Eating the ENTIRE Movie Theater MENU!! **25,000 CALORIES**

We went to a movie theater and ordered every food item they had on their menu, and we had to eat everything... The craziest challenge ever

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If you read this far down the description I love you



  • Who would actually eat this whole thing?? We needed some help ..

    FaZe RugFaZe Rug5 days ago
    • I would definitely like to help I love to eat

      Jesus MendezJesus Mendez23 hours ago
    • Papa Rug, No offense. Much repect i subbed to the whole family

      Anthony De AndaAnthony De Anda3 days ago
    • Brian, you put $485 on the screen instead of $458

      Duh itz OliviaDuh itz Olivia4 days ago
    • I’m eat spaghetti

      D The PLUGD The PLUG4 days ago
  • I’m Favourite song

    Lou TownLou Town5 minutes ago
    • Jk i dont no what I’m saying

      Lou TownLou Town2 minutes ago
  • I’m eating a donut rn

    rfx adsrfx ads8 minutes ago
  • I’m eating chipotle

    Julian ChaoulJulian Chaoul14 minutes ago
  • I'm eating beef jerky

    Light LemurLight Lemur48 minutes ago
  • baby carrots

    Jocelyn MondragonJocelyn Mondragon53 minutes ago
  • I’m eating ice cream lol

    Legacy_Exotic_ playzLegacy_Exotic_ playz57 minutes ago
  • I’m eating puffy sea salt chips! Lol!😂😂

    Krish GajeraKrish GajeraHour ago
  • marco

    zaid al afandizaid al afandiHour ago
  • Am eating pizza

    King._ AspectKing._ AspectHour ago
  • Oh shit im.113.lbs also but cause i was in a work accident.on construction got a broken back 12 SCREWES

    omar unknownomar unknownHour ago

    omar unknownomar unknownHour ago
  • 5:30 Ice bro

    vRexordKiller -_-vRexordKiller -_-2 hours ago
  • Nothing

    Ojore GipOjore Gip2 hours ago
  • i am eating a hot dog

    Replay 09-22Replay 09-222 hours ago
  • I’m eating so much stuff every times and like it’s fun as I do it

    TTV_ UrtRaShKiDluLTTV_ UrtRaShKiDluL2 hours ago
  • As soon as I saw this 1k dollars

    TTV_ UrtRaShKiDluLTTV_ UrtRaShKiDluL2 hours ago
  • I said 326

    Nick PattonNick Patton2 hours ago
  • Chips

    Magalogo Fam 2Magalogo Fam 22 hours ago
  • Im eating whataburger 🤣

    Kamari CampKamari Camp3 hours ago
  • I was eating dorito dinamita while watching this

    Fmhaq 327Fmhaq 3273 hours ago
  • wana see magic

    evangeline rudolphevangeline rudolph3 hours ago
  • I’m eating peanut M&Ms

    Maddie the unicornMaddie the unicorn3 hours ago
  • Im eating my saliva

    It’s me StephIt’s me Steph3 hours ago
  • i know a grade 6 that weighs wore then you

    Family LemieuxFamily Lemieux3 hours ago
  • Eating cereal 💀

    xElitevxElitev3 hours ago
  • Im eating chicken fingers and fries while watching this😂

    DougsHypeDougsHype4 hours ago
  • I’m eating air

    Chris AnguianoChris Anguiano4 hours ago
  • Jalapeño miss vickies

    RIP GodZRIP GodZ4 hours ago
  • hi

    Family LemieuxFamily Lemieux4 hours ago
  • eating sweet tarts

    TryHard- _TryHard- _4 hours ago
  • 888

    Saahib Saini - Castle Oaks PS (1496)Saahib Saini - Castle Oaks PS (1496)4 hours ago
  • Lmao my fat ass ordered pizza and it came and now I’m eating that watching this

    TheOGViperTheOGViper4 hours ago
  • yep the manager totally did put the TRASH can to barf in

    xxmuro0 0xxmuro0 04 hours ago
  • Stake

    Diego LandaverdeDiego Landaverde4 hours ago
  • When he said that we eat while waching him i was like wtf but im eating bread bacon and egg

    xxmuro0 0xxmuro0 04 hours ago
  • I was eating Pringles during this video

    Gabegarcia_ 43Gabegarcia_ 434 hours ago
  • I am eating a whole freaking bowl of delicious vegetarian salad

    Jhanvi PatidarJhanvi Patidar4 hours ago
  • When he said how many of you guys eat food at watch my videos me eating food 😂😂

    Valin_ RamValin_ Ram4 hours ago
  • i thought it would come out to $2065

    RetroRetro5 hours ago
  • I'm eating pizza right now

    The LaistersThe Laisters5 hours ago
  • Subscribe to faze rug for more vid

    Giselle MoranGiselle Moran5 hours ago
  • $370.82

    DJW_WybleDJW_Wyble5 hours ago
    • I was $23.82 off 😂

      DJW_WybleDJW_Wyble5 hours ago
  • I guess 534 dollars

    Stephanie OrahaStephanie Oraha5 hours ago
  • i weigh 104 lbs and im 13 😂😂

    Backwoods BarbieBackwoods Barbie5 hours ago
  • I’m eating recess pecked it’s my birthday

    lonan andersonlonan anderson5 hours ago
  • I guessed 447 so close

    lonan andersonlonan anderson5 hours ago
  • Chocolate cake

    Ismael AntunezIsmael Antunez5 hours ago
  • $876

    Legendary DragonLegendary Dragon5 hours ago

    Magaly LugoMagaly Lugo6 hours ago
  • Cereal XD

    Liz and Kayla’s Animations and random stuffLiz and Kayla’s Animations and random stuff6 hours ago
  • Marco

