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Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn - Falls Count Anywhere Match: Raw, May 13, 2019

The Monster Among Men defends his place in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match against Sami Zayn in a raucous Falls Count Anywhere Match.
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  • I remember when he was just a fat kid now he's looking like a true wrestler

    Odin FranklinOdin Franklin5 days ago
  • Strauman again screwed by vince..too sad

    Zayad ButtZayad Butt5 days ago
  • Jesus loves you and wants you to be His child.

    Ngozi OnyemaechiNgozi Onyemaechi5 days ago
  • Remember when Strowman was gonna be the top heel 6 months ago??

    Richard JuanRichard Juan6 days ago
  • How dumb is this...

    NFC VeNoMNFC VeNoM6 days ago
  • Drew McIntyre is not a major they keep partnering him up with Lashley and Corbin and he keeps listing to Roman, he should be on a winning streak and building him up for a title stop.

    mike furymike fury6 days ago
  • Damn at this rate Strowman and Corbin are gonna have more matches than cena and Randy

    KevonSIOKevonSIO6 days ago
  • Braun lost credibility since his lose with Lesnar. Accept it WWE.

    Beto FigueroaBeto Figueroa7 days ago
  • Sami will win mitb then cash in either at summerslam in Toronto or the last raw before survivor series to continue the last minute change of champions trend

    Peter IneleoPeter Ineleo7 days ago
  • Jon Moxles is Mad Brock hit Renee with a chair

    Legendary SlitherinLegendary Slitherin7 days ago
  • I dont watch the current stuff but good on Sami but WTF are WWE doing , As a wrestling fan in my 30s who grew up on WCW VS WWF i felt like i just wasted 3 mins of my time and felt cheated somehow. I would call this finish lazy perhaps ? Seems like a big waste for Strowman. Eveything before the pin just seems like a waste. Seems like a dumb approach to build up a team of enemies for Strowman to comeback and demolish. Leaves a lot to be desired but ultimately a very underwhelming transition into a story.

    SasqautchSasqautch7 days ago
  • Sami Zayn beat The Monster among all by himself

    Jamar MartinJamar Martin7 days ago
  • The big question now is does Sami or Drew win the brief case?

    Vazz VegasVazz Vegas8 days ago
  • Glad to see Sami win after that monster in the bank marketing garbage from last year

    Vazz VegasVazz Vegas8 days ago
  • Semi is very very ugly and looks like a dying chicken and that drew just looks weird baron Corban's head looks like a naked dog

    Antonelle KoopmanAntonelle Koopman8 days ago
  • This is actually such a legitimizing moment, strowman had to be beaten by 3 guys

    K4 JosiahK4 Josiah8 days ago
  • Roses are red Voilets are blue I'm Braun strowman and I'm not finished with you

    The KingslayerThe Kingslayer8 days ago
  • 3:10 Braun accidentally pushed the chair over Renee.

    Sneha AshiqueSneha Ashique8 days ago
    • Indeed, man. And he chokeslams Sami Zayn through the desk. (3:16)

      Krisnarefa AgustaKrisnarefa Agusta7 days ago
  • Idk why but I still don't really like McIntyre

    TheExoEliteTheExoElite8 days ago
  • Why they throw Sami back out

    Daniel CoeDaniel Coe8 days ago
  • If Braun Strowman sees this I have a message for him Go AEW THEY WONT SCREW YOU OUT OF OPPORTUNITIES

    Ja Boi JakeJa Boi Jake8 days ago
  • Hi on 1:26 until 1:28 was braun strowman throwing a fold up chair at the camera guy?i don’t blame braun strowman for being mad

    Jamie boykoJamie boyko9 days ago
  • 3:09 did anyone see when Braun pushed the chair it hit renee?

    Free BlomberghFree Blombergh9 days ago
  • Braun needs some allies

    KTJ 2676KTJ 26769 days ago
  • Did anyone notice Braun somewhat looks like Donald Gibb from the movie bloodsport with van damme

    Leslie DavidLeslie David9 days ago
  • Drew McIntyre MITB

    Kredd/DMcIntyre/Chiefs FansKredd/DMcIntyre/Chiefs Fans9 days ago
  • Y pensar que todo es Falso 😂😂😂

    HēcTør ØrBeGøSøHēcTør ØrBeGøSø9 days ago
  • 😊😊😔😔

    Technical FunTechnical Fun9 days ago
  • I am happy with everything in this video except Baron Corbin

    Mcintyre Fan VegetaMcintyre Fan Vegeta9 days ago
  • Sammi beat braun many times

    suresh rawalsuresh rawal9 days ago
  • Sammy -remember there will be pay back. You are as dumb as dumb can be.

