PUFFS5P00N1E PUFFSDay ago
  • It's a very wonderful idea I would like to congratulate you for your efforts to make the videos a success شكرا على الترجمة للعربية أنور و رودي انتم رائعون بالتمثيل أنا ماهر من سوريا .. تشرفنا بوجودك أخ أنور

    Maher Al ShamiMaher Al ShamiDay ago
  • *the moment you figure out you found somebody who is your religion aka muslim* YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS QUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN

  • Lol

    gaming noobiegaming noobieDay ago
  • انور من فلسطين وبتحديد رام الله ترمسعيا شفته بعرس قبل يومين😂😂

    Ahmad BargouthyAhmad BargouthyDay ago
  • Tão orgulhosa do Brazil!

    Delze Maria Rebello CoelhoDelze Maria Rebello CoelhoDay ago
  • mds o portugues deles é muito bom

    conradotdconradotdDay ago
  • Kkkkkkkk olha a mãe brasileira

    saikou 07saikou 07Day ago
  • im not really abric but im muslim

    moe yanmoe yanDay ago
    • im mean arabic

      moe yanmoe yanDay ago
  • Não sabia q vc falava português

    Mano Do ceuMano Do ceuDay ago
  • أنا سوري وأتصل بهذا كثيراً 😂😂😂

    Dragon WolfDragon WolfDay ago
  • I'm team Anwar because I'm arabic

    hit or misshit or missDay ago
Foreign Mothers | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso