California earthquake: ‘I think we need to get under the desk’ - BBC News

Powercuts and fires have followed a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Southern California.
It comes a day after a 6.4 magnitude quake in the same region.
The epicentre of this latest event was recorded near the city of Ridgecrest.
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  • Legend say that they're still under the desk and the news anchor is giving him blow job 👉👌

    Hindu ki ma ki chutHindu ki ma ki chut5 minutes ago
  • under the desk... hmmmmmmm...

    Vicky DograVicky DograHour ago
  • The woman holding the guy arm because she's scared, that's a normal instinctive behavior since the woman is more vulnerable than man. She's expecting to be safe with him. Men have a duty to protect women and that's how things work since thousands of years and won't change because we're in 2019.

    Smoos54Smoos54Hour ago
  • That man is a true professional

    JPJPHour ago
  • OMG!!! Danger danger! *records everything*

    ALicia cALicia cHour ago
  • There's earthquake on Bali two days ago and i think this is related somehow

    dhei little nurglingdhei little nurglingHour ago
  • Great coverage for a journalist and a news channel - that’s what all journalists crave for live coverage but sadly BBC this is what you get when you hire a pretty face without the passion for news!

    Ellenia BiggsEllenia BiggsHour ago
  • God hates california

    GEE BEEGEE BEEHour ago
  • The guy be like *heck yeaaaaaaah*

    bantai rapperbantai rapperHour ago
  • She gets under, and he stays up??? Hhhhhmmmm... 🤣😂

    Ludicrous JamesLudicrous James2 hours ago
  • 0:00 We’re making sure that nothing is going to *come* down in the studio here That’s what she said

    Dutch Van der lindeDutch Van der linde2 hours ago
  • Hahaha. Coward news girl...

    Nasir AfzalNasir Afzal2 hours ago
  • I dont care for fucksake

    bandarsuppebandarsuppe2 hours ago
  • I am disappointed at the reporters. The few seconds they blabber is a high risk percentage the may die. I know what I am saying because I myself have experienced magnitude 6.1 earthquake in the other sidd of the Pacific.

    JHB LuckJHB Luck3 hours ago
  • America: RUN 7.1 EARTHQUAKE!! Japan and Chile: Heh Cowards

    *Sad noises**Sad noises*3 hours ago
  • Nuke inbound to Hawaii People chatting twitter and message. California earthquake People filming omg video And that Summer Deal.

    GhosterizGhosteriz3 hours ago
  • Woman: We need to get under the desk now Man: Ok While under the desk Womam: What if the building collapses and we die? Man: Lemme smash!

    69 Savage69 Savage3 hours ago
  • San Andreas

    Williammanasye SufiadyWilliammanasye Sufiady3 hours ago
  • Except you both are peasant nobodies. Your life does not matter. You could just as well sit there and die - no one would care

    DzintraDzintra3 hours ago

    Mario StelznerMario Stelzner3 hours ago
  • The other 49 states are rooting for the earthquake.

    Han SoloHan Solo4 hours ago
  • I was expecting the magnitude of 10.7 earthquake in there, followed by a tsunami from the Pacific ocean towards California.

    Abbasalt AfridiAbbasalt Afridi4 hours ago
  • This is how nature keeps balance of population

    Nitin JaswalNitin Jaswal4 hours ago
  • people must realize.. that we God..and love the.. earth.. we..must..plant plant trees

    lee jhaniellalee jhaniella4 hours ago
  • So many People saying the Japs do the dock cover, I live in Japan, in reality we are so used to earthquakes that every time there is one, we we ignore it, in our office, we just continue working while the whole building id shaking

    Darlene BachDarlene Bach5 hours ago
  • Allah oh Akbar

    Hussain KhanHussain Khan6 hours ago
  • Where is jesus ?

    Moto jino KonoMoto jino Kono6 hours ago
  • And that kids is how I met your mother

    babaramdev123babaramdev1236 hours ago
  • I never want to believe when people say Americans are dumb in general, until I watched this clip. As someone from a country with lots of earthquakes(Indonesia), the first thing we always do here is to cover our heads, seek safety or run to the open field. But these dunderheads turn their phone cameras on. I feel sad that I must share the oxygen I breath with these kind of imbeciles.

    DennyDenny6 hours ago
  • this is Shocking

    Only A laughOnly A laugh6 hours ago
  • That chick.....women is really not fit for this kind of job.

    Anthony ZAnthony Z7 hours ago
  • nothing yet...wait and see!...

    Patrick SokoniPatrick Sokoni7 hours ago
  • Once she's under table dude had wow.

