Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit

In episode four of 'Making Perfect,' Andy and Chris (and substitute chef Molly) search high and low in New York City for the perfect pizza toppings. Is less more when adding toppings to a pizza? Are there any toppings everybody can agree on?
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Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit



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    Bon AppétitBon Appétit2 days ago
  • I remember that day from the weather haha

    Ben BerkowitzBen BerkowitzHour ago
  • Finally Claire is here

    Cee EnnCee Enn2 hours ago
  • These two mexicans really know how to cook!!! Nice!

    Ken RasconKen Rascon3 hours ago
  • And they never ate pizza again. Seriously so much respect to the whole BA kitchen for putting in the time to test every single ingredient to find the perfect pie.

    Victoria SmithVictoria Smith4 hours ago
  • Speck!

    IlikeMemesIlikeMemes8 hours ago
  • Very nice, but mushrooms are not plants, they are mushroom...

    Hirundo ArvensisHirundo Arvensis10 hours ago
  • "say it the right way" but the way he's saying it isn't right either, lol

    panggop jiopanggop jio11 hours ago
  • Why do Americans call pizza, pie?

    Kate DohertyKate Doherty11 hours ago
  • chris, andy, and claire: doing nothing chris, andy, and claire: absolutely nothing brad: [ small inhale ] EVERYONE IN THE TEST KITCHEN: *oh GOD* brad: :)

    Erebus MorbusErebus Morbus11 hours ago
  • I’m loving this series but I can’t help but scream “just blow under it!!” at my phone while everyone butchers their pies trying to get them on the peel. You literally just lift the edge and blow under the blank, trapping an air bubble that will lift the pie just enough to allow easy movement when transferred off the board. Crucial but little-known pro-tip.

    jameseglavin4jameseglavin414 hours ago
  • Andy is the worst person alive. So god damn annoying

    john johnnyjohn johnny17 hours ago
  • Ugh, that bite that Alex took out of the pizza, though... Damn. That looked so good!

    MichelleisculMichelleiscul18 hours ago
  • i loved seeing brad in this video :'))

    peaches n creampeaches n cream19 hours ago
  • Chris is soooo adorable when he's trying to get the pizza onto the peel for the first time

    Christine MonteroChristine Montero19 hours ago
  • i never knew it takes 3 min to cook a pizza...

    Pirate - PeachPirate - Peach19 hours ago
  • 21:27 Craggy Jaggy Peaks sounds like a name for a rock or country band.

    N.B. KristjanssonN.B. Kristjansson20 hours ago
  • Can we just talk about the way Chris says anchovies?

    Cassidy CruzCassidy Cruz21 hour ago
  • wonder if it's a persian thing to pronounce it like "martodella" instead of "mortadella" parents say it the same way!

    Shabnam SalekShabnam Salek21 hour ago

    RosesofVersaillesRosesofVersailles22 hours ago
  • “He is a pepperoni cup kind of guy”, HAHAHA I LOVE MOLLY !😂

    diego xavierdiego xavier22 hours ago
  • temperature of that electric oven in celsiuses please

    Drone SpencerDrone Spencer23 hours ago
  • all of you like wack pizza too though

    Nerdy LisetteNerdy Lisette23 hours ago
  • Love Molly's power move of being mean to the boss

    Luke WebsterLuke WebsterDay ago
  • Claire's face @ 35:14 in reaction to Andy lmaooo

    mbsaxman600mbsaxman600Day ago
  • I can’t believe Oregano wasn’t even an option 💔 or Sage

    Zoe BeneferZoe BeneferDay ago
  • "say it the right way" but the way he's saying it isn't right either, lol

    TheICEgirl6100TheICEgirl6100Day ago
  • Nobody: Chris Morocco: Anchivies

    jovanna krukowjovanna krukowDay ago
  • No swedish style kebab pizza NOT IMPRESSED

    TheFarbautTheFarbautDay ago
  • Who’s their boss??

