Douglas Lima KO’s Michael Page, Jake Hager wins again | Bellator 221 | ESPN MMA

Check out highlights from Bellator 221 in Rosemont, Illinois
(0:33) Tywan Claxton vs. James Bennett
(1:21) Jake Hager vs. TJ Jones
(2:02) A.J. McKee vs. Pat Curran
(2:45) Douglas Lima vs. Michael Page
(3:23) Michael Chandler vs. Patricio Pitbull
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  • People complaining about Hager not showing sportsmanship after winning, need I remind you that being a Good guy in this Sports takes you nowhere. I've never seen Mcgregor having a Soft Spot after the match yet fans love him. Or Khabib, It's just about how ruthless you can be, the more you are the more you'll be the Center of Attention, The more people will pay to see you get your ass kicked, the More Money you'll make and more the big of a Star you'll be. Plain and Simple. And if that's the case, where were these same people when he happily respected the response from his opponent after his debut match. Nobody gave a Shit.

    Rrishabb01Rrishabb01Day ago
  • Yes like to see this

    Nemanja JovicNemanja Jovic2 days ago
  • Jack Swagger looked good fighting Samwell Tarly.

    Aboh SukampretAboh Sukampret4 days ago
  • wow Jake Hager is way better than cm punk

    PancakePancake4 days ago
  • to everyone complaining about hager holding the choke, go watch a royce gracie fight. everyone respects and loves good old royce

    MultiTwentysevenMultiTwentyseven8 days ago
  • Jake swagger such arrogant... he will suffer like ronda one day

    Nuh RemyNuh Remy9 days ago

    Burrpa PharttBurrpa Phartt10 days ago
  • Jack hager lol fight some tough dudes not these fat guys.

    slim sharryslim sharry10 days ago
  • Shitty night for Bellator

    Jason HamonJason Hamon11 days ago
  • Hager got into a fight with a guy from burger king

    El LeonEl Leon11 days ago
  • mvp always wins against dummy, this time he gets a real opponent. haha, eat that idiot

    Rama AlgifaryRama Algifary11 days ago
  • 3:30 ????

    AmbroAmbro11 days ago
  • Michael Page reminds me of Anderson Silva, same dancing with opponent and same result

    Александр МорозовАлександр Морозов11 days ago
  • MVP was robbed.

    Chima ChindaChima Chinda11 days ago
  • Hager did waaaay better than C M Punk though!

    nellajanroxnellajanrox11 days ago
  • WWE isn't real: most wrestlers come to MMA and win

    Toxic MelodyToxic Melody11 days ago
  • Hager vs Werdum

    Cody DillashawCody Dillashaw11 days ago
  • Bellator is full of bums. Fking UFC B teamers. Nobodies and has-beens.

    yonchrryonchrr11 days ago
  • Omg how did I miss mvp getting knocked out... about time hopefully he pulls he’s head in now.

    ubarsted channelubarsted channel11 days ago
  • LOL to MVPussy...what a fooking dildo knockout...this Clown is the king of show off combat sport....hahhahahahahahhahahaha

    Nity MaieNity Maie11 days ago
  • Bellator is like Europa league

    jit cr7jit cr711 days ago
  • Who remembers when Babalu choked that guy out lol. Swear no one really cared then

    Gustavo FringGustavo Fring11 days ago
  • Mvp can't beat the elite fighters in bellator he's overrated never fought anyone good apart from Daley and that fight probably should of been a draw Lima is different class to daley and mvp couldn't do nothing

    L98 MmaL98 Mma11 days ago

    davidson2004fatboydavidson2004fatboy11 days ago
  • I nutted my pants when mvp got knocked out

    Cat DaddyCat Daddy11 days ago
  • Lima and Pitbull got it done in the 1st round 👍🏼

    Juan RamirezJuan Ramirez11 days ago
  • CM Punk should have been a fighter here instead of UFC. We The People Jack Swagger opponent needs to buy P90x

    Kenny Hawkins Jr.Kenny Hawkins Jr.11 days ago
  • Michael venom page just uses unorthodox movements to make you think. Problem is, anyone can time him if they are properly trained to see through that bullshit. This was clearly shown via his knockout

    G WG W11 days ago
  • Since Hager out here fighting tomato cans, I’m a big dude, give me a stack of cash to tap in the first round. At least I look in shape.

    Post USADA BaraoPost USADA Barao11 days ago
  • Jake Hager, what a douche bag. Would love to see him get his ass kicked. Holding a submission too long and showing no respect to his opponent after the fight is a dick move. Also has a very punchable face

    BbeecckkBbeecckk11 days ago
  • 1:51 is anyone gonna comment on that damn official????? How has one of them shits not gotten accidentally ripped off trying to break up 2 fighters???? 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Mr. CARMINEMr. CARMINE12 days ago
  • Bien carajo!!! Por fin le ganaron al creído de Michael Page.....ya tiene que pelear con seriedad, parece idiota peleando así, como si se burlara de su oponente.

