Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?

Tasty Chefs Alexis and Alix compete to turn Kaylanee's drawing into delicious, real-world desserts. Who will unravel under pressure?
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  • The little girl judge: its to much rice crispys Me: 😤

    Mint DuckMint Duck5 minutes ago
  • i really love alix shes so funny

    CLERT FOXCLERT FOX37 minutes ago
  • I hate that little girl

    Miette MetcalfeMiette Metcalfe49 minutes ago
  • look, im not gonna point out what the llama eyes look like but you get the idea.

    Alma DianaAlma DianaHour ago
  • Cyan is a mix of blue and green

    tofutofuHour ago
  • 1:16 *Me:Ya don't say?* 😂

    Gabby DavisGabby DavisHour ago
  • Her reaction when the blender started suddenly was so cute xD

    Wanya YWanya Y3 hours ago
  • She's given more info than the other kids have

    Daisy ColeDaisy Cole3 hours ago
  • “Wow you and I have such different strategies” I mean she actually made what the kid wanted I wouldn’t call that strategy

    Rick WRick W4 hours ago
  • See for the llama eyes i though cake balls with strawberry filling and fondant design, and the tears just different color blue frosting

    amanda samanda s4 hours ago
  • It’d be nice if Alexis didn’t use rice crispy fir everything

    Rick WRick W4 hours ago

    Trina EbradaTrina Ebrada4 hours ago
  • How do you get on the show

    Austin PresleyAustin Presley4 hours ago
  • I WOULD HAVE DONE CHICKEN WINGS FOR THE STICKS oops just realized i was in caps lock lol

    Maya JuszliMaya Juszli5 hours ago
  • love your videos

    Ruby LettsRuby Letts5 hours ago
  • I don't like that kid😂

    Toofany QarinaToofany Qarina6 hours ago
  • Wow, shes a CRITIC 😂😂😂

    Profesionel ViewerProfesionel Viewer6 hours ago
  • How about masterchef juniors cook their parents drawings!

    NotLivelt 1NotLivelt 16 hours ago
  • alexis: good good also alexis: i have no idea

    Kishley MatunogKishley Matunog7 hours ago
  • I smell beef

    Lee LazarLee Lazar8 hours ago
  • She is like a child version of Gordon Ramsay 🤣🤣

    Mellissa RoseMellissa Rose8 hours ago
  • If i get to be the kid here imma draw fancy food 😂

    hit you dduddudduhit you ddudduddu8 hours ago
  • i swear she only knows cyan because of minecraft cos thats how i know cyan lmao

    DJ StaRyuDJ StaRyu8 hours ago
  • Lammmmmgh

    Gacha PhœnixGacha Phœnix9 hours ago
  • No matter what Alix will always give the exact picture of what the kid wants love you Alix

    Samyuktha IyanarSamyuktha Iyanar9 hours ago
  • Alex:my big coating is cracking Alexis: it’s too soft

    Convex chart 49Convex chart 499 hours ago
  • The blonde girl sounds like the 3rd voice on sims 3

    Jackie DrawsssJackie Drawsss9 hours ago
  • "They *live* in the desert and they're *dead*"

    Alice ChenAlice Chen10 hours ago
  • did she use rice crispy treats because she looks asian--

    moonchild don't crymoonchild don't cry11 hours ago
  • You know what's weird...when they started baking i could smell food and I'm at home with my sister alone

    Totally Tyra 05Totally Tyra 0511 hours ago
  • it’s too early, i thought she was making this dish for her mommy 😂😂😂

    angie pereiraangie pereira11 hours ago
  • Dang she picky

    Cassidy ChaversCassidy Chavers12 hours ago
  • *moms like to eat brown long sticks*

    Yusuf SabirYusuf Sabir13 hours ago
  • I'm from the UK so I got really confused when she started to say Mummys eat spiders and sticks

    Shannon EvansShannon Evans13 hours ago
  • Alexis: She definitely won’t notice the llama tears. Girl: *notices there is no llama tears* Alexis’ brain: *A L A R M A L A R M S H E N O T I C E D S H E N O T I C E D*

    Awesome GamingAwesome Gaming15 hours ago
  • 1,000,000,000 years later Alix & Alexis:we’re done with the food processor Me:season two has ended guys

