BOARD MUST TAKE ACTION! Man Utd 0-2 Cardiff Match Review

Season finale.. Man Utd 0-2 Cardiff City..
One goal in our final 180 minutes of Premier League football against two relegated sides, what else is there to say except "Dreadful!"
Fan cams to follow, are you as glad as we are to see the season over and done?!
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  • Fan cams to follow, are you as glad as we are to see the season over and done?!

    FullTimeDEVILSFullTimeDEVILSMonth ago

      Vick Van WaarVick Van WaarMonth ago
    • He called Cardiff City a Brexit side most of the UK voted to leave the EU why is this guy bringing politics into football?

      RandomnessTubeRandomnessTubeMonth ago
    • You people are hypocrites When we had a world class manager you people hardly brought up Woodward out instead you all wanted Mourinho out and you all thought we had a world class squad Not saying Woodward is not to be blamed but there is no use attacking them since they are the owners they can do whatever they want but the fans are to be blamed too for their over expectations from the squad fergie had 6 years to rebuild his squad and it was not like every year they were improving they had ups and downs the fans and board were patient and we eventually got to see the United we saw in the last 30 years You people could nt give Moyes, LVG and Mourinho even 3 years A few bad games and you all start ranting and call for the manager to be sacked Woodward listens to the fans and because he listens to the fans he sacked Mourinho and because he listens to the fans he hired Ole in just 3 months

      Shaik ArshadShaik ArshadMonth ago
    • fans need to stop turning up wasting your hard earned money on that crap

      Philip BurtonwoodPhilip BurtonwoodMonth ago
  • I'm sorry but the whole team needs replacing keep pogba and de gea and if rashford and martial don't do good in pre season replace them as well

    Noah HaytonNoah Hayton17 days ago
  • LOOOOOL man utd is garbage

    x.L Nx.L N27 days ago
  • Manchester United Fans have done it to them selves!!! you all want the Glazers out? but you keep turning up to the games and buying kits, tickets, etc etc etc, you are giving the Glazers exactly what they want!!! they know the Manchester united fans are mugs, and you will all keep paying, and lining the pockets of the Glazer family. You have had this since they took over, and the last 6 years have been bad, and can only get worse, and it will for Manchester utd! one season of boycotting the club, not going to games and not buying season tickets, and the Glazers would have sold the club and got out!! but you couldn't and wouldn't do one season of boycotting the club because you are all so bloody passionate about your club! well here you go, you reap what you sow, continue this way, let the glazers take money out of the club, but then you have no right to complain!!! you can do something about this, but you choose not too!!!

    Obidia StaneObidia StaneMonth ago
  • Relegated next season...ole ole ole

    Vijay Iyer VJVijay Iyer VJMonth ago
  • 4th/5th/6th is probably more than we can expect. I could be wrong and we could have a genuinely good summer of signings as well as improving the coaching staff but realistically I'm not hoping for more than a top ten finish. Wolves, Watford and Everton will probably all outspend us in transfers (Woodward will see to that) and we've not really looked much better than them this season, so unless the club owners actually let the club spend the money it makes, I don't see anything other than our worst ever premier league season, happening.

    TomTomMonth ago
  • It's horrible to see my beloved club in this situation. How the mighty have fallen

    JdizzlejakeJdizzlejakeMonth ago
  • Not just the club but the fans need to get there shit together too. No atmosphere we let away fans humiliate us chanting City is blue. Too many day trippers tourists. Hate me for saying that but it's true. Saw a dude in J Stand against Pool quiet and sat down didn't know what to do or sing. Either sit somewhere quiet or if you are gonna sit in the East Stand and Stretford End chant sing get involved.

    Imy KhanImy KhanMonth ago
  • I hope you keep getting worse and get relegated. Same with city though. Fuck you both

    Luke ReyalpLuke ReyalpMonth ago
  • #35 on trending congratz.

