Can you spot a map trap?

Why do map makers publish mistakes on purpose? Map Men Jay Foreman and Mark Cooper-Jones use a car and a magnifying glass to investigate!
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By the way, Geography Now didn’t knowingly steal our map of India. Here’s a video of Barbs and me sat on a park bench having a good laugh about it…
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Written and presented by
JAY FOREMAN @jayforeman
MARK COOPER-JONES @markcooperjones
Edited by
JAY FOREMAN @jayforeman
INDIA RAKUSEN @indiarakusen
Additional camera (the nerds in the car boot sale)
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Smile If You Love Lemmings by Tim Wright
Space Quest 6 by Dan Kehler and Neal Grandstaff
Geography Now! India



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  • I think my own (very short) street may have been a trap street...I submitted an inaccuracy report on Google Maps (back when you could still do that) to get it fixed.

    Brent BoswellBrent Boswell8 hours ago
  • This one is on Google maps and it's really funny So go ahead and type in Australia it's so obviously fake apperantly they have huge spiders and these things that look like small furry t-rexs and carry their babys in a pouch in the stomach and they call them kangaroos

    CabbDeSavCabbDeSav20 hours ago
  • 4:35 Me: Yeah right, *stars reading comments while listening to the ad* Great video, I'm glad you have a sponsor!

    AnkiAnkiDay ago
  • More trains chapters please!!! We visited UK in august 2018. We falling in love for your country. Your railway service is amazing. Regards from Argentina, and sorry about my horrible english skill

    Federico GalloFederico Gallo2 days ago
  • There's a trap street in Plymouth called Union street, They dress up as girls

    cornishcactuscornishcactus2 days ago
  • Is Australia a map trap?

    Lacey.Jckson LcyLacey.Jckson Lcy2 days ago
  • Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh 1 year later ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh 10 years later ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh

    Jack ShielsJack Shiels2 days ago
  • I've subscribed hoping that if you have more subscribers you'll make more videos. I don't know what your job is but this should be it and you aren't at work enough. PS your songs are funny but your educational videos sprinkled with humor and fairy dust are why I love this channel and the views confirm that's the feeling of the people, give the people what they want!

    mcnuggets fergmcnuggets ferg2 days ago
  • 2:40 Lemmings Music.

    babyplazebabyplaze2 days ago
  • It took 20 seconds for me to Subscribe

    2nd Kalashnikov2nd Kalashnikov2 days ago
  • I appreciate the effort put into making an actual silly commercial

    Federico SilvestriFederico Silvestri3 days ago
  • Haha! Like how they made New Zealand, never has or will exist!

    Heck FrickHeck Frick3 days ago
  • I KNEW you seemed memorable somehow.... Beardyman is your brother, that's crazy dude. Also love how your videos started being suggested to me the weekend after I visited London...

    Dustpanda MusicDustpanda Music3 days ago
  • These are way too short. You old videos were better in length. I could watch you videos for hours!

    Rustled JammiesRustled Jammies3 days ago
  • Yay for 666 dislikes.

    Netherin5Netherin54 days ago
  • Bletherton-On-The-Neverton, Squoink’n, Frumplewick, and especially SMELL is not a place. We can conclude that you added completely non-existent places!

    Beauii DacioussBeauii Daciouss4 days ago
  • There doesn't seem to be a debate about trap streets and "The question" … yet. Are they ? Are they not ?

    RoboPancakeRoboPancake4 days ago
  • _"Finland tastes great."_ - Soviet Union, 1940 before puking Finland out

    Geralt the GamerGeralt the Gamer4 days ago
  • I either live on one, or nokia is really bad in map making.

    Jovan DucicJovan Ducic4 days ago
  • reminds me of fun with flags

    Marce BMarce B4 days ago
  • Wait.... A new episode of Map Men in 2019? Am I dreaming??

    xxxx85xxxx854 days ago
  • Lots of FUN!!! You people have put the gay into cartography.

    David BradshawDavid Bradshaw4 days ago
  • This is almost like Fun With Flags. Love it!

    Samuel BlattnerSamuel Blattner4 days ago
  • 36

    Nazmi GzkNazmi Gzk5 days ago
  • 1936th comment

    Richard RuffRichard Ruff5 days ago
  • Dashlane sounds like a safe thing to me. I will trust dashlane with my passwords. Can I store there also my private porno pictures?

    kulturfreund66kulturfreund665 days ago
  • Sneaky, the video lasts (36)00 seconds.

    98Games98Games5 days ago
  • That sick buuuuurn

    Yuri MatiasYuri Matias5 days ago
  • Maybe you should start a Patreon, i would sign up.

    kitsurakitsura5 days ago
    • You have too much money.

      Jeff BakerJeff Baker5 days ago
    • I do have a Patreon. It’s Thanks! :)

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman5 days ago
  • I can't find the road to Middle-Earth.

    AdamUPNowAdamUPNow5 days ago
  • There's a trap street on Google Maps down the road from my house; Google lists it as a through street that connects to my street but it is not.

