FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football

Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20, releasing September 27, 2019. Build your player, pick your gear, and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world.
Pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and play VOLTA three days early :
VOLTA Football takes the game back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game played on streets, courts and futsal pitches around the globe.
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  • Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20

    • Thank you EA😔I’m very sad and angry now🤬❗️❌😡

      Soso SosoSoso SosoDay ago
    • Thank you Now I’m very sad 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

      Soso SosoSoso SosoDay ago
    • Thank you I’m very sad an furious🥺🤬🤬🤬🥺🤬 easy job for you change Delort flag 😎but you🤮🤬😡🤑🥺❌🎵🤬🎵🥺😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

      Soso SosoSoso SosoDay ago

      Soso SosoSoso SosoDay ago
    • Va fa enculo

      Soso SosoSoso SosoDay ago
  • Oh yeah fifa street is back let's go!

    тото_ 47тото_ 4713 hours ago
  • Cunts

    Ronaldo MadridRonaldo Madrid13 hours ago
  • Advertising vs reality. Hahaha 😂

    Nevrn HarppNevrn Harpp14 hours ago
  • I love fifa street ✌️❤️

    RaxxerRaxxer14 hours ago
  • What's the song?

    Expert RiotExpert Riot14 hours ago
  • It will still be broken and unenjoyable I have just played PES so much fun and far more realistic re ball physics you feel as though your in the game rather than outside of it battling against it!! and to add considering the horrible pack weight and wanting people to buy fifa points with real cash is not on EA promotes gambling and it should be officially regulated !

    Pete KPete K14 hours ago
  • Guys let's be honest fifa is just a robotic ping pong Give PES a chance this year

    Rana Usama KhanRana Usama Khan14 hours ago
  • What the heck is this!? A trailer for a football game? Or a collage of some flashing pics

    Rana Usama KhanRana Usama Khan14 hours ago
  • What's the songs name

  • Пафосно, пафосно... Но я так и не понял, а в чем смысл этого ролика?

    Денис СытникДенис Сытник15 hours ago
  • what is b.g.m??

    Kyung Hyun LeeKyung Hyun Lee15 hours ago
  • 0:25 puti puti puti

    AlexAlex16 hours ago
  • Fans: Fix career mode EA: No,I don't think I will

    Vector SmoothieVector Smoothie16 hours ago
  • Fans: Fix career mode EA: No,I don't think I will

    Vector SmoothieVector Smoothie16 hours ago
  • ну и шляпа же, по сравнению с 19

    FaLaMyRFaLaMyR16 hours ago
  • EA maybe you should have build an arena

    GVGAMER RealGVGAMER Real16 hours ago
  • 90% of the comments TIKTOK meme 10% are happy because of fifa street 100% FiX tHe CaReEr ModE

    joeh tomjoeh tom16 hours ago
  • FIFA 20 or FIFA 19? Sorry, I did not see a difference.

    乙єro乙єro17 hours ago
  • MUUUUSIC ???

    RaphaelRaphael17 hours ago
  • My brother and i are always busy in our businesses Since then we haven’t switch to new fifa game and have been playing fifa 16 till this date because it was the greatest fifa game ever

    Muhammad MustafaMuhammad Mustafa17 hours ago
  • ehh.. i tak kupię, choć wkurwia mnie to coroczne wydawanie....

    Kung Fu • Panda’orum •••’,•Kung Fu • Panda’orum •••’,•18 hours ago
  • Preferiscono aggiungere questa merda piuttosto che migliorare la carriera giocatore e allenatore

    ANTONIOANTONIO19 hours ago
  • Nobody buy this game til EA sports fixes all their problems

    Thanos 42069Thanos 4206919 hours ago
  • Is this fifa street trailer? :D

    Rahmatbs TVRahmatbs TV20 hours ago
  • Literally no one: Ea: Introduces street football instead of fixing career mode

    Coolflameboy 565Coolflameboy 56520 hours ago
  • Real reason they added “Volta” was so they can make $$$ selling the outfits you wear while doing it I bet. EA wants that 2K Park money.

    tatt oo stickertatt oo sticker21 hour ago
  • And the exact same game, AGAIN.... Y'all are fucking unbelievable EA.