    Ricardo RojasRicardo Rojas12 days ago
  • A lot of respect for Hager (Swagger) being in his late 30s an winning fights ppl talking shit about Hager but none of y'all would step in the Octagon I hope Hager (Swagger) keeps doing good an winning

    Jacob HammondJacob Hammond12 days ago
  • In the last fight.. what a idiot referee.. so idiot.. no fatal blow but he stop the fight.. 😂😂 ohh cmon..

    Cha PamCha Pam12 days ago
  • Cool to see espn covering bellator

    optimistically cynical .optimistically cynical .12 days ago

    Lucifer LohLucifer Loh12 days ago
  • slappy leg Hahaha

    Netorius00Netorius0012 days ago
  • Chandler suppose to be the guy to stop Khabib lol just a poor mans kevin lee

  • Não canso de ver o nocaute do Douglas Lima, uma pintura

    Wilson VianaWilson Viana12 days ago
  • Finally someone knocks Michael page out

    Johnny HangJohnny Hang12 days ago
  • All I got to say about Douglas Lima is. BEAUTIFUL

    Aaron YTAaron YT12 days ago
  • Glad to see somebody KO that monkey of Page.....hahaha

    AVE FENIXAVE FENIX12 days ago
  • That’s not a arm triangle...

    I Make Reddit Users CryI Make Reddit Users Cry12 days ago
  • So happy to see that cocky fucker page get knocked the fuck out

    danny clarkedanny clarke12 days ago
  • well done monkey page finished.

    شکسته دلشکسته دل12 days ago
  • Early stoppages suck.

    Johnny FunkJohnny Funk12 days ago
  • Why is he wearing his boxers

    Passie86Passie8612 days ago
  • I hate to say I told but I told MVP will get his ass beaten by an average striker.

    Robert WhittakerRobert Whittaker12 days ago
  • Michael Page reminds me of the monkey guy from Bloodsport.

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ12 days ago
  • Fuck jakr hager. That fucking retard held that submission way too long. I would have kicked that dude in the groin so hard after that. No room for retards like that.

    Some GuySome Guy12 days ago
  • i hate page ,,so asshole

    David AriasDavid Arias12 days ago
  • hahap age hahaha

  • MVP took way to much time off..

    Scooterkid DynamyteScooterkid Dynamyte12 days ago
  • Hey Bellator how about stop giving fat guys who live in there parents basement opponents and give him real competition already. Fucking clown shoes.

    Pete HPete H12 days ago
  • Wow. Hager looked like a douchebag

    Jack My-EarsJack My-Ears12 days ago
  • I really hope Lashley comes back

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith12 days ago
  • What's a Double Double champ? Seems a bit redundant.

    Livin' RobLivin' Rob12 days ago
    • +Jackboy773 Exactly. It's called the Double champ. Saying Double twice is redundant. Just like having to explain it to you twice....

      Livin' RobLivin' Rob10 days ago
    • Pitbull is the featherweight champ n won the lightweight belt.

      Jackboy773Jackboy77311 days ago
  • What's up 50 cent?

    Wa ClothinglineWa Clothingline12 days ago
  • I love it. Just ment to be. Not so cool now.

    Richie RichRichie Rich12 days ago
  • What in the absolute fuck is that garbage that took place in the Hager fight. Every second of that clip alone was so utterly fucking terrible I never want to see it again lol

    SeanSean12 days ago
  • Wow that shut him up! My gf wasn't interested in mma until she saw MVP get KO'd, now she likes it! Thank you Lima, or thanks MVP :)

    Donnel KDonnel K12 days ago
  • Hager vs punk. Anyone?????

    Cheesy MaccoolCheesy Maccool12 days ago
  • I really can't believe they put Hager in there with a killer like TJ

    DrackarisDrackaris12 days ago
  • Why is Hager not letting it go? What a bastard.

    fuuman5fuuman512 days ago
  • Whys this espn?

    opensource76opensource7612 days ago
  • Thank you LIMA

    liftingcarbsdailyliftingcarbsdaily12 days ago
  • Wow that ko on MVP was clever as fuck. One a best kos I’ve seen

    Neil Thomas daviesNeil Thomas davies12 days ago
  • What an arsehole that Hager is. Not discipline enough to realize the fight is over. Bad sportsmanship

    Gliese 581cGliese 581c12 days ago
  • He's not a double double champ you idiot, that means 4x champ. Here, let me do the math for you, 2 (double) .... plus 2 (double)..... equals four. Not for, not "foe".... FOUR. Cretins everywhere.