    Kyle SmithKyle Smith5 days ago
  • You see the trap road in this video is that there was a "funny joke" after the advertisement.

    Yagi KarooYagi Karoo6 days ago
  • Fake mews

    Richard KeepRichard Keep6 days ago
  • 2 years ago dashlane gave me a virus.

    Mr200710 LMr200710 L6 days ago
  • Can I still use Apple maps

    Nintendo Fanboy plays roblox and moreNintendo Fanboy plays roblox and more6 days ago
  • Mount Richard discovered by Richard cranium

    jim jimjim jim6 days ago
  • The yank stole your fake map, LOL

    Kes MangkukKes Mangkuk6 days ago
  • You weren't wrong, you said 1936 three times, you said the NUMBER 36 twice.

    Kaide FabroKaide Fabro6 days ago
    • Yes, but one of the events that we claimed took place in 1936 actually took place in a different year. (Not telling you which one.)

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman6 days ago
  • How are your intros and videos so creative, damn it?!!!!!

    f1fanforeverf1fanforever7 days ago
  • Why have I watched this 4 times? Can anyone tell me? *Plays it again* Send help...

    Griffin GamerGriffin Gamer7 days ago
  • Well, on Ejaculation Maps there js a map trap called “Jay’s Wife.”

    Cringeyness ExpresswayCringeyness Expressway7 days ago
    • What?

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman7 days ago
  • I actually wanted to watch that add at the end. It was weirdly entertaining

  • I thought the series ended lol

    NathanimationsNathanimations7 days ago
  • I loved the tiny bit of Lemmings music whilst talking about traps!

    Patrick JacksonPatrick Jackson7 days ago
  • I love imagining the guy driving by wondering why there are people hissing at each other over maps in front of cameras.

    EbonEbon7 days ago
  • 3:30 36

    Felenov-officialFelenov-official7 days ago
  • "my bank account, your bank account, .." lmao

    ZZ7 days ago
  • your mom is a trap street

    JensonPhan TheMentalManJensonPhan TheMentalMan7 days ago
  • There’s one of these near my work. There’s this “street” on the map but in reality it’s just a trail that has a gate at the front that has room on the sides for quad n dirt bikes.

    Mr. CU NTMr. CU NT7 days ago
  • I work a lot on backroads in northern British Columbia; it's pretty common to find roads on the map that don't exist. Of course, this probably has more to do with the fact that a lot of old forestry roads get decommissioned after use. Though a funny anecdote, I was driving out to a project and had a new-to-the-job passenger doing the navigating. "So... we hang a left on the 800 Road and that should take us straight to the project," he says. I drive up and down, looking for the 800 Road and finally ask to see the map. He was looking at an elevation line. 800 m asl.

    PhlebasPhlebas7 days ago
  • 1936

    giancarlo gianinottigiancarlo gianinotti7 days ago
  • I think I came across one today. The grassy stretches were replaced with water, and it was a bit annoying. All the streets etc were quite correct.

    Harry LagomHarry Lagom7 days ago
  • There was an interesting trapped Street in 2015 on the BBC

    Chris KirtleyChris Kirtley8 days ago
  • At 3:27 there’s another 36

    Gaming GeneralGaming General8 days ago
  • I don’t think I’ve seen anything more British then that call to the map makers hahahaha use r good lads use 2

    KDKD8 days ago
  • 1:34 I ded

    Beauii DacioussBeauii Daciouss8 days ago
  • I can't think of any trap streets, hope this is informative :)

    Steeven FarrellSteeven Farrell8 days ago
    • Thanks. I’ll write that down.

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman8 days ago
  • *F I N L A N D T A S T E S G R E A T*

    IndyCarFan265 RBLXIndyCarFan265 RBLX8 days ago
  • Can anyone explain the 36 joke? Or is it just a recurring laugh when you notice it in the car?

    Lammy LamsLammy Lams8 days ago
    • It’s meant to be that we’re being followed by the number 36. We cut a line “Are we being followed by the number 36?” We should probably have left it in.

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman8 days ago
  • Don't!

    Alexander Kappel ReumertAlexander Kappel Reumert8 days ago
  • This is really weird. A couple of days ago I stumbled across an article about Map Traps and was reading about Argleton in particular and when I next go on US-vision I see this video has just been released. Mad timing!

    Liam MookLiam Mook8 days ago
  • ((3:20) - That Whitfield Road caused me a great deal of confusion in the summer of 2000. I came to the possible conclusion that the road had been a planned but subsequently cancelled development. It actually caused me quite a fair deal of stress at the time. .

    BodragonBodragon8 days ago
  • 01:25 - Hahahahahahaha

    Xaris XerosXaris Xeros9 days ago
  • People born after 1990 have no idea what a map is.

    hawkdslhawkdsl9 days ago
  • Congrats on 400k!

    The Trashiest TrashThe Trashiest Trash9 days ago
  • geography now 🙈

    spadesspades9 days ago
  • Congrats on the 400k!

