Britain's Next Prime Minister: The ITV Debate | ITV News

ITV presents a live head-to-head debate between the two contenders aiming to become prime minister - Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson - in front of a studio audience in Salford. The debate is moderated by Julie Etchingham.
Following the debate is a special programme with instant analysis and reaction. #ITVdebate
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  • Hunt...reminds me of smirking BLiar...I have a clear concience, I have never ever voted Labour...Not that I think Boris will be PM material, hes just the lesser evil.

    EnglishTurbinesEnglishTurbines12 hours ago
  • surely nobody that has two brain cells wanted to elected

    Guilherme TosettoGuilherme Tosetto15 hours ago
  • The best minister will be nagel farage.

    Archnid 001Archnid 00123 hours ago
  • Hair hair hair today gone tomorrow 🤡

    Gus IbrahimGus IbrahimDay ago
  • Oh cool, the next 2 jews who want to control the U.K great!

    Soma874Soma874Day ago
  • Damn would hate her to be my mother lol

    PH HullPH HullDay ago
  • Tommy robinson shall be PM.

    E LE L2 days ago
  • Ok I'm no Tory supporter, not a Blairite, not a UKIP supporter, and I'm no Remoaner either and that's my cards on the table, so I'm no Boris Johnson fan but to be fair to the guy and yes he doesn't answer much questions with a straight answer but wasn't Jeremy Hunt a little too much on the offensive and wasn't he the one interrupting Johnson soo much? again I know Johnson is quite the windbag and doesn't give straight answers to any questions but I feel Hunt was too much on the offensive against Johnson. am I wrong? thoughts anyone?

    Yuri muckrakerYuri muckraker2 days ago
  • How could British people selected such gay to run this country?! Don't they should think the only right way is to choose a leader to end BREXIT right now?

    Sean WongSean Wong2 days ago
  • here the quoted parragraphs: 5. Accordingly, the provisions of this Agreement shall not prevent, as between the territories of contracting parties, the formation of a customs union or of a free-trade area or the adoption of an interim agreement necessary for the formation of a customs union or of a free-trade area; Provided that: (a) with respect to a customs union, or an interim agreement leading to a formation of a customs union, the duties and other regulations of commerce imposed at the institution of any such union or interim agreement in respect of trade with contracting parties not parties to such union or agreement shall not on the whole be higher or more restrictive than the general incidence of the duties and regulations of commerce applicable in the constituent territories prior to the formation of such union or the adoption of such interim agreement, as the case may be; (b) with respect to a free-trade area, or an interim agreement leading to the formation of a free-trade area, the duties and other regulations of commerce maintained in each of the constituent territories and applicable at the formation of such free-trade area or the adoption of such interim agreement to the trade of contracting parties not included in such area or not parties to such agreement shall not be higher or more restrictive than the corresponding duties and other regulations of commerce existing in the same constituent territories prior to the formation of the free-trade area, or interim agreement as the case may be; and (c) any interim agreement referred to in subparagraphs (a) and (b) shall include a plan and schedule for the formation of such a customs union or of such a free-trade area within a reasonable length of time.

    Joseph NelsonJoseph Nelson2 days ago
  • Biased mediator....big surprise.

    Sandy ScottSandy Scott2 days ago
  • From all the way across the Atlantic in the USA, Hunt looks, speaks, acts and lies just like the failed and disgraced Traitorous Theresa May...just more of the same without the statement jewelry and leopard shoes.🇺🇸. Boris for Prime Minister.

    Sandy ScottSandy Scott2 days ago
  • Boris is right. The EU hate us. We voted to leave and they despise us for this. This is why they are purposely dragging it on so we keep paying their bill. If we get a worm like Jeremy Hunt the EU will smell weakness and drag him along like Theresa May. We need Boris. A man with a deadline. A man to look them in the eyes, a man with guts and passion.

    TruthInAComment. YUP.TruthInAComment. YUP.2 days ago
  • I hate Hunt. I really hate Boris.

    JamesJames2 days ago
  • Why is LIONEL MESSI doing getting involved in uk politics? Stick to the Football LEO

    Damien CALLAGHANDamien CALLAGHAN2 days ago
  • Wake up UK, this will change ABSOLUTELY nothing. You have to change the rotten political system, not just faces or genders. The ugly Tories, liars, cheats and corrupt. The Tories have voted against the NHS, social housing, benefits for out of work people, workers rights, etc.

    terry huttonterry hutton2 days ago
  • Johnson: the garbage pail kid

    An FonAn Fon2 days ago
  • Boris Johnson conquered -winning the enthusiasm gap.He should have used the Trump lingo and said Hunt was “low energy” as Trump did with Jeb Bush.

