College Kids React To Try Not To Get Mad Challenge (Game Of Thrones, Lil Pump)

Try Not To Get Mad Challenge Reacted to by College Kids. Original links below.
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College Kids React to the Try Not To Get Mad Challenge. Watch to see
their reactions.
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College Kids React To Try Not To Get Mad Challenge (Game Of Thrones, Lil Pump)



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    FBEFBE5 days ago
    • FBE I’m this comments 500th like

      Sashy SushiSashy Sushi2 hours ago
    • GOT ..what?

      Mine NOTursMine NOTurs2 days ago
    • Pls

      Jeni&YasminJeni&Yasmin3 days ago
  • Lord This First one is the hell

    Alexa MoonlightAlexa MoonlightHour ago
  • I would do it i would mess the bloom -just kidding-

    roblox fanroblox fanHour ago
  • * Gucci gang intensifies *

    LauraLauraHour ago
  • Ethan held up 😂

    Casandra DavidCasandra David2 hours ago
  • Austin is cute 😍

    Casandra DavidCasandra David2 hours ago
  • I like to make fun of dumb poeple 2:54

    Dead boy Cut skinDead boy Cut skin2 hours ago
  • I don't get it.

    Umair ShamsuddinUmair Shamsuddin4 hours ago
  • that last one is hilarious. thats the comedy i miss lol

    Anthony BundyAnthony Bundy4 hours ago
  • Gucci gang first time I heard that song

    Aoi MayfieldAoi Mayfield5 hours ago
  • 7:50 i love her hair but its so poofy, you always ask "Where are the headphones"😂

    OoF cOoKiEsOoF cOoKiEs5 hours ago
  • Bruh that movie trailer is funny as hell, and too real lmao.

    Ryan RosenRyan Rosen5 hours ago
  • Lol it's funny because minorities are catered to now so it makes sence

    stewart gamesstewart games5 hours ago
  • twitter got mad at that trailer? i saw nothing wrong with it at all.

    beastdudebeastdude7 hours ago
    • They get mad at the film sorry to bother you?

      tomfromtomfrom3 hours ago
    • beastdude agreed

      John CJohn C4 hours ago
    • Agreed. It's a movie so it's not like they are making a statement. It's comedy so no reason to take it serious.

      JustHereForPopcornJustHereForPopcorn5 hours ago
    • Tbh

      SavageCabbage420SavageCabbage4207 hours ago
  • rating each video based on how enraging it was to me: Gucci Gang: 7/10 it's iconic when it shouldn't be. one of the more challenging vids in this compiilation Flowers: 5/10 it's meh GOT: 6.5/10 i have never felt interested in watching that show, but just showing spoilers by itself is kinda enraging, i guess Loqueesha: 6/10 doesn't enrage me personally, but i get why it enrages others

    Interjectional IceInterjectional Ice7 hours ago

    panda Roblox Gamingpanda Roblox Gaming7 hours ago
  • If you want to get the people mad you just show this sweater 3:47 to them... Such a disrespect

    Raniero CapitilloRaniero Capitillo7 hours ago
  • buddy if u wanted to get people mad just show the ending of endgame they'd literally just up and walk out of there

    Clyde KyeClyde Kye8 hours ago
  • I dont watch game of throne also

    jupi hazeljupi hazel8 hours ago
  • I'm mad with the Metallica font

    Harlee NqHarlee Nq10 hours ago
  • Game of thrones could have ended better

    LokiLoki10 hours ago
  • Have them react to Hillary Clinton and AOC "code switching" to see if the reactions are similar to that movie trailer

    Eric KirbyEric Kirby11 hours ago
    • Of course they won't be. Hilary and AOC can do no wrong to them.

      Mike HuntMike HuntHour ago
  • Austin is so obviously just mad that his music isn't getting him anywhere so he takes it out on pump rather than admitting his success is up to him That's fucking sad bro

    Andrew MarshallAndrew Marshall11 hours ago
    • How is repeating Gucci Gang over and over good "music"?

      Mike HuntMike HuntHour ago
    • Yes I want to listen to a guy say two words over while walking a sitting that's what I call good music

      Sharkeee GamingSharkeee Gaming4 hours ago
    • Lil Pump's music is pretty fucking garbage dude. Austin has a point

      LoofyLoofy8 hours ago
    • No. He just said there's no talent put in it. Before calling someone out, maybe actually listen.

