FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered - Official E3 Announcement 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

Coming in 2019, FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered marks the 20th Anniversary of its original release with a new visual refresh and brings the game’s beloved story to modern platforms: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. With overhauled visuals, see your favorite characters come to life like never before!
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  • I’d definitely be OK with a remake if square-enix did one. Maybe give us a better battle system that doesn’t make you draw magic for half the entire game.

    C PTC PT31 minute ago

    marcwazowskiimarcwazowskii40 minutes ago
  • Qur vaaa... mejor esta final fantasy 7.... ese si es un remaster..

    willy houwilly hou55 minutes ago

    David HinesDavid HinesHour ago
  • Wow I thought this was click bait, def getting this day one

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith2 hours ago
  • now that my most favorite game remastered, just have to watch my daughter play it maybe. too late for me after 20 years. This is for new generation of course but... can i give it up? you tell me.

    Tavaan M.RTavaan M.R2 hours ago
  • I want to see Galbadia War remasteerreed!

    Adriel LealAdriel Leal2 hours ago
  • Final fantasy 8 merita un remake fatto come si deve, dovrebbe tornare la vecchia SQUARESOFT innanzitutto, la Square Enix ha fatto solo danni, e dal remastered si vede già uno squall che ha Una faccia che non è la sua, mi fa piacere che esca il remastered, ma da fan sfegatato ho il dubbio che lo rovineranno. E ff8 essendo a mio avviso il miglior ff non lo meriterebbe.

    Claudio Marco Valerio MarinoClaudio Marco Valerio Marino3 hours ago
  • How soon is "soon" SquareEnix? Can I have it now? Now? How about now?

    PoisonPoison3 hours ago
  • So, nothing you couldn't have already done with an emulator for many, many years. Laziest 'remaster' ever. But SE has always been an incredibly lazy company trying to milk their old Squaresoft fans for all their worth, so I guess nobody should be surprised, even though I still am.

    Ace StrifeAce Strife3 hours ago
  • Slapping a few higher textures on the same wireframe is not a remaster.

    MalapropifyMalapropify4 hours ago
  • trailer of remastered? looks like normal :\

    necxo taronecxo taro5 hours ago
  • Squalls new face look is the only worse thing in this remaster

    OmnisLacrima XxXOmnisLacrima XxX5 hours ago
  • Besides waiting 15 year's for this since I first played as a kid. It Better have high quality sound when "Eyes On Me" plays in the ragnarok! Everyone in the house has to feel this nostalgia 😂 thanks Square 💯

    Christian Garcia - FermànChristian Garcia - Fermàn5 hours ago
  • I'm waiting for the day like FF: Legacy - FF1-FF6 HD Remastered all in one. Or maybe the next HD is the three FF4 games.

    Jeromy GosnellJeromy Gosnell5 hours ago
  • Good...but Remake also, please!

    Silver KnightSilver Knight5 hours ago
  • I think a final fantasy 8 remake would be better than a 7 remake I'm sorry. But I heard from someone that if they do good with the final fantasy 7 remake they will do a final fantasy 8 remake

    Eric MickensEric Mickens6 hours ago
  • Remake this game, please square

    Zona de confort AZona de confort A7 hours ago
  • only remastered characters outside the cutscenes? errr... I wish you could remaster more, including the environment or change the battle rule with more challenging

    muhammad feisal Jatnikamuhammad feisal Jatnika10 hours ago
    • The development team has stated the backgrounds are being redone too.

      PoisonPoison3 hours ago
  • E3s real winner

    smokeablkokain *smokeablkokain *10 hours ago
  • Higher texture resolution and widescreen... not much of a remaster

    Hendrik KrugerHendrik Kruger11 hours ago
  • Aw I love eight. I would have preferred a remake with proper voice actors and stuff :(

    k hook hoo11 hours ago
    • Give it time.

      Jeromy GosnellJeromy Gosnell5 hours ago
  • Please remake.

