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Are Liverpool The Best Team To NEVER Win The Premier League?! | #SundayVibes

If Liverpool fail to win the Premier League are they the best team to NEVER win the title?!



  • Should a team be considered best if it dosent even win its own league

    imahr gyeebimahr gyeeb2 days ago
  • I'd much prefer Tuchel and Jovic over Allegri and Griezmann.

    Joe SheppardJoe Sheppard10 days ago
  • You lot really know nothing about Barcelona. Why not instead of talking rubbish get someone on the show who watches them week-in week-out?

    maannndomaannndo10 days ago
  • The title's a bit ridiculous, I'm sure that Barca 2011 were better.

    Kestrel StromKestrel Strom11 days ago
  • When City were runners up to Liverpool in 77 -78 or 78-79 did you hear us bleating? Like hell we did we just thought what a wonderful team we had and what wonderful football we had seen around that time . Guess what with local lads , a few bought ones all British .

    Paul WainwrightPaul Wainwright11 days ago
  • Barca should go for either of Erik Tan Hag Or Quique Setiene Or Go for baca B coach as he values barca style more than anything.

    Harteshwar SinghHarteshwar Singh11 days ago
  • Are Chelsea screwed now that the ban has been upheld?

    Eoin haugheyEoin haughey11 days ago
  • No Valvarde anymore, he has shown all he can, he takes no risk and clearly tries to save his own skin. He doesn't suit Barça, he has to leave and after that Barcelona hierarchy must look for better tactician and manager who has style matching Barcelona and can improve and win with this team while rebuilding it.

    Sagyan ShresthaSagyan Shrestha11 days ago
  • How do you overachieve after spending that much money?

    CONTACTCONTACT11 days ago

    the continental 89the continental 8912 days ago
  • You can tell Sam has embedded himself into the FD team, "doing a Madness" every 5 mins

    Phil BournPhil Bourn12 days ago
  • Chris's purple felt tracksuit is sexy af

    Declan NeesonDeclan Neeson12 days ago
  • When Pep leaves City they will become shit again + they will never win the CL

    Rene PointonRene Pointon12 days ago
  • This isn’t even a question of course they are

    DeanDean12 days ago
  • Do you think the amount of foreign players (69.6%) in the prem affects England’s national team ?

    simon rivoiresimon rivoire12 days ago
  • Which side was better overall Monaco 2016/17 or Ajax this year please answer on next weeks episode love the content keep up the good work 🤙🏻

    Gamer JamesGamer James12 days ago
    • Gamer James monaco overperformed, this ajax team is better overall

      Cesar UrzuaCesar Urzua6 days ago
  • Just think Dejan Lovren or Moussa Sissoko is going to win the champions league

    Ian RaeIan Rae12 days ago
  • pause at 29:48

    Alex HAlex H12 days ago
  • Yes

    J p b Dude / Marble MasterTMJ p b Dude / Marble MasterTM12 days ago
  • Only Liverpool can get 1 loss all season and still not win the premier league

    Bradley GalluzzoBradley Galluzzo12 days ago
  • Which ajax players you think that will leave and where they will end up going? #sundayvibes

    Chris SahaChris Saha12 days ago
  • Wilko

    Daniel DimblebeeDaniel Dimblebee12 days ago
  • great show this week

    Olivier GiroudOlivier Giroud12 days ago
  • While I get your point about Nagelsmann making attacking minded players better, Ishak Belfodil has played in the Bundesliga last year. He played for Werder Bremen and has shown quite some promise, thus creating Hoffenheim's interest. So, he didn't perform out of the blue. Nagelsmann may be a promising head coach, he's no magician though.

    Lord HenryLord Henry12 days ago
  • PSV is the best side in the Eredivisie not to win the league. I mean 80 points vs 83 points against this Ajax side. I mean the only side that is probably memorable in the last ten years to not win the league in The Netherlands is the Ajax side that got to Europa League Final.

    KaasKopGameplayKaasKopGameplay12 days ago
  • Surprised you guys don't have a FM save over the summer be fun to watch.

