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Everything Wrong With Mortal Engines In 13 Minutes Or Less

The books are apparently pretty good. This movie? Not so much. Yes, it has sins, and we'll list them for you, but more importantly... this movie isn't good.
Thursday: Not sure yet, but there will be sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • I actually had trouble staying awake through this movie, in the theatre.

    SincereticSinceretic6 hours ago
  • I watched the great wall before this and have a feeling they might be connected

    Sunset CranberrySunset Cranberry8 hours ago
  • The minions alone should have totalled to 100 sins.

    Jordan SipeJordan Sipe8 hours ago
  • Was a better book

    Rory HughesRory Hughes11 hours ago
  • Ok -1 sin due to how epic the machines look Also 4:27 yes i agree

    Meme AbleMeme Able16 hours ago
  • Mortal Engines falls victim to the "Too much book for a movie" curse. The world building in the books is fantastic. There's so much cut and altered in the movie that it's almost a completely different story. In fact the ending fight is totally different.

    Robbie06261995Robbie0626199520 hours ago
  • Helium is not flamma... Oh fuck it no one cares anyway.

    MechanicalMonkMechanicalMonk23 hours ago
  • 10:21 I literally woke up right before he died, so yes, zzzzz

    Zak DZak D23 hours ago
  • Leave Robert/Klaus alone

    Jane DoeJane DoeDay ago
  • Cinema Sin #61 wasnt a mistake, that was her plan. She wanted to get captured. The only way to get inside London would be if it was carried into the gut where all the citizens are led out inside.

    Nathaniel ManwarrenNathaniel ManwarrenDay ago
  • 9:47 Helium doesn't burn though.

    Quantum JumpQuantum JumpDay ago
  • Im happy most of the sins are the things the movie had changed from the books.

    Nathaniel ManwarrenNathaniel ManwarrenDay ago
  • The book was so much better.

    Saul CohenSaul CohenDay ago
  • Didn't know they were allowed to charge people to see a 2 hour effects reel.

    Spock1777Spock1777Day ago
  • The book was far better

    Adam SmythAdam SmythDay ago
  • isn't narralogos that hotel trump owns

    annesuniverseannesuniverseDay ago
  • "Man I would rather die" lmao

    CourtneyJoCourtneyJoDay ago
  • I like this movie

    ashheat05ashheat052 days ago
  • "eminem challenging me to a rap battle...this is Godzilla vs Bambi right here"

    OverPowered PIZZAOverPowered PIZZA2 days ago
  • Still waiting for u to SIN OLDBOY[2013] or 2003 ur choice

    i Rahati Rahat2 days ago
  • Walked out of this shit. Awful

    Cody SCody S2 days ago
  • Watched it. Liked it. Lead to reading book series... mostly good. Hester never changes!

    Capri DragonCapri Dragon2 days ago
  • I've never seen this movie but it has some crappy narration if I do say so myself.

    Jonathan GarciaJonathan Garcia2 days ago
  • The book is like a thousand times better.

    Tom SpareyTom Sparey2 days ago
  • well now we know where the new D&D campaign came from

    Buried AxbladeBuried Axblade2 days ago
  • @4:06 "Oh **** off forever, dude." That had me laughing.

    Zonnex NectonZonnex Necton2 days ago
  • He says less than 13 minutes but the videos 14 minutes

    Dominic KendraDominic Kendra3 days ago
  • This movie looked like a hot pile of steaming dog shit the moment it was featured as a trailer

    theperv01theperv013 days ago
  • Nah...I prefer the books for this... Try Book sins!

    Here we are StudiosHere we are Studios3 days ago
  • I didn’t even know this movie existed....

    BreadBread3 days ago
  • Did you forget you made the first college girlfriend sex joke?

    everything will be okeverything will be ok3 days ago
  • Love this movie but who cares? Sin it anyway

    RunestarRunestar3 days ago
  • The millennial falcon strikes back

    krewtaun 707krewtaun 7073 days ago
  • the books kick ass the movie was made by shiteheads lol

    trace gatlintrace gatlin3 days ago
  • ...Wow. I uh...I don't know how to feel about the Minions cameo. Just...don't.

    ThisguyisrightThisguyisright3 days ago
  • The only thing wrong with this is how far from the book it is

    TWGlaceon kTWGlaceon k3 days ago
  • the most boring

    ChaenWooChaenWoo4 days ago
  • 6:44 you can tell that’s a wig

    Lukas DizdarevicLukas Dizdarevic4 days ago
  • I have never even heard of this shit-storm of a horrible movie!