    Tri BeardTri Beard21 hour ago
  • Hola de nuevo FIFA stret 20

    Pelón Arce 2Pelón Arce 221 hour ago
  • I wonder what’s the songs name

    MiddlebeastMiddlebeast22 hours ago
  • How do you call this music?

    R&T_record sR&T_record s23 hours ago
  • I don't know if it's just me, but the graphics look like it's from a cartoon movie.

    Yung GeoYung Geo23 hours ago
  • Everyone: Hey can you please fix career mode? EA: No, I don't think i will.

    Felipe AndresFelipe AndresDay ago
    • Felipe Andres only you casuals care about career mode lol

      john stevensjohn stevens21 hour ago
  • Not this year EA. Been playing since 2004 but you’ve truly made me hate these games the last 7+ years. 🖕

    TomTomDay ago
  • Everyone : fix career mode EA : bruh look at Hunter's new hairstyle 0:06

    Patrick Nancanha SeidiPatrick Nancanha SeidiDay ago
    • Patrick Nancanha Seidi only you casuals care about career mode lmao

      john stevensjohn stevens21 hour ago

    Goocharana 47Goocharana 47Day ago
  • vuelve el futsal a fifa por fin

    Benjamín OcamposBenjamín OcamposDay ago
  • Everybody: Fix Career Mode EA: LMAO, did someone say add FIFA street👌👌

    Jontron 123Jontron 123Day ago
    • Jontron 123 only casuals care about cats mode lmao

      john stevensjohn stevens21 hour ago
  • 0:43 what's name has this trick

    BigGamerPemixBigGamerPemixDay ago
  • Tik tak tik tak tik tak

    Moonday PlayerMoonday PlayerDay ago
  • Jajaja qué va este año no me la dais,es un juegazo pero con esos servidores que no arregláis paso de jugar siempre mosqueado por qué los jugadores no reaccionan

    Jacinto JVJacinto JVDay ago
  • Wahnsinn

    Caro QwertzCaro QwertzDay ago
  • This is very good

    Itz ShadowItz ShadowDay ago
  • If career mod didn’t have a major change then I guess it will be PES this year.

    Omar JandoulOmar JandoulDay ago
    • Omar Jandoul good, don’t need casuals to keep buying the game

      john stevensjohn stevens21 hour ago
  • Amazing content as always, tik tok tik tok tik tok

    Cat's CanyoutCat's CanyoutDay ago
  • >:)

    Gustavo FariasGustavo FariasDay ago
  • Que ódio dessa música pqp

    Roger QuadrosRoger QuadrosDay ago
  • O trailer é bom mas o servidor é ruim

    Joao RamosJoao RamosDay ago
  • Fifa look like dream league

    Rizky AriyanRizky AriyanDay ago
  • people still play fifa ??? i best they only changed the grass type

    sixtyFive WattssixtyFive WattsDay ago
  • Vergonha ea sport vcs nao melhorarao nem o grafico pra fala k e novo este jogo k na verdade e o fifa 17.4

    André luizAndré luizDay ago
  • Garbage

    Matheus SouzaMatheus SouzaDay ago
  • PES

    JR_TheBeastJR_TheBeastDay ago
  • Fix career mode and pro clubs or we start throwing fists.

    Oh Yeah YeahOh Yeah YeahDay ago
    • How about they fix gameplay first

      john stevensjohn stevens21 hour ago
  • Music?

    S7 SAMIS7 SAMIDay ago
  • FIFA street mode came back yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AzX GaMiNGAzX GaMiNGDay ago
  • You have to pay 70 dollars for the addition of street football 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Семён КореневСемён КореневDay ago
    • Семён Коренев classic EA

      AmjadTubeAmjadTubeDay ago

    DJDonaldoDJDonaldoDay ago
    • DJDonaldo fix gameplay first

      john stevensjohn stevens21 hour ago
  • I want i fifa 20 lithunian teams pls

    Deivis YTDeivis YTDay ago

    Soso SosoSoso SosoDay ago
  • 0:33 arm going r Through legs 😂😂

    HYP3R_official PlayzHYP3R_official PlayzDay ago
  • Puta madré !!!!!!

    Soso SosoSoso SosoDay ago
  • Can someone tell me the music name?the music is better than the career mode.....