    Sylvester SamuelSylvester Samuel12 hours ago
  • Game was great. Great story, characters etc. I just wish they'd change the stupid levelling system and also add some voice acting in to get a fuller experience.

    Jack La FaveJack La Fave13 hours ago
  • I was so excited... but Nomura / Square Enix what did you do to Squall? He looks like an anime sugar boy :-(((

    XGADXGAD14 hours ago
    • Rinoa dont look like Rinoa either. :-) dont say that its looks better in original, but they should look at least similar to the original CGI movies. :-)

      Bynk333Bynk33312 hours ago
  • Squall has his dissidia baby face look. Not a fan of that.

    Dennis LivingstonDennis Livingston14 hours ago
  • I'm here still grinding at lvl 9 with the card thing lmao whwnever I have free time

    RixOnYoutubeRixOnYoutube15 hours ago
  • Laguna: "Ah shit, here we go again." *Gets leg cramped*

    JokerJoker16 hours ago
  • Can we get a remake for the Final Fantasy 1 or 2 please square ?

    M SylvanusM Sylvanus16 hours ago
  • it:s a shame that it's not going to be ported to Android. :/, i'd love to play it anywhere I want without bringing the switch with me....

    Sean TranSean Tran17 hours ago
    • Its good to thing that this is not a ported to a Android. Last time they ported FFIX to Android and now all HD remake from FFIX Android version have bad gameplay controls and crepy reset music bug after ewery battle... :-)

      Bynk333Bynk33312 hours ago

    shortboypinoyshortboypinoy18 hours ago
  • Finally!!!

    Rodrigo HurtadoRodrigo Hurtado19 hours ago
  • Thank god, fuck that ff7 trash

    Thief2sinThief2sin19 hours ago
  • Remaster is cool, remake would be even better!

    HeeroXYZ0HeeroXYZ019 hours ago
  • Remake... Will there be?

    Minh HuỳnhMinh Huỳnh20 hours ago

    Oli DelormeOli Delorme20 hours ago
  • YES :)

    Jeanette MauntelJeanette Mauntel21 hour ago

    Marcus FelipeMarcus Felipe22 hours ago
  • Im playing on my android now... Lol

    HAWKEN 2000HAWKEN 200023 hours ago
  • I love Final Fantasy 8 almost as much as Final Fantasy 7...Please Remake it once you finish 7...and please remaster Final Fantasy 9 ...Thanks !!!

    Nicolae IonescuNicolae IonescuDay ago
  • Here for that negative ratio.

    LegenDustyLegenDustyDay ago
  • Squeenix: "here you go guys. Just like the original. No wait.... no more turn based, kingdom hearts battle system! ... also all your GFs are DLC. And a white boy with a name like Squall is too disrespectful to the native Americans, his name is Gary now"

    Christopher ProudlockChristopher ProudlockDay ago
  • 진짜 나에겐 추억의 게임인데ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 유치원인가 초딩 저학년 때 영어도 모르는데 무작정 했던 게임이지

    병장미도리병장미도리Day ago
  • Looks exactly the same?

    Taun-Chi GamingTaun-Chi GamingDay ago
  • Is there gonna be a replacement for the Pocket Station to take your chocobo for walks? A smarthphone app or something?

    Tom LeeTom LeeDay ago
    • Good question, i will hawe that Friendship item :-)

      Bynk333Bynk33312 hours ago
  • I'm glad they are remastering 8. Hopefully they'll fix the broken battle mechanics & few other flaws so it can be the definitive version of FF8.

    JJ CJJ CDay ago
  • They are evil for not including that final piano note of ‘Liberi Fatali’.

    ShinHitoShinHitoDay ago
  • thanks for fucking up another great game with stupid looking character models. i dont know who is responsible for the "redesign" but i would fire him and his boss.

    priv1legedpriv1legedDay ago
  • Thought they lost the source code ?...!

