Final Fantasy VII Remake - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4

The world has fallen under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a shadowy corporation controlling the planet's very life force as mako energy. In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.

A spectacular reimagining of one of the most visionary games ever, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE rebuilds and expands the legendary RPG for today.

The return draws closer. Get ready and be sure to follow us:
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  • Out of everything that was coming out of E3 this was the only one I really cared about. It's really not that far away. Just like the rest of you that played the game back in 97 this looks fantastic I cannot wait. So many other games are going to be vacant while 7 is going to make history and break records again

    Faceless oneFaceless one11 minutes ago
  • Now remake Xenogears after this!

    Cool DudeCool Dude12 minutes ago
  • For everyone who disliked this i pity you, you just don't get it at all.

    MegasTequeMegasTeque20 minutes ago

    Artis williamsArtis williams31 minute ago
  • this game had so many summons... cant wait to see bahumat zero💪🏾💪🏾😱

    Eric WilliamsEric Williams33 minutes ago
  • Is Sephiroth voiced by someone else?

    Phelopatir Abdel-MalakPhelopatir Abdel-Malak33 minutes ago
  • The most anticipated game of all time. Looks like Square nailed it! Can't wait!

    craptrapcraptrap52 minutes ago
  • Everyone is all excited about this, they don’t know that they have to go through Aeriths death again

    Not InterestedNot Interested52 minutes ago
    • No numb nuts this game is only about midgar. There wont be an outside world. You idiots even know whats going on??. Its episodic. There going to make this game in installments.

      William FelixWilliam Felix47 minutes ago
  • All I can hear in my head is the team four star abridge

    mluna7509mluna7509Hour ago
  • Quick question.. What's with the "smoke" flying around Aerith?

    Douglas BollingDouglas BollingHour ago
  • This trailer are sick.

    J BonsJ Bons2 hours ago
  • Of course I can't play is as I don't have PS4. I still have the original version though.

    ForeverDreamWithinADreamForeverDreamWithinADream2 hours ago
  • Watched at half speed still overwhelming.

    Christopher FreemanChristopher Freeman2 hours ago
  • que jogo lindo

    Julio César RezendeJulio César Rezende2 hours ago
  • Will the bath scene appear?

    Karl MarxKarl Marx2 hours ago
  • I need to see my doctor. I have an addiction. I can't go by one day without watching this.

    NaedeslusNaedeslus2 hours ago
  • Zack going to die again :'(

    Nicolas LasselinNicolas Lasselin2 hours ago
  • I need this 7 years ago

    Sam JohnsonSam Johnson3 hours ago
  • Can we play with japanese voices ?

    Jeremy .VJeremy .V3 hours ago
  • Just out of curiosity... is there anyone else out there besides me who would love to see a remake of Final Fantasy VI (III to us Americans) as well?

    sozajsozaj3 hours ago
  • Hype doesn't work if a game has been in development for almost 10 years. I mean look at Duke Nukem.

    shaunthesheep24shaunthesheep243 hours ago
  • Zack Fair is the true hero of Final Fantasy 7...back then,Cloud Strife was just a newly hired light infantry soldier who’s inexperienced in combat...Zack and Cloud met on a mission to is there they struck an amazing the end Cloud is a living shadow of Zack and promised to avenge his death that’s when Cloud took the Buster sword from a dying Zack....In fact,Cloud never joined SOLDIER he was never a part of shin-ra...both Cloud and Zack was abducted by Shin-Ra and exposed to high levels of mako energy for becoming closer to the truth of Shin-Ra...and that Nibelheim incident,it was Zack and Sephiroth who was assigned to the mission...Cloud was just a light infantry soldier sent by shin-ra to accompany them in case something goes wrong at the mako reactor..and tifa volunteered as a tour’s a shame Crisis Core never got the love and attention it deserved as it’s the true start of all things Final Fantasy 7

    Diamond DogsDiamond Dogs3 hours ago
  • I can only imagine the reaction this would've gotten if Sony showed up to E3

    Russian BotRussian Bot3 hours ago
  • Kinda wish they waited till ps5 for better graphics lol

    Aaron SullivanAaron Sullivan3 hours ago
  • I cry every time I see this trailer now! I've waited for over 20 years!

    Brian BBrian B3 hours ago
  • “You’ve battled through buy the new “the team leaves Midgar” dlc for part 2 of the saga!”

    Nathan SticeNathan Stice4 hours ago
  • Really hope they didnt remove the spells from the original...If it turns into what FF15 had of magic i'll be dissapointed.

    DukeShootsDukeShoots4 hours ago
  • Peso: 15 tb

    ElNoobMasPrron 376ElNoobMasPrron 3764 hours ago
  • I've never played a final fantasy game, but this looks beautiful and awesome and i wanna play it so bad!