    SilasSilasMonth ago
  • Pogba needs to get bloody sorted out, and get rid of young, smalling and bloody shit house Phil jones as soon as possible otherwise it will get even worse and next season if they start we will see us finishing around 14th to 9th, worst season i've ever seen as a Manchester united fan Really bloody Disappointed Gonna miss good old Ander Herrera:(

    Riley ThompsonRiley ThompsonMonth ago
  • U r that guy who was pushing for Mourinho exit hahaha,u guys

    cicero mbiracicero mbiraMonth ago
  • All you asking Da Gea and Pogba to leave have you ever thought for a sec if we had solid back 4 would balls slip through him? have you asked yourselves if we had a striker with one touch at goal are we gonna be goal drought? if pogba had a solid competitor do you think we will end up 6th? DDG & Pogba are surrounded by bunch of Championship players how do you expect them to perform at their best. DDG carried us for seasons he deserve some respect from y'all. How do you expect a coach to make best use of players who knows nothing but money. Ole inherited a terrible team not even Pep or Klop can revive them so stop this criticism

    Justin CopplemanJustin CopplemanMonth ago
  • Stopped listening when he said ‘yous lot’

    Keyboard WarriorKeyboard WarriorMonth ago
  • Found the plastic fans page......

    seanbuckeseanbuckeMonth ago
  • A Sure man city advert before the video 😐

    lharmylharmyMonth ago
  • I feel sorry for Ole too. And I hate United with a passion. I came here to sleg, but can’t, because you are a rare breed of football club fan channel that has common sense. Respect

    The Kobster 05The Kobster 05Month ago

    Vick Van WaarVick Van WaarMonth ago
  • Stop going to the match's and Stop buying United merchandise that's the only way

    Aniallator83Aniallator83Month ago
  • Ole tactically is the worse from all the top 6 managers.

    Watty 24Watty 24Month ago
  • Why would the board take action? United are still one of the most profitable and popular club right now.

    aripo14aripo14Month ago
  • sad to see man utd struggling without officials and the FA helping them

    London LLondon LMonth ago
  • This club needs the biggest rebuild in it's history and we have a novice at the wheel. I love ole but this needs a guy like poch. Does wonders with kids. Experienced and proven. We need him. We also need ed out of football decisions.

    LINTON1985LINTON1985Month ago
  • Ahhh Mourinho, a penny for your thoughts 😂

    M ShekM ShekMonth ago
  • Ole isn’t cut out for top level management. Might as well bring in Arsène Wenger.

    TwistedSouLTwistedSouLMonth ago
  • Mourinho should never have been sacked. Pogba is pure poison, get rid.

    Foxtrot OscarFoxtrot OscarMonth ago
  • since OGS came in :3rd in the league since he came in. With left overs from the 3 previous mmanagers.

    Stian AndreassenStian AndreassenMonth ago
  • United have tried to buy shirt sellers.

    peter fletcherpeter fletcherMonth ago
  • care about you mckola?you just the same crap talking shite about Henderson also and you think Young better than Henderson? before you judge your club board, you better look at yourself first..its just like shite talking about mckola i hope you read my comment you fuking moron..

    Enzo RonaldoEnzo RonaldoMonth ago
  • What has happened to manchester united🤦‍♂️


    Miles KMiles KMonth ago
  • Sanchez - £400 000/week Fred - £175 000/week Mata - £140 000/week 9 goals, 8 assists this season Rashford - £45 000/week Lingard - £75 000/week Martial - £100 000/week 30 goals, 11 assists this season Our problems cannot be solved by forking out and paying extortionately for players but by investing and nurturing in new talent.

    meet snowmeet snowMonth ago
  • Biggest mistake is to sign Sanchez. They should have spent the money to shore up defence and midfield. Pogba came back at the wrong time. He is not the leader everyone wants him to be. Pogba is some one you bring in when your team is already strong. He can take you a little further .. but he is not going to make an average team better. Anyway, he is already a damaged good .. so it is better to let him go.