    Mester KevinMester KevinDay ago
  • Between this, FF7R, and Octopath Traveler, Sqaure-Enix is really providing something great for all RPG fans. I love it.

    BrianOfAteionasBrianOfAteionasDay ago
  • Yay!

    iheartbeingaliveiheartbeingaliveDay ago
  • Wahh take my money SQEX!

    Michael FMichael FDay ago
  • THE BEST FINAL FANTASY IS FINALLY COMING !!! thx for give us the best on the end !!! we needtu ultra AAA GAME REMAKE

    hari copainhari copainDay ago
  • in 10 years we'll see...

    Владимир КолесниковВладимир КолесниковDay ago
  • You better remake this if you decided to change Squall's hair.

    SkcyteSkcyteDay ago
  • I really hope the PC version will have normal sound and not this crap that's supposed to pass for music in midi.

    LathlaerLathlaerDay ago
  • Mon ff préférer. J attends sa depuis longtemps. Dommage qu'il n'ai pas le droit au même traitement que ff7 remake. Mais bon je vais pas faire le difficile.. Et j'ai hâte de refaire l histoire...les chocobo...les chimères...aaaah que de bons souvenirs à raviver

    Vassily VassilyVassily VassilyDay ago
  • Looks like the PC-Version :(

    Samedo-samaSamedo-samaDay ago
  • I might not be the only one, but I'm more hyped about this than VII Remake. This will be pure gold for certain, VII Remake can go wrong on so many levels

  • Finally... FFVIII gets the HD remaster treatment it deserved.

    GhostlyOutcastGhostlyOutcastDay ago
  • Square-Enix also shared details on what's new in this version of the game. It's not a ton of content, but there are some notable changes. - Battle Reinforcement: Keeps HP and ATB at maximum, allowing special skills to be activated at any time. - No Encounters: Turn on / off battle encounters. - Triple Speed: All scenes advance at three times the speed (excluding movies). I dont know, but after geting Diablo you can learn No encounters, so why this? :-)

    Bynk333Bynk333Day ago

    Ryan AnceRyan AnceDay ago
  • love love love :D

    Saadia KSaadia KDay ago
  • the best FF of all times

    JohnFante89JohnFante89Day ago
  • Remake!!

    JuniBoy78JuniBoy78Day ago
  • Please Square, create a Final Fantasy 8 Re- make.

    Josh DreerJosh DreerDay ago
  • It took me a year or so to realise that u can actually press r1 to perform critical attack with squall basic attack..

    Iori YagamiIori YagamiDay ago
    • It took me to 1 day to disable press R1 to critical attack and fight with auto critical attacks. :-)

      Bynk333Bynk333Day ago
  • I got a weird feeling about Squall's hair. I kinda like the old hair honestly.

    Vi ChrisVi ChrisDay ago
  • Very happy it's finally getting a resmaster, but Squall's character model looks nothing like him!! PS1 model was closer to his FMV model. Disappointing.

    ScottM1ScottM1Day ago
  • Oh, my swedish eleven year old self is enjoying the opportunity to use Renzokuken again. (Rensa kuken in Swedish means "eviscerate the cock", as in vulgar word for penis).

    Garraway ProxGarraway ProxDay ago
  • YES!

    BastianBastianDay ago
  • .......just when i get halfway with the Ragnarok mod......

    JdotSweapAJdotSweapADay ago
  • The best final fantasy

    Paulo SouzaPaulo SouzaDay ago
  • Awesome!! So when are they going to remake Chrono Cross?????.

    Eric WojcikEric WojcikDay ago
  • Penus penus head penus penus head penus! Penus head! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

    William FelixWilliam FelixDay ago
  • Or, you know, just emulate it on your laptop. I'm not buying a console just to play a game with +25% better graphics. Maybe square wouldn't need to remaster old final fantasy if they still made good news ones.

    StruanStruan2 days ago
    • Struan how about you just fuck off?