      Umbaka BusinessUmbaka Business9 hours ago
  • 9:10 if they played gucci gang as their last vid 😂

    Bryant MBryant M12 hours ago
  • Adults or college kids react to cuco

    Araliz MartinezAraliz Martinez12 hours ago
  • where is the skip ahead option?

    pitt2012pitt201214 hours ago
    • what i had to just click ahead on the vid?

      pitt2012pitt201214 hours ago
  • I like ethan

    SushiSushi15 hours ago
  • kostas literally said the same thing last time

    Ryan ReyesRyan Reyes16 hours ago
  • Shit, im a "minority" myself and i find that trailer hilarious lmao

    BJ MoraleSS OfficialBJ MoraleSS Official16 hours ago
    • Everyone is a minority in some sorta way

      Dab VitorDab Vitor5 hours ago
    • BJ MoraleSS Official same 😂 shit was funny

      Toxic-_-BadazzToxic-_-Badazz10 hours ago
  • If i was the tiger i will eat him alive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead

    Not HumanNot Human16 hours ago
  • F*** that! She didnt deserve the happy ending! She didnt deserve to die with the man she loved. GAH

    RedneckGurl GamerRedneckGurl Gamer17 hours ago
  • the trailer is hilarious y’all are just sensitive 🙄

    chiseakichiseaki17 hours ago
    • you find it funny but please don't judge someone on how they feel. their feelings are not validated through you. it is a bit touchy so i see why people would be upset a little. 🤷‍♀️

      BOBA BITcHBOBA BITcH15 hours ago
    • Because You're Not Affected... You're not the one Making fun of..

      Jinnhei TuanJinnhei Tuan17 hours ago
    • 📠

      AndreAndre17 hours ago

    Hunter BrennanHunter Brennan17 hours ago
  • Is it just me, or is Sabrina’s skin completely white

    blake traslerblake trasler17 hours ago
  • The people getting mad are the ones who would do the flower thing

    Brett FrostBrett Frost17 hours ago
  • The clip where the audio cut out, and then blares back in again is HORRIBLE for your reacters ears, since they are wearing headphones. Please don't ever, ever do this again. Sincerely, Someone w/ tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hearing loss.

    TheUbergamerTheUbergamer18 hours ago
    • TheUbergamer earrape=quality content

      Big Daddy Bob DuncanBig Daddy Bob Duncan17 hours ago
  • Brittany and Ethan are chill af

    Ronni SnyderRonni Snyder18 hours ago
  • I don’t rlly like Ethan... he’s just too blunt and cocky

    Jason ShanJason Shan18 hours ago
  • Mumble rap is trash

    SamuelD1SamuelD118 hours ago
  • Gucci Gang

    Matthew DealMatthew Deal18 hours ago
  • Sabrina D. More like Sabrina can get the D

    Kiki TorresKiki Torres18 hours ago
  • Tom is so dreamy

    Rheanna MarieRheanna Marie18 hours ago
  • React to The Git Up

    PrincessAdelPrincessAdel19 hours ago
  • 3:59 finnaly someone with a brain

    Daniel GarcíaDaniel García19 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who didn't give a shit about the poppy flowers?

    Liam EarlyLiam Early19 hours ago
    • I hate you.

      Heyit'sBella !Heyit'sBella !13 hours ago
  • The second video didn't made me mad, i love the flowers on the grass. 💗🌺🌼💐🌸💮🏵🌹🌻 I wonder why the people would get mad at that. 🤔

    Pennywise 2017Pennywise 201720 hours ago
    • because they are killing thousens of flowers for a fucking stupid shity Photo

      Daniel GarcíaDaniel García19 hours ago
    • @Droppeq OW Oh, i get it. That would make me mad a little but it's just showing the people in the video with a lot of flowers on it. So i understand what you're saying.

      Pennywise 2017Pennywise 201719 hours ago
    • Pennywise 2017 because the people where destroying the flowers

      Droppeq OWDroppeq OW19 hours ago
  • I actually thought the trailer was pretty funny

    Shampoo ShowShampoo Show20 hours ago
    • @Alex Morales I guess, I mean to me it's a little insulting but comedy/humor is subjective so cool beans

      LunaRaiLunaRai16 hours ago
    • @LunaRai it's a comedy. That easy

      Alex MoralesAlex Morales16 hours ago
    • @Alex Morales But why do you think it's funny

      LunaRaiLunaRai17 hours ago
    • @LunaRai because it's funny.