    Just SomeoneJust SomeoneDay ago
  • 29:37

    Maja TørstadMaja TørstadDay ago
  • I'm sorry, I love you Claire, but this dough recipe is stupid XD 7:48

    Bryan KendricBryan KendricDay ago

      Bryan KendricBryan KendricDay ago
  • Brad: I really like the speck. Andy: Explodes in excitement

    Acer ChangAcer ChangDay ago
  • I’m mad they didn’t try the pineapple 🍍😠

    Karla GastelumKarla GastelumDay ago
  • How to live when this series is over :(

    lovestarbucksiloveitlovestarbucksiloveitDay ago
  • My die hard pure Sicilian family, still after living on this earth with them for 25 years continues to hate me for not liking anchovies

    AJCAJCDay ago
  • I can’t believe it took this many calzones for them to switch from metal to wood peel

    andi murielandi murielDay ago
  • Every time Alex pops up on any BA episode I’m watching * In my head * *_Brad: de-LAY-NEY!!!!_*

    Ilyana MirandaIlyana MirandaDay ago
  • "Can I put an egg on it?"

    Ariana NapierAriana NapierDay ago
  • the title SHOULD be chris and andy (and molly) try to make the perfect pizza toppings

    Vincent KellyVincent KellyDay ago
  • the one thing i wish they had tried was super thin calabrese hot salami. it's next level

    Vincent KellyVincent KellyDay ago
  • Andy’s chaotic energy paired with Chris’s neutral energy is such fun time.

    Emily VearEmily VearDay ago
  • Half way through watching this, I read the comments. LOL the jokes and things people notice and comment on, makes this even more fun.

    D R-KD R-KDay ago
  • I like how Claire’s “the dough can sense your fear” made it through the grapevine

    Addisyn AdkinsAddisyn AdkinsDay ago
  • I wasn't aware people actually ate anchovies...? Especially on pizza? And mushrooms? Egh...

    EmilyEmily2 days ago
  • Why maitake? These mushrooms have an English name: hen of the woods.

    MistahMatzahMistahMatzah2 days ago
  • Love ba but molly had her episode i wanted this to be all abt chrissss he has the smartest pallet

    Daman BathDaman Bath2 days ago
  • Claire coming in just being Claire got me happy and well

  • Claire's phrase trending on this series is life! lol I love Claire

    Mya MoranMya Moran2 days ago
  • Spoiler alert! Priya sighting! 32:24

    Gus AgustinGus Agustin2 days ago
  • complaining about pineapple but putting mortadella on pizza...

    Nie MandNie Mand2 days ago
  • Someone said Andy's neck is longer than a Monday on a video a while back and I can't stop thinking about that

    fka.fka.2 days ago
  • The fact that Chris is pro pineapple proves that it’s a good topping for pizza

    Jordan MarrsJordan Marrs2 days ago
  • I really like the series, but I just gotta say.. not enough toppings and a heavy bias towards toppings. Toppings are very subjective, so I understand you gotta just choose a few to make an episode, but they leaned heavily towards mortadella, and maybe mushrooms. Like others are saying: prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, so many other veggies, etc.

    RevuhRevuh2 days ago
  • Hi test kitchen, due to watching these I really wanted pizza. I went out of the house and got some and it started storming on the way and a tree fell on my car. YALLS FAULT I BLAME YOU skskksks

    Ashlee MillerAshlee Miller2 days ago
  • Chris is gold! The way he reacted to the "no mushrooms" is so me.

    Danny GanelinDanny Ganelin2 days ago
  • God I want like actual quality pizza so bad right now after binging all of this series! I like have barely eaten Italian style aka thin crust pizza that isn’t like frozen pizza and god I want to after this but like where lol

    fangirlvstheuniversefangirlvstheuniverse2 days ago
  • I got to say I LOVE this series you guys did. and just in time for me to attempt to make pizza on my own too. Thanks for all the tips and Much Love from an avid viewer.

    Gilbert JacobsGilbert Jacobs2 days ago
  • that peel drop at 9:58 tho

    jonko saurusjonko saurus2 days ago
  • The BALLS on Molly (in jokingly way) ''Okey, you are done here'' to the big boss/editor in chief @18:39 WAS EVERYTHING.

    H PH P2 days ago
  • duuuude, the one think y'all shoul've learned by now is *_the dough smells your feeaaarrr_*

    Itiel LópezItiel López2 days ago
  • This series is like a sneak peek of how professional chefs create their own recipes. It's great, please make other dishes as well!

    Dilys CheongDilys Cheong2 days ago
  • who is topping?

