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Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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    Rudy MancusoRudy Mancuso5 days ago
    • Omgod

      ANA BANANA an as worldANA BANANA an as world9 hours ago
    • Rudy Mancuso dude are you into 1 eye symbolism ?? I really like you did but if your ILLUMINATI then it’s gonna be tough up ahead in ure life 😞

      Shani 69Shani 6910 hours ago
    • I like it. I want more!

      Sai DeeSai Dee10 hours ago
  • Oof where’d Maia go💀

    Zoe JonesZoe Jones8 hours ago
  • Wait... this is so good

    Zoe JonesZoe Jones8 hours ago
  • This is like this one episode of black mirror

    Isa KIsa K8 hours ago
  • Awesome 😍..... Excellent video.

    Parminder_Singh_KhalsaParminder_Singh_Khalsa8 hours ago
  • I m dieing men never seen a beautiful concept like this totally incredible mind blowing Bava 1 number

    Dalbeer Singh EntertainmentDalbeer Singh Entertainment8 hours ago
  • *_Wow.._*

    HolyFireFox 123HolyFireFox 1238 hours ago
  • omg so good.

    Dipqi GhozaliDipqi Ghozali9 hours ago
  • cacan we appreciate Rudy's musical skill🎶🎶👏👏👏🤘🤟n we appreciate Rudy's musical skill🎶🎶👏👏👏🤘🤟

    panggop jiopanggop jio9 hours ago
  • Hats off men! I mean what a great thinking it is. Amaaziiiinnnnnngggggg

    Tushar ChauhanTushar Chauhan9 hours ago
  • anwar acting was dope

    Muhammad IkhsanMuhammad Ikhsan9 hours ago
  • Please tell me anwar's mustache is going to grow in a day !

    Angelo ANNAngelo ANN9 hours ago
  • Those are some very good effects

    ender lolender lol9 hours ago
  • Brilliant ❤❤❤

    HiccupedHiccuped9 hours ago
  • Woah

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach9 hours ago
  • This waw honestly the best video i have ever seen in my life

    kill mehkill meh9 hours ago
  • Black mirror stuff in there

    Mahrez JanatiMahrez Janati10 hours ago
  • A war must have went try hard mode on shaving

    Withered AliWithered Ali10 hours ago
  • This video so sad im crying for Anwar and hannah

    Max gaming MaxMax gaming Max10 hours ago
  • ........Nothing to say........

    Danielle's channelDanielle's channel10 hours ago
  • I was like "woah" when Hannah got wrecked by the train

    my chopppaaamy chopppaaa10 hours ago
  • Anwar looks different 👍🏻🌸💕💕💕

    Safirah ElfiraSafirah Elfira11 hours ago
  • Wow this is a best video 😍😍😍

    Amjad BossAmjad Boss11 hours ago
  • Hannah is so high and Anwar is really short together they are perfect

    Ana MAna M11 hours ago
  • you r the best person ever Rudy you r my fav US-vision love all ur vids

    #Alexandra#Alexandra11 hours ago
  • I feel bad for anwar he had to do all work.when rudy got hes girlfriend he dint care about anwar

    Georges EstephanGeorges Estephan11 hours ago
  • First I thought it was Anwar from the thumnail then when I watch the video, I was like its not Anwar! Then I looked at the comments and I saw someone that said he was Anwar then I looked again and I relised it is Anwar!

    Gacha RachelGacha Rachel11 hours ago
  • I just realized that was Anwar

    ᄆ그ᅭ 뭉 ᅲᅵᅣᅮᅡ!!샛미ᄆ그ᅭ 뭉 ᅲᅵᅣᅮᅡ!!샛미11 hours ago
  • the ending- 100% just not satisfying

    FluffyWormGamer _xDFluffyWormGamer _xD11 hours ago
  • Woah what about the end??????

    Sadaf TufailSadaf Tufail11 hours ago
  • Its so sad

    jeff's vlogsjeff's vlogs11 hours ago
  • The robot does not look like anwar to me ;p

    MC_BONNIEMC_BONNIE11 hours ago
  • Couples left the chat

    SWEET jj leeSWEET jj lee11 hours ago
  • How many of u smiling☺️ n seeing the video n cry in the end 😭

    Shaikh SaniyaShaikh Saniya11 hours ago
  • Near the ending if the music ‘married life’ (from up) was used then I would’ve cried even more

    Ahmed AlamAhmed Alam11 hours ago
  • The end was a whole plot twist

    Diamxnd_ ASMRDiamxnd_ ASMR12 hours ago
  • 很感动!!!导演真的有才

    all call c12 hours ago
  • Is that Anwar?

    rainbow dashrainbow dash12 hours ago
  • Lesson here do not forget who help you or your bestfriend that always there for you!

    pierre ocularpierre ocular12 hours ago
  • The last part reminded me of *THE SIMS* idk why😂

    black swanblack swan12 hours ago
  • this is so good omggg

    ECL EdvinECL Edvin12 hours ago
  • Wait wait wait if u sleep on ur couch how do u get up in ur bed

    Rodrigo Santino PascualRodrigo Santino Pascual12 hours ago
  • AnAnwar crying: Train: IMA’ WHOOP YOUR ASSS!war crying: Train: IMA’ WHOOP YOUR ASSS!

    Koko YaKoko Ya12 hours ago
  • That scary

    Veronika RembovskaVeronika Rembovska13 hours ago
  • This video is awesome, yet so educating. RUDY YOU ROCK!!!

    vidave matthewvidave matthew13 hours ago
  • Damn it had such a cool ending. Love the video

    Angelica FlakeAngelica Flake13 hours ago
  • :((

    AeronProbablyAeronProbably13 hours ago
  • superb concept

    Rameeza NoorRameeza Noor13 hours ago
  • I just realised that the robot was Anwar

    Huan LingHuan Ling13 hours ago
  • Anwar is the beat comedy artist ever..!