      Alex MoralesAlex Morales17 hours ago
  • Fbe: *puts gucci gang* Me: breaks my moms headphones Me: oh s* im gettin my a* beat

    1 Tuna1 Tuna21 hour ago
  • Ethan is chill AF. Briana seems like she needs to get out into the real world more. No, your life isn't instantly easier because you're a "straight, white male"

    KyrisKyris22 hours ago
    • @FelixFerris III as a straight white male I disagree

      Alex MoralesAlex Morales17 hours ago
  • Everyone's so mad over the movie. Like fucking chill it's a MOVIE. Ffs

    Corinne BiersackCorinne Biersack22 hours ago
  • The next don't sing do the All That theme song

    Clappie GamingClappie Gaming23 hours ago
  • LOQUEESHA!!! I want to see that show

    Johnny SkinwalkerJohnny Skinwalker23 hours ago
  • Contestants: breathe FBE:❎❎❎

    Dr. CubeDr. Cube23 hours ago
  • sounded like coochie gang

    jello jellojello jello23 hours ago
  • i love watching snowflakes getting mad lmao

    Luis NicholsonLuis Nicholson23 hours ago
    • ikr

      Johnny SkinwalkerJohnny Skinwalker23 hours ago
  • I like these shows typically but. This one actually makes me mad! LOL what makes me mad is how shallow this whole thing is. none of these things they're showing make me mad, they are inconsequential. if inconsequential things make you mad then what happens when something really important is wrong, like the government we have right now. Now that makes me mad

    hitdannyboyhitdannyboy23 hours ago
  • React to STEPHEN WONDERBOY THOMPSON mma highlights pleaseee.

    Johnathan Peppard GamingJohnathan Peppard GamingDay ago
  • Tom though 😂

    Alisha PatelAlisha PatelDay ago
  • The rage after season 8 is still there. Palpatine is pleased.

    CavpalCavpalDay ago
  • I shouted "NO!" when they showed that GOT clip. You can't build up Jaime's character arc over ten YEARS THEN TAKE IT ALL AWAY IN ONE EPISODE. NO.

    Rane A.Rane A.Day ago
    • Well they did, so...

      Gretchluver1Gretchluver122 hours ago
  • Tom could not have said it any better about GOT. That last season had me BIG MAD.

    Caracake c:Caracake c:Day ago
  • The last movie was meh. It was meant to be offensive is how I see it.

    mazvita selemanimazvita selemaniDay ago
  • That movie looked funny to me though, shit had me laughing.

    KinDrake DunneKinDrake DunneDay ago
    • That shit was fucking hilarious. Absolutely gonna see it

      Jason DeenJason DeenDay ago
  • 11:35 when she said a straight white man, I lost my shit

    Hagoromo KuramaHagoromo KuramaDay ago
    • what does that mean i lost my crap im stupid

      ꧁༺ imayelogrr ARMY ༻꧂꧁༺ imayelogrr ARMY ༻꧂21 hour ago
    • Same

      Johnathan Peppard GamingJohnathan Peppard GamingDay ago
  • Ethan is one of the few college kids with more than 10 IQ lmao

    Kaptein SaftblanderKaptein SaftblanderDay ago
  • You guys should react to the Netflix limited series when they see us

    Saidie AndradeSaidie AndradeDay ago
  • I am part of the 2 population that doesn't, see it I do not see it also

    isrrael herreraisrrael herreraDay ago
  • *what the F do you guys see in Game Of Thrones? Its a stupid Fantasy movie....*

    EdinTGTEdinTGTDay ago
    • Fantasy is just a genre, there's nothing wrong about it and GOT is actually pretty realistic (the books at least)

      Andrea O.Andrea O.20 hours ago
    • Right! It’s honestly trash 😂

      Camryn FuhrmanCamryn Fuhrman22 hours ago
  • Shit, they using the metallica glitch logo on some shitty hoodies :(

    Riku NRiku NDay ago
  • they heard it (the gucci gang one) literally a few times. we heard it so many times.

    big minionbig minionDay ago
  • Do Generations React to Motionless in White - Disguise (Full Album Reaction) !!! PLEASE !!!

    Radoslav YordanovRadoslav YordanovDay ago
  • The Last trailer was super funny😂😂

    Goran StefanoskiGoran StefanoskiDay ago
    • It reminded me of the Louis CK skit on SNL

      plushpuppy32plushpuppy32Day ago
  • Anyone who didn't get offended from the last trailer, HIGH FIVE!!

    Chandler Muriel BingChandler Muriel BingDay ago
    • @Yuri Boyka Tell me about it!

      Chandler Muriel BingChandler Muriel Bing6 hours ago
    • These kids are just way too brain dead and sensitive.

      Yuri BoykaYuri Boyka7 hours ago
    • It's unironically entertaining

      Captain RandomCaptain RandomDay ago
  • React to The Sacred Riana PLEASEEE!!!!!

