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Bray Wyatt has a smashing time on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, June 10, 2019

Bray Wyatt solves a mealtime dispute between Ramblin’ Rabbit and Mercy the Buzzard and hammers home an important lesson on “Firefly Fun House.”
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  • WWE isn’t complete without Firefly Funhouse

    Daniel RDaniel R24 minutes ago
  • Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love Bray Wyatt, The Fiend, ................ Okay this right WWE

    Boobs MahoneBoobs MahoneHour ago
  • *When my mum catches me watching Anime* 0:15

    Moist MadnessMoist MadnessHour ago
  • You better not waste Bray and make him at least Universal champion

    Edd CravenEdd Craven2 hours ago
  • Just realized Rambling rabbit is supposed to be dean Ambrose...

    MegaRudyrayMegaRudyray3 hours ago
  • definitely nothing satanic with the bohemian grove reference, cannibalism, and the pentagram huh, typical WWE promoting satanism

    TerbTerb3 hours ago
  • By the way: I don't know how many people have been noticing, but the Firefly Funhouse has had Satanic themes going from the start (being ok to destroy people because they somehow wronged you, killing your friends, "Let me in", etc). It was confirmed with this episode, one of the 'scene switch' graphics being a pentagram, and the 'abandon all hope' sign. Thing is..This isn't a 'evill/underworld' gimmick, this is Wyatt being a straight up sociopath. I was okay with Wyatt's last gimmick, but this one I don't really care for.

    Sara LlewellynSara Llewellyn5 hours ago
  • Nobody: Bray Wyatt: *HoLy MoLy WhAt In ThE gUaCaMoLe Is HaPpInG hErE*

    Moto MotoMoto Moto5 hours ago
  • So no one saw the pentagram

    Izaih ClarkIzaih Clark6 hours ago
  • 🎶We're really glad that you're our friend and this is a friendship that'll never ever end!🎶 Does anyone besides me sing along? 😂😂😂

    HardHustleHardHustle6 hours ago
  • Talkkkkk is JERRRIICHOOO Today's guest is Joe some know him as "Rambling Rabbit" and he talks about his short run with the WWE,Working with Bray Wyatt, how he felt about his role in the firefly fun house! Why he calls it THE WORSE HOUSE EVER! How Vince promise a 24/7 shot but smashed his head into oblivion! Now on talk is jericho you don't want to miss it!

    Ruisu0811 gamerRuisu0811 gamer6 hours ago
  • This is high time they should unleash Bray Wyatt in the Stomping Ground. Otherwise AEW will eat them alive.

    Kaushik ReddyKaushik Reddy6 hours ago
  • this is the most demonic video ive ever seen and guess what this comment might get deleted

    {Ace_Of_Diamonds}{Ace_Of_Diamonds}7 hours ago
  • So when will Bray Wyatt will fight in the ring again???

    AG AsignadoAG Asignado8 hours ago

    Carlos OlivoCarlos Olivo9 hours ago
  • He looks like he's gonna snap very soon

    The StainThe Stain9 hours ago
  • I guess bray combined a joker persona and negan's sadistic nature😐

    KingSmithieKingSmithie9 hours ago
  • The attitude era was not nearly as terrible as this indoctronation of the occult you guys are being programmed and de sensatised to satanism wake up.

    Ginger4JesusChrist MWW14Ginger4JesusChrist MWW1410 hours ago

    Syed Zohaib AamirSyed Zohaib Aamir10 hours ago
  • Eating friends, alter personalities, *let me in* , flashing the pentagram. What more do you dumbasses need to wake up?

    RaccoonEyesRaccoonEyes10 hours ago
  • I swear I’m the only person who thinks this gimmick is Garbage 🗑

    MrAhmes2001MrAhmes200112 hours ago
  • God damn wwe just let the man in and let's see some action in the ring with him, you want money Vince? All you gotta do is light the way and, let him in.

    darkbloodsouldarkbloodsoul14 hours ago
  • Omg this so demonic..and directed at kids!! Wake up!

    S BS B14 hours ago
  • So this firefly funhouse thing will out beat the new day storylines and there popularity?

    mca Teammca Team15 hours ago
  • Brays gunna come back crazy and the same

    i put bleach in my eyesi put bleach in my eyes16 hours ago
  • Aaaewww it’s like falling love 😍 ....

    TyFtI34TyFtI3417 hours ago
  • This is so stupid that it is actually kind of funny, imo

    FedorMachida LastFedorMachida Last17 hours ago
  • Damn i love Bray Wyatt brand new Twisted Dreadlocked killer Clown gimmick that he has now!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💥💥💥💥💥💥😼😼😼😼😼☺☺☺👑👑👑💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✊✊✊🌟🌟🌟🌟😺😺😱😱😱😏😏👹👹👹i hope they make Bray Wyatt an unstoppable man beast and at least have him win a WWE championship belt.. And remember my fireflies Friends all you gotta do is LET US IN{°¥°}

    Caito BrownCaito Brown17 hours ago
  • Does anyone realise that bray was not hammering the sign in in the beginning

    Yolanda DonYolanda Don17 hours ago
  • Satanic filth

    Ryan RochaRyan Rocha18 hours ago
  • it gets crepier and crepier

    uncle drewuncle drew18 hours ago
  • So first, Ramblin Rabbit was eaten by Mercy. Then he was smashed to death by Bray. So is Abby going to kill him next? And if so, how?

    Matthew MillerMatthew Miller19 hours ago
    • Matthew Miller Good question.

      Alan HeyesAlan Heyes15 hours ago
  • Rambling Rabbit Jam no wonder Bray Wyatt did that Rambling rabbit was about to expose what Bray Wyatt is going to become

    Gerardo LopezGerardo Lopez19 hours ago
  • All you have to do.... is follow the damn train CJ !

    DeiwosDeiwos20 hours ago
  • ياوي واوي

    نبراس NEBRASنبراس NEBRAS20 hours ago
  • Bray should had been the host for the new Blue's Clues.

    Murphco EnterprisesMurphco Enterprises20 hours ago
  • We wait... A match.. WITH THE FIEND..

    Jj KkJj Kk21 hour ago
  • Is he jackblack

    Lucky 4423Lucky 442322 hours ago
  • Satanic Illuminati trash. Why do you have to show a pentagram?

    Matthew AndersonMatthew Anderson22 hours ago
  • Satanic af!

    Ernesto SotoErnesto Soto22 hours ago
  • we need him to appear soon

    yugicourtzyugicourtz22 hours ago
  • Yowie Wowie😂😁

    Tony GonzalezTony Gonzalez22 hours ago
  • A Call for an Uprising channel is right. This demonic trash is a stupid joke. I enjoy his channel... and I hate this demonic trash! Jesus is Lord! The King James Bible is awesome and true!

    Dave C.Dave C.22 hours ago
  • this is satanic and disturbing 26k likes? wow

    Mauricio Valencia ArceMauricio Valencia Arce22 hours ago
    • Pentagram at 2:10. Demonic fruitcakes...

      Dave C.Dave C.22 hours ago
  • I swear with this gimmick he should use Slipknots new song unsainted for his entrance music.

    Justin UpchurchJustin Upchurch23 hours ago
  • I love this character.

    Futureism86Futureism8623 hours ago
  • I'm going back to Sesame Street

    Roberto HerreraRoberto HerreraDay ago
  • Yowie Wowie Rambling rabit's bohemian breakfest spread. That's too much for me. Amazing, amazing stuff.

    RollinsOwensMizAmbroseGirlRollinsOwensMizAmbroseGirlDay ago
  • Watch, soon he'll be on Austin's podcast saying that Bray Wyatt was dangerous to work around.

    SnoopDawg124SnoopDawg124Day ago
  • Bray Wyatt is the best

    Rob JohnsonRob JohnsonDay ago
  • I'm understang the role what The rambling rabit has. Mr. Wyatt, you're devilish.

    ElSchumi .DelaAceraElSchumi .DelaAceraDay ago
    • Yeah, seems he wouldn't want any little ones to tell on him and what's really going on in his "funhouse". Thinly veiled and disgusting

      Dave C.Dave C.22 hours ago
  • Would be cool to see R-Truth make a guest appearance in the Funhouse!

    quymotoquymotoDay ago
    • quymoto I’d mark out.

      Alan HeyesAlan Heyes15 hours ago
  • This is dumb

    The RealThe RealDay ago
  • I bet they don't even have the slightest clue how to depute this new Bray Wyatt

    John JohnsonJohn JohnsonDay ago
  • Raw can literally be a 90 minute show since they repeat it on smackdown the next day.

    Waukesha WolfWaukesha WolfDay ago
  • This is pure Satanic

    Streamer MinionStreamer MinionDay ago
    • @Dave C. Thanks,I thought I was the only one that noticed this...Vince literally sold his soul to the devil

      Streamer MinionStreamer Minion16 hours ago
    • Even includes a demonic pentagram at 2:10 What trash... WWE has been on a downhill slide for a long time now. McMahon is a really sick clown!

      Dave C.Dave C.22 hours ago
  • Rambling rabbit wants in on the G1 tournament confirmed

    HughPatrick48HughPatrick48Day ago
  • What happened to him lmao

    Matthew 2700Matthew 2700Day ago
  • Ok. This was really cool at first, but are we gonna see this dude wrestle anytime soon. All this creepy world building is great, but this whole things resides in a vacuum of he doesn't leave the funhouse.

    Andrew LatimoreAndrew LatimoreDay ago
    • Andrew Latimore Do you really want the company to ruin his character? If he stays in the FunHouse, he’s safe. They cannot touch him.

      Alan HeyesAlan Heyes15 hours ago
  • WWE please don't ruin this gimmick and belive in Bray Wyatt.