    Ahmad NaseemAhmad Naseem14 hours ago
  • I really love how much passion and talent Rudy puts in his masterpieces.

    Arion BladeArion Blade14 hours ago
  • Wonderful acting by Anwar💖💓❤️🤩😍

    music tvmusic tv14 hours ago
  • this is a genuinely genius 😍😍😍

    LuqmanographyLuqmanography14 hours ago
  • I was crying on this

    Rhysseanna Mikaela LadladRhysseanna Mikaela Ladlad14 hours ago
  • One of the best of Rudy. Such an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️ must appreciate the acting of Anvar and Hanna.

    AJ LeonAJ Leon15 hours ago
  • The twist man!

    Rahul PanditRahul Pandit15 hours ago
  • I saw you at Disney land

    Aldo MariscalAldo Mariscal15 hours ago
  • Omg so everyone is robots and robots buy other robots then they buy other robots and that repeats and no one is human! Dang

    Leilany DiazLeilany Diaz15 hours ago
  • Woooooow! Straight up amazing! You guys did an excellent job on this video. Great shots, color, well done music, special effects, sound fx and editing. Superb and surprising! Bravo! 📺 🎵 👏🏽 👍🏽

    G-Phi ProductionsG-Phi Productions15 hours ago
  • And so it goes..

    April CloudiApril Cloudi15 hours ago
  • Wow, 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 *applause*

    Triniti ThomasTriniti Thomas15 hours ago
  • this is amazing 🙀💗💗

    Abby AyalaAbby Ayala16 hours ago
  • Hhhh it broke my heart

    Eman HamoodEman Hamood16 hours ago
  • That’s some Black Mirror shit lol

    DarkElite1403DarkElite140316 hours ago
  • Relatable

    Joshi YoshiJoshi Yoshi16 hours ago
  • Deeeepppp. I like concept of robots learning and becoming more human every day

    J JJ J16 hours ago
  • 0.46 LOL

    Bellaneta KuntadirgaBellaneta Kuntadirga16 hours ago
  • How many people are bots???

    CarlitosWay277CarlitosWay27716 hours ago
  • Love u Netflix

    JrfaJrfa16 hours ago
  • Its Been A Year And Still No Racist Flash

    Leonardo MaldonadoLeonardo Maldonado16 hours ago
  • Great video! Rudy’s love interest looks really familiar! Who is she?

    Z TubeZ Tube16 hours ago
  • Thats a sad storie man

    Amelia BarrozAmelia Barroz16 hours ago
  • Appreciate Hannah and Anwar

    Ethan The gamerEthan The gamer16 hours ago
  • wow. This was amazing!

    emilaysjonasemilaysjonas17 hours ago
  • No one would get this because no one eants to show what their feeling inside

    Zel* //ARMY//BTS//Zel* //ARMY//BTS//17 hours ago
  • Why does he look like Anwar a lot, for a second I thought he was anwar

    Daniel lazicDaniel lazic17 hours ago
  • WTF! That was so amazingly unpredictable. Rudy, you're the best, and so were Anwar and Hannah. This is one of the greatest video ever👏😍.

    Jeshinix MyungEun KimJeshinix MyungEun Kim17 hours ago
  • ok, but who's the girl?

    GeniusGenius17 hours ago
  • I saw him on Netflix “Rim of the world” Who also saw him in that movie???

    Zquareroot TV.Zquareroot TV.17 hours ago
  • I'm really confused 😱

    Tony AzzamTony Azzam17 hours ago
  • She out he looking like Scarlett Johansson

    losa sakarosalosa sakarosa17 hours ago
  • I love how it just gradually got more synchronized the more human he got

    losa sakarosalosa sakarosa17 hours ago
  • Omfg the cinematography wow

    losa sakarosalosa sakarosa17 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂😂 when she got smashed by the bus I laughed so hard

    Maria QMaria Q17 hours ago
  • Wow anwar 💯

    Sankith GithsaraSankith Githsara18 hours ago
  • Who is the girl that played a girlfriend of Rudy?

    metal gearmetal gear18 hours ago
  • Fuck! Good plot twist

    Renzo BalaguerRenzo Balaguer18 hours ago
  • You have a house full of tech furniture and wide and work as a dish washer 😂😂😂😂😂😂btw nice video though

    Achilles 13Achilles 1318 hours ago
  • This was sad😢😢😢i literally almost cried

    Stephanie HoganStephanie Hogan18 hours ago
  • Can someone explain??

    Elenne CardonaElenne Cardona18 hours ago
  • I Love How Creative Rudy Is Always Impressive

    Written TeenWritten Teen18 hours ago
  • This is such a true message.Humans most of the time forget the ones who were there for yo when no one was.

    it's all about swagit's all about swag18 hours ago
  • A masterpiece.

    Spriha ShresthaSpriha Shrestha18 hours ago
  • This is so interesting to watch, I love you Rudy ❤️🤗

    Koko MmcKoko Mmc18 hours ago
  • I cried like 3 times

    Yarieliz ZayasYarieliz Zayas18 hours ago
  • This is a masterpiece. Like actually

    HellokekeHellokeke18 hours ago
  • A la ves estuvo cull pero me dio miedo

    Dillon PageDillon Page18 hours ago
  • The mirrow thing is aready invented

    Hope WorldHope World18 hours ago
  • Made me cry a little.

    Venezia AlatorreVenezia Alatorre19 hours ago
  • how can someone dislike this film? This is amazing

    Arena Osprey FilmArena Osprey Film19 hours ago
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