Everything Wrong with Men in Black II

With a new Men in Black movie coming up, we decided to go looking for sins in the second film in the franchise, Men in Black II. It has... lots of sins. Lots.
Next week: 2 sins videos.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • His names putty on seifield.

    James HammettJames Hammett3 hours ago
  • At least get your pun right: Smart-ass-tronomy! God!! +67 Sins! Sentence: *Eaten by Jeff!*

    Alysa AidayAlysa Aiday17 hours ago
  • Jawn is from Philadelphia, not Pennsylvania and yes it existed waaaaay before Creed. T-shirt in my US-vision pic validates this

    Kyle CruelKyle Cruel18 hours ago
  • Wait...who else saw Nick Cannon...

    FaiythieFaiythie19 hours ago
  • Do Everything Wrong With Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

    Alex CarrierAlex Carrier19 hours ago
    • How about freakin NO?

      TheBlueDanYubeTheBlueDanYube2 hours ago
  • Sin 11 doesn't really check out. She know how humans look like but just copied the looks from the Victoria's secret magazine.

    Nexus WolfNexus Wolf20 hours ago
  • 13:18 - Another thing, Ozone (O3) can literally be made using water and an electric current, or just concentrated Oxygen and an electric current (from what I know it's easier to do it with water though). Why a supposed 'Genius' would waste time, effort, energy, and risk getting arrested syphoning it from a planet that they know can defend itself, rather than just make it themselves from SUPER common elements and / or compounds makes one wonder whether or not said genius really IS a genius!

    MrFisher150421MrFisher150421Day ago
  • A men in black international ad came up while watching this xD

    Crimson NekoCrimson NekoDay ago
  • 2:10 sins for not knowing how her human body would actually be, 2:20 sins for knowing how the human bodies are. Gotta love Cinema Sins!!!

    Andrew M.Andrew M.Day ago
  • I was hoping he would ask when the Neuralizer flash changed from red to blueish white

    MikeT0816 TMikeT0816 TDay ago
    • V3.03

      Nexus WolfNexus Wolf20 hours ago
  • You man just killed mib😫😫😫😫😞😞😞😞


    bwci BObwci BODay ago
  • Rings done only exist on gas giants. Our moon will eventually become a ring once tidal forces tears it apart. What you should scientifically sin is the fact there are two rings going in different directions which shouldn't happen because they collide and cancel out

    Game Pack AlphaGame Pack AlphaDay ago
  • Stop being sucha fucking SJW. Thanks.

    Smash MarxismSmash MarxismDay ago
  • I think that’s a new record for “shortest Cinemasins bonus round”. Anyone else know what the previous record was for?

    Joshua SchneiderJoshua SchneiderDay ago
  • The memory loss thing...kingsman 2

    I am AvelynI am AvelynDay ago
  • 6:49 C h o k e d

    Thomas CoghlanThomas CoghlanDay ago
  • Don't forget to clean the vacuum cleaner😉..😂

    D RoddyD RoddyDay ago
  • Liked for reference to Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Baki The FoxBaki The FoxDay ago
  • The sin about the cops is kinda answered in the first one. K meet J for the first time at the police station and made a cover up story.

    ChangedMediaChangedMediaDay ago
  • Jawn is a philly thing. Keep up the great work on the videos. These jawns are funny!

    BlindEyeVisionsBlindEyeVisionsDay ago
  • Oh man I remember this movie being a lot better. Now I'm sad.

    Justin ZJustin Z2 days ago
  • Hilarious but fk u for violating my eardrum with that click click bullshit at the end.

    Crab SynthCrab Synth2 days ago
  • 13:09 Are sure about that?

    Edward JohnstonEdward Johnston2 days ago
  • I like how you subtracted sins at the end of the Deadpool 2 video, you should do that more often. I think it gives the videos a better sin tally and highlights a lot of the really awesome scenes in some of the classic movies you’re trashing 😂 (not necessarily MIB II because it has few redeeming qualities)

    Gabe ButzkeGabe Butzke2 days ago
  • Too many movies showing the planet Earth from space have the moon far too close to it, like in the cut form Men in Black II in this video.

    imkluuimkluu2 days ago
  • "You can't tell how humans are supposed to look from this picture.", "Hasn't this alien seen humans before?"

    Yaakov AppelYaakov Appel2 days ago
  • Here's the thing with "Jawn". It's a Philly thing, exclusively, and it is very very common there. It definitely existed long before Tessa Thompson said it in Creed. Basically just a replacement for any noun. Sorry to be nitpicky, love this channel.

    Chris ParkerChris Parker2 days ago
  • Fuck pa. Dude low blow

    Marcus DayMarcus Day2 days ago
  • Bruh, rocky planets can have rings too...