    KrisTKrisTDay ago
  • Rip Rambling Rabbit 🐰💔

    Patrick O'DonnellPatrick O'DonnellDay ago
  • “It’s the law of the jungle you dumb bunny” lol!

  • This is weird .

    PauldjreadmanPauldjreadmanDay ago
  • Let me in LET ME IIIIIIN

    Resident CuckResident CuckDay ago
  • Bray’s clearly not in control of his dark side as much as he thinks he is. He asks Rambling Rabbit if he’s ok just after smashing him, seemingly not being aware of what he just did. He also picks RR up with the Heal glove.

    cmpunkfan34cmpunkfan34Day ago
    • He ate his "friend" Just like an elite sicko does when they are demonically led. I hate this trash

      Dave C.Dave C.22 hours ago
  • Just waiting for that moment.. Bray> And remember my butterflies all you have to do is let me in.. - Here's banging at the front door - R Truth> LET ME IN LET ME IN!!!! Bray> Yeowy Weowy looks like we have a special guest... Its R -Truth!!! O.O - kids cheer - XD

    Tavon CharlesTavon CharlesDay ago
  • I think Brayy is the new undertaker, I wish they could have and angle where the undertaker passes on his power to Bray or he takes hid power and starts being the new Streak or doing casket matches and things. But it would be cool if he did that.

    Morisco853Morisco853Day ago
  • R.i.p Rambling Rabbit...See you next Monday 😂😃👍🏻

    M HM HDay ago

    CharlieDwnsCharlieDwnsDay ago
  • I like this. Everything shouldn't be PG

    MrBrandon330MrBrandon330Day ago

    priya sharmapriya sharmaDay ago
  • No Abby the Witch in this episode :O

    Darryl BartlettDarryl BartlettDay ago
  • anna-oop

    Goku HijoGoku HijoDay ago
  • You can find everything other than wrestling.

    Phenomenal SchoolPhenomenal SchoolDay ago
  • $100 says Rambling Rabbit will be back in the vignettes next week week 🤣👊🏾

    Manlykefresh.INCManlykefresh.INCDay ago
  • Dude, I love this segment. It's the best thing to happen on a WWE show in a long time. But I think it's seriously time that we see Bray/The Fiend in action. He has been teased and built up enough. Let's see him conquer. And if he does anything less they will have wasted another amazing idea.

    Bryan KlotzBryan KlotzDay ago
  • getting old now....WRESTLE !!!!

    breal8484breal8484Day ago
  • WWE ruined this man...

    Nagato SarutobiNagato SarutobiDay ago
  • Alright then Ethan Bradberry

    Golf WangGolf WangDay ago
  • This is sooooo dumb it makes me ashamed to say I watch the WWE.

    Wally & Tony !!!Wally & Tony !!!Day ago
  • Oh Dear! A headshot with a foreign object! Quick WWE, edit the footage! We can only have chair shots to the back now lol much love to Wyatt the master though!

    Derek HickeyDerek HickeyDay ago
  • Konichiwa? Bray Wyatt To Njpw Confirm

    UzivonUzivonDay ago
  • Take this to Wrestlemania

    Miguel ZarateMiguel ZarateDay ago
  • Bray needs to be champion again

    Ryan 8765Ryan 8765Day ago
  • Lmao Bray Wyatts insane I love it!

    Dejesus JasonDejesus JasonDay ago
  • The subtle jab at Jericho and mox,brilliant

    Eric DeshieldsEric DeshieldsDay ago
  • What world are we in where Bray and R-truth are by far the best things on raw? Bray is dark and mysterious and R-truth is the comedic relief.

    Wayne KWayne KDay ago
  • Holy guacamole roflmao

    Jared BlackleyJared BlackleyDay ago
  • Hey Bray, time 2 leave the funhouse, (temp.) for a return 2 the ring & bring the title back 2 the House,

    Ronald MonziRonald MonziDay ago
  • Someone explain to me I been gone for awhile so how is r truth and bray Wyatt carrying wwe ?

    CartierVisionCartierVisionDay ago

    Jay OrtegaJay OrtegaDay ago
  • Let me in

    hero216babyhero216babyDay ago
    • No

      WolfWolfDay ago
  • Bray is an joker

    Vichaal Trishul PhagoeVichaal Trishul PhagoeDay ago
  • okay he is the new undertaker

    Shahrul RezuandShahrul RezuandDay ago
  • That felt more graphic than most horror movies now. I can't explain why...

    EmeAUEmeAUDay ago
  • This is seriously the only good thing about WWE at the minute!

    Dan BrickDan BrickDay ago
  • Damn it's boring...

    dan chilldan chillDay ago
  • Yooo is it just me or does anyone eleae think that this is a waist of talent

    Dennis CoolieDennis CoolieDay ago
  • Lame trash.

    Tobey StarburstTobey StarburstDay ago
  • WWE is a sheet in this moment

    Cmo deaDCmo deaDDay ago
Bray Wyatt has a smashing time on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, June 10, 2019