    GonzoaguijonGonzoaguijon9 days ago
  • Jay: Let me use Dashlane now! Mark: *eats passwords* Finland taste great. Jay: *whyyyyy now i don't know what password that is i will fit in Dashlane...*

    BananaPlayzBananaPlayz9 days ago
  • Putting nonexistent streets into a digital map that a navsat tries to navigate by sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen anyway. "Turn right. Into this solid wall."

    Penny LanePenny Lane9 days ago
  • Congratulations on 400k mate.

    Yoboys45Yoboys459 days ago
  • Everything you make feels like it's made in the 90's in a way. And I love it.

    Simon Says AppleSimon Says Apple9 days ago
  • I love the subtitles.

    Thomas WhyteThomas Whyte9 days ago
    • Thanks! They took me ages.

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman9 days ago
  • This channel is pure gold

    Ella KingElla King9 days ago
  • Haha very funny joke at the end of the video!!!!

    A Random AviatorA Random Aviator9 days ago

    TheFlatwagonTheFlatwagon9 days ago
    • Aw, thanks! :)

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman9 days ago
    • Jay Foreman How did I miss that? Still proud of you, I’ve been subscribed to you for years!

      TheFlatwagonTheFlatwagon9 days ago
    • It was #6 a couple of days ago!

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman9 days ago
  • That weird feeling when you're from Sydney and realise that Jay's Brilliant Maps shows a map of Parramatta and Harris Park

    Brian OcampoBrian Ocampo9 days ago
  • Google actually made a fake country named Kosovo. Can you believe it?

    BombeastBombeast9 days ago
    • Thats a big oof to albanians

      0 00 08 days ago
  • You guys are funny. I dig it. Subscribed. And also, dashlaned for a bit.

    Michael BarkerMichael Barker9 days ago
  • MORE!

    Janez DolinarJanez Dolinar9 days ago
  • There's a 'trap county' on a lot of UK maps, goes by the name of Rutland...

    bakedbeanishdragonbakedbeanishdragon9 days ago
    • Gfh ! Fancy seeing you here...

      0 00 08 days ago
    • Rutland a conspiracyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      ArmyAnts StudiosArmyAnts Studios9 days ago
  • Gotta love mep man

    AnnoyingLionAnnoyingLion9 days ago
  • Imagine living in a world where there are people that claim that our entire globe is a map trap.

    MammaApaMammaApa9 days ago
  • The outro tho😂

    Productive Gaming!Productive Gaming!9 days ago
  • Oh. I want more geography now roasts plss

    Productive Gaming!Productive Gaming!9 days ago
  • I dunno whether this was intentional or just a mistake, but the 2nd ordnance survey release removed the second word from my village's name and put in "town", despite it never having been called that. Example: Locust Plains called that back then, and now too, but on one map called "Locust Town", despite at that time being home to about twelve people in all. Makes me wonder why that happened. Did they copy some mistaken local guidebook for the county or something?

    Wulfhere CyningWulfhere Cyning9 days ago
  • Came for the maps. Stayed for the Bros t-shirt.

    Fantail FernFantail Fern9 days ago
  • Oof, Geography Now CANCELLED

    InkshooterInkshooter9 days ago
  • I once got lead on to a trap street by a TomTom GPS in one of the more remote locations I've ever been in. Good luck to anyone trying to copy that map!

    AttilaThePunAttilaThePun9 days ago
  • Hey, do you happen to be Little Big Planet fans?? You've included a lot of their soundtrack on your videos

    Jefferson McGeeJefferson McGee9 days ago
    • Really? That’s completely unintentional. I have no idea what Little Big Planet is.

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman9 days ago
  • There actually is a town in South East England called 'Shithole', but it appears as a trap on the A to Z as 'London'. Check it out.

    sjg1984sjg19849 days ago
  • Could these guys BE any more adorable? I mean really.

    Ace0nPointAce0nPoint9 days ago
  • Why did I read the title as "Can you spot a man trap?" Thinking, what's a man trap?

    Matt YawMatt Yaw10 days ago
  • I knew I should like Geography Now, but didn't like it, I knew something was off about it. Now I know why. Thanks Jay, and keep up the awesome videos.

    David AgerDavid Ager10 days ago
  • Ohh, London is filled with traps alright.

    Brian 101Brian 10110 days ago
  • According to maps there's a place called Rutford. I thought that was a conspiracy

    Just Some Girl with a MustacheJust Some Girl with a Mustache10 days ago
  • Now I understand why Google maps sucks wind so bad. I've had many times them showing a road going through that doesn't. Really a pain in the butt guys. No more traps.

    My Name is GladiatorMy Name is Gladiator10 days ago
  • I reAlLy LikEd tHis ViDEo.

    Brennan MeroneBrennan Merone10 days ago

  • I used to live on a trap street. The rent was brilliant but I used to get wet when it rained.

    Feynman Was A GeniusFeynman Was A Genius10 days ago
Can you spot a map trap?