    Princess Rachel BalbidoPrincess Rachel Balbido15 hours ago
  • "here what i know about mummys they LIVE in the desert and are DEAD" this kid will go places

    wolfiee girl123wolfiee girl12315 hours ago
  • Mummys live in the dessert, they are dead. So how do they live?????

    iiCrybxbyii MSPiiCrybxbyii MSP16 hours ago
  • It would be nice if they did this for poor children

    sNippSss btssNippSss bts16 hours ago
  • I feel like alexis is judging alix way to much and she needs to back down a lot

    Artistic _SunnyArtistic _Sunny16 hours ago
  • Anybody feeling weird about the 2 hams in the picture?

    Sunee VijitsrikamolSunee Vijitsrikamol16 hours ago
  • I wish we Filipinos can eat rice crispys ;-;

    ROBLOX egglady11ROBLOX egglady1119 hours ago
  • FOOD

    jackie verdinesjackie verdines20 hours ago
  • I want it it looks good

    jackie verdinesjackie verdines20 hours ago
  • It's not syan it's cyan

    Jack WatJack Wat21 hour ago
  • Chocolate bark = chocolate with sum stuf in it

    DØGGØ 4 ŁÏFĒDØGGØ 4 ŁÏFĒ21 hour ago
  • They LIVE in the desert and they’re DEAD

    KersternahKersternah22 hours ago
  • I'm almost certain she said steaks but we'll go with sticks

    Ash EngAsh Eng22 hours ago

    maeganduuuh 0410maeganduuuh 041023 hours ago
  • Sienna WashingtonSienna Washington23 hours ago
  • Alexis: Ok she’s saying scorpion and spider how am i suppose to make a scorpion? Me:A good chef would figure it out 😉

    XxTina_ NguyenxXXxTina_ NguyenxXDay ago
  • Who do you like better Rie (like) Alix (Comment)

    xX-NyxNom-XxxX-NyxNom-XxDay ago
    • xX-NyxNom-Xx I love alix

      Wahida SalehWahida Saleh13 hours ago
  • Alix is so beautiful

    CM_ MarisssCM_ MarisssDay ago
  • I dont like kids *AND I HATE THIS KID*

    Sara AlmoghrabiSara AlmoghrabiDay ago
  • How u get on this show.

    Kid MillionKid MillionDay ago
  • I feel Alexis is a little too serious about her work unlike Alex with jokes all the way.

    Jems RodriguezJems RodriguezDay ago
    • Well chefs have different Views on everythings

      gacha potatogacha potato13 hours ago
  • I

    Ben MillerBen MillerDay ago
  • 🚛🏍🏍🚛🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🚚🚚🚛🏍🚜🚛🚜🚨🚡🚔🚔🚨🚢🏝🏩🌃🖥📱

    phuong laiuyenphuong laiuyenDay ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks Alix’s voice is so soothing

    Lidia BenedettoLidia BenedettoDay ago
  • Whimsical turd.

    marim0ymarim0yDay ago
  • It looked like she drew boobs lol (not hating sos if I am)

    KittyCookie :3KittyCookie :3Day ago
  • ALIX matched the drawing so well!! Loved her dish

    Ananya SahayAnanya SahayDay ago
  • not watched till the end yet - i think alix is winning this one

    Ana GrceAna GrceDay ago
  • In the drawing, the llama eyes look kinda like tits😂❤️ Love this series do much

    Emma RobbEmma RobbDay ago
  • the kid: here's two things i know about mommies... they LIVE in the desert and they're DEAD

    태태mochi태태mochiDay ago
  • Oh my lawd. Cream Cheese and Oreos together. LOOOOVE

    Diamond SoulDiamond SoulDay ago
  • In all of these that I have seen Alix is there and she ALWAYS WINS but I am not done with this vid so I don’t know if Alix will win so don’t spoil this for me

    Lilli CornLilli CornDay ago
  • If you have ever seen the mummy , a mummy doesn’t eat that . The mummy in that eats souls of victims until he has sucked them dry to help him develop from decayed and destroyed to back to human all powerful

    Drew DupartDrew DupartDay ago
  • I love this

    Richard GuestRichard GuestDay ago
  • i love when alix does these

    Emily AndersonEmily AndersonDay ago
  • Alix VS food processor Is this channel a meme channel aswell?? :000

    Romania worldRomania worldDay ago
    • Romania world yoonglesssssss UwU

      ShUt Up MaLfOy ShUt UpShUt Up MaLfOy ShUt Up22 hours ago
  • This kid is picky!!😅😅

    Parnika JaiswalParnika JaiswalDay ago
  • Con my daughter please go

    Carcamo MarlenyCarcamo MarlenyDay ago
  • I can see they are really fighting for that picture 😬😬😬

    SwirlyPopSwirlyPopDay ago
  • This is what i know about mummies. They live in the desert and their dead. *me* HAHAHAHAHA send me to the desert i'm dyeing of laughter!

    Julia IJulia IDay ago
  • Alixxxx 4ever

    Per_ kPer_ kDay ago
  • Alixe is my favourite ☺

    Kago_ _MKago_ _MDay ago
  • 0-0 I’m called Alex for short but my real name is alexis not weird at all 0-0

    XxcookieXx MilkXxcookieXx MilkDay ago
  • alix dish was beautiful

    asghar abbasasghar abbasDay ago
  • Children are blessings. So cute!

    Rosie GonzalezRosie GonzalezDay ago
  • I wish I could be in it it seems fun I love reptiles

    Callie. comCallie. comDay ago
  • *they live in the desert and they’re dead* speach: 100

    art_4_lifeart_4_lifeDay ago
  • Random question: How do they find kids for these

    Mukbang VS. MukbangMukbang VS. MukbangDay ago
  • 1:24 What the hell did she say? I heard something else

    haresh gunasegarharesh gunasegarDay ago
  • "It's not cyan." Okay, sure I'm a kid too and I would be disappointed if they didn't put in what I wanted, but seriously, as long as it's tasty I don't care tbh .-.

    kookiesplum c:kookiesplum c:Day ago
  • These are my favourite chefs at Tasty! Also look at the kid at the last second, she looks at Alix so weird. 😂😂

    TheLastBlackCatTheLastBlackCatDay ago
  • Alix can have my children 😍😍

    James Sr.James Sr.Day ago
  • Their dishes look so tasty!

    Jazell Jaden TichanskyJazell Jaden TichanskyDay ago
  • She likes mummy’s weird for young girls, usually they likes princesses but everyone’s😏

    Theeranart (Pat) KaewkrajangTheeranart (Pat) KaewkrajangDay ago
  • I think I would have split the plate between salt and sweet. Use berries for cupcakes etc and on the other side; breaded, fried mozzarella sticks with a blue-coloured blue cheese sauce

    Hillary Clinton's SnukeHillary Clinton's SnukeDay ago
  • Alexis is really underrated though like all her dishes are first-class restaurant worthy 😢

    jjes shenjjes shenDay ago
  • Yay!! My wish came true! And please the next two chefs is rie and alexis please

    Darlene Andrea NicdaoDarlene Andrea NicdaoDay ago
  • Alix alwys looks like she is a mess but ends up with the best dessert mostly, I relate so hard

    Kira Anastasia AndersenKira Anastasia AndersenDay ago

    lpsllamabean 9lpsllamabean 9Day ago
  • 13:51 me when my teacher ask why i didn't do my homework

    Deanita PuspitariniDeanita PuspitariniDay ago
  • Geez, this kid is an A-grade bitch without manners.

    Алина УусталАлина УусталDay ago
  • Who thought the llama eyes looked......, FuNkY

    Ayla_ann.eggosAyla_ann.eggosDay ago
  • What a bi*ch god that little girl is an ungrateful peace of trash not even trying to be mean but you could be nicer to the people cooking for 🤦‍♀️🙎‍♀️

    Bubble PoppBubble PoppDay ago
    • Sorry everyone I just think that’s not right

      Bubble PoppBubble PoppDay ago
  • Did anybody else hear the little girl say dicc at 1:25 or was it juss me 🤔

    Taee ThegoatTaee ThegoatDay ago
  • Why alexix is so angry at the starting?

    Ibrahim HammadIbrahim HammadDay ago
Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?