Couple Secretly Share Most Vulnerable Moments

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  • finally someone who's from Utah

    carebearcarebearDay ago

    Kevo50Kevo503 days ago
  • Bruh tell me why I have sims that look exactly like them and are dating

    JJFOREAL 30JJFOREAL 304 days ago
  • Khalif has changed since the David So videos

    darragh condondarragh condon6 days ago
  • I think it would be really cool to do a "could have been" segment with people who had the potential to be in a relationship and for whatever reason it didn't work and discuss it volunteer to be the first LOL

    Kitty KatKitty Kat7 days ago
  • Nothing shocks me than the comment section not knowing who Dia Frampton is. She was literally on top of the billboards chart at one point.

    Spymooping OvaltineSpymooping Ovaltine7 days ago
  • omg i havent seen her for so long! she was on the voice and i LOVED her! glad to see she’s in a happy relationship

    Taeyeons Jawline & GDragons CigaretteTaeyeons Jawline & GDragons Cigarette8 days ago
  • His eyes remind me of my dad’s. I just spoke to him after 15 years - I’m 22 now. I don’t know how to keep a relationship going with a dad, and other things in life have hardened my heart, so I don’t know if I’m able to interact with him with the emotions I would want to surface. Something in me hopes it doesn’t fade, but something in me doesn’t know how to maintain a relationship with him either. Old video, yeah, but I was just slightly moved to express myself when I saw this guy’s eyes.

    When Grapes PopWhen Grapes Pop8 days ago

    Emma IsaacEmma Isaac9 days ago
  • The cutest couple Ever!!!

    Sanjana DRajuSanjana DRaju10 days ago
  • Look up Meg & Dia Yellow Butterfly, or Monster you wont be disappointed :)

    LukeLuke10 days ago
  • anyone else immediately support her music?

    Paul FloraPaul Flora10 days ago
  • she has a song with illenium!!! btw its called needed you

    Saifuddin HussainSaifuddin Hussain11 days ago
  • Was wondering as to why Does looked so familiar and it's bc she was in a somewhat recent wongfu short!!

    pandalover1238pandalover123811 days ago
  • Khalif and Dia look like such a power couple omg😍💕

    pandalover1238pandalover123811 days ago

    pandalover1238pandalover123811 days ago
  • They're cute!!!!

    KizKiz11 days ago
  • Meg and Dia, Dia?? Holy crap! How beautiful is she? And I love how comfortable they are with sharing the most vulnerable sides of themselves.

    ringodaisy7ringodaisy712 days ago
  • I like how he rephrased “she used to be negative” to “you dont appreciate yourself enough”

    박진희박진희12 days ago
  • Video has me emotional about romantic stuff and then it goes and gets me emotional about my dad too! Goddamnit

    William SummyWilliam Summy12 days ago
  • I live in PA and tbh not a lot of us are concert people

    zekehbuzekehbu12 days ago
  • They are just so cute ,compliment each other very much.

    samri fsamri f12 days ago
  • her voice is really pretty

    Mlak H.Mlak H.12 days ago
  • Love This

    BjornFSEBjornFSE14 days ago

    Will MettlachWill Mettlach15 days ago
  • Dia reminds me of my girlfriend... just very quiet and self conscious. Unable to see how beautiful she is and how talented she is and life isn’t ticking. She needs to smile and learn to love herself just as much as she loves him and as he her...

    Dilly GamesDilly Games15 days ago
  • the love in his eyes for her is the purest things ever!

    Ay NamyeolAy Namyeol15 days ago
  • Thumbs up if you know her from the voice!!

    da.vvdda.vvd16 days ago
  • If I have a relationship with a girl like this one.. I will marry her as soon as possible. They are soulmates

    InTheNameOfOmanInTheNameOfOman18 days ago
  • omg I used to love her music in middle school we ✈️ re-stan

    streetsaheadstreetsahead19 days ago
  • This is too beautiful and it left with the uncomfortable feeling that I'm intruding something so intimate. The end broke me because just... The way they talked and looked at eachother; it makes me feel regretful that not everyone will find something so deep like they have had. But I am genuinely happy that these two have found eachother and created something so beautiful.

    SociallyAwkwardJhayySociallyAwkwardJhayy20 days ago
  • This is one of my favorite videos on US-vision! 😭

    Ty HaguewoodTy Haguewood20 days ago
  • Que monos y que guapos que son !!!

