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Christopher Nolan at Cannes - by Georges Biard
J.J. Abrams at Star Trek Beyond Japan Premiere - by Dick Thomas Johnson
IMAX Theater at Paragon Cineplex - by Khemkhaeng



  • I wonder what resolution we really see at if we are able to notice these differences.

    dmaster225dmaster225Hour ago
  • It would be cool if he could break down the cg in Terminator 3 with the crane chase scene and break up the cg used in it. I have some ideas of where but it would be interesting to see what he comes up with.

    dmaster225dmaster225Hour ago
  • What about cicret bracelet?

    V MV M3 hours ago
  • i just realised pixel means picture

    Car PalCar Pal6 hours ago
  • fake right?

    Harry van de SunwebHarry van de Sunweb10 hours ago
  • i watched this vid in 480p and I thought it was hd

    Chigozie IlozueChigozie Ilozue10 hours ago
  • can we make September 17th national Captain Disillusion Day?

    Bonnie 12 Y12Bonnie 12 Y1210 hours ago
  • Hey captain I know this is late but can you debunk the miss pong show?

    BappoBappo11 hours ago
  • why doesn’t he paint the inside of his mouth too

    M&R []M&R []11 hours ago

    Jakepetro21Jakepetro2112 hours ago
  • How the fuck did I never seen this channel before? Why in hell doesn't he have 10M subscriber with such quality content?

    Le BarazeLe Baraze21 hour ago
  • When he coughed at the start but the resolution barely changes 😣 Rip 144p

    Campbell McTernanCampbell McTernan21 hour ago
  • Should have not used CD for the tittle few days ago i scrolled away from your video because of the acronym CD which i sometime relate it to COMPACT DISK xD. But hey glad i stumbled upon your laminar flow video and i check on others too, it was gold!

    Sam PohlmannSam PohlmannDay ago
  • Love your videos bro but may I ask why is the bottom of your face painted gray

    pc gamerzpc gamerzDay ago
  • You need a movie ! I would watch, I rlly appreciate all of your videos they are soo great!

    Qu33n.VQu33n.VDay ago
  • Colab with pewds to make the ultimate meme review

    Simeon MaloleySimeon MaloleyDay ago
  • Hi captain what do you think about this video:

    Black listBlack listDay ago
  • Umm the cicret bracelet?

    [GD] GGlel[GD] GGlelDay ago
  • I swear to god if you looked at pewdiepie's camera for a second, his video quality would quadruple.

    DontkillmejayDontkillmejayDay ago
  • CD: The screen arnt geting any biger Me: *gets BIGER phone*

    as seen onas seen onDay ago
  • I kinda expected that ending

  • How does he have that stuff on half of his face??? What is it???

    Meinzy_Dave !!!Meinzy_Dave !!!Day ago
  • Why can’t you post more

    Random PigRandom PigDay ago
  • hun bl9nton i Lillis Bush did 9eleven

    R HSR HS2 days ago
  • 0:00 android niggas be like

    Jeffery The HippoJeffery The Hippo2 days ago
  • I strongly disagree that ther's no reason to go past 1080p for consumers. Especially on things like monitors where your typically much closer to them. 1080p is like the bare minimum for acceptable looking anything lower looks like garbage. Video games especially benefit from higher resolutions as it eliminates aliasing almost entirely without negatively effecting image quality.

    Joshua LabonteJoshua Labonte2 days ago
  • WTF is the point, 8K in 5kbps youtube compression?

    Grigor KyokutoGrigor Kyokuto2 days ago
  • Your motion graphics in this video were some of the best I've seen!

    SecretSauceSecretSauce2 days ago
  • CD is becoming a T H I C C boye

    pigeonpigeon2 days ago
  • There are security cameras now that can output 4K and only a NDVR (NVR) is needed to record

    Felenov-officialFelenov-official2 days ago
  • the fact that pixels means picture elements makes me rethink my whole life

    Eric SchmerbachEric Schmerbach2 days ago
  • The bracelet?

    Aidil ZaqwanAidil Zaqwan2 days ago

    Chex 01Chex 012 days ago
  • You’ve earned yourself a sub today

    MrFlimFlamMrFlimFlam2 days ago
  • Nearly all channels i subcribed upload 4k content, but not you! Please just do it! Whenever I watch 1080p videos on my 1080p display it looks really bad compared to 4k just beacuse of youtube's compression. I would really appreciate your videos in 4k as the content quality of your videos is very good! But the video quality really is annoying me!! Just try it out youself

    Manuel KManuel K2 days ago
  • do u face art everytime u make a video? or is that a skin u wear or is that a mask or something? or is that an after effects

    MysticBlast3r26MysticBlast3r262 days ago
  • Your right, imax dosent support 8k, it supports 16k!

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage Kira2 days ago
    • Yoshikage Kira Maybe you should get a keyboard that supports gramma and punctuation?

      James HurstJames Hurst2 days ago
  • why you recording on a Android Device?