    BusbyIsGame *BusbyIsGame *12 days ago
  • Pochettino or Nuno Espírito Santo from The chosen nominees but in my opinion, manager of the Premier League season has been Javi Gracia and Erik ten Hag has been the manager of the UCL

    WilpauliiWilpaulii12 days ago
  • This is how I see Joao Felix’s career going; - Joao Felix will stay at Benfica - Miss the chance to move to a big club - End up at Wolves in the next 3 years

    WilpauliiWilpaulii12 days ago
  • Imagine De Ligt at Liverpool... with Van Dijk. Liverpool would have the best centre back partnership in the Premier League

    WilpauliiWilpaulii12 days ago
    • Wilpaulii the World**

      Deeno FMDeeno FM12 days ago
  • Don’t diss John McGinn 😂 he has been amazing for us this season

    WilpauliiWilpaulii12 days ago
  • Can Tomlinson and Hamill please stop saying “doing a madness”

    jacob tonksjacob tonks12 days ago
  • No u

    Balistic IndexBalistic Index12 days ago
  • Isn't that what finishing second means

    Weasel JuiceWeasel Juice12 days ago
  • I genuinely think that arsenal could do Ozil + money for coutinho to get a decent contributor behind laca and auba

    Ashley ToomeyAshley Toomey12 days ago
    • Ashley Toomey Barcelona wouldn’t want Ozil. Plus it would have to be Ozil + 100m at least

      Mashiat99Mashiat9912 days ago
  • Bruno isnt coming

    Norm DahdoulNorm Dahdoul12 days ago
  • Nah average at best 🤫

    Lord WarioLord Wario12 days ago
  • Did PVS get a Coca cola sponsorship deal?

    SPQSpartacusSPQSpartacus12 days ago
  • Man City won

    Follow me at TTV/Dragon_Snow_KingFollow me at TTV/Dragon_Snow_King12 days ago
  • They had too many ties this season

    LEO TVLEO TV12 days ago
  • lol what a stupid click bait title. obviously they are the best team to not win the prem, they finished with the 3rd best points total of all time and were second - it's not even a question or debate, it's just a fact

    Liam HashLiam Hash12 days ago
  • The best team to never win the prem is Arsenal every year

    David CDavid C12 days ago
  • No they are just were lucky in some games doo that there were no var

    Premish JiawanPremish Jiawan12 days ago
  • To answer the question Yes

    NY H ThomasNY H Thomas12 days ago
  • Personal question: who in the FD office is single and who is taken?

    Cristian PerezCristian Perez12 days ago
  • Bring in Koulibaly to hell Virgil. We will become unbeatable. Bring in a LB sub in case Andy is injured. Bring in a Milner replacement. Bring back FEKIR if possible. And sign a false 9 to help Firmino if he’s injured.

    Bu RidaBu Rida12 days ago
  • It's fun watching other fans wish Poch would leave Spurs.

    Dustin PDustin P12 days ago
  • I don't understand why the Manager of the Season award isn't considered an easy win for Klopp? Javi Gracia has been amazing this season but the way Klopp has managed his system to keep up with Guardiola is just mind blowing. Pato says "outside the top two" like they're exempt from this award and FD always talk about Gracia deserving it far more than Espirito Santo.

    Tanky 117Tanky 11713 days ago
  • Gracia isn’t even a nominee for manager of the year

    Toby LloydToby Lloyd13 days ago
  • #SundayVibes is football getting too expensive to follow with the constantly increasing TV, ticket and shirt prices?

    Daniel HardyDaniel Hardy13 days ago
  • The best football Daily shows are 1 Sunday vibes 2 hot takes 3 Sunday Vibes Extra Time 4 Champions League roundup 5 Watchalongs No cap

    Joshua FromholzJoshua Fromholz13 days ago
    • Joshua Fromholz No EFD shows?

      Mashiat99Mashiat9912 days ago
  • Poch should go to ajax

    Xavier LeeXavier Lee13 days ago
    • Why

      WysWys12 days ago
  • Manchester City is the GOAT 🐐

    OtoOto13 days ago
    • +DZ 27 Oil money

      Cool DudeCool Dude9 days ago
    • Oto of what????