    HYP3R_official PlayzHYP3R_official PlayzDay ago
  • Name song?

    Jonatan ZumbayJonatan ZumbayDay ago
  • muzik?

    DexpaDexpaDay ago
  • 0:33 , Bruh you could already see the glitches in the trailer. Piszczek's arm going through his own knee

    Facundo SalinasFacundo SalinasDay ago
  • Juch. Von mir aus könnten die den Singleplayer mal aufrüsten. Wohin mit dem Geld, dass man verdienst, sponsoring ETC. so viele möglichkeiten. Volta ist wieder was neues. Erst mal das hinbekommen, was schon da ist. Das wird beim ersten mal sowieso wieder verbuggt rauskommen und wer will schon aufm schulhof spielen? ...

    19BGinner janee19BGinner janeeDay ago
  • Deberían poner el estadio universitario de tigres de mexico

    Misael ColungaMisael ColungaDay ago
  • Fix career mode!!!!!!

    Naveraj DhesiNaveraj DhesiDay ago
    • Naveraj Dhesi fix gameplay first

      john stevensjohn stevens21 hour ago
  • Fifa Handicap 2020.

    Marcos RodriguesMarcos RodriguesDay ago
  • Song name please

    Youssef AhmedYoussef AhmedDay ago
  • 0:33 his arm goes in his leg

    Koko YaKoko YaDay ago
  • isso nao e fifa street 20

    daniel silvadaniel silvaDay ago
  • Like seriously, FIFA has the same Career Mode since FIFA 15 or 16 Instead of PES who always has new features every year

    Patrick Nancanha SeidiPatrick Nancanha SeidiDay ago
  • Fifa 20 will be a trash

    Breno LopesBreno LopesDay ago
  • Name of song?

    Giulio BorgeseGiulio BorgeseDay ago
  • My Cousin will taste 10-0 in fifa street mode

    3Abod-3Abod-Day ago
  • People: did you fix career mode? Ea: tik tok?

    Jackfk ytJackfk ytDay ago
  • Fifa Street 20 lol

    Elektro-PL xDElektro-PL xDDay ago

    Master MackerMaster MackerDay ago
    • Master Macker only you casuals care about career mode lol

      john stevensjohn stevens21 hour ago
  • Best messi vs ronaldo match

  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Andres RodriguezAndres RodriguezDay ago
  • Song?

    danisr00danisr00Day ago
  • Need my green afro back!!! Please fix pro clubs.

    Coopsta33Coopsta33Day ago
  • I bet they didn't fix a single game mode, they just added a new one.

    Alfalfa MaleAlfalfa MaleDay ago
  • I shouldn’t waste my time with EA I have other important things to do

    Tom JerryTom JerryDay ago
  • Pes 2020 better than fifa 20

    Ammier99 IzhamAmmier99 IzhamDay ago
  • Volta is not even new, I remember playing 5v5s in "cages" in FIFA 12 on my fucking wii. 😂

    TBLOL 20TBLOL 20Day ago
  • Fifa street

    toñitotoñitoDay ago
  • Что за музыка ? What music is theat???

    Кирилл БасяковКирилл БасяковDay ago
  • 0:33 his arm goes in his leg

    Bartul ŽižićBartul ŽižićDay ago
  • Ma “Volta” sembra tipo FIFA Street !!! FIGOO

    Sa06Xa PeleSa06Xa PeleDay ago
  • we should denounce you EA, steal money from people every year. you are a ridiculous company.

    Luca MontyLuca MontyDay ago
  • 👑

    Ace HardyAce HardyDay ago
  • Bk gibi olmuş

    Egecan egecanEgecan egecanDay ago
  • Bune lan

    Egecan egecanEgecan egecanDay ago
  • Dj snake & don Omar - Araukana

    Manuel  Alvarez CastroManuel Alvarez CastroDay ago
  • Are we going to have Volta football on xbox 360? Are we going to have FIFA 20 on XBOX 360?

    L1n4vsk1s YTL1n4vsk1s YTDay ago
  • Please add juventus crowd shouting "siii" when Ronaldo scores and does his celebration.

    Lloyd dlaminiLloyd dlaminiDay ago
  • This fifa will be a pure trash like the 19,18,17....

    Kira LibertárioKira LibertárioDay ago
FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football