    The GodzillordThe Godzillord4 hours ago
  • i lost the count... how many times did i saw this? 9-10 or more... plus the fight against scorpion sentinal ... plus the whole 20 minutes of Ff7 remake conference...i asked everywhere... please give us a demo soon ... PLEASE Square Enix i am begging you

    CloudPreveCloudPreve4 hours ago
  • 😍😍😍💖🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Salam Al SafeerSalam Al Safeer4 hours ago
  • 😍😍😍💖🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Salam Al SafeerSalam Al Safeer4 hours ago
  • Really hoping that thing about it being split into 3 parts was a lie or else that will show this is nothing but a money scheme. Stealing from the fans.

    Aullark StarAullark Star5 hours ago
  • This is exactly how the game looked in our heads when we played this so many years ago.

    C NOTEC NOTE5 hours ago
    • C NOTE Ikr? In my head, I literally imagined seeing all this crazy stuff unfold like a movie. Fast Forward to 2019, that movie has now become an actual game 😢

      Johnny SaleryJohnny Salery2 hours ago
  • It's been 3000 years...

    Peter OPeter O5 hours ago
  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly, He cant bring Aeris bacc...

    VanzVanz5 hours ago
  • Amazing! He can he carry that two-handed sword!

    kai buddekai budde6 hours ago
  • Best.Early.Birthday.Gift.EVER!!!

    AnneAnne6 hours ago
  • I have money, but I don't have time to play since my work is so demanding. If I resign, I can't play because I have no money. =((((

    Gede Wibawa CakramurtiGede Wibawa Cakramurti6 hours ago
  • Also why is Jessie riding the back seat of Cloud's bike?

    Jorge Curiel LópezJorge Curiel López6 hours ago
  • I cant wait to climb those stairs in HD!

    CheezeitsCheezeits6 hours ago
  • Esto es lo más bello que he visto en mi vida

    Gian GomenGian Gomen6 hours ago
  • Do you think Jessie, Biggs and Wedge will have a different fate in Remake? That Barret line "you gotta see the big picture" makes me wonder

    Jorge Curiel LópezJorge Curiel López7 hours ago
  • After making Noctis look like Sasuke in FF15, they make Sephiroth talk like Itachi now ? -_-

    GaronGaron7 hours ago
  • They nerfed Tifa's tifas.

    anon ymousanon ymous7 hours ago
  • Sony did not participate in E3 and this project is old

    Wesley PeixotoWesley Peixoto7 hours ago
  • Sephiroth should look older.

    James GrocciaJames Groccia7 hours ago
  • Cloud looks like k-pop xD

    mr Miamr Mia7 hours ago
  • Ini tetep rpg gak sih nanti ?

    Kumo A. WKumo A. W7 hours ago
  • So only on PS4 then? Shame. Not interested in playing another sub-30fps game ._.

    Monika tadaMonika tada8 hours ago
  • LA GRAN ESTAFA DE SQUARE ENIX!! Yo entiendo que la base ya tienen claro pero el mundo abierto??la ampliación que quieren hacer de todo?? Porque quieren ampliar lo ya es perfecto pero, sino me equivoco Square Enix ya nos dijo que el edificio Shinra tendrá menos plantas por creo, entonces para que me haces otros sectores??Quien a pedido mas sectores?? La falta de respeto al juego original es demasiado evidente, es como querer ampliar Don Quijote de la Mancha o el señor de los anillos....Square Enix se merece un buen escarmiento, ya que está abusando de la nostalgia de los que jugaron para ganar dinero pero con migo que no cuenten

    toni martintoni martin8 hours ago
  • actually really looking forward to how they do the dayne scene

    Alexander TodoroffAlexander Todoroff8 hours ago
  • Execute order 34

    Waal DerWalenWaal DerWalen8 hours ago
  • They should do a full FF9 remake as well

    zepafrazepafra8 hours ago
  • Ok the save file carry over to next episode but if ps 5 coming out how put save file ps 4 to ps 5?

    maikymarcomaikymarco9 hours ago
  • ok this is worrying.... still no footage of outside midgar... are they gonna end part one with the team leaving midgar and we have to wait a year or 2 more to have next part? are we going to have 3 part b y CD making the game last 9 parts?

    darkclouddarkcloud9 hours ago
  • Aerith 😢

    DigzBieDigzBie9 hours ago
  • Nobody noticed how the buster sword looks like a fusion? Of the original sword and the model of crisis core sword

    MajinXeroMajinXero9 hours ago
  • Tifa or fifa?

    Dino pearl PetrusDino pearl Petrus9 hours ago
  • Sony Playstation, We want Dark Cloud 3, The Getway 3 and Ghosthunter returns!!!

    Ítalo FernandesÍtalo Fernandes9 hours ago
  • 2020 - now, the new generation could take a look on ff7 and understand why we still love this Game an calling it " best game ever made". Thx Square Enix... now take your Hands on a Terranigma Remake :)

    Malacay2k11Malacay2k119 hours ago
  • 1:45 Can anyone here the orchestral version of "Sactuary" from Kingdom Hearts??

    Lincoln AbernathyLincoln Abernathy9 hours ago
  • Only to those who played this game a long time ago and no internet connection 36 10 59 97...precious code of ff7

    Prince CyPrince Cy10 hours ago
    • The save in shinra mansion

      MR DragonMR Dragon3 hours ago
  • !?! 😍😍😍TAKE MY MONEY!!! 💙

    Silent YuriSilent Yuri10 hours ago
  • Everything is perfect except for sephiroths voice

    John HansenJohn Hansen10 hours ago
  • ..... Take my money

    fza fzafza fza10 hours ago
  • Morri!