    Raphael SackRaphael Sack2 days ago
  • Please god dissect the beaver utah UFO footage.

    James MJames M2 days ago
  • I think this is fake:- What do you think CD...???

    An0nim0u5An0nim0u52 days ago
  • Amazing!

    Rick94rrRick94rr2 days ago
  • Definitely love these video tech videos, but I hope to see another debunking video soon, those are always good 👍

    0MindSwept00MindSwept02 days ago
  • You should collab with Electroboom

    Roger RRoger R2 days ago
  • Hey captain disillusion, Can you tell me Imjaystation videos are fake?

    AbdelAbdel2 days ago
  • Do I look like I know what a jay peg is?

    IceDragon978IceDragon9782 days ago
  • That video was a movie (The Sound of Music) that I watched in class

    PlayerPlayer2 days ago
  • How about 12k

    That hamsterThat hamster3 days ago
  • hey, you know what u should debunk? shiftwear.

    ye3tmisterye3tmister3 days ago
  • we are waiting quick d

    TSSK KnodTSSK Knod3 days ago
  • short movie from a short place.. :) (soryy sir CD.. promoting a small channel at your channel.. :D please forgive.. )

    Smruti ranjan GochhayatSmruti ranjan Gochhayat3 days ago
  • why the fuck are the latest videos ending missing

    Curtis NewtonCurtis Newton3 days ago
  • 1080p suits me just fine for all my needs and I don't see myself upgrading any time soon. I kind of miss 16:10, but I can do with 16:9 1080p.

    Bassem B.Bassem B.3 days ago
  • ............actually in games it does matter, on movies not so much

    Simos KatsiarisSimos Katsiaris3 days ago
  • Hi captain plz check a channel called jester because I think theay are fooling people

    Eshaan KotakEshaan Kotak3 days ago
  • Hey is baskara's perpetual motion wheel really real?

    just breathejust breathe3 days ago
  • If there was a Captain Disillusion film where it's literally him just explaining some of the greastest tricks in filming history for 3 hours Well, tell me where I can buy my ticket

    SergeantmajormarioSergeantmajormario4 days ago
  • The captain runs a tight ship! Not a shite tip!

    Eddie JonesEddie Jones4 days ago
  • i wonder if you ever were gonna make a movie, i think it would be perfect

    RefleX ClanRefleX Clan4 days ago
  • Do I look lik eI kn ow wwhoaoattt aahhhjjjpgggissS???

    AnonymousAnonymous4 days ago
  • I have a 60-inch TV, and 1920x1080p is probably more than enough pixels for anyone. People gotta remember that these pixels aren't free. We spend an enormous amount of electricity to put oversized images on our TV's and phones. Just settle for whatever you think looks fine and stop worrying.

    Emil SørensenEmil Sørensen4 days ago
  • The video is fake (not yours) but I wanna know every single reason it's fake do guava juice's make invisible slime

    Sparkle DuckiesSparkle Duckies4 days ago
  • 4:49 They should try to sell me that 8K ... with HDR, in about 50" size, in a monitor format. If it could have more than 60Hz, it would be even better. And of course, I don't want to spend a year worth of salary on it :D As far as I know, monitor industry is struggling to provide adequate 4K monitors to begin with, let alone 8K (32" Dell? Come on!) So, when and why become the television market the leader in display technology?

    RelakSHUNRelakSHUN4 days ago
    • +Powerman or when you tell your boss, that 4K would be great, so buy a 42" monitor, the answer is: why do you want a monitor that big? And later they buy you a 4K monitor ... in 31" size -.-'

      RelakSHUNRelakSHUN2 days ago
    • I assume it has to do with economies of scale. Monitor market is nowhere near as big as the TV market, so TV makers can bank on newer technologies and still make good margins.

      PowermanPowerman2 days ago
  • What are the powers????

    DCTV DubzCoDCTV DubzCo4 days ago
  • So perfectly and simply said. That takes a real talent.

    3DSage3DSage4 days ago
  • 3:14 I like how subtle he showed the samsung exploding and iphone shuttering...

    Andrew GraceAndrew Grace4 days ago
  • next to "DVD / Resolution". I know it's [smthing]x480, the resolution i watch in every single video and i'm quite satisfied.

    MicroprodMicroprod4 days ago
    • +Lucas Pratt Yeah, i think so, and for 4: 3 it's 640x480

      MicroprodMicroprod19 hours ago
    • 480 resolution is probably 850x480

      Lucas PrattLucas PrattDay ago
  • I thought this video was about CD resolutions... I guess I just got disillusioned by CD

    V VilayvongV Vilayvong4 days ago
  • 8k screens make sense for VR though.

    Ser Garlan TyrellSer Garlan Tyrell4 days ago
  • HD ?

    light Silverlight Silver4 days ago

    light Silverlight Silver4 days ago
  • please do Drone Steals Bike video, from Czech republic. Here in brazil a *News Channel* actually posted it as real! Cheers

    Cássio SchneiderCássio Schneider4 days ago
  • My question is why 60FPS isn't the standard... It's far closer to real life.

