FIFA 19 | FUT Champions Cup November | Round of 16 & Quarterfinals

The Round of 16 and Quarterfinals of the FUT Champions Cup November take place in Bucharest, Romania!
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  • ⭐⭐⭐

    Yusuf KayaYusuf Kaya2 months ago
  • Oh my.. e-sports is so pointless and absurd.. a bunch of nerds which would cry if playing for real..

    Matsya RoshanMatsya Roshan3 months ago
  • O fïfä 19 ū məna no fïfä

    TEM4IK 228TEM4IK 2284 months ago
  • muitos bom esse toneio queria eu jogar lar represantando um brasil

    marlon gomesmarlon gomes4 months ago
  • Quality very poor

    Marcelo CostaMarcelo Costa5 months ago
  • Not realistic goalkeeper cannot save his side , how player can shoot on goal directly when he stands back of the goal

    mcrystall Xmcrystall X6 months ago
  • Arrumao modo carreira

    CorinthiansCorinthians6 months ago

    Street CapsuleStreet Capsule6 months ago
  • I showed this to my dog then Read more

    Melvin MirzakhanianMelvin Mirzakhanian6 months ago
  • You have bad luck for the rest of 2019 Like to undo

    Melvin MirzakhanianMelvin Mirzakhanian6 months ago
  • Dein Guide Zum Sieg: FIFA 2019

    Badr EcoBadr Eco6 months ago
  • what slider settings used in those match? I mean sprint, acceleration, pass speed, shot speed etc....

    Arman HossainArman Hossain6 months ago
  • i wonder if people have realized by now that Cristiano has a contract with Fifa (or at the very least some kind of deal), which is why Messi is always so underrated, so poorly attributed as opposed to Cristiano. sad world we live in, but at least people are getting woke now.

    nrspinellinrspinelli6 months ago
  • so if u wanna join what must l do

    Clemens ClaudeClemens Claude7 months ago
  • Ea needs to Go bankrupt

    Akira SCF1Akira SCF17 months ago
  • #kante90 Xbox : KenzoRnR

    Kenzo RnRKenzo RnR7 months ago
  • Px seve tan bien Es ps4 pro.?

    Tonga ValentinoTonga Valentino7 months ago
  • regalame CR7

    Pablo CervantesPablo Cervantes7 months ago
  • ehre genommen proownez

    XXDerGamerX XXXDerGamerX X7 months ago
  • anybody can say the initial soundtrack name?

    Dip Dixon MurmuDip Dixon Murmu7 months ago
  • pendejos

    edwar peresedwar peres7 months ago
  • Hans Zimmer and Vince Staples maid new remix of the UEFA Champions League anthem

    Majaiba BujapeshMajaiba Bujapesh7 months ago
  • No one gives a s***t. The owner of ea is probably sailing around the Mediterranean in his big yacht while we are all wasting money on packs. ITS A CON!!!

    ASH PHELPSASH PHELPS7 months ago
  • Do not spend money on game until hackers have been removed they will ending up hacking your pay pal bank accounts. Just from playing on the PlayStation

    ASH PHELPSASH PHELPS7 months ago
  • 3:04:07

    성이름성이름7 months ago
  • "Cog in the mechanic"... *facepalm* this commentator is such a spanner.

    ThingTVThingTV7 months ago
  • Can i join i'm really good at fifa i'm a pro i'm 10 years old

    Edmilson GonramosEdmilson Gonramos7 months ago
  • how to enter this contests?

    Action for the congolese women and children development and safety:"Yeshiya foundation"Action for the congolese women and children development and safety:"Yeshiya foundation"7 months ago
  • I felt bad

    Thalita ClabbersThalita Clabbers7 months ago
  • PC is better than Xbox

  • Who else have FIFA 19?

    DutchFortniteDutchFortnite7 months ago
  • Proownez ist der beste👏🏻

    Calvin LieuCalvin Lieu7 months ago
  • Como se hace para llegar a jugar estos partidos ?

    bryan araujobryan araujo7 months ago
  • Э

    Заха cleshЗаха clesh7 months ago
  • Ja sam proo

    Danilo Popovic d. pDanilo Popovic d. p7 months ago
  • OMG

    Richard SullivanRichard Sullivan7 months ago
  • How to join this tournament? please can someone explain

    barood3barood37 months ago
  • Ничего общего со спортом, победил отскокер, игра занесла ему голы)

    Лучше ЛучшегоЛучше Лучшего7 months ago
  • Esse jogo ficou uma bosta, graficos bons e jogabilidade pessima, tudo automatico, fazendo defesas que vc não mandou, tbm nao importa como vc ajeita o time, se a IA nao quiser fazer os jogadores voltarem pra defender contra ataque, eles nao voltam e vc toma gols muito idiotas que da mt raiva!! se a IA definir que vc vai perde, vc vai perder, perdi de 3 a 0 Juventus X Internazionalle no jogo de ida e na volta ganhei de 7 a 2, jogo nada a ver, a escalação tava a mesma coisa nos dois jogos, pessimo, meti o pau no PES 2019 falando q tava ruim, ai o fifa vai na mesma onda pqp!

