Eat In with Little Mix - Episode 4 (Leigh-Anne)

Little Mix - Eat In With Leigh-Anne

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  • How they are friends and they never been to her hosue?

    Paulina_SPaulina_S9 hours ago
  • Is this actually or is it like x factor judges houses where they hire somewhere?

    liz johnson stubbsliz johnson stubbs10 hours ago
  • Have loved watching these videos 👌😁

    liz johnson stubbsliz johnson stubbs10 hours ago
  • leigh anne is secretly a long lost princess

    Sarasofea HappySarasofea Happy10 hours ago
  • This is the funniest video I've ever watched

    TheEmilyATheEmilyA11 hours ago
  • Oh my god the house is beautiful can't say enough we need a tour they were having so much fun so happy for them but again the house just akhkhkhkh!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 this is the proof that you are the best and doing very good girls 💟💟👏👏👏👏

    Asmaa SlimaniAsmaa Slimani11 hours ago
  • Ugh I literally love jessy giving those numbers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    bluer thanbluebluer thanblue12 hours ago
  • 13:05 The dog is flatus I'm laughing so hard 😂🤣😂

    Maria AngelMaria Angel12 hours ago
  • Perrie feeling poor walking into Leigh-Annes house

    LukeLuke13 hours ago
  • How come none of them have been there before? 🤣

    Diego TorresDiego Torres14 hours ago
  • Jade taking forever to clock what she ment

    Kyrah Brown simpsonKyrah Brown simpson14 hours ago
  • I'm really proud of Leigh, look at her now she really a successful baby. I'm proud of you you'll girls

    John Clyde RabadonJohn Clyde Rabadon15 hours ago
  • I love hoe harvey took the spotlight for most of this video

    Mya SophieMya Sophie16 hours ago
  • Love these girls so muchhhhh!!!!!!

    Alejandra Gutierrez FuenteAlejandra Gutierrez Fuente16 hours ago
  • “Guys I wasn’t expecting this” “Yes you were” 😂😂😂😂

    Tori PhillipsTori Phillips16 hours ago
  • Harvey is a whole mood😩😂

    Aniya AliceaAniya Alicea17 hours ago
  • Damn the camera crew is snitching?!?!??

    Tori PhillipsTori Phillips17 hours ago
  • People who unliked the video clearly don’t know what fun is.😂

    Vians VerdenVians Verden17 hours ago
  • We need more of this 🙏🏽

    Eliana XCXEliana XCX18 hours ago
  • Jesy's laugh at 13:06 HAHAHAHA

    Perrie fiedPerrie fied18 hours ago
  • They're so cute!! 😍😭

    Perrie fiedPerrie fied18 hours ago
  • Perrie's reaction 😂😂😂

    Perrie fiedPerrie fied18 hours ago
  • Damn, she's the greatest cooker in little mix 😍. Leigh Ann, why are you making me so in love with you?! 😭

    annie chanannie chan19 hours ago
  • The dog has me in tears!! LMAO

    WhateverRetardedWhateverRetarded20 hours ago
  • Leigh-Anne's house makes me feel like I'm some bum bitch in a shantytown haha!

    Kendall WrightKendall Wright22 hours ago
  • the dog with the fart was the best 😂

    GiselGisel23 hours ago

    Angie jimenezAngie jimenezDay ago
  • Who else thinks little mix should have their own reality show 👇🏻

    minah Nazirminah NazirDay ago
  • “I love Jamaican food” No one: Me: “Balegdeh”

    Christina BrenaeChristina BrenaeDay ago
  • They’ve never seen each other’s homes beforehand

    PharaohCharmingPharaohCharmingDay ago
  • Why haven't they been to each other's houses before though I don't understand?