    Dân O.Dân O.10 hours ago
  • At the bike scene, you can see wedge & biggs on another bike

    IR1IR111 hours ago
  • 에어리스 죽는거 또 봐야 하냐? ㅠㅜ

    이진영이진영11 hours ago
  • 3:04 "you're not real" It the words of the Fans finally seing the remake becoming a reality

    Iskander67Iskander6711 hours ago
  • what if.. just what if.. they make Crisis Core as DLC?? what would you guys think?

    サツッピミクサツッピミク11 hours ago
    • You mean in 7 years when they're done releasing the episodic releases. It's going to cost $60 per episode.

      Cero XCero X2 hours ago
  • The Very best game!!! Uooou

    carlos alexandre pazcarlos alexandre paz11 hours ago
  • would this be hack and slash type or rpg??

    B1PB1P11 hours ago
  • Aerith is so cute

    Derek HersheyDerek Hershey11 hours ago
  • I'm 32 with two kids, yet I'm jumping on my bed..

    Rendy Pratama PutraRendy Pratama Putra12 hours ago
  • nostalgia please nooooo😭😭 aerith i am not ready😭😭

    Nikki AlagNikki Alag12 hours ago
  • I skipped school on launch day in 1997. I’m skipping work on launch day in 2020.

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson12 hours ago
  • 1:30 and I thought you can't get better Tifa than Advent Children

    geofeegeofee12 hours ago
  • #!?&?!#

    HamaguriSenseiHamaguriSensei12 hours ago
  • Did anyone else notice clouds voice changed in the scene with sephiroth? I'm pretty sure they changed his voice for the parts with zack :)

  • For anyone who’s played Final Fantasy 7:Crisis Core the combat mechanics in that game is very similar to what your now seeing in the Final Fantasy 7 worked very well in Crisis Core that’s why it instantly looks and will play very familiar with a few tweaks here and there...Final Fantasy 7 remake will be an action/RPG...I believe there will be 2 more expansions to the game’s story and later on a final expansion that will tell us more on what happened after the main story...something like “years later”.Otherwise I’m looking forward to more upcoming trailers that will reveal the new summon system,upgrade weapons and so much more...

    Diamond DogsDiamond Dogs12 hours ago
  • I wonder if we get some splattering blood action when a certain character gets impaled.

    Eric P.Eric P.12 hours ago

    Hyun Ra HanHyun Ra Han13 hours ago
  • They couldn't afford to make a new title so they just remake it and never talk about it, like never.

    SkillShot GamingSkillShot Gaming14 hours ago
  • this is what i call cyberpunk

    durp hurpdurp hurp14 hours ago

    michael diazmichael diaz14 hours ago
  • Love the redesigns, love the new battle system! I just hope they don't need 8 years for the rest of the episodes.

    RenoisticRenoistic14 hours ago
  • Been waiting a long time for 2 remakes to happen. Final Fantasy VII and Legend of Dragoons.

    EdgeXeD Sick_BurNaHEdgeXeD Sick_BurNaH15 hours ago
  • They should have released a ps4 port of crisis core prior to this game's release. People are dying to play ff7 remake a ps4 Crisis core Would have sold gangbusters and would hold off gamers until ff7 remake gets released. would have been really cool for the people who don't own PSP's and missed out on it as well.

    gary smithgary smith15 hours ago
  • Damned sport bra

    Febry ArminandityaFebry Arminanditya15 hours ago
  • Hey does anyone know if there is gonna be a PC version?

    Lilian GordainaLilian Gordaina16 hours ago
  • You know... After a lot of thought... I've realized that remaking ALL of the original content would really take years to do. Especially with the redesigned battle system and potential plot changes. There's so much to go through. Easily 3 games with of content. I know I won't be experiencing the remake as a whole any time soon. Maybe 2022. But it'll definitely be worth the wait

    JenovaSynthesisJenovaSynthesis16 hours ago
  • Find me a time machine so I can go to 2020

    Wolfy MelonzWolfy Melonz16 hours ago
  • Are you telling me i have to experience “that scene” in better graphics....i don’t think I can handle this

    Kenneth ShoemakerKenneth Shoemaker16 hours ago
  • Tifa got a breast reduction?

    Israel AlvaradoIsrael Alvarado16 hours ago
  • Now if only we could get an Chrono Trigger Remake...

    ZedRipplezZedRipplez17 hours ago
  • My Girl Tiffa!!

    J FrancJ Franc17 hours ago
  • Hm, that flower girl character looks like a lot of fun to play, can't wait to stick with her and see where her story goes! :)

    randomperson8571randomperson857117 hours ago
  • change TIFA model!

    Yagi WirayaYagi Wiraya17 hours ago
  • Aah Japan ...

    Travis TravesTyTravis TravesTy18 hours ago
Final Fantasy VII Remake - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4