    Robert ByrdRobert Byrd4 days ago
  • Mortal engines in one word: shitty. In two: really shitty In thtee: dum, really shitty. Right at the beginning; even villages are multi-billion dollar rolling platforms to be devoured for scrap..riiiiiight...

    Binguh BungahBinguh Bungah4 days ago
  • PLEASE do “Everything wrong with GOT season 8” I GUARANTEE it will be one of your most viewed videos and I am dying to see your guy’s take on it

    Eli ThompsonEli Thompson4 days ago
  • For a movie about mobile cities... it felt like they'd left the handbrake on

    No NeckNo Neck4 days ago
  • If you dont want to wait 13 minutes then read here: The Books were great The movie was crap The story is overly complex Physical disabilities dont exist

    Jean-Luc RobtiailleJean-Luc Robtiaille4 days ago
  • JESUS, 8 minutes and already 2.5 THOUSAND COMMENTS

    eye ar dumeye ar dum4 days ago
    • Edit, 3 days ago? WTF? Why did it only show up in my notifications box now?

      eye ar dumeye ar dum4 days ago
  • Kangaroo jack, second hand lions, get shorty, pulp fiction.

    Matt KassingMatt Kassing4 days ago
  • Like based on a relevant, "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" reference. Keep telling me the bad ways these people make movies.

    David WhiteDavid White4 days ago
  • 5:29 remove a sin she had sabotaged the engine

    alex mendozaalex mendoza4 days ago
  • BEQUEATH BEQUEATH BEQUEATH. Is that a Ninjago reference, Jeremy?

    Sideswipe 84Sideswipe 845 days ago
  • Well played on the Tom Waits reference 11:02

    DipS HitWhizDipS HitWhiz5 days ago
  • This movie was almost good. Shrike was probably the only interesting thing about it. Wish it had more of him.

    The Whirlwind PotatoThe Whirlwind Potato5 days ago
  • ONLY 130 sins? My god, you fell asleep twice didn't you?! I hit a count of 130 before they were out of New London! That was right about the time I TURNED THE REDBOX DISC OFF, because my head was hurting from trying to make sense of Peter Jackson's 'inside out LOTR' saga.

    Skeeter SaurusSkeeter Saurus5 days ago
  • Do everything wrong with coraline

    Tamsin SmithTamsin Smith5 days ago
  • why not spotify hobbs? or itunes toretto? killed me ;D

    Lra YqLra Yq5 days ago
  • We need a "Jeremy mentions college girlfriend" sin and a compilation bc he brings her up in evey vid lol

    Joshua McKoyJoshua McKoy5 days ago
  • I'm in tears right now: "Let me just tell you how upset -Zzzzzzzz"

    51337Nairolf51337Nairolf5 days ago
  • I usually love these, but you were waaaay too harsh on this film. This was great, and in time will be a cult classic.

    Highice007Highice0075 days ago
  • So, bad jokes, non movie sins and terrible puns. I thought this was a bad parody at first

    Anti HeluxAnti Helux5 days ago
  • 9:46 helium is non-flammable

    Mike L.Mike L.6 days ago
  • Did no-one realize that that flash drive thingy has USA on it

    redlieutenant2616redlieutenant26166 days ago
    • It's half of a whole. The other half says MED. MEDUSA

      RonnieRonnie5 days ago
    • Insert American Revolution joke here

      redlieutenant2616redlieutenant26165 days ago
  • helium does not explode, its hydrogen *DING*

    Dune ClarityDune Clarity6 days ago
  • Oh shit its Klaus.

    AmsterdamVallonAmsterdamVallon6 days ago
  • I read half of the book, and I know that I will prefer the other half over the entire movie.

    History & StuffHistory & Stuff6 days ago
  • And despite it's sins I liked this movie more, than all MCU movies combined.

    mumia76mumia766 days ago
  • Do one on endgame

    Vapxrr1Vapxrr16 days ago
  • Meanwhile in the the Midwest a EF5 tornado touches down and anything that is not underground gets meshed up.

    Beau BeaubienBeau Beaubien6 days ago
  • The chinese woman is the captain/pilot of the red flying machine of the revolutionaries... how is that not 50 sins? Also Fallout 4 called, he wants his Synth assassin back.

    LeonGarnetLeonGarnet6 days ago
  • More like Mortal Failure.

