Could Your Phone Hurt You? Electromagnetic Pollution

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Electricity is all around us, all the time. It makes our lives easier, safer, more fun and most of us never think about it. But is there such a thing as too much electricity? Electronic devices emit an electromagnetic field, which is suspected to cause cancer. We read countless sources on this topic to summarize the results of the latest research for you.

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  • Can phone radiation hurt you? No! Case closed. *Sponsored by cellphone companies

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  • electrostatic fields can cause dna changes for more information read about time of day code. So if electrostatic fields can cause that, why not electromagnetic fields? The planet btw has its own ... If we think we dont change ourselves with that technologie in what way ever then we do not have the long-term effects in mind.

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  • People who complain about devices hurting their heads are probably right, but for different reasons. Staring at a screen makes you blink less often which can make your eyes feel dry and make you feel tired. Many appliances emit very quiet high-frequency sounds that can occasionally cause discomfort. It’s also well documented that staring at cell phones can cause eye damage and headaches just from the fact that you’re staring at a bright object that is too close to your face to comfortably focus on.

    KradrlingKradrling14 hours ago
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  • Don't forget guys, correlation always means causation

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  • This channel is a perfect example of Scientism Religion

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    • It does absolutely completely nothing at all you retarded boob, I've been growing many types of plants indoors for years now next to my high powered wifi gaming router. Back to school, you go!

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  • I am pretty disappointed by this one. The "argument" amounts to whataboutism. "can phones hurt you? Here's some things you should also be worried about!" WHO CARES. The science currently says "no" to the "problem" of electrosmog, and that should be the message. It's not that other things are *more* harmful. The other things have nothing to do with the validity of electrosmog claims.

    Emiliano HeynsEmiliano HeynsDay ago
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Could Your Phone Hurt You? Electromagnetic Pollution