    BrunoBruno7 months ago
  • You are only a pro if EA allows it 😂😂😂

    Heinrich van neelHeinrich van neel7 months ago
  • They're so bad. I can beat all of this guys plating with Japan.

    Germán AssumGermán Assum7 months ago
  • Just a stupid game

    Milan GaurMilan Gaur7 months ago
  • Bitte hört auf dieses Spiel irgendwie mit Sport oder Esport zu vergleichen, lächerlich. Einfach lächerlich🤣 Sowas dämliches wie Fifa 19 hab ich seit 98 nicht gespielt🤦‍♂️ das hat nix mehr mit können geschweigedenn mit Fußball zu tun👎 Scheiß auf EA und Ihre Sippschaft🤮

    Sylvio BischofSylvio Bischof7 months ago
  • Proownez

    Sahrul GamingSahrul Gaming7 months ago
  • Proownez was better omfg

    Simon PetringSimon Petring7 months ago
  • 08:17:40 to 08:38:25 is the best part

    Saqib Husain OfficialSaqib Husain Official7 months ago
    • P

      Tahayasin BulmusTahayasin Bulmus7 months ago
    • O

      Tahayasin BulmusTahayasin Bulmus7 months ago
    • L

      Tahayasin BulmusTahayasin Bulmus7 months ago
  • Proownez du geile sau

    Fynn GFynn G7 months ago
  • Typisch Fifa 90 Minuten so ein Tor kassieren. Proownez hätte den Sieg klar verdient.

    t3ch7t3ch77 months ago
    • hä, beide haben den Sieg gleichermaßen verdient.

      xyz Lightxyz Light4 months ago
  • So unverdient proownez war 100 mal beser

    Berkan_ GamingYTBerkan_ GamingYT7 months ago
  • Proownez was better. He was very unlucky vs. Gomes

    Marco0078Marco00787 months ago
  • Wow I missed it lol

  • Prownez is better than others

    Elton BabayevElton Babayev7 months ago
  • العوفي اي دقيقة

    عبدالله العنزيعبدالله العنزي7 months ago
  • Giveaway ps4

    hamza gamerhamza gamer7 months ago
  • Lol

    Achmed jjAchmed jj7 months ago
  • Proownez ❤️❤️❤️

    EERRIIKK 1812EERRIIKK 18127 months ago
  • Mike 🔥 the goat

    Brandon KnableBrandon Knable7 months ago
  • Alle direkt proownez abonieren

    Josiah ReimerJosiah Reimer7 months ago
  • Is there a way to turn on the in game commentary. These guys are annoying

    Bwalya MusanyaBwalya Musanya7 months ago
  • GG

    KoKOnU TKoKOnU T7 months ago
  • 7:44:45 is how you feel when you turn on fifa because you good but you just game and don’t do anything else

    Filthy AnemalFilthy Anemal7 months ago
  • EA no lo ves? si no me das un icono me paso al pes

    SoyJusthynSoyJusthyn7 months ago
  • Ea bitte tut noch den portugiesischen Reporter im Spiel !🔥🔥🔥👌🏻der ist so lustig 😂

    Falco BlackFalco Black7 months ago
  • Ey ea it was so nice whens the portugues Reporter in Fifa 19 or in Fifa 20owned!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Falco BlackFalco Black7 months ago
  • Ea dame algo

    JuanPeGC 23JuanPeGC 237 months ago

    Ziya Nadirli OfficalZiya Nadirli Offical7 months ago
  • 👍🏼

    FUT MentorFUT Mentor7 months ago
  • Garbage game. Fifa 19 being a esports is a real joke! This timed finesse outside of the box all the time... kkkk. What a joke!

    Marcelo Vasconcellos Lippi da CruzMarcelo Vasconcellos Lippi da Cruz7 months ago
    • Marcelo Vasconcellos Lippi da Cruz fifa is an arcady marketing garbage with mediocre FAKE gameplay without substance

      Ian Rush FC Liverpool legendIan Rush FC Liverpool legend7 months ago
  • 7:48:35 und 8:18:06 Proownez, Viel Spaß

    jaKe pereZjaKe pereZ7 months ago
    • Ehrenmann!

      Kaneki ϟKaneki ϟ6 months ago
    • jaKe pereZ Ehrenmann🔥

      Yo Oli Du HundYo Oli Du Hund7 months ago
    • L

      Tahayasin BulmusTahayasin Bulmus7 months ago
    • Ehrenmann

      The bigest FifabossThe bigest Fifaboss7 months ago
    • Ehre

      Justin NammertJustin Nammert7 months ago
  • EA better show Tekks games lol, thts only reason im here!!!!!!!!!

    Riddick 4EverRiddick 4Ever7 months ago
FIFA 19 | FUT Champions Cup November | Round of 16 & Quarterfinals