    Antonia FodorAntonia FodorDay ago
  • im lowkey bothered about the rating system getting all extreme lol i wanted a proper rating and rank lmao

    justchickenstripsjustchickenstripsDay ago
  • Is no one gonna talk about that cute pug snoring and farting? lmao

    Alessandro SpiridigliozziAlessandro SpiridigliozziDay ago
  • 13:51 this shit describes my life

    Eleftheria KonstantakiEleftheria KonstantakiDay ago
  • Leigh Anne's house is stunning 😍

    cassidy Baxtercassidy BaxterDay ago
  • My baby deserved that win like no one else! I love you, Leigh

    Bee llyBee llyDay ago
  • So funny love you girl so much

    Courtney PaullCourtney PaullDay ago
  • her house called me broke 648385 times in 36492 languages

    jasmyn schjasmyn schDay ago
  • Make it to 1 million guys

    Leigh Anne PINCOCKLeigh Anne PINCOCKDay ago
  • She's the queen

    Leigh Anne PINCOCKLeigh Anne PINCOCKDay ago
  • Thus series was such a blast. It has seriously been a while since we got fun videos like these on the youtube channel. They're so fun to watch. Thank you Little Mix!!!! 😭

    Angela NguyenAngela NguyenDay ago
  • Jamaican food... where is Jessy's Jamaican accent reprisal!

    DegrassiInstantStarDegrassiInstantStarDay ago
  • So that's where Leigh's 5million network goessss

    min Blossommin BlossomDay ago
  • I loved every moment of this series!!! amazing hahah

    Holly SutherlandHolly SutherlandDay ago
  • That dog is just 😂😂😂😂

    Rasoul El-seelawiRasoul El-seelawiDay ago
  • What's the "I love my life" song they sing?

    Willie BushWillie BushDay ago

    Dom GalangDom GalangDay ago
  • How have none of them been to each other's houses when they've been a band for so long? Have they all just recently moved?

    ifyouseenatalieEifyouseenatalieEDay ago
  • How have they never seen each other’s houses yet?😂

    Kate RKate RDay ago
  • 14:30 dog sleeping and snoring 17:09 dog farting 18:57 scared doggo

    Elizabeth OlsenElizabeth OlsenDay ago

    Mimah MelloMimah MelloDay ago
  • My babee

    Koko MmcKoko MmcDay ago
  • I love Little Mix.

    Divine Grace TadleDivine Grace TadleDay ago
  • The reality show Ness of this.... 😕👏😳

    Ivy SumbiIvy SumbiDay ago
  • Leigh Ann is life 💗

    Ivy SumbiIvy SumbiDay ago
  • Everyone's gna have the shits 😂😭💗

    Ivy SumbiIvy SumbiDay ago
  • I love you so much Leigh.*

    Iona MarquesIona MarquesDay ago
  • the dog was grabbing my attention

    Shaira OboShaira OboDay ago
  • It was lit now I’m waiting for season 2 girls ❤️

    KalKalDay ago
  • No wonder I love her so much

    pako joepako joeDay ago
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESY! It’s finally here! (14/6/idk) I know it because i have a Little Mix calendar and it has all your birthdays on it 😂

    amer nessariamer nessariDay ago
  • I demand the recipes from this video!!!

    Daniela LlanosDaniela LlanosDay ago
  • 🌈Leigh Anne ur so amazing 🥰

    Rainbow rain MeteorRainbow rain MeteorDay ago
  • Leighanne is so cute

    Azin KavehAzin KavehDay ago
  • Name: Leigh-Anne Favourite position: Cowgirl (Dominant) Favourite phrase: Fuck me harder! Name: Jesy Favourite position: Spoon Favourite phrase: *Giggles* Name: Perrie Favourite position: Cowgirl (Submissive) Favourite phrase: Yeah baby, ahh, oh! Name: Jade Favourite position: Missionary Favourite phrase: Oh baby, stop...

    Kamrul08Kamrul082 days ago
  • The freaking dog growling is the best

    Couldn't think of a name 11416Couldn't think of a name 114162 days ago
  • how come they’ve never seen each other’s houses before LMAOOO??????

    awhvictoriaawhvictoria2 days ago
    • awhvictoria they all recently moved into new houses when this was filmed and I’m pretty sure they live in different cities.

      AnaAnaDay ago
  • Have they never seen each other’s houses before? How long have they been in the group?

    Lucas MartiniLucas Martini2 days ago
    • Lucas Martini they all recently moved into new houses when this was filmed and I’m pretty sure they live in different cities, but they’ve been a group for nearly 8 years.