    Bill SchaubergerBill Schauberger2 days ago
  • Boris is the International System of Units In the Laughing Stock of diplomatic embarrassment and catastrophic governing (metric system). In the imperial system we have the Trump with the equivalence of 1 Boris = 0.304 Trumps

    CaballusKnightCaballusKnight3 days ago
    • To not be confused with the Failing Grayling scale which measures the purity of imbecility

      CaballusKnightCaballusKnight3 days ago
  • UK is going to end up with a clown for PM.

    Tick TockTick Tock3 days ago
  • Wish that July woman would shut up sometimes and let them go at it, would be the best way to whittle them down

    NickNick3 days ago
  • we need leadershit that aint on offer

    john jonesjohn jones3 days ago
  • Insignificant. Only the brexit party can get our brexit. These two will kick the can down the road.

    Leroy JenkinsLeroy Jenkins3 days ago
  • The debate was a mess... Why can't Boris Johnson just shut up when it's time for another person to talk instead of taunting him like a child. He completely ingnored the moderator either and didn't really answer the question. Well~ just watched the first 17 minutes, can't bear to watch the rest.

    Yao MartYao Mart3 days ago
  • Is this the election where people cannot vote for their prime minister?

    AstroForumAstroForum3 days ago
  • i am from America and a complete Conservative. I generally am able to discern who is a better choice, IF I were making the choice off this one debate which isn't a good idea on its own, I would pick the gentleman with the dark hair. I am only going on what I am seeing. I don't know who they are but I am able to see who is blowing smoke up the hind quarters and that is Boris.

    Wendy A. TaiWendy A. Tai3 days ago
  • I say my good chap,let's go have a couple of pints, do some charlie and finish up at the knocking shop. Jolly good idea. Go Borris, you are a classic. Either way the UK IS COMPLETELY EFEDUP.

    gsxrxtrememarbellagsxrxtrememarbella3 days ago
  • His hair reminds me of an old ugly rug

    ProwseOfficialProwseOfficial3 days ago
  • Its a choice between dumb and dumber ,however, If Borris increase the high tax bracket from 50k to 80k then my support is with him over Labour

    saleemi jawadsaleemi jawad3 days ago
    • Selected not elected...its worked for the USA for years. The UK is a sad country after Thatcher.

      terry huttonterry hutton2 days ago
  • 0:04:00 they couldn’t have picked somebody with more reputability to ask a first question? Or at least someone that could fit into the seat comfortably...

    Ricky KangRicky Kang3 days ago
  • I thought Boris did alright there personally.

    Stephen J. SmithStephen J. Smith3 days ago
  • Hunt chats pure waffle

    kiray99kiray993 days ago
  • new pm for the muslim UK.

    steve queersteve queer3 days ago
  • Two grey suits, both members of a weak, discredited government. Scratching around for something positive, I guess at least there's a cartoon character in the Boris suit.

    Philip MorrisPhilip Morris4 days ago
  • More than 1 third world immigrant per MINUTE coming in and the majority will be muslims with their families to follow, you can easily put a figure on that of 20,000 plus per week. Thats not immigration, that is suicide. Estimation is that we will be a muslim country by 2050 London - Labour Muslim Control Croydon - Labour Muslim Control Birmingham - Labour Muslim Control Sheffield - Labour Muslim Control Luton - Labour Muslim Control

    Abra CadabraAbra Cadabra4 days ago
  • This isn't a reality show. This is people's lives in the line. Jesus

    draketsdrakets4 days ago

    Dave TaylorDave Taylor4 days ago
  • Boris, and donald brothers from a different mother? Boris jnvite your twin to move in with you.

    Debbie FultonDebbie Fulton4 days ago
  • I would want a more informal untimed retrictive platform to have an adult unhindered conversation , so tired of hearing that's enough time , and cutting the issues short .

    AJ maxAJ max4 days ago
  • People complaining about lower income tax on corporations are so dumb. It's literally better for everyone. Businesses don't come to or stay in the UK out of loyalty, they're here to make money, and if they're making money you're getting jobs.

    Barnaby BrownBarnaby Brown4 days ago
    • @kasegi Yabu Labour just says what they think people want to hear, not what's good for the county. I'd honestly rather see the conservatives in again before them, and that's saying a lot...

      Barnaby BrownBarnaby Brown3 days ago
    • Agreed. Upping the tax will hurt only those businesses that aren't large enough to move their profits overseas. It's the large corporations who aren't paying their share, and they are the ones who can avoid any level of tax. Labour not thinking it through, again.

      kasegi Yabukasegi Yabu3 days ago
    • I agree, its a balance. But upping it to 25% like Labout wants to I don't feel is an appropriate response.