      DZ 27DZ 2712 days ago
  • Absolutely livid he’s after calling sissoko shit this year

    Kieran SlatteryKieran Slattery13 days ago
  • What more does Moussa Sissoko have to do for Pato to think he's good? Him and Son are the reason Spurs are in the Final. Guess that's what you come to expect from a salty arsenal fan

    Super HansSuper Hans13 days ago
  • They were amazing this season and have world class players shame they couldn’t win the title, this summers transfer window they need to sign some more stronger midfielders!!!

    S. GS. G13 days ago
  • Oi Oi this is 13 on trending. Well in lads

    I have a tiny penis, but nonethelessI have a tiny penis, but nonetheless13 days ago
  • I think Poch has been brilliant this year. He’s taken a pretty shit squad which has struggled with injuries and has had no investment this year and has dragged them kicking and screaming to a Champions League final. Some people didn’t even think they’d get out the group so well done mate.

    A Moose That RantsA Moose That Rants13 days ago
  • When will he understand that Sissoko is actually a very good player and is also one of Tottenhams best players this season, he makes it sound like he’s Sissoko is a Grimsby town reject.

    Barrett 01Barrett 0113 days ago
  • Suarez is the second top scorer in la liga with Benzema and has top assists on champions league, I understand that he’s decking but it just seems to me like football daily tends to exaggerate their stances, either overhyping well performing players or just crapping all over the players in bad form.

    l Z Il Z I13 days ago
  • I hope de ligt goes to Liverpool, I really want him there, bvut if he goes to Barca, that is the best alternative for me.

    Puffin Entertainment - One Handed GamingPuffin Entertainment - One Handed Gaming13 days ago
  • Man U baby not Liverpoo

    F PlayzF Playz13 days ago
  • Football Daily 12th On Trending?

    Joseph Darwood-CharlesJoseph Darwood-Charles13 days ago
  • City and Liverpool will finish a country mile ahead of the rest next season too. Yes,to only lose once,drop only 17 points and not lift the title is extremely unlucky. Next season perhaps? City will want to win the Champions League. That could possibly hinder a third title in a row.

    Peter GreenPeter Green13 days ago
  • There’s some curse in the lfc team

    NinjaMeloNNinjaMeloN13 days ago
  • Peps Barca never won the Premier League...just saying

    thomas thorsenthomas thorsen13 days ago
  • Liverpool defensive duo of Virgil van Dijk and Mathijs de Ligt😍

    Davy PetersDavy Peters13 days ago
  • Tell us something no one knows about each of you #personalquestions #sundayvibes

    Dan HingDan Hing13 days ago
  • barceona under valverde are terrible, weve won so many games by either pure luck or messi being a god, I know you guys dont want la liga that much but if youd watch just half of barcelonas league games this season youd see just how bad our football is under valverde

    Tony MontepequeTony Montepeque13 days ago
  • I like how each drink matches the person drinking it.

    Oliver WindleOliver Windle13 days ago
  • Has this video been uploaded to US-vision?

    CAMZABCAMZAB13 days ago
  • Glad they've never won it

    000000110000001113 days ago
  • Pato the plug

    Barney BridgeBarney Bridge13 days ago
  • Eddie howe

    Ben HoutonBen Houton13 days ago
  • where can i find the podcast?

    Ahmad TimsahAhmad Timsah13 days ago
  • They need to get rid of Salah and bring some else, we want a Pure White Liverpool. Not a team filled with cockroaches.

    45LXUD MOUTH45LXUD MOUTH13 days ago
  • #SundayVibes Which dark horse team was better, Monaco's 2017 UCL team or Ajax's 2019 UCL team? Take in to account; season success, player to player comparison, star player comparison, manager comparison, and style of football.

    FBK.FBK.13 days ago
    • FBK. Ajax without a doubt. Monaco didn’t beat any big hitters other than Man City (who were actually not this good at the time), and lost out to Juventus comfortably. This Ajax side didn’t lose a single two-legged tie (other than on away goals) against Bayern, Juventus, Real Madrid and Spurs.

      Mashiat99Mashiat9912 days ago
    • Would love to see this discussion on Sunday vibes

      Chris CollinsChris Collins13 days ago
  • Poch didn't say ''I've been here 5 years, I've done all I can, If I win the Champions league I'm leaving'' He was making a tongue and cheek joke. Its like saying ''If I scored an absolute world class goal from the half way line in the champions league final I will retire and stop playing football forever'

    Craig SturmanCraig Sturman13 days ago
  • #SundayVibes Was Chelsea’s seasons failure or a success?