      Jason MJason MDay ago
  • FF8 fue mi primer juego de la ps1, cómo no Amarlo🤩😘😍 jugué todos los ff's gracias al FF8.

    Cesar VergaraCesar Vergara2 days ago
  • Is this why this game hasn’t come out on IOS. Makes sense now

    R XR X2 days ago
  • Congrats, they look anime. I hate it.

    MigMig2 days ago
  • I really hope there is a pocket station feature.

    Robbie GableRobbie Gable2 days ago
  • The models look much better then FFX remaster. IF a miracle happens they might actually add voice acting in FF8 !

    Le ChainLe Chain2 days ago
  • This won't satisfy they remaster the head part lol. I will buy this game if they will say that the profits here are funds for the remake. A crap game for a platform like ps4.

    Seph TerSeph Ter2 days ago
    • Seph Ter go away

      Jason MJason MDay ago
  • Doesnt look remastered. Looks like original quality to mr

    brandon powellbrandon powell2 days ago
    • Then you've never played the original.

      PoisonPoison3 hours ago
  • Low work ps4

    Javier Cazorla BarreroJavier Cazorla Barrero2 days ago
  • Nah I just started a playthrough of this too. Just got to “disc 2” hopefully they don’t put in the crappy steam music that I had to mod out

    NessNess2 days ago
    • Ness the company that’s handling the remaster has confirmed it’s the original PS4 music. This isn’t based off the PC port. It’s being rebuilt

      Jason MJason MDay ago
  • Those avatar faces... :) Parasite Eve Remaster (Collection?) FF Tactics Re (Collection?) Xeno Re (Collection?) Chrono Re (Collection) FF Anthology Remake next?! :D

    Sean SunSean Sun2 days ago
  • This is the only HD remake ive rather them remake this into next gen then ff7

    Yung LockjawYung Lockjaw2 days ago
  • I was expecting a Remake

    NO BODYNO BODY2 days ago
  • Someone remaster or remake Chrono Cross! I want it, I need it.

    Rafa MatavelliRafa Matavelli2 days ago
  • Awesome!!! My first FF game... can't wait

    Kwame PokuKwame Poku2 days ago
  • Unfortunately you need to level up the player correctly right from the beginning. I cannot defeat the Sorcerer. 😩

    Ahmad Afif IsaAhmad Afif Isa2 days ago
    • Do you mean disc 1? My best advice PRIOTIZE magic before characters levels!! Stop training and go get good amount and powerfull magic to junction Without good magic high levels are usless

      Hugo OlveraHugo OlveraDay ago
  • yeeeeeeesssssssssss. I Love this gamee, my favourite Final Fantasy. Thanks

    mendez4488mendez44882 days ago
  • I can not stop rewatching this trailer

    LieutenantMJLieutenantMJ2 days ago
  • REMASTERED!!!!!!! Not REMAKE!!!! Praise God!!!

    Mike KlemishMike Klemish2 days ago
  • How is this remastered? it looks identical as the original.

    MigzMigz2 days ago
  • Hate me all you want, but...fuck FFVII! Long live to FFVIII!!!!!!!!!

    Carlos ContrerasCarlos Contreras2 days ago
  • I miss you zell and quitis u too. I'm gonna meet u again. My first ps1 game, first final fantasy game and my most favorite ff.

    ChandruChandru2 days ago
  • The updated 3d models are actually pretty good.

    Emm38Emm382 days ago
  • Surely 20 years warrants a remake. Sure a remaster is good but that's something I expected to have been done years ago and as it hadn't been, I really did expect a remake around now instead. Maybe a couple of years after the FF7 remakes' release 🤞 Super hyped for that by the way! Trailers look incredible.

    Marcus TaylorMarcus Taylor2 days ago
  • This game is definitely worthy of the remake treatment.

    JLCJLC2 days ago
FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered - Official E3 Announcement 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)