    Eric KiltzEric Kiltz2 days ago
  • @ 9:03 I'm at Burger King as I see that lol 🍔👑

    JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up againJaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again2 days ago
  • One was the best & the 3rd one was the second best I don't know about the new one cus I haven't seen it yet wby

    JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up againJaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again2 days ago
  • It’s funny cause even the director said this movie sucks

    Mark LupoMark Lupo3 days ago
  • can you please do Avengers Endgame

    Robyn BRobyn B3 days ago
  • Its mad to think the guy who voices the pug, also voiced 'Johnny-5' from the Short circuit movies.

    DrakoDragonisDrakoDragonis3 days ago
  • Everything wrong with MIB 2? 1.)Johnny Knoxville was in it. 2.)We never figured out why!

    Chris BrownChris Brown3 days ago
  • 1:39 Tommy Lee Will -- Jones Smith

    DarknutDarknut3 days ago
  • me, a "f**king Pensilvanian" hmm, so this is what the world thinks of us, I thought it was just the office

    Zane LazarZane Lazar3 days ago
  • I cringed so hard when you he missprounced Zaphod

    PatrickPaul1203PatrickPaul12033 days ago
  • Also another sin about the clues, he complains about his replacement not being able to deal with it. The first clue, the picture was in K's suit, why would they even keep said suit in storage and how could anyone know to look in his old suit, let alone what to do with the picture. Sin about the worms, why is the ceiling so low, it's a normal appartment building, there is no reason to lower the ceiling. If I'm not mistaken, the Jarra fight takes longer than the countdown. By the time the fight is over the ship would be gone.

    Neonsilver13Neonsilver133 days ago
  • Though this movie is riddled with sins, I can't bring myself to hate it. The over the top comedy and premise will forever hold a special place in my heart. Guilty pleasure I guess?

    MrQuarantineMrQuarantine3 days ago
  • 'Puddy in her hands.' Nice.

    ZenigataZenigata3 days ago
  • I'm from Nashville and can confirm that that is an average week in March.

    David HopperDavid Hopper3 days ago
  • 10:35 SIIIIIIIGH

    Really BitchReally Bitch3 days ago
  • Thumbs up if you want to see cinemasins do bad ben!

    Stef B McCoyStef B McCoy3 days ago
  • Pammela Anderson. .mid 90s... they would take your breath away or you like penis

  • Hey buddy, your SJW is showing. Button up.

    avatarpopcoavatarpopco3 days ago
  • "either castrating or impregnating" Best laugh I had all day!! :-)

    Erik PrinceErik Prince3 days ago
  • @cinemasins do the godfather trilogy and scarface.

    Albert ButlerAlbert Butler3 days ago
  • "Puddy in her hands", a gratuitous pun- not that there's anything wrong with that! 😆

    La TashaLa Tasha3 days ago
  • No, rings do not exist only around gas giants. Even dwarf planets can have rings. Like Chiron.

    EltaurusEltaurus4 days ago
  • Yeeeeeeahh this movie is preeeeety bad

    Mark GiannoMark Gianno4 days ago
  • What's even sadder is the use of nut-sack chin jokes is still prevalent...

    Jason BeardJason Beard4 days ago
  • Wow, basically : The movie is beginning, I'm bored PING! that character is doing X, unacceptable PING! And so on. Easy to count billions of "sins" in this silly way.

    AntonioR.T.AntonioR.T.4 days ago
    • Not all sins are legitimate criticisms; many of them are throwaway jokes, references, pedantry, intentional mistakes or genuine mistakes. CinemaSins is primarily focused on humor.

      Mystic-MalevolenceMystic-Malevolence4 days ago
  • 16:53 all creationists point.

    Robert BurkhardtRobert Burkhardt4 days ago
  • Wait, how is a micheal jackson cameo problematic?

    Astro WolvezAstro Wolvez4 days ago
  • have a look steve, he could be your brother"- karl Pilkington.

    Peter NielsenPeter Nielsen4 days ago

    Zoe BarlestonZoe Barleston4 days ago
  • So...Jeremy is on board the Michael Jackson hate train too eh? Please do some research.

    Mider-Span ManMider-Span Man4 days ago
    • I got the impression that he was staying away from the issue, as in, not declaring which train he was riding.?

      Mystic-MalevolenceMystic-Malevolence4 days ago
  • "A regular March week in Nashville" Completely relatable.

    Aj RetroAj Retro4 days ago
  • First time I’ve heard someone piss on PA about “jawn” and as a 16 yr old who lives 20 min outside Philly i can tell you that the only people who say jawn are kids from philly and teachers who are tryna be cool. I’ve only said it once and my friend who says it all the time parted me on the back and i’ve never regretted something more

    Mary Grace PopkyMary Grace Popky4 days ago
  • I only give MIB 2 a pass in that it led to us getting MIB 3, which was an all-around good movie.

    MerletasticMerletastic4 days ago
  • Why didn't they have a reverse flashy thing?

    Brandi RicharsonBrandi Richarson4 days ago
  • Jackie Brown (the last good Tarantino movie) Godfather trilogy (I dare you) Gymkata (because you just have to) All the fucking James Bond There are plenty of worthwhile movies to sin if you just skip the bullshit ones.

    Kimjongil 2000Kimjongil 20004 days ago
  • Everything wrong with Captain Marvel

    Jared Elder StudiosJared Elder Studios4 days ago
  • Respect for not saying anything about MJ but still giving his cameo a sin!

    john duckjohn duck4 days ago
  • Johnny Knoxville and a Ball-chinian HOW IT THIS NOT THE ORIGINAL DRAFT FOR MOVIE 42?!

    Adamant ForgeAdamant Forge4 days ago
  • Also i think a reason why NYC really foesnt care about seeing a 600 foot worm and guys in suits sacing the day is would you really complain about a secret organizaripn meant to protect the whole planet from things that want to kill us all cause i wouldn't

    Alex PenaAlex Pena4 days ago
  • you forgot about all the people that just wear sun glasses at night yes its weird but it happens

    ChevydogChevydog4 days ago
  • “Jawn “ is a philly expression not Pennsylvania. You get 10 sins for that mistake

    Jay LayJay Lay4 days ago
  • no nothing wrong with men in black 2

    ԋαɳʂ ωolʇԋαɳʂ ωolʇ4 days ago
  • Thank you for the Dalek reference. 😂

    AshlieAshlie4 days ago
  • "I like to keep my enemies confused..." "We all confused, K..." Funniest line in the whole movie, hands down 😆😆😆😆😂

    DeshiRyzeDeshiRyze4 days ago
  • Ha sinned the whole human race

    Lamaj ArmystrongLamaj Armystrong4 days ago

    96donov96donov4 days ago

    Omar MalekOmar Malek4 days ago
  • no just no

    Omar MalekOmar Malek4 days ago
  • Will you all ever do Ronin? Searched because I thought you all had, but alas, nothing googled out.

    Joseph LeyareJoseph Leyare5 days ago
  • 15:16 The family actually had the thermostat set at a blistering 86, not 84 *DING!*

    James FreemanJames Freeman5 days ago
  • Woo! Me myself and Irene next!?

    Amber BaileyAmber Bailey5 days ago
  • The main problem with MIB2 is that it's a rushed, derivative cash grab sequel. MIB3 at least got creative.

    Gary KingGary King5 days ago
  • Leaving a like simply for ‘discount zaphod beeblebrox’ hahahaha 😂

    MrGamerMooseMrGamerMoose5 days ago
    • Ha!

      Baki The FoxBaki The FoxDay ago
  • @1:39 There is nothing in astronomy that indicates only gas giants can have rings. Rings are made of ice and small rocks that were the result of a moon that failed to form or is currently in the process of being formed (which takes billions of years).

    Abraham AssedAbraham Assed5 days ago
  • I wonder what movie has NO sins? Lmaoo

    DanielDaniel5 days ago
  • Sonnen Feld in means sunny field in german

    Kevin LehnKevin Lehn5 days ago
  • i loved the first MIB- i must not have cared for this one because i remember *nothing*

    eric vulgateeric vulgate5 days ago
  • Amazing video

    jacob droletjacob drolet5 days ago
  • No way ballchinians can hide in public lol

    Andrew CabralAndrew Cabral5 days ago
  • Oh fuck you, Michael cameo was awesome.

    J LORIJ LORI5 days ago
  • 84? 86.

    J CJ C5 days ago
  • Wait... You guys skipped 2, but reviewed 1 and 3? Why?

    ninjascoutninjascout5 days ago
  • People who talk at the beginning of movies: *exist* CinemaSins: DID I HEAR SOME F*CKING NARRATION?

    IrrelevantIrrelevant5 days ago
  • Dude do you even like movies??

    fredrik ahlströmfredrik ahlström5 days ago
  • The thumb nail pic is from men in black 3 tho am sure of it lol

    James BrooksJames Brooks5 days ago
  • “Putty in her hands” Is that a Seinfeld reference? Patrick Warburton was Putty or is that a coincidence?

    maskathmaskath5 days ago
  • I have a quarrel w/ you... Jawn's only (mainly) used in Philly (just like dickhead (sometimes it sounds ok when out of towners say it) and y'all love copying us 😂

    Kym NoïrKym Noïr5 days ago
  • 4:52 HE SAID IT

    noluckst2noluckst25 days ago
  • Humanity is a species, not a race.

    SPTXSPTX5 days ago
  • Sonnenfeld is german but it does not mean "tell, dont show " it is more like a name ... or it would mean sunfield ..... i am german and never heard the word being used the way you say

    Aaron KroneAaron Krone5 days ago
  • There is "Everything Right" video version of this movie, it was like 10 seconds long...

    GOdL1kE1GOdL1kE15 days ago
Everything Wrong with Men in Black II