    Unit ZER0Unit ZER04 days ago
    • +Unit ZER0 and then the US will want it at 120fps. 300fps isn't really all that feasible right now. and nobodys gonna want 120fps content when the bitrate will make the picture quality shit cause not everyone here has a gigabit internet connection. and thats all they will see on their TV that outputs at 30fps anyway.

      theX24968BtheX24968B3 days ago
    • +theX24968B That's a fair pont. If that's the case, just double it to 100FPS, and that way nobody's happy, but the net quality has noticeably gone up.

      Unit ZER0Unit ZER03 days ago
    • because a european will argue that it should be 50fps. also because 24fps is good enough for certain content.

      theX24968BtheX24968B3 days ago
  • Debunk the moon landing footage

    Stylish BuffaloStylish Buffalo4 days ago
  • How did you get so good with CG?

    RichitunderRichitunder4 days ago
  • Great ending ;) hope it's to be continued!

    TensTens4 days ago
  • I don't know where the appropriate place to ask about this is, but is this real?!

    heroclix0rzheroclix0rz4 days ago
  • Extremely impressive work, i wish 9/11 was shot in high quality or was in another country to see your debunk on it

    DaX OiDaX Oi4 days ago
  • I want to hear the pitch for the movie about the powers and stuff.

    Ali InceAli Ince4 days ago
  • Hold up hold up, I want to hear more about this guy with the powers

    Tall, Dark, and MetricTall, Dark, and Metric4 days ago
  • Debunk if your skin is actually metal or fake

    chinaboyherechinaboyhere4 days ago
  • Awesome video! That being said, 2 things are missing from the video that are bugging me. 1. You never talked about the 1080i vs 1080p which in my opinion is interesting :) 2. Resolutions higher than 1080p are helpful for getting rid of aliasing in video games mostly (so not sure if it's relevant for this video).

    Light1c3Light1c35 days ago
  • Hi Captain, Last week, I chaperoned my daughters class on a field trip to a power plant that was about an hour away. She has never been into science, and in fact once told me that math and science were for boys. Well, since we were on our way to a power plant and I enjoy your work, I showed her the Beakman episode on the bus. She loved it. We watched different episodes the whole way down, including Laminar Flow, Train Track, Flying Girl, and Floating City. She loved it. She absolutely loved it. Then, she loved the field trip and understanding the "Behind the Scenes" of how electricity is produced. Thank you for making videos that are not only interesting for adults, but entertaining for kids. They are also educational for everyone. Abby has been walking around telling people she loves science, and you are a big part of that. Thank you, Mike

    Mike MMike M5 days ago
  • I really hope you will cover pixel aspect ratios as well in this series.

    RoomCleaningStopRoomCleaningStop5 days ago
  • oh / content . i hate this word . thanks captain for this good video !

    sepehr rezaeisepehr rezaei5 days ago
  • Was missing from that video, a very important piece of information corresponding to why it's really worth watching US-vision video in 4K on 1080p monitors, more info:

    Biff BillBiff Bill5 days ago
  • You should start an show on discovery scince

    Ankur KumarAnkur Kumar5 days ago
  • Bloody love you Bro! You made this info as digestible as possible for the ocean of non-techies of the world. Cheers to you!

    alikus7alikus75 days ago
  • When will we have the million K and infinite pixels?

    Raphael de Saint RemyRaphael de Saint Remy5 days ago
  • I want more CD/ pls!

    MaxTechwellMaxTechwell5 days ago
  • i was hoping you'd mention Retina (Apples thing) and what it actually means

    ZagdZagd5 days ago
  • Man the animations and transitions are so good in this one. Well done man

    Phillip MorrisonPhillip Morrison5 days ago
  • dude my screen is so good it uses a neural network to predict what the values of the pixels in between would be, and then makes me a 16K image on my laptop with the screen the size of my wall. Then I get rich people to pay $10,000 to see 16K video on a large screen.

    The 9th DoctorThe 9th Doctor5 days ago
  • Do a Razer venom v2 debunked

    Mega GamingMega Gaming5 days ago
  • I don't think we appreciate how well made and clean his videos are. Makes the rest of youtube seem like amateurs

    Freddy BigmanFreddy Bigman6 days ago
  • You seem like you'd make a good friend, commencing stalker mode. See you soon, friend.

    Turgay Ali CanTurgay Ali Can6 days ago
  • I must say this video looks damn good in 480p, i thought youtube jumped to 720p for no reason again.. Well done captain

    Tongga GamesTongga Games6 days ago
  • Muppet Show and Lazy Town as examples? My man!

    QuiltfishQuiltfish6 days ago

    Briana MVSBriana MVS6 days ago
  • What ever happened to the circet bracelet?

    Tacotd ???Tacotd ???6 days ago
  • Hold on now - Powers?! Alright Captain D, I'll give you 2 minutes. Tell me more about these 'powers'.

    Dylan KennedyDylan Kennedy6 days ago
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