    JB RapJB Rap13 days ago
  • If Liverpool win the champions league they'll overtake City as the number one team around

    Patrick FPatrick F13 days ago
  • I read somewhere that Fernandes to City is off

    Gabriel YuGabriel Yu13 days ago
  • Best ever Losers

    squirrel7t7squirrel7t713 days ago
  • How did the big three meet (Joe, Chris, and Pato) #sundayvibes

    Gabe 123Gabe 12313 days ago
    • Gabe 123 When they worked for Football Daily obviously.

      Mashiat99Mashiat9912 days ago
  • Barcalona is the best team to never win the epl

    fbj gamingfbj gaming13 days ago
    • fbj gaming Well played.

      Mashiat99Mashiat9912 days ago
  • So this is what Harry Potter,Neville Longbottom and Ron Weasley are upto nowadays.

    SirKnobofCheeseSirKnobofCheese13 days ago
    • SirKnobofCheese 😂😂😂

      24xv55524xv55512 days ago
    • Rah hahha

      Thomas NontingThomas Nonting12 days ago
    • 😂

      MADK 27MADK 2713 days ago
  • Liverpool won nothing under klopp he has to go second and losing in a final is pathetic 👎

    WhatWAsThatClip !WhatWAsThatClip !13 days ago
  • Championays Olay Olay Olay!

    Gabralinho111Gabralinho11113 days ago
  • Allegri would be tha same as valverde because they wouldn't win champions league. We need a manager that is able to win everything

    Gustavo HerrejonGustavo Herrejon13 days ago
    • Gustavo Herrejon Why can’t Allegri win the UCL?

      Mashiat99Mashiat9912 days ago
  • Cause Spurs definitely had an easier route to the semis than Ajax did....

    MNSoccer1966MNSoccer196613 days ago
  • FFO is a better series than statwars #hottakes

    Tenzing SherpaTenzing Sherpa13 days ago
  • Says Allegri would be a perfect fit but then says he will change their whole system🤔

    She moves in her own dabShe moves in her own dab13 days ago
  • why does the ginger guy have a problem with spurs

    Jack RyanJack Ryan13 days ago
  • hot take- dortmund would have won the league if aubameyang stayed

    Nixbrew 1Nixbrew 113 days ago
  • Watch here 2019 top 5 UK rich list

    10ka Dunida10ka Dunida13 days ago
  • Where is the crack this week?!?!?!?!

    Bryan CoronelBryan Coronel13 days ago
  • What do you guys think of Ronald koeman breing linked with the Barca job?

    Ryan StoneRyan Stone13 days ago
  • Wish they never had that generic unlicensed music

    Jamael EbanksJamael Ebanks13 days ago
  • tuchel to arsenal? if allegri comes to psg

    tom browntom brown13 days ago
  • Hi, I’m a Swedish university student who been watching your material for almost 3 years. You guys said in the video that you planed to make videos of Sunday vibes extra time instead of podcasts. I’d love if you came out with more extended material, but please don’t stop with the pod. I always take a Sunday run while listening to your pod (at least when you produce them), so please continue with the podcast formate! Maybe instead prioritise the pod more so it will come out every week. Thanks for reading my comment and I wish you all the best, keep up the great job //Carl

    Carl LundinCarl Lundin13 days ago
  • Allegri... Bottle!!!! This is from the guy that still likes to give Khedira and Cuadrado a game. Can't get the best out of dybala. Benched benatia for Bonucci!? Wow you guys don't know shit about Juve and it shows.

    giuseppe cassanogiuseppe cassano13 days ago
  • As everybody ignored the fact that Frankfurt bought jovic permanently lol.

    kamal hassankamal hassan13 days ago
    • +Tom Jenkins nah people acting like they are getting him next season. His going to stay with them for 2 more seasons. Let him really develop into a superstar

      kamal hassankamal hassan12 days ago
    • They were always going to buy him and then sell him on?

      Tom JenkinsTom Jenkins13 days ago
Are Liverpool The Best Team To NEVER Win The Premier League?! | #SundayVibes