    Joe GohJoe GohMonth ago
  • (nelson voice) *Ha Ha! 😂*

    Pete ZahuttPete ZahuttMonth ago
  • Anyone can see Pogba is the virus, José was right & I hate to say that.

    palmer3977palmer3977Month ago
  • i just posted my first track ever on soundcloud :D help a young man out and please give me feedback @inspirepaul

    PaulPaulMonth ago
  • hahahahaha … hahahahhaha…..hahahahaaha @united

    Youtube UserYoutube UserMonth ago
  • Just two months ago the board was said to have taken the best decision for the club and now its the other way around because Oles lost some games im so tired of hearing fans mourning all the time patience is required in everything that human do.

    mango fishmango fishMonth ago
  • Rashford is only 21? Please how old is Mbappe? Is he not 20? Was Rooney not 18 when he was scoring hat trick in champions league. Rashford is just okay but cannot replace the iconic Utd strikers of old

    Esteban FireEsteban FireMonth ago
  • Big stadium small club

    Tom TomTom TomMonth ago
  • As a Liverpool fan United are not giving Woodward any credit here - he’s not spending now because he knows he won’t beat city or Liverpool- he’s waiting for pep to go - maybe he’s not a football guy but he’s not as thick as people think

    Oliver HeaneyOliver HeaneyMonth ago
  • Rate team.

    Scott MillsScott MillsMonth ago
  • Is this the same guy the chat shit bout hendo😂😂

    R I X ZR I X ZMonth ago
  • Shambles.

    Scott MillsScott MillsMonth ago
  • Incompetence of the board and the lack of passion from the players will result in the fall of this club , i reckon we're already there.

    Batman's Estranged CousinBatman's Estranged CousinMonth ago
  • Let's make sure we don't turn on Ole and show the board how we feel yeah

    Johnny B GoodeJohnny B GoodeMonth ago
  • Should have just waited for the end of the season

    ducksauce123ducksauce123Month ago
  • We need to get Woodward out now before it to late.# Woodward out!

    Ashley BellAshley BellMonth ago
  • I am kind of glad this has happened instead of us making top 4 then nx season we wud been in relegation battle glad he this wake up call now

    shaid Hshaid HMonth ago
  • who are the guys on the board

    shaid Hshaid HMonth ago
  • What the fuck are you on about Neil Warnock 'Brexit' team. His teams full of foreign players and maybe if you look into what the EU is doing you'd understand why people voted for Brexit

    Abc 123Abc 123Month ago
  • Don’t pay em !! If they play a shit game don’t pay the fuckers

    Mufc oneloveMufc oneloveMonth ago
  • Too much player power. Time to offload Sanchez and players with iffy attitudes like Pogba.

    Hefty AlanHefty AlanMonth ago
  • Couple 100k more views and least utd might end up first on US-vision trending Better than nothing

    Ashley McMahonAshley McMahonMonth ago
  • Oh dear. You were so poor, we felt sorry for you😂

    Victor CamarasaVictor CamarasaMonth ago
  • Lol the new arsenal fan TV...

    Dylan SilvesterDylan SilvesterMonth ago
  • Hows 6th you wankers

    MrMUKIEMrMUKIEMonth ago
  • If You really wanna show Your frustrations at the owners and fucking ed woodward then start a fucking riot and let them fuckers know we the fans are serious that we don't like what we see at the moment... Fucked this team it hurts so much to see my beloved United this way..

    Deimon PakynteinDeimon PakynteinMonth ago
  • Rushford lingard smallng jones young with these 5 english players still playing first choice next season than i promise we r going to battle for relegation.

    Ganesan KulandaiveluGanesan KulandaiveluMonth ago
  • Well said..olly is one of us. Too many overweight overpaid. Should be wearing sports bras that fucking fat. Not fit..lazy players. Picking up suitcases full of money. To me its fucking stealing. Players should bleed for this amazing club Stick their heads where it hurts. (Instead of pulling out. (Everton) Shit out of tackling. To fucking busy looking at themselves on social media. Wearing headphones/ lot fuck off. We need..Roy Keane's Paul ince. Beckham Neville' Start fighting for this club Or get the fuck out of our city. Congratulations to the players of man city/liverpool.. Who have given your club/manager/supporters everything

    Neil Wallace and lola WallaceNeil Wallace and lola WallaceMonth ago
  • Simply can't replace Ferguson he developed players United can't buy their way out of this it gone

    David BeeDavid BeeMonth ago
  • How about the fans also accepting responsibility as well as owners and chairman for the current situation. They wanted Mourinho out and they got it.They wanted Ole as manager,they got it. The fans are just as responsible as the owners and chairman for the position club is in.But if your not prepared to accept you were wrong then you in no position to start blaming the owners and chairman.

