Blair: No-deal Brexit could lead to 'silent revolution'

Tony Blair says the main political parties could be swept away in a "silent revolution" if there is a no-deal Brexit.
The former Prime Minister told Sophy Ridge the government should present all options on Brexit to parliament - and then put whatever is approved to the people in another public vote.
He added it would be a "healing process" because voters would be able to make a much more informed decision compared with 2016.
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  • Traitor, sent the forces to war on a pack of lies, negotiates with terrorists and now the forces have the prosecuting sword of Damocles hanging over their head

    John HughesJohn Hughes2 hours ago
  • He been on the helium again?

    Khalifa's KoffeeKhalifa's Koffee13 hours ago
  • Best PM after Churchill.Bush was to blame for Iraq.

    Mike WangMike WangDay ago
  • When will he get the message. Nobody gives a pig's arse what he says anymore

    Alex ElliottAlex ElliottDay ago
  • Me think the guy is prone to loose a check from the EU .. Listen to how he insists on a debate over a soft or hard brexit then a confirmatory vote attached to either... the guy is lost. Exit trade then if things get worse then rejoin EU...

    Onyash EdOnyash EdDay ago
  • A silent revolution is better than betraying the people's vote.

    Onyash EdOnyash EdDay ago
  • I'm not a fan of Bliar, but he's right.

    Dan ChannerDan ChannerDay ago
  • The little bugger! Hard / Soft / Hard as the choices which would dilute the Brexit vote. How about just Hard or Remain?

    HSBC ClawbackPensionThiefHSBC ClawbackPensionThief2 days ago
  • What is a silent revolution? Is that a riot of the silent majority? Sounds about right?

    Mark HeathMark Heath2 days ago
  • Blair cultural Marxist globalist war monger

    Fire and BrimstoneFire and Brimstone2 days ago
  • Obama's buddy talking out of all 4 sides of his mouth.

    Rufff RufffRufff Rufff2 days ago
  • Take a look at the number of dislikes compared to the likes.... Go to hell Blair.

    zo0mpazo0mpa2 days ago
  • Let the traitorous war criminal stay in Brussels.

    Thomas MackenThomas Macken2 days ago
  • The interviewer is hopeless! Why doesn't she challenge his glib assertion that Britain is in charge of itself?

    Graham PhilipGraham Philip3 days ago
  • As against brexit as I am, I almost forgot this is a war criminal... downvoted

    GhostlyJorgGhostlyJorg3 days ago
  • Why do they give this war criminal any air time when it's jail time he needs!

    angrychappazangrychappaz3 days ago
  • I will only listen to his opinion when its beamed live from his jail cell for his war crimes

    Paul RooksPaul Rooks3 days ago
  • Great to hear Tony speak up again. This should add a few thousand votes to the BREXIT PARTY on Thursday

    pykkervotspykkervots3 days ago
  • Fvck off Blair.

    thisthis4 days ago
  • C/sucker!

    John SchofieldJohn Schofield4 days ago
  • SAW 8 staring Tony Blair as "the war criminal"

    Angus RutherfordAngus Rutherford4 days ago
  • Everything he says here about Brexit is correct.

    Austin ThorntonAustin Thornton4 days ago
  • Drain the swamp

    lichtbewolktlichtbewolkt4 days ago
  • what a wa....ker he should be in jail. all fixed for this cabal Illuminati, snake.

    JONATHAN beaverJONATHAN beaver4 days ago
  • Oh dear, the 'New Labour' clan are sludging their way into the scene... ain't gonna help Corbyn and the party one bit... Having a sociopathic hypocrite speaking on your behalf is NOT a good thing.. I wonder if Alistar Cambell-end has put him up to it?... ^^

    Paul AustinPaul Austin4 days ago
  • How is that moron still free?

    Guy LawranceGuy Lawrance4 days ago
  • Sly news love war criminals why not have isis on share their views while your at it

    Phillip GibbonPhillip Gibbon4 days ago
  • Parasite!