    Rico702VegasRico702Vegas12 days ago
  • “Those two shots didn’t even need to be thrown.” Oh, yes they did

    Redden MolinaRedden Molina12 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Orlando Acosta SevillaOrlando Acosta Sevilla12 days ago
  • Lol at page

    XavierOmegaXavierOmega12 days ago
  • Wtf was Jack doing? You know, I can support him in his early stuff even if he's just going to be fighting fat cans, but fuck him if he's going to be holding submissions. That was so dumb, so next fight there better be no goddamn jobbers, give him a real opponent.

    Beleaguered BelugaBeleaguered Beluga12 days ago
  • Jack......what a prick.....someone knock him out already!!

    Angelo ArchuletaAngelo Archuleta12 days ago
    • Dont remember him as a WWE superstar?

      Angelo ArchuletaAngelo Archuleta12 days ago
  • Glad mvp finally got put down i hate disrespectful gloating mf's.

    Brant NutterBrant Nutter12 days ago
  • At last, the MVP highlight I've been waiting for.

    vevven ennevvevvevven ennevvev12 days ago
  • The first time MVP fights a legit opponent...get's KOd. Can't say I didn't see that coming.

    Mike SMike S12 days ago
  • EVERYONE fights no names for their first fights. Why is everyone so butt hurt? If Jack does well they'll put him against someone that can stand a chance. Right now let him take some time to learn how to be an mma fighter.

    Joshua SaffyJoshua Saffy12 days ago
  • sucked at wwe 2-0 record in mma (you are gonna say that he never fought with the wolves but cm punk did not fight with wolves either, he was "the best in the world" in wwe but the worst in the world in mma)

    t0yxt0yx12 days ago

    NaTe_ D'fReItAsNaTe_ D'fReItAs12 days ago
  • OK Bellator, time to step up Hager's competition. Neither of those guys he's bested are even cans.

    Christopher SalsburyChristopher Salsbury12 days ago
  • karma for Michael page

    just Arunachaleejust Arunachalee12 days ago
  • Page is a clown.. Im rootin for Adesanya..

    Ricky Jayson GuevarraRicky Jayson Guevarra12 days ago
  • Glad to see lima win ,Chandler fight pre mature stoppage , Hager is just a dick

    Jerry MetzJerry Metz12 days ago
  • Hager fought an obese factory worker lmao

    Justin SullivanJustin Sullivan12 days ago
  • t.j.jones = Sam well. fact. now you have seen it you can never un see it. Enjoy.

    Dean ScrimshawDean Scrimshaw12 days ago
  • Can't wait to see Hager get knocked the fuck out

    Notification BellNotification Bell12 days ago
  • Does anyone else wanna see what would happen to mvp if he was show boating against Jon Jones 😂

    mopar rocksmopar rocks12 days ago
  • At least have this Jack guy fight someone with a nice physique so it doesn't look like a total farce

    J BoJ Bo12 days ago
  • Bad display of sportsmanship. Anybody who watches this is going to be turned off by the fight promotion and the fighter because he wants to be a douche and hold a choke. Nothing more disgusting during these bouts than when someone holds a submission for longer than needed or hits someone after they've clearly put them out. Hope the guy rips a groin muscle in his next fight.

    Dustin SchillerDustin Schiller12 days ago
  • Your there to fight not to showboat just do your job and fight I'm so glad he got koed

    mopar rocksmopar rocks12 days ago
  • I always knew this guy was a fraud. Dancing ass nigga. 🙊 😴

    xfghkhjfsejidxfghkhjfsejid12 days ago
  • MVP,đã phải ăn đòn

    Tuan NguyenTuan Nguyen12 days ago
  • That commercial is annoying

    scott sharpescott sharpe12 days ago
  • WE !!! THE PEOPLE !!!

    Stay ClassyStay Classy12 days ago
  • Hager fought his fanboy

    Richard TRichard T12 days ago
  • Lmao hype train derailed

  • MVP finally gets knocked the fuck out! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Adam CronshawAdam Cronshaw12 days ago
  • Hager, you have t fight a real fight some day !!! And when you do.... Your going to get FUCKED UP. !!!!!!

    shawn cavanaghshawn cavanagh12 days ago
  • the dude was a fan boy!! hager held that choke wayyy to long what a shmuck for that and he still went over there and held his hand up like ty for that.. lol

    John WayneJohn Wayne12 days ago
Douglas Lima KO’s Michael Page, Jake Hager wins again | Bellator 221 | ESPN MMA