FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make the Best Avengers Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pancake Art

We’re back with an all new food twist on the pancake art challenge! This time you'll learn how to make amazing diy food art like Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Iron Man and Spider-Man from Marvel Avengers Endgame, an orbit galaxy from Toy Story 4, Pumba from Lion King and so much more! Try not to laugh as brothers (not twins) the key bros compete in a hilarious do it yourself cooking competition to make homemade delicious art from breakfast and lunch foods like giant IHOP pancakes, watermelon fruit, vegetables and Pizza Hut pizza. And the best part is that you can eat and enjoy it all after! It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this fun entertainment and life hack tutorial compilation series.

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  • This is so much dum

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  • Deven won the art but Collin won the most messy award

    Gatcha Life DiamondGatcha Life Diamond14 hours ago
  • I wonder want Collins thinks when he just looks at devans and then looks at his

    kevin bartakevin barta14 hours ago
  • Yea

    firas amirahfiras amirah14 hours ago
  • D wins

    Valeria Garica moralesValeria Garica morales14 hours ago
  • Devon won all of them

    Elias’s ultimate movies and videos For kidsElias’s ultimate movies and videos For kids15 hours ago
  • This is how many people that thinks Collins is super goofy and devan is calm and he masters it 👇 👇

    RYLAN 4LRYLAN 4L15 hours ago
  • I know who won but i likke it

    RenE HyteckRenE Hyteck15 hours ago
  • Collins man

    Gameface PhotographyGameface Photography16 hours ago
  • Why dose one person always go better

    Echo EEcho E16 hours ago
  • Make a giant Godzilla out of a pizza.

    Aariz karimAariz karim16 hours ago
  • Round 1 devan round 2 devan

    Jennifer BrandJennifer Brand17 hours ago
  • golly, wonder why Collin is so messed up with the pictures

    Shaira BanezShaira Banez17 hours ago
  • Can you make a fish

    Deronte PattonDeronte Patton17 hours ago
  • keyper squad

    Joelly VaterJoelly Vater17 hours ago
  • I think Devon won all rounds

    Billy NelsonBilly Nelson18 hours ago
  • Godzilla is not green

    Hout KimHout Kim18 hours ago
  • Devin you are really good at drawing

    Sneaker #2Sneaker #218 hours ago
  • I think devin won the second round

    Gaming WorldGaming World19 hours ago
  • Tumarow I'm going to see ditectiv picachu

    Queen Moon Wolf ErisQueen Moon Wolf Eris19 hours ago
  • I did it

    David JenkinsDavid Jenkins19 hours ago
  • Liked it and it was a tie (but Collin was better :P)

    Boberto RobloxBoberto Roblox19 hours ago
  • Keyper Squad

    Kamry WadeKamry Wade20 hours ago
  • Keyper sqaud

    MELO BALLMELO BALL20 hours ago
  • Make a charzard pancake art

    Yaboisashar KYaboisashar K20 hours ago
  • 14:48 umm what happened to the color of the cutting board?

    Kadi Your CreatorKadi Your Creator21 hour ago
  • You all ready SED it

    LevinaTVLevinaTV21 hour ago
  • In the Godzilla pankak the one using black is an artinz!

    Mack BennettMack Bennett21 hour ago
  • Pizza to 81800

    Sara AtterberrySara Atterberry21 hour ago
  • I

    William CochraneWilliam Cochrane21 hour ago
  • 81000

    Sarah OsmunSarah Osmun22 hours ago
  • devan won evry round

    Kimberly WhiteKimberly White22 hours ago
  • devan won evry round

    Kimberly WhiteKimberly White22 hours ago
  • Brown headed boy yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    Sarah OsmunSarah Osmun22 hours ago
  • I❤️ pecachu