    NSW1973NSW19734 days ago

    Ray BickRay Bick4 days ago
  • The real reason for immigration the failure of the world economy and the failure of national economies throughout the world due to massive currency attack then walking off saying "socialism it's a failed experiment."is illegal according to promises made to the troops ww2,for anti gambling ,stable currencies. The real failed experiment is what Churchill warned of in 1925. "And we take these measures against speculators of any country of any kind and of any hue....... countries are like ships in a port tied together by trade and if one should fall it can pull down the rest with it," 4 years later wall Street crash and us economy failed and pulled the world economy is to the great depression. That great depression bred fascism all over the world including UK with the Blackshirts and Moseley and some even joining Hitler and his nasty little he chman s schutzstaffel or as . Churchill again warned in 1933 of war(he was mocked,) Hitler attacked foreigners career politicians and would not reveal his policies.he had one sick joke.i do not promise because I am not a liar.. Even if Hitler and Tojo had succeeded eventually the me first super nationalistic idealogies would of clashed.probably with nuclear weapons. The biggest global threat is the global currency dealing market.the Forex. Global trade and global cooperation was recognised by bretton woods united news video on US-vision as an assistant to economic growth cooperation between nations and world peace. The Forex was effectively banned. Stable currencies and global cooperation reduced warfare to a few minor skirmishes in comparison to ww2. So the mistake ,is ,not too listen to the stable currencies anti gambling pro global trade bretton woods" 44 allied and associate nations their governing bodies and respective parliament's and recorded reasons for stable, currencies and not the billionaire ownerd press farage Boris Johnstone and Stalin.(Stalin knew currency markets were bad capitalism and bad capitalism speculative would eat good capitalism productive .)😀

    james moylanjames moylan4 days ago
  • What a disgusting tool.

    Anthony HeaneyAnthony Heaney4 days ago
  • Any politician who is against Brexit is a Central Bank puppet. Brexit will free Britain from the tyranny of the EU and the Central Bank. Once people are free from the Central Bank, they will flourish.

    John NordstromJohn Nordstrom5 days ago
  • Blair is sooo boring... And anti-democratic. He's basically a DICKtator!

  • Hello British people Why is this fool hated so much?

    j.mj.m5 days ago
  • I wish Bliar would just 'eff off' to somewhere people still take him seriously, Cloud cuckoo Land perhaps. He's an international disgrace and it's a national disgrace that he's still got his freedom.

    Ghost 67 LinuxGhost 67 Linux5 days ago
  • Hes a charlatan.

    John MulcahyJohn Mulcahy5 days ago
  • Forget about about the messenger, heed the message because he's right this time.

    Robin ColemanRobin Coleman5 days ago
  • War criminal

    AK43verAK43ver5 days ago
  • This guy needs a bullet right between his beady, lifeless eyes

    A- M- NA- M- N5 days ago
  • Some one shoot this war criminal

    MAZZAMAZZA6 days ago
  • Blair is panicking about his future. He sold his soul to the arabs and oil. He should be imprisoned for war crimes against the Iraqis and for treason against Britain and the British people.

    Cherry PickerCherry Picker6 days ago
  • blair his wife and son all in eu pay

    2cakesken2cakesken6 days ago
  • This war criminal idiot is totally deluded. Remain LOST. What part of that does he not understand? The majority of the country voted for Brexit because WE WANT TO LEAVE the European Union. This cretinous little pip squeek is a total and utter joke. Why are we even listening to him? He should be in jail, not on television.

    Matthew GodwinMatthew Godwin6 days ago
  • Please put him on trial for the war crimes he is so guilty of, seeing him sat their smiling is an affront to justice.

    Jimmy .LJimmy .L6 days ago
  • I once voted for this despicable charlatan. I was young: that's my defence. And that's why the voting age should be raised, and why mendacious traitors like him want it lowered: because they depend on credulous young people to vote for them.

    Hugh OxfordHugh Oxford6 days ago
  • Why would we want to listen to this idiot

    Chris WilsonChris Wilson6 days ago
  • Look forward to the trial of this man,why is it taking so long to arrest him?

    richard wilsonrichard wilson6 days ago
  • dirty dirty smear merchants

    mctonywardmctonyward6 days ago
  • No Brexit will lead to a insolent revolution

    david athertondavid atherton6 days ago
  • I feel ashamed that I even watched a part of this globalist mole on this globalist channel.

    Rob WiltonRob Wilton6 days ago
  • Dear Tony Blair (aka war criminal), Fool me once...

    StreetArtistsOfTheWorldStreetArtistsOfTheWorld6 days ago
  • He exposes himself to all and sundry at his peril. This slithering 'I'm all right Jack' earning loads of dosh and retirement funds from his traitorous position in the EU is commonly classed as toxic in UK political circles and would be well advised to return to his skulking in the shadows where he belongs. His presence on TV merely evokes deep down sadness of families who lost loved ones due to his arrogance and foolhardy whims in order to enhance his own agenda. This person is undoubtedly and vehemently loathed by many for his unforgiving sins. He has the gall to put himself in the spotlight - just GET HIM OFF!

    PelPel7 days ago
  • Go to jail!

    FuckILoveYouTubbyFuckILoveYouTubby7 days ago

    dave manleydave manley7 days ago
  • all he had to do was to give us the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which he promised and sadly he renaged on, all this could have been avoided, Thanks Tony, Nice One

    Fred RogersFred Rogers7 days ago
  • Fake news this guy is a mass murderer

    David WhiteDavid White7 days ago
  • Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal. They will be Prison if they cross Malaysia even not recognise Israel as a country and Israel citizen can't enter into that country!! No compromise for war crime!

    AdamRadz SinclairAdamRadz Sinclair7 days ago
  • it's amazing to read the comments in this thread, which have NOTHING to do with what Blair says. Even more amazing, considering that he led the UK to the most prosperous years since records begun, and (during that time) the UK came to terms with its own position in the world, and accepted the EU and Ireland to its huge benefit. But the type of responses here just say it all.

    bedouin80bedouin807 days ago
  • This War Criminal should be in jail and the key thrown away

    Laird Stewart HallidayLaird Stewart Halliday7 days ago
  • I literally don’t understand why Labour has been in such shambles and Corbyn is just as incompetent as May and the Tories. Even Their official demands on Brexit are just fairytales! Instead of really gaining influence and possibly gets to become a government they are just throwing it away because he is such an incompetent leader.

    Common SenseCommon Sense7 days ago
  • A war criminal. Nuff said.

    Steve UsherSteve Usher7 days ago
  • a man that is now speaking the truth and with knowledge unlike Farage

    Vernon SmithVernon Smith7 days ago
    • No one cares what Blair has to say. Everyone seems to think that he should be in jail for war crimes and I agree. This is not 1997 Blair has no legitimately. This slimey little man took us to war on a false premise, instead of facing any consequences he went on to become a billionaire. As so many other people have already said Blair does more for Brexit than nigel Farage every could because people hate him that much.

      William SulmanWilliam Sulman7 days ago
  • Why is sky wasting time interviewing this idiot

    Richard MasonRichard Mason7 days ago
  • Brexit referendum has been a disaster for the UK and WILL BE even more of a disaster if it goes ahead. Let's cancel brexit and get on with fixing all the things that really ARE wrong with the country. Housing policy is a disgrace. That has ZILCH to do with Europe.

    hauskalainenhauskalainen7 days ago
  • remain London against the North

    nawny911nawny9117 days ago
  • Why do we listen to this man? Brexiteers have already endured a silent revolution for years against the media, the BBC and the Government. What is he talking about? The fight goes on for democracy and honesty.

    Tony ConradTony Conrad7 days ago
  • Labour is a remain party but there voters voted for brexit. Do they still want to exist ?

    Jim BrownJim Brown7 days ago
  • Did Tony Blair just refer to pro brexit members of parliament as “travellers” ?

    V8 stock cars TourV8 stock cars Tour7 days ago
  • Blair piss off and crawl back under your stone.

    amy44335@gmsil.comamy44335@gmsil.com7 days ago
  • According to Blair, resolving Brexit means staying in the European Union. Isn't that an oxymoron?

    X1X17 days ago
  • Tommy Robinson jailed for reporting outside a grooming gang court case.. Blair is guilty of war crimes and not even put on trial

    Khaleesi DrogoKhaleesi Drogo7 days ago
  • Discredited

    nic naknic nak7 days ago
  • What we've got to realize is Bliar is a war criminal. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Paul HarrisPaul Harris8 days ago
  • blair represents the Bilderberg group and nothing else...he was a backbench prat before his meetings with the Bilderbergers, then suddenly he had the usual quick makeover by them with their money and then from nowhere became prime minister. he's a lying little s@%t. ignore him at all costs.

    richi edwardsrichi edwards8 days ago
  • fackin stop making videos youre ruining world peace

    Amaya AmosAmaya Amos8 days ago
  • how many people died in the Iraq war again?