    David FosterDavid FosterMonth ago
  • United are shit 🤣 Olin is doing an amazing job 🖕🏻

    KgnandrewgreenKgnandrewgreenMonth ago
  • Dead version of aftv

    Tom BrownTom BrownMonth ago
  • Ole’s team selection policies are in question now. Fans will be on his back from game #1 next season because of the last three results. Maybe he should quit now.

    denisg2000denisg2000Month ago
  • I’m just dropping in to point and laugh 👉🏻👹😂😂😂😂.

    Stanetti ElsStanetti ElsMonth ago
  • There shite that's the answer

    Glen KellyGlen KellyMonth ago
  • sack ole forget sentiment he is out of his depth. I am a west ham fan and I want ole to stay.

    Vinay NVinay NMonth ago
  • As a palace fan your defence is disgraceful. I would sell every single defender except lindelof and shaw. In midefield pogba, matic, Fred need to go.

    YeetboahYeetboahMonth ago
  • Laughing stock of the premier league.Crying arse Mancs.

    Craig MartinCraig MartinMonth ago
  • Lol

    Life With LavyLife With LavyMonth ago
  • Hahahahahahahahahah united are fuckin wank.

    Brett sBrett sMonth ago
  • Banter club

    Dummies of the weekDummies of the weekMonth ago
  • Humbly relegate Ole to the juniors' team please. Rubbish i tell you.

    Eladios TsvangiraiEladios TsvangiraiMonth ago
  • Man utd are doing so shit omd

    J3ff33J3ff33Month ago
  • At leat Liverpool didn't win the league... Looool

    fragr33ffragr33fMonth ago
  • I reckon youll be in a religation battle soon . Seriously .

    Samuelson bakerSamuelson bakerMonth ago
  • Pogba is a £100m waste of space. He is just a name for fans to have on their back. Seriously sell him to Madrid for 110-120 m and buy Ruben loftus cheek for 20m. Quality player and won’t absolutely destroy the dressing room.

    Ben DoverBen DoverMonth ago
  • The tiny few that stayed clapping were the "prawn sandwich brigade" . A Fucking pissed up Gazza could Score more goals, as he is now than this shite!!.

    NorthyNorthyMonth ago
  • Glazers are there willy nilly. They are not responsible for team selection or tactics. You cant blame everything on them. Players and manager should take responsibility on the pitch and produce results. OGS bottled it somehow with abysmal nepotism for old guards

    adam84657adam84657Month ago
  • 6th is where you are now, accept it and move on

    Sarah BarberSarah BarberMonth ago
  • typical man utd fan! he's pretending to be a manc but he is really from Birmingham or somewhere...… yawn

    Sarah BarberSarah BarberMonth ago
  • Hes wrong when he says you wont find 1 fan saying get 8Ole out. Im saying it! Said it from the start when i heard his first cringey interview and all his interviews are cringey. Needs a time machine to 2019. Living in the past. Everything he says is about the past. Get him out now while theres still time if they can get poch. I know its not Ole's fault but these players dont respect him and he doesnt have the experience or knowledge to fix this mess. Always be a legend at united but doesnt seem to know much about managing. Not ruthless either. Its relegation form since hes been made permanent manager...

    Adrian MarrinanAdrian MarrinanMonth ago
  • The fans should own the clubs

    Someone SomewhereSomeone SomewhereMonth ago
  • It's true, the club and the game are all about money now and the game is being damaged.