    Mohammed AliMohammed Ali9 days ago
  • Youd have to be blind to not see this coming

    Jeremy AndrewsJeremy Andrews10 days ago
  • i mean sami did say "i'm just happy to be here". now it looks like he doesn't want to be here

    chriscool 365chriscool 36510 days ago
  • how boring them two muppets are always interfering in matches.

    Tom 30Tom 3010 days ago
  • Is obvious that Braun is going to invade The Money In the bank match

    FixyourlaggM8FixyourlaggM810 days ago
  • I dont braun meant to push the chair into renee young at the end there, a bit of a suprize yes but i dont think it was on purpose.

    Nick PrehnaNick Prehna10 days ago
  • Pinchis jotos no saben peliar o que

    Willy VothWilly Voth10 days ago
  • Some body kill him (drew mcntior)

    Surobita GhoroiSurobita Ghoroi10 days ago
  • Fake Power Of Brown When He Beat Power is Gone 😂

    True LoverTrue Lover10 days ago
  • Vince McMahon you still have not learned. The WWE Universe DO NOT WANT TO SEE BARON AND Drew McIntyre together ANYMORE. Drew needs to be by himself and Corbin needs to go away.

    Big BoyBig Boy10 days ago
  • Main Event of Raw recap video- 770k views... firefly funhouse- 2.2 mil views... Take notes wwe.

    Jonathon McKinneyJonathon McKinney10 days ago
  • Lol fake af

    Lucas StoneLucas Stone10 days ago
  • Time to recall Muhammad Hassan & make an Arab tagteam :)

    Ronny BRonny B10 days ago
  • I don't want strowman coming to the money in the bank and winning it when he doesn't deserve because that's probably gonna happen hope not

    StaplezStaplez10 days ago
  • I don’t understand why Stromam is still being pushed as the baby faced monster. GIVE HIM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! Why is it that WWE always toys with the big Monsters

    William SchwenkeWilliam Schwenke10 days ago
  • Brutal Hitting..

    Piyush VermaPiyush Verma10 days ago

    Robert TunstallRobert Tunstall10 days ago
  • Hahaha strowman balor and Drew have a ahistory of jumping you. It's time to end some careers

    Daniel CarrascoDaniel Carrasco10 days ago
  • One day I hope they will buy some decent ladders

    Happy EmojiHappy Emoji10 days ago
  • Braun getting super buried.

    Clifton Pierre-AntoineClifton Pierre-Antoine10 days ago
  • Compare this to a Foley match, wrestling has really slumped, the crowds are silent and the passion is gone, kinda glad I got over it when I did.

    TRT VitorTRT Vitor10 days ago
  • Thank you corban and drew for helping sami zany to win

    Ibad KhanIbad Khan10 days ago
  • At first i like him, but now i'm tired of braun already. But most importantly, i'm tired of wwe creative. Sami should really leave this soap opera.

    I HI H10 days ago
  • Monster Hunt ...... Is WWE trying to do a promo for Corbin and woods Game stream for the monster Hunter ?

    See HanWeiSee HanWei10 days ago
  • Corbin and drew just didnt like each other the other day now they help sammi sweet heart

    MG FuryMG Fury10 days ago
  • Very good

    Pakistan murdabadPakistan murdabad10 days ago
  • Braun strowman and his exposed right nipple.

    3 Crown Clash Gaming3 Crown Clash Gaming10 days ago
  • Braun can take so much .. He better get something soon

    The RoyThe Roy10 days ago
  • 1:00 "are you bloody kidding me?" 😂😂😂

    partyj7partyj710 days ago
  • YES! Sami Zayn is way overdue for a push

    The PhapperThe Phapper10 days ago
  • Why they ruining braun

    Vahan VardanyanVahan Vardanyan10 days ago
  • O no

  • Renee got attacked by chair 03:10

    Adam ArjunAdam Arjun10 days ago
  • You mason

    Nathan BowmanNathan Bowman10 days ago
  • Oh please he had help under neath his 👃🏾

    Nathan BowmanNathan Bowman10 days ago
  • That right get those hands put him impeachment time out woo

    Nathan BowmanNathan Bowman10 days ago
  • This is officially stupid. Why did Braun have to lose again. He needs the MITB AGAIN Because he failed the first time, THEN, he redeemed it for..........I DON’T EVEN KNO....... And finally, what singles championship has he won? And the only championship he has won was the Raw tag team championship with Lucas which he vacated on the next Monday night raw.........