    Imperator VespasianImperator Vespasian8 days ago
  • This war criminal knows his times up and hes going to jail for War Crimes.

    lul brolul bro8 days ago
  • If the people who won a democratic vote have their way... Well alternatively we could go back to the old method of turning up at various fields around the country with our pitchforks and the last lot standing win, best of all they won't have spend the next three years listening to the losing side winge and whine that the winning side didn't know what they were fighting for!

    Stephen CurtisStephen Curtis8 days ago
    • he looks like he going in cells? they do this sw on people Tony b I think suffering sorry

      simon Thomassimon Thomas8 days ago
  • How does this war criminal get an opinion #🖕

    Rozzy RozRozzy Roz8 days ago
  • the best orator the worst politician we ever had

    jo Sarayajo Saraya8 days ago
  • This Creature needs to be executed for treason and the deaths and maiming of so many innocent people.

    michael stephenmichael stephen8 days ago
  • This cretin did NOTHING for anybody but his accountants.

  • left wing over drinks no friends .....horrible.

  • Pig anatomy abuser.

  • he dealt with the real issues so well.

  • This revealing creep is exactly what he is. A middle class craving upper class spineless bigtime barstard. 'NOw here's the weather'

  • Why hasn't he been found guilty for war crimes yet?

    HenryJarvisHenryJarvis8 days ago
  • Don't the likes of Blair swear an OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to the Sovereign when taking their place in Parliament. How do they bend the knee to Brussels and subordinate the Queen's role as Head of State to a bunch of political power-grabbers based In a foreign city. There is an old word for that sort of humbug! Blair is a prime exponent of what is contemptible in politics in this country. Just why the mass media gives him air-time says much about both of them. And it's not complimentary!

    Mark NewberryMark Newberry8 days ago
  • Evil, narcissistic, traitorous, murderous BLAIR!

    Sandra WintertonSandra Winterton8 days ago
  • He just wont go away, he hangs around like a bad smell

    Eamonn CostelloEamonn Costello8 days ago
    • Britain's answer to Hillery Clinton. Dead but won't lie down.

      malcolm chambersmalcolm chambers7 days ago
  • Vote Brexit party!!

    Rebecca Jessica JonesRebecca Jessica Jones8 days ago
  • Tony Blair, garbage subhuman.

    livensflamelivensflame8 days ago
  • Why is he not in jail

    General EricGeneral Eric8 days ago
  • Blair biggest liar ever to walk.

    Andy SAndy S8 days ago
  • there will always be a E.U. either by deception or manufactured consent. the 5th column is everywhere,in every country.most "elected" national leaders support the E.U,either by bribes,blackmails or threats.if ANY of them was for their nation,they would have left outright,no deals. talks of "reform of the EU" comes to nothing and is all window-dressing,because the EU will still be there,the infrastructure to host the parasites that work on both sides of the Atlantic will still be in place. it is easier to manipulate and control an entire sub-continent from Brussels,than 27-28 different locations with different agendas and peoples motivations ----this is the core over-simplified reason WHY the EU came about. they would create another war in europe just to undermine the nations and justify a super-state ,than lose it all (specially their perpetual political immunity from decisions made against the european nations).

    KyndjalKyndjal8 days ago
  • It should crawl back under the stone. This thing is an ALIEN.

    Les RobertsLes Roberts8 days ago
  • Britain was a better place 30 years ago.

    Jon AverageJon Average8 days ago
  • Notice how he gets increasingly irate when challenged. He has no argument. He is a snake. He doubles down on the pre referendum argument whist completely ignoring the point that that debate HAS ALREADY BEEN DECIDED.

    Richard PRichard P8 days ago
  • Why is Blair not in The Tower? He broke his Privy Council Oath when he colluded with a foreign power to undermine Brexit at the same time as the PM was negotiating with that Foreign Power. How is this not treason?

    Richard PRichard P8 days ago
  • So when Blair says it for his agenda, revolution is a worthy cause. When Farage or Batten says it it is 'sinister' and 'anti-democratic' (ho ho). What an odious worm Blair is, only slightly worse are the main stream broadcast media, Sky and the BBC, C4 and most of the press.

    Richard PRichard P8 days ago
Blair: No-deal Brexit could lead to 'silent revolution'