    Someone SomewhereSomeone SomewhereMonth ago
  • I think they gave the job 2 ole on sentimental values, bad choice , I think the mighty wolves will be swapping places with you next season.

    crunch wobbly wandererscrunch wobbly wanderersMonth ago
  • My luck, I support Barcelona and United, they both made me give up supporting them due to obvious reasons, I finally threw both jerseys in the rubbish where both Barcelona and United belong, they make hundreds of millions of us and they don’t even care to loose 4-0 to a weakened Liverpool or finish 6th like United without any shame, both sets of players managers board disrespected the clubs history and the fans who get nothing but heartache, if they win they reap the financial benefits and if they loose they don’t care, the fans cop it, so to both teams stick it up ur a........s.

    MarkMarkMonth ago
  • Shit club

    PennywisePennywiseMonth ago
  • I watched what's happening at Utd happen to Liverpool & I'm telling you it takes years to turn the club around & climb back up again & Klopp's Liverpool have still won f*ck all. I'm looking at Ole & I'm seeing Souness at Liverpool & Souness had done really well at Rangers, Ole's done nothing, absolutely nothing to prove he can do this job. If the new season starts with Utd playing like they've been doing Solksjaer will be gone by Christmas. They should've waited why give him the job it's not like he had offers to go elsewhere? Should've waited & thrown everything they have at Pochettino but it's to late now Barcelona are doing it & Ole's been given the job but Jesus Christ losing to Cardiff at home!!!! If Woodward knew what he was doing Solskjaer wouldn't be the manager & that's a fact. I'm old, they said it couldn't happen but I watched Denis Law relegate Utd & if Utd don't get it right soon it'll be decades before they're challenging for honours.

    callyharleycallyharleyMonth ago
  • Get Griezman, Aldeweirald, Manolas, and Rice/Neves... Try to swap Sanchez for Bale, Real is the only club who can absorb his salary and will be desperate enough to get rid of Bale... Both players will suit their new system better and if Bale gets injured, Sanchez wasn't someone we'll miss... Also try and swap Lukaku for Icardi... Pogba will be the France Pogba with Icardi and Griezman in front of him, Aldeweirald and Lindelof behind him and Rice/Neves next to him... If Bale can even give us 35 good games, it will be much more than Sanchez has ever given us... Oh and ffs shut down this Rashford experiment and give Greenwood a chance... Chong and Greenwood are clearly ready but I fear Ole's soft spot for Lingard and Rashford will stop Greenwood and Chong from reaching their potential...

    Abdel ChowdhuryAbdel ChowdhuryMonth ago
  • This board cannot manage this club...pls get LOST!!!! If they are still around, this club will be doom...I'm afraid next season we will be in the championship league, touch wood!!!!!

    JebonJebonMonth ago
  • Why didn't this twat mention that Tottenham are miles better than utd?? Better manager better stadium better players champions league final champions league next season?? Utd are done shite manager shite old stadium shite players.. Basically utd are complete shite and its great to see......

    Leo HoddleLeo HoddleMonth ago
  • If Woodward was a GM in the NFL or NHL, he would have been gone after at best 3 years. He's a puppet for the glazers and has infinite job security cos of his help with their takeover plus bringing in the money with all these sponsorship deals

    Tom BardsleyTom BardsleyMonth ago
  • Manchester United is new arsenal.

    Patrick HolmesPatrick HolmesMonth ago
  • Does Ole still put smiles on people's faces?

    mk2dafullestmk2dafullestMonth ago
  • Man United need to get rid of solskjaer and get in the ajax manager or even poch

    Drum n Bass DanDrum n Bass DanMonth ago
  • It's so awesome watching man Uniteds fall from grace, absolutely terrible side.

    Drum n Bass DanDrum n Bass DanMonth ago
  • All true words.

    Rodney CyrusRodney CyrusMonth ago
  • I can only imagine what Sir Alex is thinking, 26 years to build a dynasty, 6 years to destroy it. Dark days indeed.

    ArunArunMonth ago
  • Jose fan here! We got the last laugh 😂 😂😂 this is why no matter they should never empowered player over manager this is what u get cuz they won’t play for the badge. So happy 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lamine Noble KabaLamine Noble KabaMonth ago
BOARD MUST TAKE ACTION! Man Utd 0-2 Cardiff Match Review