      Barnaby BrownBarnaby Brown3 days ago
    • However, if these corporations don't pay enough tax, they're not contributing to the infrastructure that is necessary for them to trade.

      kasegi Yabukasegi Yabu4 days ago
  • Good old Boris!

    SkyMax ABCSkyMax ABC4 days ago
  • Its like choosing between shitting your pants or shitting your bed.

    Adam 330Adam 3304 days ago
  • Can't she at least give the same amount of time to Boris that she gave to Jeremy. At least let them both answer the question to full extent possible. But she is interrupting Boris on every answer that he tries to give. What kind of debate is that. I swear to god I'm gonna boycott mainstream media channel. Totally unfair propaganda only favouring the person that they like the most.

    AliAli4 days ago
  • I am surprised @Boris Johnson - you haven't answered any of the question to the point. You kept lengthening and twisting all of your so called answers. Jeremy Hunt was way smarter than you in this regard. Probably you are not the people's leader Mr Boris

  • Made my mind, gonna vote for Boris. Wait, I'm not British!

    HoussemHoussem4 days ago
  • The presenter has nice calf's.

    Nicholas HolmesNicholas Holmes4 days ago
  • She was an atrocious host jesus wept

    Scan EndScan End4 days ago
  • Absolute comedy this 🤣

    frankohemengfrankohemeng4 days ago
  • Boris is just waiting until he is the prime minister to start getting fat again...

    rubs trollrubs troll4 days ago
  • Bollocks to Boris

    Julian Edge-PartingtonJulian Edge-Partington4 days ago
  • We need a REAL Englishman, a common, patriotic prime minister!! Not some toff, rich, private school pair of snobs.. Hunt you can tell is a lieing snake!!!! Look at his face. Boris may be with we the people but don't know if he is strong enough.

    Robbie KnightRobbie Knight4 days ago
  • What an absolute joke...TWO boomers trying to control a WW3 narrative that is completely out of their control... Can we please have a war leader like Farage in now 🙏

  • Gimp battle

    JackSuberashiJackSuberashi5 days ago
  • does johnson need to shout the entire time? u have a lav on sir, u are allowed to speak.

    MarkMark5 days ago
  • I see mr. borris being UK 's trump

    Tshering SherpaTshering Sherpa5 days ago
  • Hunt is May with a suit on

    throbadelicathrobadelica5 days ago

    Yasam FarooqYasam Farooq5 days ago
  • 15:49 "yes he he doesn't...yes he he doesn' he doesn't...Mr. Johnson will you let him finish...yes I'm sorry" nearly the age of 110 in total between them two...acting like 10 year olds...who will run our country...who will lead the leaving of EU....who will act immaturely in their communication approach...sighhhhh....brace yourselves people

    lin90210lin902105 days ago
  • Urgh. Go beat your girlfriend again, Boris...

    Rage of the TurnipRage of the Turnip5 days ago
  • Boris was protesting more than debating, bit aggressive, he needs to pipe down

    lucy Loulucy Lou5 days ago
  • I can’t believe that the Conservative party is so talentless that these two jokers are as good as it gets. Stuck between a charismatic loser and a nice guy who can’t take a message to the people.

    DD5 days ago
  • I feel like I need shower after watching these two. They're both so slimy. Hunt is like a shifty newt. And Boris has learned the tactic of interrupting with childish comments well from Trump,

    Jagjit RoudhJagjit Roudh5 days ago
  • We,ve had the Littke Weed and now it,s to be either Bill or Ben. Just how low can this once dreat country get.?

    Mervyn RileyMervyn Riley5 days ago
  • I despise Jeremy Hunt for what he did to our junior doctors but honestly Boris might well be the most despicable human being in this country.

    naturallydr yonaturallydr yo5 days ago

    paul starrpaul starr5 days ago

    Pretty coolPretty cool5 days ago
  • Deport Poles after delivering Brexit.

    Simo GalileSimo Galile5 days ago
  • Imagine actually calling the Labour Party Marxist

    John McCrindleJohn McCrindle5 days ago
    • Prashant Natarajan Ok then. That means also that the tories, ukip, the “Brexit Party” and the bnp especially are all Nazis.

      John McCrindleJohn McCrindle4 days ago
    • John McCrindle would you be happier if Labour were called Leninist instead?

      Prashant NatarajanPrashant Natarajan4 days ago
  • For a while I thought I was watching the cacophony horror of the Hags & Hens on the"View" in morning America ! The host was horrible........... ZERO control over either Boris or Jeremy talking over each other. When all three we're cackling at once it was surreal. The Circumlocution Office meets The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Awful.

    lorenzo Mlorenzo M5 days ago
  • why are people watching this, what's the point. We dont get to vote , we just get told. British democracy for you.

    Andy DaviesAndy Davies5 days ago
Britain's Next Prime Minister: The ITV Debate | ITV News