    張俞騁張俞騁2 days ago
  • Regret watching this at 1:30 in the morning cause now I’m hungry when I’m suppose to be sleeping

    Alison WongAlison Wong2 days ago
  • 35:55 you can basically hear the studio audience applause kskkfkdjskflds

    gendertoads !gendertoads !2 days ago
    • spot on. I'm surprised he didn't slide into frame.

      kosmicfoolkosmicfool21 hour ago
  • Claire at 35:15 is my favorite part of this series so far

    CowboydjrobotCowboydjrobot2 days ago
  • Im so sad Chris didn't make a pineapple pie

    ToN1cToN1c2 days ago
  • Molly and Chris are the perfect Team

    ToN1cToN1c2 days ago
  • Gimme the next episode pleaseeeee!

    wintang warastriwintang warastri2 days ago
  • BA merch pitch: wooden peel with "the dough can sense your fear" engraved on it

    JennaJenna2 days ago
  • Did this series end? What happened to the final pizza with everyone involved? Please I need closure :)

    Elizabeth BellElizabeth Bell2 days ago
  • I need more info on these pickled chilies. What kinda chilies? Are they just in vinegar? What kind of vinegar?

    Stephen HolderStephen Holder2 days ago
  • where’s the new one? i need final pizza

    Magali Stowell AlemánMagali Stowell Alemán2 days ago
  • will there be a final episode? and if so when i thought it was every Wednesday even though this one was not for some reason

    iglo popiglo pop2 days ago
  • how does andy's arm hairs not get in the food?

    Adrian CastilloAdrian Castillo2 days ago
  • Das ist kein Speck

    Patrick WaldPatrick Wald2 days ago
  • Awesome series. Super fun, super funny, super informative. Perfect.

    Christopher RaffChristopher Raff2 days ago
  • Should make a final episode to the pizza series to summarise all the steps and the best pizza recipe

    YashWiggleYashWiggle2 days ago
  • Wheres the final episode???

    shainRylieshainRylie2 days ago
  • chris morocco is right about pineapple

    Cyborg OstrichCyborg Ostrich2 days ago
  • When is the next episode coming!? AHHH I can't wait any longer!

    HatchHatch2 days ago
  • Brad, Alex, and the freakin' EDITOR IN CHIEF all say Pepperoni. Molly just rolls her eyes at anything that's not Motadella or 'nduja. Not blaming her for loving those things, but she could atleast be more open to testing the other ingredients.

    Amateur HedonistAmateur Hedonist2 days ago

    Lily MeLily Me2 days ago
  • LMAO!!!

    mcafee1971mcafee19712 days ago
  • I love how Molly is just a cheese artisan now, walked up and pulled apart the cheese and gave an analysis w so much CONFIDENCE

    Mindy H.Mindy H.2 days ago
  • But where is the last episode!!!!??????!!?!??!????!!

    Martha CalcuttMartha Calcutt3 days ago
  • Yay for pineapples

    Axelle Bédard-GagnéAxelle Bédard-Gagné3 days ago
  • Is it coming together yet?

    Sean WongSean Wong3 days ago
  • Summon the next video!

    Kurtis LynettKurtis Lynett3 days ago
  • It's THURSDAY!!!! Where's the last ep to this series guys?

    TheLorotalastellaTheLorotalastella3 days ago
  • Was this supposed to be the finale? I thought there would be one last episode. Am i just being impatient lol?

    Sarah DownsSarah Downs3 days ago
  • Whoever wrote the "no mushrooms" sticky gets me

    QuiznosBearQuiznosBear3 days ago
  • This is my fav series you've ever done, its so engaging!

    neojngneojng3 days ago
  • Is this the Last EP? Pls noooo

    GimpmakerFullGerGimpmakerFullGer3 days ago
  • *Chicken has left the chat.* *Brisket has left the chat* *Bacon has left the chat* *Gyro has left the chat*

    Desmeon JacksonDesmeon Jackson3 days ago
  • Too Many Cooks - Pizza Edition

    Los SatanosLos Satanos3 days ago
  • I'm pursuing my 'chef' dream and these contents motivate me more to be a chef. I want to cook there with them.

    Sean NicholsonSean Nicholson3 days ago
  • I was almost disappointed that "the dough can sense your fear" wouldn't be mentioned.

    Caleb AbrairaCaleb Abraira3 days ago
  • just make the pizza on the peel jesus christ

    LAMF2009LAMF20093 days ago
    • oh wait you figured it out

      LAMF2009LAMF20093 days ago
  • We’re waiting next episode! I’m loving this serie and them! I may never do this pizza, but still hehe.

    Carlos Gabriel Forero MartínezCarlos Gabriel Forero Martínez3 days ago
Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit