First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: A New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

Introducing Nintendo Switch Lite - a compact, lightweight console that's dedicated to handheld play!
This new addition to the Nintendo Switch family arrives September 20th in three different colours.
Visit our official website to find out more about Nintendo Switch Lite and compare features to find the right Nintendo Switch console for you!
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  • Isn’t the regular Nintendo switch handheld

    Teddy bear 5Teddy bear 5Hour ago
  • Ye the cool kids are the ones with the switch that can do less

    Lara NormanLara Norman2 hours ago
  • 1:19 Yerro, Greg, Taco yes

    MrFeelGoodJson24MrFeelGoodJson244 hours ago
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    Incredible WorldIncredible World7 hours ago
  • Wow cool

    gold fish gamergold fish gamer14 hours ago
  • 4:03 :DDD *goes to the room with tv* "see? it doesn't connect with tv!" *left the room* me be like wht?!

    Cubiq NationCubiq Nation20 hours ago
  • Why in the hell they credit the Nintendo switch lite

    Calyadribet MatosCalyadribet Matos21 hour ago
  • I don’t get the point of this as it does the exact same this as the switch does except for the fact it’s smaller

    Wormy PicklesWormy Pickles22 hours ago
  • This releases when people raid area 51

    super gamer kevin quinterosuper gamer kevin quintero22 hours ago
  • what game was that at 3:30

    Ali-A gamingAli-A gamingDay ago
  • Can you play lets go eevee on switch lite?

    Wuzz BangWuzz BangDay ago
    • not unless you buy extra joycon just get the new pokemon games instead

      YetiYetiDay ago
  • if only Etika was around to see this

    Lewis MLewis MDay ago
  • I was searching what will happen in september 20 2019 and this showed up... now i know what will happen on sept 20 2019

    GGHHONationGGHHONationDay ago
    • ARES 51

      Danny MeashoDanny MeashoHour ago
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    Incredible WorldIncredible WorldDay ago
  • 2020 INTRODUCING THE NINTENDO SWITCH XL, remeber this comment orginated here

    Young BoyChrisYoung BoyChrisDay ago
  • So basically a 2ds with one big screen instead of 2

    • @DЯAiИ G4ИG H€ЯФ sometimes less is more the dual screen thing was usually just a gimmick that served no good purpose and things overly complicated one screen is better

      YetiYeti23 hours ago
    • Yeti so you agree it’s regression

      DЯAiИ G4ИG H€ЯФDЯAiИ G4ИG H€ЯФDay ago
    • you mean like every handheld before the DS line? the normal way that handhelds are

      YetiYetiDay ago
  • Why didn’t they just ride their boards to the park instead of the bikes lmao

    Barry AllenBarry AllenDay ago
  • No me la creo ni yo

    santy tube 710santy tube 710Day ago
  • Could the OG Switch's home botton glow?

    Ismenia CruzIsmenia CruzDay ago
  • nintendo stay, basically

    Rachel WRachel WDay ago
  • Nintendo:How much nintendo product u want Me:yessss

  • Me: Thinks about buying it Also me: *Nope*

    Owen CarlsonOwen CarlsonDay ago
  • Still this Nintendo is expensive for some people like me I'm afraid that I'm not gonna buy this :( So can you lower the price a little bit more

    regino tselaregino tselaDay ago
  • Just call it 3dsxxl

    avishai jahanianavishai jahanian2 days ago
    • @avishai jahanian so it reminds you of upgraded PSP vital, ok.

      Keceac109Keceac109Day ago
    • @Keceac109 i know(lmao) but this lite ver of the switch is no use the switch is switch because its a hybrid console not because its an upgraded vita

      avishai jahanianavishai jahanianDay ago
    • No. It's a Nintendo switch.

      Keceac109Keceac109Day ago
  • What happends when you put switch lite in the dock?

    KarloLéKulicKarloLéKulic2 days ago
    • @Yeti ok thanks

      KarloLéKulicKarloLéKulicHour ago
    • you cant it wont fit

      YetiYetiDay ago
    • KarloLéKulic mostly likely nothing least likely the “switch” will blow up

      Comeback ZComeback ZDay ago
  • This is so stupid :'D

    DeceqtionDeceqtion2 days ago
  • But... why? First the 2DS and now this, I don't get why they would make this.

    Nathan EvansNathan Evans2 days ago
    • Pengen tapi tidak punya uang

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss2 days ago
  • This is going to be released on the day of the area 51 raid. While everyone else is going to go a see dem aliens, I'm going to be playing on the Nintendo switch lite, jk it's probably going to be like two hundred bucks on release.

    MK GacaMK Gaca2 days ago
  • The original switch is way better.

    lando hothlando hoth2 days ago
    • @Charming nowhere to hide wut?

      lando hothlando hoth2 days ago
    • I'll just waiting for Nintendo switch lite LL instead of this. I know how you work nintendawg, Just like 2ds LL

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide2 days ago
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    Incredible WorldIncredible World2 days ago
  • We want Nintendo switch pro

    Siyamdumisa NhlakaniphoSiyamdumisa Nhlakanipho2 days ago
  • You need to make the home button light glow on the Nintendo switch lite and original Nintendo switch I've had my switch for a year and 4 months and no home button light

    quidgypop 3dsquidgypop 3ds2 days ago
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    Incredible WorldIncredible World2 days ago
  • Man, This is the REAL Nintendo Switch Lite. It allows us to SWITCH the Pokemon in the game!!!!

    MaxMaverHunterMaxMaverHunter2 days ago
  • If I have a docked switch and a switch lite, can I play Mario kart 8 with two screens like on Wii U?

    Dinosaurs of 2016Dinosaurs of 20162 days ago
  • why u do a product that is worse than your successful one??

    SpicyStuff1206SpicyStuff12062 days ago
    • @Yeti Themoreyouknow

      SpicyStuff1206SpicyStuff120621 hour ago
    • it's a cheaper version that's the entire point

      YetiYetiDay ago
  • i want the yellow one, also very appealing as i dont want to share my switch

    rossaorossao2 days ago
  • The company is gonna lose money

    aura guardian lucarioaura guardian lucario2 days ago
    • Then they get some money back.

      Keceac109Keceac109Day ago
  • They not even paying a attention to fixed it now please.....

    Deandre AlstonDeandre Alston2 days ago
  • DS Lite 2

    DustyProgram YTDustyProgram YT2 days ago
  • Great imma go to the skate park and not skate, rock climbing and not climb, space station and not science.

    Angel MendezAngel Mendez3 days ago
  • The Release Date Is 20/09/2019 🤣💀 Wtf Ill Just Get A Switch

    Jordan RichmondJordan Richmond3 days ago
  • i hate Nintendo switch lite is a stupid consoles

    Nestina LuisNestina Luis3 days ago
  • They green screened the heck out of this trailer.

    sxyzjymsxyzjym3 days ago
  • Pengen tapi tidak punya uang

    Jukek GAMINGJukek GAMING3 days ago
  • Pengen tapi tidak punya uang

    Jukek GAMINGJukek GAMING3 days ago
  • Yeeeaaah, a handheld version of a handheld! Great idea Nintendo! Ahahahaha!

    P FerreiraP Ferreira3 days ago
  • I'll just waiting for Nintendo switch lite LL instead of this. I know how you work nintendawg, Just like 2ds LL

    SUGARsands 00SUGARsands 003 days ago
  • I just got a Nintendo switch then I saw this...

    GFX ArielGFX Ariel3 days ago
  • They should had made it smaller that the original and a lot more thinner

    Eko TechEko Tech3 days ago
  • Take my money

    Nathan PyleNathan Pyle3 days ago
  • Nintend't switch version

    j3fronj3fron3 days ago
  • This should be called the Switched!

    HeartlessHeartless3 days ago
  • nintido switchino

    MicSTAMANMicSTAMAN3 days ago
  • how can u even call this a switch??

    Leopard Bra BradoLeopard Bra Brado3 days ago
  • Go to school buts *Switch lite in the bags

    pak eco420pak eco4203 days ago
  • This is a Nintendo switch thoe buy u cant take out the joysticks😂

    que te importa ?que te importa ?3 days ago
  • Switch Lite is not too Colorful and not soo attactive than Original Switch, tbh I think Nintendo need to focus on their Battery Life Span instead...

    sherwin jhonsherwin jhon3 days ago
  • Je suis marocain et je sais que vous allez interagir avec moi et vous ferez J'aime et Abonné . Dans ma chaîne, il y a trois chansons et chacune d'entre elles est belle. Ils ne le regretteront pas 😀😀

    ROF - HROF - H3 days ago
  • You can't call it a switch any more cause it doesn't "switch"

    The cubing ChickenThe cubing Chicken3 days ago
  • Yea...

    Hung GamingHung Gaming3 days ago
  • Wait its not a wii u?

    n nnn nn3 days ago
  • Call it the "Nintendo flat" or the "flat lite"

    Jack ParkJack Park3 days ago
  • Kinda want to get it and don't, for an extra £80 you can get the normal one with more features plus at the moment you can get a bundle that includes a £30 voucher for the store.

    MorichioMorichio3 days ago
  • Next will be the Nintendo switch project. No longer will you need to hook up a console to a TV with the switch project you can project your game onto any surface anywhere and play. No longer will your friends be looking over your shoulder to see their characters in smash! Switch Protect! Play anywhere! Play your way! Haha

    Romar FrazerRomar Frazer3 days ago
  • I get one soon Nintendo switch lite

    Shon NewtonShon Newton3 days ago
  • Crap

    andrew thompsonandrew thompson3 days ago
  • So.. who is it for again?

    Ben NichollsBen Nicholls3 days ago
  • Nintendo switch lite is very bad

    Nestina LuisNestina Luis3 days ago
  • RED! release a Red version! Please red RED RED RED RED!!!! RED it's your brand's colour! Blue is PlayStation! Green is Xbox, RED is Nintendo Switch! You could also release red dead redemption 1 or 2 on it too. 🙂🤞

    I'm BatmanI'm Batman3 days ago
    • I'm Batman I found a 8 year old

      Comeback ZComeback ZDay ago
First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: A New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family