Flying To A Completely Unknown Destination

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  • Ben looks like Rob Green with goggles on

    Adam EatonAdam Eaton2 hours ago
  • How did you get the overhead shot at 7:20?

    Some1 u Dont knowSome1 u Dont know4 hours ago
  • someone please tell me where nightscape went. im in Croatia for another month and really want to do the cliff jump!!

    Marko RathouskiMarko Rathouski6 hours ago
  • u knew it already

    AYA BROAYA BRO7 hours ago
  • As usual amazing cinematography

    Keith HambidgeKeith HambidgeDay ago
  • yo this place is beautiful

    NaufanNaufanDay ago
  • Just watched one second already don't want to watch the video anymore stop trying to make 'high quality' shit just hit a rooftop and all the good stuff

    Jaro PKJaro PKDay ago
  • Yo, 'mystery' is spelt wrong in the thumbnail

    Ryan HoganRyan HoganDay ago
  • whats the name of the song @ 11:02?

    MountainMountainDay ago
  • Those cinematics from 8:40 to 9:20 are the best I have ever seen on this channel. Absolutely stunning. Kudos to all involved in capturing and producing such beauty! Beautiful location.... that's one stunning waterfall (and I have seen quite a few in Australian national parks).

    JaNice TriJaNice TriDay ago
  • Typo in the thumbnail

    MattMattDay ago
  • Yo you have been such an inspiration to me to explore the world and make the most out of my life. You helped me find my passion for photography. Thank you for the amazing content and hope to see Croatia as well one day. Check out my insta @youngimagination_

    MasterMufasasMasterMufasasDay ago
  • Watching this onky serves to remind me that Britain sucks balls. A intolerant , over populated & cold island lacking in natural beauty. Thankfully I'm not stupid enough to live there.

    Outside InOutside InDay ago
  • Wicked my man

    Cody BryceCody Bryce2 days ago
  • Surely you’d know due to boarding passes and flight no.a

    Jay DunnJay Dunn2 days ago
  • its 4:20

    Chris DrewChris Drew2 days ago
  • Yes theory rip off, but it’s ok cuz it’s night scape

    Random GuyRandom Guy2 days ago
  • The f******* cinematics on this video are🔥🔥

    Jamie PippardJamie Pippard2 days ago
  • Im from croatia

    Ja lonJa lon2 days ago
  • Way to go on this vid!

    Discover Life MediaDiscover Life Media2 days ago
  • How it feels not to get a heart from night scape

  • Legend

    icy shdowsicy shdows2 days ago
  • Cody and Josh ahahha😃

    icy shdowsicy shdows2 days ago
  • Go to Bulgaria

    Iva HrIva Hr2 days ago
  • Collab with Yes Theory and Ally Law pleaseeee

    Ceramic HoodZzCeramic HoodZz2 days ago
  • Bens looking like Lionel Messi

    RagMannyRagManny2 days ago
  • So this video is in the top 40 tier of trending on US-vision but the creators channel has been demonitised 🤦‍♂️ the platform needs to wake up theres about 2 decent videos before this the rest is absolute bullshit.... great video man the visuals were insane YT sort your shit out!

    Karl SimmonsKarl Simmons3 days ago
  • Been watching Night scape since 2016 since his q and a vids😂😂he once said my name wrong and I kinda got all sad on his snapchat DMs and he blocked me in 2016😂😂 love you broo!!

    SohamstaSohamsta3 days ago
  • That video and of course also the trip were just absolutly insane :)

    LucaLuca3 days ago
  • #47 on trending Harry!!!!!! You deserve that bro!💙🎆

    SohamstaSohamsta3 days ago
  • They would send me Syria tho

    sososoawesome1sososoawesome13 days ago
  • I went to split a few days ago

    TfueTfue3 days ago
  • Phone: 4:16 NS: yeah that’s 4:10

    CallumCallum3 days ago
  • Spelt mystery wrong in he thumbnail 👍great video

    Reuben JacksonReuben Jackson3 days ago
  • *phone shows that it’s **04:16* ‘iTs 04:10’

    bluemoonbluemoon3 days ago
  • your life is so fucking sick i wish i could do stuff like this

    Goonthamerkz ProGoonthamerkz Pro3 days ago
  • damn this music really enhances the experience of the video

    Piero ReginaPiero Regina3 days ago
  • How does it feel trying to copy yes theory ?

    Lightwing 2506Lightwing 25063 days ago
  • Imagine theres two words in your thumbnail and you spell half of them wrong

    TommyshelbyTommyshelby3 days ago
  • Loved this🙋🏼‍♀️😄

    Melek DenizMelek Deniz3 days ago
  • Just came across this on trending. Such good vibes! Glad i stuck around till very end because i found your outro to be really good 😁

    o FaiZalo FaiZal3 days ago
  • So did you pay the woman that was going to snitch??

    N.BN.B3 days ago
  • So you knew where you were going what's the point

    huskhusk3 days ago
  • I’m from Croatia 🇭🇷 ☺️

    Eliška ProcházkováEliška Procházková3 days ago
  • Grown up man who do the Dap in 2019 are retarded!

    Seargent SensimillaSeargent Sensimilla3 days ago
  • *gets flown to Somalia and put on black Market*

    ACEEACEE3 days ago
  • Bunch of goons...

    Matty FuriousMatty Furious3 days ago
  • This guy's vlogs are on another level. Like watching something from Planet Earth. Well impressed.

    Arran MoyesArran Moyes3 days ago
  • yo harry the visuals n quality are mad for most of the video but I think you need to get someone to do the motion graphics for you if you keep doing narrated intros, gotta keep up at that high quality that you set with the camera, drone and colour grading ✌🏻intros are letting you down

    syk0syk03 days ago
  • Surprise! It's south west Scotland now hand over your wallet

    CallumCallum3 days ago
  • Enjoy. Brexit is coming :)

    Álvaro de Sande SantaÁlvaro de Sande Santa3 days ago
  • I’ve been to Croatia and have a house there its the best place honestly the people are really nice the Beach is lovely all round nice place

    freddie Berryyfreddie Berryy3 days ago
    • Outside In and that

      freddie Berryyfreddie BerryyDay ago
    • Don't forget about the great food & drinks. The fantastic value for money & most importantly the beautiful ladies.

      Outside InOutside InDay ago
  • Sick video! Bulgaria is lit tho

    Alfie JagoAlfie Jago3 days ago
  • Yeahhh we fucking made it!!! With an hour and half to spare.. 🤦‍♂️

    Hearing VisionsHearing Visions3 days ago
  • Mytstery Location?

    AlexAlex3 days ago
  • Wow man you put alot of effort into this video with cinematics nice man

    Greg kingGreg king3 days ago
  • Went to split a few years back, besides the nice content of the video this brought back so many memories.

    eenwieleraareenwieleraar3 days ago
  • The cure for loneliness is Jesus Christ, He is the only true living God who will never leave you or forsake you, the only One who died for your sins so you can be free from death hell and the curse of sin, the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life. Repent of your sins and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and be your Lord and saviour. Nothing in this world will fill the emptiness in your heart. Jesus Christ alone! Hell is a real place without Jesus. God bless you

    To God be the GloryTo God be the Glory3 days ago
  • sooooo I think NS broke up with his girl

    Sebastian GarzonSebastian Garzon3 days ago
  • Ive literally been to the same place as you man. This place in Croatia is magical but shame you werent allowed to touch the clean water

    MomoVMomoV3 days ago
  • 6:44 song????? Please its soo chill

    MomoVMomoV3 days ago
  • You try so hard to be cool that it makes you a bit of a tool, but I end up watching all your videos, so I guess that makes me even a bigger tool.

    Adam WilsonAdam Wilson3 days ago
  • They're not flying to an unknown location, they find out on the way to the airport because they're worried they're late foe the flight 😂

    CalioCalio3 days ago
  • There’s so much of that lakes place you missed

    Jake VouttJake Voutt3 days ago
  • Gets demonitised ... gets trending ... WUT

    Teh GamistTeh Gamist3 days ago
  • As always mad content

    DifferentCakeDifferentCake3 days ago
  • Hello from croatia zagreb

    Mateo 420Mateo 4204 days ago
  • 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  • Yes theory rip off?

    Tomás RaposoTomás Raposo4 days ago
  • It is4:10 Phone says 4:16

    Kyle WattsKyle Watts4 days ago
  • Ksi bandana btŵ

    Javi Garcia TWDJavi Garcia TWD4 days ago
  • Fake, you wouldn't be able to get the to plane without knowing where you were going. Nice try

    teddy81teddy814 days ago
  • This is trending well done we’ve done it boys. Well done Harry 👍 mate

    AholAhol4 days ago
  • demonetised then trending....

    wrighty338wrighty3384 days ago
  • I feel like young US-visionrs like you, always is late LMAO

    ZakariasbojZakariasboj4 days ago
  • So US-vision demonetize your videos but then put you on trending?! Wake up youtube, give this man the money he deserves for his amazing videos!

    Emma PEmma P4 days ago
  • If you dont know where u going how did you get on the plane if you dont know?

    Danish AndyDanish Andy4 days ago
  • Night scape more like night rape with those noises 0:50

    Tom GaniTom Gani4 days ago
  • Check out how we climbed tallest skyscraper in Riga @

    KovelsKovels4 days ago
  • Check out how we climbed tallest skyscraper in Riga @

    KovelsKovels4 days ago
  • I get the best vibes from your videos I swear

    AI BeatsAI Beats4 days ago
  • The shovel was a ground breaking invention.

    Constant CommenterConstant Commenter4 days ago
  • He likes the word "literally" anybody else notice?

    jacob randolphjacob randolph4 days ago

    G.bestgirl GgG.bestgirl Gg4 days ago
  • Fr tho why r US-visionrs always late for flights like I don't understand

    James 56876703James 568767034 days ago
  • great quality content...nice to see you branching out into different things

    WHUTubbzWHUTubbz4 days ago
  • Yoo I'm from Bulgaria thanks for the shout out haha 😂

    Jason JakeJason Jake4 days ago
  • What camera do you use!!???

    Jess SweetmanJess Sweetman4 days ago
  • what is the song at 6:42?

    AndiAndi4 days ago
  • Plllleeaaassee do a collar with Yes Theory Seek discomfort man love you

    Peter MüllerPeter Müller4 days ago
  • Great idea... shit video... waiting for MrBeast to do it.

    Jake RSJake RS4 days ago
  • 6:52 Is the banana split pun intended?

    Lucas MadmanLucas Madman4 days ago
  • Ima li Hrvata 😄

    ViralFactsViralFacts4 days ago
  • Content never fails to impress.

    XCutXCut4 days ago
  • Imagine if these guys ended up in North Korea. 😂

    ChenzieChenzie4 days ago
  • Your video getting nabbed for an advertisement some gaff that water fall

    Luke de PledgeLuke de Pledge4 days ago
  • Living life to max potential, u mean being a chav climbing buildings

    Ultra SlavUltra Slav4 days ago
  • Your channel is so visually pleasing and I love all of the photography and filming as well as effort that goes into these videos

    EpicBigBenEpicBigBen4 days ago
  • I was in split in 2018, such a nice place

    Connor LockettConnor Lockett4 days ago
  • where was that park/place with the waterfalls in Croatia??

    Callum BeakCallum Beak4 days ago
Flying To A Completely Unknown Destination