    Shuvo Hawking'sShuvo Hawking's7 hours ago
  • Haarp! 😐

    J JJ J7 hours ago
  • Girl: We need to get under the desk The guy: oohhhh yeah

    akalil sahidanakalil sahidan7 hours ago
  • God coming

    Indonesian Girl In SingaporeIndonesian Girl In Singapore8 hours ago
  • They definitely fuck.

    Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein8 hours ago
  • More punishment is coming for you guys😇from God... Just wait, every one of you will suffer the pain that you guyz gave us....

    Trick DozeTrick Doze8 hours ago
  • This is the power of Allah almighty, is there any one can stop it no one except Allah

    Abdur Raziq AfridiAbdur Raziq Afridi8 hours ago
  • Good time to get some nookie

    mikemike8 hours ago
  • 7.1 magnitude. ..just another day in Santiago, Chile

    Rene AndrewsRene Andrews8 hours ago
  • "O my god" ????

    Nusrat Sharmin KhanNusrat Sharmin Khan8 hours ago
  • This is just God giving us a little warning about destroying this earth and seeing the mess we have made on this earth I agree that God should end this planet and save the good souls

    Golden MoviesGolden Movies9 hours ago

    ABZIZHDABZIZHD9 hours ago
  • Earthquake in California humans living California : it's vloging time

    RPG MadmaxRPG Madmax9 hours ago
  • Die mofos

    Aravind KrishnaAravind Krishna9 hours ago
  • It’s the plates relieving pressure

    Xcel DapperXcel Dapper9 hours ago
  • People are talking about a looming 9 in Cali, I am scared of Trump 8! 4 has already caused enough damage.

    Cyrus AndreasCyrus Andreas9 hours ago
  • People : Let's exist on Instagram! Ring of Fire : Let's exist in California!

    Didik AchmadiDidik Achmadi10 hours ago
  • I'd be fine if California broke away and dropped into the Pacific...

    Nun YaNun Ya10 hours ago
  • Scary stuff. I'm glad I live in a earthquake free area.

    Radiant Gardens Television ShowRadiant Gardens Television Show10 hours ago
  • California is trash.

    therealruski guytherealruski guy10 hours ago

    Julia Rose CarringtonJulia Rose Carrington11 hours ago
  • i see too many american comedy movies to know where this is going after the women going under the desk

    I HermanI Herman11 hours ago
  • Look at how that coward thot clutches his arm before diving under the table. Wonder what her husband thinks about that?

    John SJohn S11 hours ago
  • So, when did they came back?

    Rajdeep GhoshRajdeep Ghosh11 hours ago
  • The man by the pool. Shut up if your that worried you drama queen put your phone down and go find a safe spot.

    Jane CoburnJane Coburn11 hours ago
  • She totally freaked out

    Radamel FlacaoRadamel Flacao12 hours ago
  • *The San Andreas Fault Line*

    SliminoDomino • Gaming and MoreSliminoDomino • Gaming and More12 hours ago
  • People still live there why?

    qjtvaddictqjtvaddict12 hours ago
  • *I wonder what she did while under the desk*

    Dr. DeadPoolDr. DeadPool12 hours ago
  • Will be right back, right back

    Ammar IbrahimAmmar Ibrahim12 hours ago
  • You agree it or not Day Of Resurrection is near

    Wasim AkramWasim Akram12 hours ago
  • Why get under the desk if you have God as your protector? I laugh hard every time Christians suffer I wish they die.

    Empress AtheismEmpress Atheism12 hours ago
  • Trummp's deed.

    Niki wNiki w12 hours ago
  • *hi*

    Meme PadawanMeme Padawan12 hours ago
  • How people who never see earthquakes react: **OH F### THIS IS REAL S### HAPPENING HOLY CRAP** How people who see earthquakes not-so-often react: Oh no, we might need to take cover How Californians react: Eh, whatever. We've done this before, let's take cover How Japanese react: smh

    YuriYuri13 hours ago
    • how everyone in 2019 that is american reacts : Gotta record this for my snapchat story lmaoo

      oh my gawd Bruhoh my gawd Bruh9 hours ago
  • She’s like I think we need to get under the desk and he’s like well then....I’ll just stay right here. Mmmmhmmmm

    John BlackmouthJohn Blackmouth13 hours ago
  • Wonder what is happwning under the disk

    MOHAMMED YusoufMOHAMMED Yusouf13 hours ago
  • Japan be like: bro.... tell me about it

    。えるnestお。えるnestお13 hours ago
California earthquake: ‘I think we need to get under the desk’ - BBC News