    Victor RosalesVictor Rosales6 hours ago
  • I guessed 337$

    Alex CompeanAlex Compean6 hours ago
  • Rice

    fred lynchfred lynch6 hours ago
  • I’m eating rits

    Victor RosalesVictor Rosales6 hours ago
  • 347-350

    SGS RainSGS Rain6 hours ago
  • What movie are you watching

    C and R and FamC and R and Fam7 hours ago
  • I'm eating extractor hot Cheetos

    Eliza ProEliza Pro7 hours ago
  • I’m eating tiriaky chicken with vegetable noodles

    Gamer SGamer S7 hours ago
  • I’m eating fries, chicken strips, a blizzard, and a sprite

    The Five FamThe Five Fam7 hours ago
  • Facebook uno Monday Wester hendo muy fiero Haití e u u pi pi 1000

    Osayda CarrilloOsayda Carrillo8 hours ago
  • I am eating Lego

    Ben MooreBen Moore8 hours ago
  • Xtra flaming Cheetos

    jamison smith vlogsjamison smith vlogs8 hours ago
  • Who noticed that in the thumbnail rug just doubled the same food 😂😂😂

    Tati AnnaTati Anna8 hours ago
  • Omfg how much cousins do you have??

    Yvng BlazeYvng Blaze8 hours ago
  • I’m eating oatmeal

    HAVOC TAHAVOC TA8 hours ago
  • fruit loops

    Anthony Wood JrAnthony Wood Jr8 hours ago
  • im eating pizza

    Nate Kelly BikesNate Kelly Bikes9 hours ago
  • This turned into a mukbang 😂

    FractonixFractonix9 hours ago
  • beans

    Lol BapplegamingLol Bapplegaming9 hours ago
  • a eat the most in school

    Christopher Cruz-GarciaChristopher Cruz-Garcia9 hours ago
  • 1000.00

    Lol BapplegamingLol Bapplegaming9 hours ago
  • Im eating stew

    The mega gamerThe mega gamer9 hours ago
  • At 1:26 Brian says $458 but on the captions it says $485. What can someone explain.

    Ashly RodriguezAshly Rodriguez9 hours ago
  • I’m eating mama noodles

    Raed MerchantRaed Merchant9 hours ago
  • I think Brian won

    Cool PizzaCool Pizza9 hours ago
  • i’m eating cereal

    Madi & Pey VlogsMadi & Pey Vlogs9 hours ago
  • 190.6

    Ali AlfahadAli Alfahad9 hours ago
  • 113.6

    Ali AlfahadAli Alfahad10 hours ago
  • Egg Mexican chess tomato pepper onions

    Ali AlfahadAli Alfahad10 hours ago
  • 546

    Itz BliskzzItz Bliskzz10 hours ago
  • The workers are so nice. The one looked so clueless when rug said one of everything. 😂

    GuinnyPigs ScottGuinnyPigs Scott10 hours ago
  • I’m in grade 6 and one of my friends is heavier than Brian

    GreatWhite SharkGreatWhite Shark10 hours ago
  • Ez dub 4 Marco

    GreatWhite SharkGreatWhite Shark10 hours ago
  • eating air

    Shane IsaacShane Isaac10 hours ago
  • sandwich

    BuildernasBuildernas10 hours ago
  • Do a challenge like last one to eat wins $20,000

    the frost familythe frost family10 hours ago
  • Chocolate

    PurnadPurnad11 hours ago
  • Carne asada fries

    Jacob RomeroJacob Romero11 hours ago
  • 600

    Jacob RomeroJacob Romero11 hours ago
  • Make another video with HIM!

    MAARZ iOSMAARZ iOS11 hours ago
  • Cake

    Tanay Patel - Castle Oaks PS (1496)Tanay Patel - Castle Oaks PS (1496)11 hours ago
  • i ate popcorn while watching this video

    Hex PexHex Pex12 hours ago
  • I love u rug so much u are the only person I’m subbed to

    logan pottslogan potts13 hours ago
  • Marshall is going to win Sry i meant marco

    logan pottslogan potts13 hours ago
  • Lemon lime and blood orange and some vinegar chips

    Dashing FDashing F13 hours ago
  • I’m eating McDonald’s hahaha

    Zaahida SaleyZaahida Saley13 hours ago
  • Donuts

    cal wcal w13 hours ago
  • Oh I am eating pizza

    jr JRjr JR14 hours ago
  • French toast

    fullmetalespadafullmetalespada14 hours ago
Eating the ENTIRE Movie Theater MENU!! **25,000 CALORIES**