    Payton WrightPayton Wright10 days ago
  • ironic that braun made his singles raw debut my squashing sami zayn in a last man standing match and 4 years later zayn gets his revenge as a heel pinning strowman in falls count anywhere. truly proof that anything can happen in the E

    Arian FayezArian Fayez10 days ago
  • zayne runnin from jobber strowman like deacon runs from a horde in days gone

    Big Alii PlaysBig Alii Plays10 days ago
  • jobber strowman

    Big Alii PlaysBig Alii Plays10 days ago
  • Every monday i Get more and more excited for aew I hope they will bury wwe just like wwe bury everyone like strowman for example

    kenzo Echirolleskenzo Echirolles10 days ago
  • Who felt bad for Braun Strowman so unfair 3 vs 1. He tried but WWE is nvr giving him fair chance coz they know if he gets opportunity he would grab Universal Title. Get these hands Baron Corbin next Week on RAW.

    Blazing Night StarsBlazing Night Stars10 days ago
  • Remember the good old days when Braun strowman was just choke people out and be done with it

  • Oh no that chair hit Renee back

    LightOutG1LightOutG110 days ago
  • such bad acting.. people actually watch this.

    RealistRealist10 days ago
  • 03:09 Braun accidentally hit Renee with the chair 😂

    Shalin MGTOWShalin MGTOW10 days ago
  • Strowman smacked that chair off Renee's back.

    Don ButlerDon Butler10 days ago
  • They should’ve put New RAW Owner Donald Trump

    Santiago DaSilvaSantiago DaSilva10 days ago
  • The fact they still refuse to give Braun a major title run is criminal...😑

    Aaron SeidlAaron Seidl11 days ago
  • 3:09 Renee gets hit with that chair

    EmDieLessEmDieLess11 days ago
  • 3:23

    Judy ChenJudy Chen11 days ago
  • 2:25 2:26 Sami is going back to money in the bank sense 2016

    Judy ChenJudy Chen11 days ago
  • Never mess with the Monster among man 👏🏻🤘🏻

    Nabeel ArifNabeel Arif11 days ago
  • Braun stroman ke Saath bahuuut galat

    Md ImranMd Imran11 days ago
  • The fu

    damien rojasdamien rojas11 days ago
  • Sami just needs a title

    Jacob BlandJacob Bland11 days ago
  • That chair ddt was terrible lmao they on concrete

    Spencer DowneySpencer Downey11 days ago
  • Is this ufc?

    Now I knowNow I know11 days ago
  • Screwed Drew McIntyre and screw baron Corbin and screw Sami Zayn

    Luke McKinneyLuke McKinney11 days ago
  • Wow just wow totally unfair I want a rematch

    RaditzRaditz11 days ago
  • 👏👏👏👏👏

    the gamethe game11 days ago
  • I see Strowman costing all three of them the match and most of the others seem too new to have the contract, so I'm thinking....Viper in the Bank

    Dire WolfDire Wolf11 days ago
  • Sami better win the MITB match now since he took Braun's place. He would suit it with his new character and savage promos while he's holding the MITB briefcase

    The Elite KillaThe Elite Killa11 days ago
  • If you like James Charles keep this grey 👇🏽

    XxWorthlessXxXxWorthlessXx11 days ago
  • Yeah true

    Jayde QueenJayde Queen11 days ago
  • Why do they always change Braun's plans?

    Nick JethwaniNick Jethwani11 days ago
  • I really hope there’s a rematch

    Larry ZavalaLarry Zavala11 days ago
  • Cowards!!!

    Jane TanJane Tan11 days ago
  • i wish sami would have win in MITB i know that is too hard but i hope.that

    Mostafa MMostafa M11 days ago
  • I saw this last night

    Anna LewisAnna Lewis11 days ago
Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn - Falls Count Anywhere Match: Raw, May 13, 2019