    Sarah OsmunSarah Osmun22 hours ago
  • The brown haired is better

    Sarah OsmunSarah Osmun22 hours ago
  • (To the worst pancake maker)you have nothing to do but talk like a peice of sh*t

    shahadat hossainshahadat hossain22 hours ago
  • keper squad

    Nerfguy GamesNerfguy Games22 hours ago
  • Hey deven your Godzilla looks i like Godzilla do you now Godzilla is my faveret

    alphaboi 804alphaboi 80422 hours ago
  • Pizza cuz I'm11

    Marybel MillardMarybel Millard23 hours ago
  • I started laughing when Collin bent the spatula

    Wendy SkinnerWendy Skinner23 hours ago
  • Spiderman pizza are The best but I forgot your name so I will have to go with the person in the white jacket what the other person in the blue shirt I give it to one bit of little work and do it so I would like it

    Danny WrightDanny Wright23 hours ago
  • Collins: *MY PERFECT ART* devan: what about all those times in the pancake art challenges where u say I am the best at art?

    Pumpkins PlacePumpkins Place23 hours ago
  • I luv devin work 😍😍😍

    Danie De DiosDanie De DiosDay ago
  • 0:40 guess you can call that *iron collins*

    John JohnsonJohn JohnsonDay ago
  • Deven wins every round

    Sofia SalinasSofia SalinasDay ago
  • Lol I fell bad for Collin 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    Sarah KhiangteSarah KhiangteDay ago
  • I feel bad for collin’s cause devan won all

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  • Winners devan devan and devan

    Satyana RampersadsinghSatyana RampersadsinghDay ago
  • keep trying colin

    Natalie BallNatalie BallDay ago
  • Keeper squad

    Satyana RampersadsinghSatyana RampersadsinghDay ago
  • Make simba from the lion king!

    Gerald GreenGerald GreenDay ago
  • Devin won the 5th round

    Khadim GayeKhadim GayeDay ago
  • Devin won the 4th round

    Khadim GayeKhadim GayeDay ago
  • Devin won the 3rd round

    Khadim GayeKhadim GayeDay ago
  • Devin won the 2nd round

    Khadim GayeKhadim GayeDay ago
  • Keyper squad

    Khadim GayeKhadim GayeDay ago
  • I liked the vid

    Simply SavvySimply SavvyDay ago
  • try to make a buger

    ana lyn magsombolana lyn magsombolDay ago
  • Devin

    Bowrna ChandrasekaranBowrna ChandrasekaranDay ago
  • I did it in 5secis&iloveit

    Jamell DeboseJamell DeboseDay ago
  • Your brother do everything good

    Mirline AubourgMirline AubourgDay ago
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  • this is how much time Devan won 4times

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  • collens is bad at makeing spider-man😡😡😡😡

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  • Do a sembr pancakes

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  • Can you make this comment a shoutout. Do a edible slime vs real.

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  • collins wins!

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  • Hey I’m new to the channel it’s been nice watching your videos

    Rayvion AlexanderRayvion AlexanderDay ago
  • You too kollins👍😊

    Sandra BraniffSandra BraniffDay ago
  • I love your videos Devin/mike hahaha

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  • Well done Devan

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  • Challenge you to make Godzilla out of watermelon

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  • Pizza to 81800

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  • Devin wins

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  • 2:06 XD

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  • Best bro

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  • Hi Colin Devon you're my favourite US-visionr I watch you guys will be time you'll never guess how much I love you by the way Collins when you made your Pikachu box the sticks coming out from Bulbasaur could be his vine whip because Bulbasaur has vine whip College inspire me with your magic which is why I got my magic Marvin's magic trick said because of you because you inspired me Devin you inspire me with my art which makes me want to draw more at the moment I'm doing a new design for your keeper Club please reply to this and what is your phone number because I think you're both cute my friend tayah think so too and if you comment back I will be ever so happy

    Rachel BuntingRachel BuntingDay ago
  • this is a prty good video i guess

    Steve WalkerSteve WalkerDay ago
  • I love you Davin

    Cheryl MarcumCheryl MarcumDay ago
FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make the Best Avengers Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pancake Art