Destroying Giant Stress Balls (Satisfying)

How many weird stress balls can we think of? More than you'd expect...
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Danny and Jon decided to make weird DIY stress balls. Find out if chili, jello, or other strange items were the most satisfying. And if that's not enough, you can watch us destroy more than eight different types of stress balls!
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  • What other creative ways are there to destroy stress balls that we haven't thought of? Looking for something less calming? Try this:

    Vat19Vat1915 days ago
    • Oobleck

      Artura HArtura HDay ago
    • Vat19 .

      Kelly/single SharerKelly/single Sharer4 days ago
    • Use a shedder

      PootpootmcstufinPootpootmcstufin4 days ago
    • Vat19 poop

      HP_Hornet YTHP_Hornet YT4 days ago
    • add mustard relish and ketchup 😺

      King Of PugsKing Of Pugs6 days ago
  • Let's try a water stress ball Wait that's a water balloon...shit

    Shawn mcgovernShawn mcgovern3 hours ago
  • The “spit balls” are orbeez

    Katherine Phillips (2024)Katherine Phillips (2024)5 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who thought it looked like they were cutting open a bag of cocaine at 1:24

    Kool DudeKool Dude6 hours ago
  • When uake silme don't add water

    anya charltonanya charlton9 hours ago
  • I like the orbeez

    Francine LuppinoFrancine Luppino10 hours ago

    Hazel Watermelon CatHazel Watermelon Cat11 hours ago
  • How do you control the thumbnail?

    Itz JJplayzItz JJplayz14 hours ago
  • “It feels like an organ” ok what are you hiding?!!

    iiAli_ice RobloxiiAli_ice Roblox14 hours ago
  • Purveyors of curiously awesome products and award-winning DVDs

    yeehawyeehaw16 hours ago
  • That’s hot 1:55

    Thus memeYTThus memeYT16 hours ago
  • Imagine a bean bag but made with mad mattr...

    panggop jiopanggop jio16 hours ago
  • This is a sad story ^_^:hi UWU:ur hot ^_^:ahhhhhh!

    nathangiscoolyt nathangiscoolytnathangiscoolyt nathangiscoolyt20 hours ago
  • The chille looked like barf

    Piggy Roll_Piggy Roll_20 hours ago
  • Satisfying

    Neeyah PLAYZNeeyah PLAYZ20 hours ago
  • The Chili one is nasty

    Yasmine ElmoussadekYasmine Elmoussadek21 hour ago
  • Who else really wants to work at vat19

    W HerronW Herron22 hours ago
  • It seems like a giant mess

    Riley DriscollRiley Driscoll23 hours ago
  • The bean one was making me gag

    Amanda PenrodAmanda Penrod23 hours ago
  • *lets get dirty*

    Fäwñ Ângël XDFäwñ Ângël XDDay ago
  • 10:39

    Mr. BranchMr. BranchDay ago
  • How do you know what an organ feels like?????????

    Ewan CookeEwan CookeDay ago
  • Play dirt confuses me so much😂 Why not just go outside

    Blake BentleyBlake BentleyDay ago
    • Blake Bentley that’s the point, go outside but not

      Boomdini WalterBoomdini Walter8 hours ago
  • 3:34 He touched I before?🤨🧐

    The Puppets AdventureThe Puppets AdventureDay ago
  • I have mad matter in my classroom

    Amy GladeAmy GladeDay ago
  • 1:22 I was like barely

    Ezekiel KinsonEzekiel KinsonDay ago
  • -orbeez- *Spitballs*

    Heinhtet hhtpHeinhtet hhtpDay ago
  • 4:38 you're welcome

    Infinity GamingInfinity GamingDay ago
  • 7:53 dude this is nice "bends over more "

    Guccigoofer pGuccigoofer pDay ago
  • Destroy with a car 1 minute later yeaaaaaah

    Rafa AdistaRafa AdistaDay ago
  • Imagine a bean bag but made with mad mattr...

    CamaWamaCamaWamaDay ago
  • 10:36 "How heavy is this?" Me: "Kowalski, Analysis"

    AdrianMasterAdrianMasterDay ago
  • Why didn't you throw the Spitball stress ball from the building. Bruh moment.

    AdrianMasterAdrianMasterDay ago

  • “Places that don’t have dirt aren’t dirty” how drunk are you

    Birdiecukuo PlayzBirdiecukuo PlayzDay ago
  • Matt Stonie: sees chilli balloon Also Matt Stonie: I want for my fries

    Benjamin WoodBenjamin WoodDay ago
  • 3:49 that "yeeeaaah" just made my day 👌🏻

    Thunter LunaThunter LunaDay ago
  • The slime is ticcc

    Amy CarterAmy CarterDay ago
  • US-vision sees the cross all DEMONIZED

    Griffin CurranGriffin CurranDay ago
  • can you sniff insta snow?

    Finneus HorstedFinneus HorstedDay ago
  • spit balls are just clear orbeez *_change my mind_*

    ѕнaттered cryѕтalѕнaттered cryѕтal2 days ago
  • It feels like an organ.

    Bumpkin productionsBumpkin productions2 days ago
  • Ewww the chili one🤮

    LayDIYLayDIY2 days ago
  • Vat 19 love them some balls

    Nya SmithNya Smith2 days ago
  • global warming

    adam piontekadam piontek2 days ago
  • *YEEAH SlaP tHaT* 2:23

    David shielDavid shiel2 days ago
  • Everything's weird.

    DunzapDunzap2 days ago
  • You know why it called strees ball you think its stress reliving no it will make you stressed cause it wil pop.