      AnaAnaDay ago
  • 7:06 perrie is so classic i love her

    May RayMay Ray2 days ago
  • Booooo uglyist person booooo

    Pika PooPika Poo2 days ago
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Lalchhanhimi TuallawtLalchhanhimi Tuallawt2 days ago
  • My babee

    Matias MartinezMatias Martinez2 days ago
  • I loved this series x

    Charlotte HammondCharlotte Hammond2 days ago
  • the way perrie and jade looked at the dessert omg mood

    a ia i2 days ago
  • I just wanna be as happy as that pug 😂😂😂

    Shannon PlunkettShannon Plunkett2 days ago
  • i felt that.

    Chris ChrossChris Chross2 days ago
  • i wanna eat everything

    Chris ChrossChris Chross2 days ago
  • Loved it!!

    Sancha SantosSancha Santos2 days ago
  • Leigh-Anne’s house is insane 😍😍 the thing of dreams

    Lauren TaylorLauren Taylor2 days ago
  • No wonder I love her so much

    Faces By NixFaces By Nix2 days ago
  • How have they never been to each other’s houses??

    Emily GoldEmily Gold2 days ago
    • Emily Gold they all recently moved into new houses when this was filmed and I’m pretty sure they live in different cities.

      AnaAnaDay ago
  • Love them all!!!!messy was hilarious when she said I'll be a lesbian for you!!!!!LOL!!!

    yeni toyyeni toy2 days ago
  • Seasooon 2!!!!😭😭

    Jesy NelsonyJesy Nelsony2 days ago
  • 😍😍😍

    Nicolas RodriguezNicolas Rodriguez2 days ago
  • All i heard is Harvey’s snores and i thought i was delusional in the first place when actually i was not lol

    Erica GaniErica Gani2 days ago
  • leigh anne is pure GOAALLLSSSSS. Even for the girls and me and the whole world. I just cannot

    BreshieBreshie2 days ago
  • nobody: Leigh Anne in a Calvin Klein shirt: ..i look disgustiing me: sis have you met your gorgeous self?????????>?

    BreshieBreshie2 days ago
  • Jesys laugh is everything 😁

    Mercy 1985Mercy 19852 days ago
  • Jesy: buys cheesecake from the store Jade: brings in a literal professional chef Perrie: has her mom, cousin, and neighbor Leigh : tries to get Jesy drunk to get a better score

    priscilla lengpriscilla leng2 days ago
  • 13:05 omg

    LiaLia2 days ago
    • 17:09 wtf Harvey

      LiaLia2 days ago
    • 15:05 OH MYGOD

      LiaLia2 days ago
  • Of course jessy is the lowest she's the only one giving hundreds of scores 😂

    charamel31 meowkcharamel31 meowk2 days ago
  • Ive been laughing so hard with perris comment earning the same wage 😂 and with the dog stealing this episode! More videos like this please I hope this is not the last 🙏🏼

    AnjhaeAnjhae2 days ago
  • 19:25 Leigh dhdjfhdj 😂

    Bangtan kookieBangtan kookie2 days ago
  • “Do we earn the same wage” Perrie lmao

    Bangtan kookieBangtan kookie2 days ago
  • Why have none of them been to each others houses?

    Ciara  SheridanCiara Sheridan2 days ago
    • Ciara Sheridan they all recently moved into new houses when this was filmed and I’m pretty sure they live in different cities.

      AnaAnaDay ago
  • gOD i thought i was gonna have a collapse from laughing too much of leigh's dog farting everytime jesy started saying something

    Sara CarolineSara Caroline2 days ago
  • ton list: Leigh Anne's house 😂

    BTS ForeverBTS Forever2 days ago
  • Leigh's house tho😍😍😍

    Maverick SonisMaverick Sonis2 days ago
  • I live for Jesy's twerk💓😂😂😂

    Kimjhelsy ValenzuelaKimjhelsy Valenzuela2 days ago
  • the farting dog ahahahaha

    catherine serendipitycatherine serendipity2 days ago
Eat In with Little Mix - Episode 4 (Leigh-Anne)