    Andreas SilaenAndreas SilaenDay ago
  • I’m mad because my mom took my iPad and not letting me watch FBE

    Black ScreenBlack ScreenDay ago
  • 5:15 mah girl 😂

    CrystalEyesCrystalEyesDay ago
  • Austin was 1 more mad to be close to a post office shooter lmao

    Robert RiosRobert RiosDay ago
  • Me too I am part of the 2% who has never watched this but it looks cool

    Mohammed Zaid AbbasMohammed Zaid AbbasDay ago

    Bangtan LoverBangtan LoverDay ago
  • 2:35 i'm not being a jerk or something,but i don't get mad much,but y'know i don't kn ow why when i saw this i was imagining the flower were like ''heeellllpppppppp!!~'',i'm sorry.... may you rest in peace...

    yui ishimaruyui ishimaruDay ago
  • Me and Ethan are cool, he gets it

    MrKaje72MrKaje72Day ago
  • I honestly don’t get how you can get mad at a try not to get mad challenge. These clips were not upsetting at all

    Metalleon 24Metalleon 24Day ago
    • @i hate everything how was that sad

      Clover_ Pay2WinClover_ Pay2WinDay ago
    • Metalleon 24 the poppies was pretty sad though

      i hate everythingi hate everythingDay ago
    • Metalleon 24 not even the poppies?

      Annie GoldbergAnnie GoldbergDay ago
  • Ethan is really a smart guy.

    chucku00chucku00Day ago
  • Wheresss Brandon??

    Alan MartinezAlan MartinezDay ago
  • That last movie trailer was fucking funny lol

    KillertrollKillertrollDay ago
    • @Oyinkansola Adegoju it was. It was pretty funny

      Alex MoralesAlex Morales17 hours ago
    • ik right

      scorpionoscorpionoDay ago
  • 2:00 *facts*

    Elora BacaElora BacaDay ago
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahhaa

    Jendrick PalleraJendrick PalleraDay ago
  • Bruh these guys are high asf

    quik-ezquik-ezDay ago
  • For anyone curious you can watch loquessha for free if you have an amazon prime membership in case anyone is curious

    Aaron BondyAaron BondyDay ago
    • Aight thanks

      hazim ahmedhazim ahmedDay ago
  • Have them react to the Beatles

    Planet GamerPlanet GamerDay ago
  • i have to say Ethans reaction to the final one was very truthful

    The TerryThe TerryDay ago
  • Can you please have them react to Declan McKenna.

    Siblana Bespoke Event DesignSiblana Bespoke Event DesignDay ago
  • Ethan cut his hair thinking we wouldn't remember him

    God of Destruction BeerusGod of Destruction BeerusDay ago
  • Try to touch challange!!!!!!!

    Angel MondragonAngel MondragonDay ago
  • The third time they played Gucci gang I started cracking up🤣

    KateKateDay ago
  • if you got mad at the last one you are stupid. if you said some dumb shit about "white privilge" times 3.

    urlastchance1urlastchance1Day ago
  • Has anyone else never watched Game of Thrones?

    WingWingDay ago
    • @Wing I watched about 4 episodes didn't interest me

      Clover_ Pay2WinClover_ Pay2WinDay ago
    • I have never watched x'D

      Ennie MochiEnnie MochiDay ago
    • @Nestor_7 10 same

      WingWingDay ago
    • @Nestor_7 10 dame

      WingWingDay ago
  • What made me mad was how these tools didn't understand Jamie's storyline but insist the writers just "threw it all out". Nah. You guys just haven't paid any attention. lol

    Matt StarkMatt StarkDay ago
    • @Elijah Foltz Except I don't HAVE to explain anything to you. My initial post wasn't even directed at you. So why would I have to answer to you? lol

      Matt StarkMatt Stark19 hours ago
    • @Andrea O. Nope. I'm just honestly too lazy to explain it. It's 10:30 at night. I'm not going to write a short summary on how Jaimie Lannister's story arc came full circle in those last couple episodes of Thrones. If you don't get it, you don't get it. I'm not going to lecture you on how you're wrong. But I will point out that you are wrong in hopes that it'll give you some motivation to use your own brain. *shrug*

      Matt StarkMatt Stark19 hours ago
    • @Matt Stark That's the answer people give when they don't have arguments lol

      Andrea O.Andrea O.20 hours ago
    • @Matt Stark Beat you to it, bucko. Watched every episode already. Still need to explain yourself. You don't claim things without giving your reasoning. That's not how it works, dude.

      Elijah FoltzElijah Foltz20 hours ago
  • 1:29 my dumb cousin one time went with a weedwacker and almost got arrested

    AbstractGrvtifiedAbstractGrvtifiedDay ago
  • how long can you watch c-span

    Coco RulerCoco RulerDay ago
College Kids React To Try Not To Get Mad Challenge (Game Of Thrones, Lil Pump)