    Robert MagnoRobert Magno2 days ago
  • Plss part 2 try to put obleck

    mr unknownmr unknown2 days ago
  • Sorry mate but was dissapoibting when you didnt drop them all off the building

    YahMum C*ntYahMum C*nt2 days ago
  • Why cant i get a cure for my crippling depression at

    Narwal PlayzNarwal Playz2 days ago
  • Me: *about to watch a stress ball get popped * An Ad: *It’s free real estate*

    ꧁Marcie꧂꧁Marcie꧂2 days ago
  • The chili was DISGUSTANG

    Sebasduser 08Sebasduser 083 days ago
  • For chilli they did everything gut cut it open wich is what they said they would do

    Grady HowleGrady Howle3 days ago
  • Pause at 1:20

    Haven WilsonHaven Wilson3 days ago
  • Vat19: put a chili inside a ballon Also Vat19: let see what inside this stressball! Me: wtf

    Angel BonaAngel Bona3 days ago
  • *slap*

    hade Animationshade Animations3 days ago
  • PinãColoda FamPinãColoda Fam3 days ago
  • Are you guys sure that we're gummibears...? I would check that a second time I mean a third I mean a fourth ugh you know what I mean 😂🤔

    Dream cookieDream cookie3 days ago
  • 4:40 no faling off the building

    Skye Army66Skye Army663 days ago
  • No balloons where harm in the making of this video

    Xe_ ProjectXe_ Project3 days ago
  • I loved it when the guy screamed YEEEEEAAAA when he ran over the stress balls

    Playe BoiPlaye Boi3 days ago
  • The CAR needs some serious CAR wash

    Legos and mcpe 1.0Legos and mcpe 1.03 days ago
  • 6:33 When your period starts.

    Constantine SopoagaConstantine Sopoaga3 days ago
  • Hearing the Jello balls pop kinda made me want to puke

    f4de -f4de -3 days ago
  • 6:35 ) look mum I killed a balloon 🎈 😇

    Aaliyah SnowshieldAaliyah Snowshield3 days ago
  • Love it when you test your products and have fun doing it.

    Kayla MagillKayla Magill3 days ago
  • “it feels like an organ” me:so u touch organs?!?

    Gigi OldhamGigi Oldham3 days ago
  • When they do the jello balloon it looks like organs and guts

    SuperSnesGamingDudeSuperSnesGamingDude3 days ago
  • Diarrhea dump on the Wheel

    SuperSnesGamingDudeSuperSnesGamingDude3 days ago
  • It looks like they're holding poop

    SuperSnesGamingDudeSuperSnesGamingDude3 days ago
  • How does he know how a organ feel

    Diesel DiazDiesel Diaz3 days ago
  • I asked my parents hey could I buy some play dirt from vat19 they said go play with the dirt out side I was like. Good point.

    ThRedDragonZ iOS game playThRedDragonZ iOS game play3 days ago
  • 6:33

    DartozyDartozy3 days ago
  • Which one is jeo's favorite to destroy

    Shaunpaul EstradaShaunpaul Estrada3 days ago
  • 9:13 play at 50% speed. Menu (3 vertical buttons) > playback speed > .5

    Ryanisepic _Ryanisepic _3 days ago
    • Why?

      Satrio AlexSatrio Alex3 days ago
  • 3:46 they filled it themselves sooooo🤦🏻‍♂️

    Jacob BandachowiczJacob Bandachowicz3 days ago
  • B E A N S

    Meep LordMeep Lord4 days ago
  • This causes stress

    funny boyfunny boy4 days ago
  • Chili? Why not! i can think of a lot of reasons

    LiamLiam4 days ago
  • Antman ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ashash4 days ago
  • Smells like gummy bears and balloons.

  • Omg!! 10:36 so funnyyy!! x'D

    Emma ÓskEmma Ósk4 days ago
  • Can i make sure the are gummy bears?

    Chronic TrashChronic Trash4 days ago
  • you should have done oofloo

    MR. GAMMAMR. GAMMA4 days ago
    • oh yea

      MR. GAMMAMR. GAMMA4 days ago
  • how does he know what an organ fells like?

    herm6040 herm6040herm6040 herm60404 days ago
  • I’ve made a instant snow stress ball before...

    ROBLOX.jess.xxROBLOX.jess.xx4 days ago
  • *If you’re on a diet do some of the following.*

    Kian BancilKian Bancil4 days ago
  • Those are orbys not spit balls

    Ab AbAb Ab4 days ago
  • So you guys sell dirt? I think I'm interested

    TheHAHAHA 111TheHAHAHA 1114 days ago
  • do not do drugs like them..

    Kiwi bearsKiwi bears4 days ago
  • lil bun bun made me do this

    FangManFangMan4 days ago

    Brent BroussardBrent Broussard4 days ago
  • The chili is like vomit 🤢

    Awash BorhamahAwash Borhamah4 days ago
  • Him: It feels like an organ Me: how do you know that Looks back at video where he eats a real heart...

    E SE S4 days ago
  • chilly ball looks like poo

    Ethan ClarkEthan Clark4 days ago
  • Wow.. Vat19 are quite violent.. you add chilli in stressball!!!!!

    Afif Aiman AzliAfif Aiman Azli4 days ago
  • When you can’t get titties

    tatt oo stickertatt oo sticker4 days ago
  • They didn’t drop the spit balls off the building:(

    Give shinwon more LINESGive shinwon more LINES4 days ago
  • The dislikes are from the stress balls

    Give shinwon more LINESGive shinwon more LINES4 days ago
Destroying Giant Stress Balls (Satisfying)