    Erika HudsonErika Hudson20 days ago
  • In LA every other person is ACTOR or ACTRESS and yet the never held any role in movie or on TV or even on stage... Wtf

    Manfred MansteinManfred Manstein20 days ago
  • SHE IS IN MEG AND DIA??? No freaking way I loved them in middle school I am not even joking!!!!! What the heck!!!

    Teresa QTeresa Q22 days ago
  • They talk in a better, more loving language together; it's beautiful ✨💞

    Divya KesarDivya Kesar22 days ago
  • and.....they broke up next month

    Mike MessiahMike Messiah22 days ago
  • Khalif from DavidsoComedy omg

    UniqueUnique22 days ago
  • AWH! The singing at the end... You can feel their love and vibes

    SMichélSMichél23 days ago
  • Sioooo freakin cute ❤️🥰

    Pri CyPri Cy23 days ago
  • are they broken up? they post nothing together anymore

    LotusLotus23 days ago
  • Okay but does anyone know that she was on the voice. Like, go look her up!!!

    Esther SEsther S24 days ago
  • here is where I get to see the most beautiful tears in my life

    JJ24 days ago
  • And my fav song at the end

    Feriel SerfagFeriel Serfag24 days ago
  • that last sequence of them singing together made me smile so much. hope we all find love like that

    David JavierDavid Javier24 days ago
  • She kinda looks a bit like jenna coleman

    Syam RasidSyam Rasid25 days ago

    Artsy DrawingsArtsy Drawings25 days ago
  • Khalif should have talked about in on genius brain

    6PRaD0Active6PRaD0Active25 days ago
  • "My name is Dia Frampton" Welp, wasn't expecting this crossover. I remember her from The Voice

    Chaos KnightChaos Knight25 days ago
  • She was on the voice a while ago

    Kennedy DezsoKennedy Dezso25 days ago
  • Dia is amazing!

    Gabriel Lopes de AmorimGabriel Lopes de Amorim25 days ago
  • Khalif is the man, I remember him years ago With David So. Dia just looks so familiar, but I can't remember where, but I'm sure it's US-vision as well.

    Kevin VarugheseKevin Varughese25 days ago
    • Kevin Varughese The Voice most likely 😊

      Esther SEsther S24 days ago
  • WTF

    Micah WoodMicah Wood25 days ago
  • PSA for White women. This worked for Dia, but do not think your can grab a Black person’s hair and it’ll turn out Happily Ever-After lol

    mbealhighjumpmbealhighjump25 days ago
  • Wtf happened at the end

    ViluxteaViluxtea26 days ago
  • from utah but drinks makes no sense

    WillDaBeastWillDaBeast26 days ago
    • not everyone is Mormon in Utah dumbie

      Rag BangRag Bang26 days ago
  • Why am I crying... idek them But damn that’s one beautiful couple

    Mitsuko HamidMitsuko Hamid26 days ago
  • It kinda looks like they aren't together anymore by her instagram

    Smallz1014Smallz101427 days ago

    Gabriella GongoraGabriella Gongora27 days ago
  • 2:01 internalized misogyny is definitely a thing

    Amelie JaspartAmelie Jaspart27 days ago
  • No one kissed him with their tongue when he was growing up, I think that may be a slight blessing?

    Elliott PrendyElliott Prendy27 days ago
    • 😂😂😂👏Ikr

      Mwaniki MwanikiMwaniki Mwaniki25 days ago
  • I think this one is my favorite ❤️

    Nyssa JayNyssa Jay29 days ago
  • I feel so sad after watching this 😭

    ar feelsar feels29 days ago
  • Her face when he said home 🥺

    AdamariAdamari29 days ago
  • Beautiful couple

    ArielAlflaloArtArielAlflaloArt29 days ago
  • Auuuugghhhhhhhh

    Austin DanielsAustin DanielsMonth ago
  • He's David So friend 💯

    Aaron SmithAaron SmithMonth ago

    Rifdah Az ZahraRifdah Az ZahraMonth ago
  • BOI! isnt she the one from meg and dia? soooo many memories~

    Moatz AbuTiaaMoatz AbuTiaaMonth ago
  • Love these two!

    HalliwellSonHalliwellSonMonth ago
Couple Secretly Share Most Vulnerable Moments