  • Why wouldnt everything just fall off the tables and people bounce around in a 50mph city on wheels

    Zubair KhanZubair Khan6 days ago
  • why does this movie feel like the Wachowski sisters and JJ Abrams lucid dream? absolutely awful from start to finish

    doneydonydonedoneydonydone6 days ago
  • Alderaan was not the 1st test sight of the Death Star....didnt you see the best Star Wars movie ever?: Rogue One.

    The Original Captain TripsThe Original Captain Trips6 days ago
  • I hate your voice

    nate carrollnate carroll6 days ago
  • Civilization is an amazing game series with amazing cgi you shut your blasphemous fucking mouth

    nate carrollnate carroll6 days ago
  • Wait... you have a subplot about a giant wall and no Trump jokes?

    Christopher McDonaldChristopher McDonald6 days ago
  • hey CinemaSins how come you never did Chernobyl Diaries?

    kelendronkelendron6 days ago
  • I have to agree with almost all of the sins, but I still really liked that movie. Of course, since I read the books, it's easy to connect the dots when you know what the picture is supposed to be :-D I'm convinced that on some cutting floor there is at least half an hour of movie that was deemed "too boring", which would explain half the plot holes.

    Christoph AlexanderChristoph Alexander6 days ago
  • 4:49 she should've gone for the head.

    Charles MitchellCharles Mitchell6 days ago
  • my sentence for the movie THE BOOK WAS BETTER AND THIS MOVIE WAS A MISTAKE

    henry swensonhenry swenson6 days ago
  • This is the most angry I've heard you be at a movie.

    Erik ZolanErik Zolan6 days ago
  • Great visual but story... Meh. Why moving cities? Tremor like monsters or what?

    Joseph ThreefingersJoseph Threefingers6 days ago
  • The title alone is a sin. Engine's are not living so cannot die

    bobdabirdbobdabird6 days ago
  • 5:34, she probably messed that small town up or somethin...possibly fiddled with it's engine.

    Ember powerEmber power6 days ago
  • more funny than it is critical, which is a good thing......because i really liked this movie

    Ember powerEmber power6 days ago
  • It’s,certainly,up there with The Golden Compass.

    Angel McfaddenAngel Mcfadden6 days ago
  • Sin for not seeing how Fang is a ripoff of Ada Wong xD

    Al SamilAl Samil6 days ago
  • So this super weapon pops out from a church all Evil Genius like. Nobody has any idea what's going on with the church but they somehow built the roof to open up and out comes the weapon. How exactly do you hide all the work needed to do this in a city nobody leaves? Do they just toss a tarp over the inner workings every Sunday and nobody's the wiser?

    LKNANMLLKNANML6 days ago
  • How this movie made it out of the editing room and onto screens is beyond me. It was an absolutely astounding disaster from start to finish.

    LKNANMLLKNANML6 days ago
  • The book is like more exciting

    Mathieu MedleyMathieu Medley6 days ago
  • Looks good but the writing is just complete cliche

    Podrick King of the AndalsPodrick King of the Andals6 days ago
  • Can you review ‘The Last Dragon?’

    TheSocialHandGrenadeTheSocialHandGrenade6 days ago
  • didnt do the books justice :(

    RedesCatRedesCat6 days ago
  • I have my bets on the Siner.

    Ed AnimationEd Animation6 days ago
  • Oh look Klaus from Umbrella Academy

    CaliCali7 days ago
  • It makes me so angry that they made an awesome book into a shit movie,

    DustieDustie7 days ago
  • 2 hours of "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesteeeeeeeeeeer" = 1000 sins

    Chuck LotroChuck Lotro7 days ago
  • "Logan Lehrman" *ding*

    RishitaRishita7 days ago
  • I did not enjoy the movie quite much. There was so ridiculously much happening at once on screen that it sometimes was hard where to focus at. But at the same time it felt so pointless.

    JayLeeBeanzJayLeeBeanz7 days ago
  • YES Tank you CinemaSins I hate this movie mortal engines WE NEED TO TALK

    ÚltraLeeviÚltraLeevi7 days ago
  • The buildings on these gigantic transports would experiences severe earthquake 24/7.

    Stephen KongStephen Kong7 days ago
  • Dude, Shrike was the best part of this movie. Hell, there's no movie I can think about that wouldn't be made better by having Shrike as a part of the main cast.

    Coada CatalinCoada Catalin7 days ago
  • 12:48 *star wars reference

    Hamburger MemeHamburger Meme7 days ago
Everything Wrong With Mortal Engines In 13 Minutes Or Less