Andrew Neil 'destroys' Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

Shapiro has said he was 'destroyed' by Neil during a debate on Politics Live in which he accused the veteran broadcaster of being a 'lefty'. Neil subjected Shapiro to a robust interrogation about previous controversial remarks and highlighted Shapiro's support for new hardline abortion laws in the state of Georgia.
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• Ben Shapiro apologises to Andrew Neil after being 'destroyed' in BBC interview ►
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  • Weird he didnt get destroyed. I kinda felt the interviewer was boring and didnt get anywhere

    tyler daviestyler daviesHour ago
  • Ben has debated college professors, philosophers you name hes done it. The guy wouldn't let him speak and would not answer Ben's questions because hes intellectually weak.

    raiderbassraiderbassHour ago
  • Was a interview on his book...guess it was a debate guardian? Big difference between debate and a interview on his book first 14 minutes was this clown saying your a bad question your a bad person Ben asks him a answer..this so called journalist reading his que cards says the same thing your a bad person. I'd leave too he saw it as a hit job.

    raiderbassraiderbassHour ago
  • Lol

    the dark Phantomthe dark Phantom2 hours ago
  • And he keeps interrupts every five seconds so you can't get a word in Shapiro. Does

    the dark Phantomthe dark Phantom2 hours ago
  • Shapiro starts many of his assertions with “I think ....”. He states what he believes and much of what he believes is based on his religion and ideology. I no longer think of him as an objective figure. I think of him as an ideologue and a tool for the right wing.

    Ali SharifAli Sharif4 hours ago
  • What's wrong with the voice of this guy Shapiro?...Helium overdose?....hahahaha!!..ignorant yanks...

    ilpezkatoilpezkato7 hours ago
  • I don't see for a second how this man destroyed Shapiro. The man is disgusting just to look at and I didn't hear one single reasonable thing the man said. Shapiro on the other side, cited science said that human *LIFE* starts at conception and therefore it has to be protected. And what Shapiro said is true. Who is the barbaric if not those who want to destroy human life and treat the earliest stages of human development as a piece of meat? I think those who support barbarism and barbaric practice such as tearing a baby apart are that ones who are barbaric; not those who protect human life even from its start. Most abortions, by the way don't occur at conception, often there is a heart beat which is your first sign of life.

    iamlightiamlight8 hours ago
  • I wish Christopher Hitchens was still alive just to see him point out how horrible of a person Ben Shapiro is.

    seren1tyyseren1tyy8 hours ago
  • I really don't see where Ben was destroyed? Ben, from this minute clip answered questions when asked, and then failed to receive answers when he asked. So he walked away from a waste of time. It's easy to leave a zinger at the end, but that is just petty and unprofessional.

    Alan HassenAlan Hassen8 hours ago
  • A senile fool asking the Shap how his arguments are not views of the "middle ages". Very clever question for a leftist trapped in the 60s, gramps.

    Luis Naranjo ZeledónLuis Naranjo Zeledón10 hours ago
    • Well, duh, anything tending to the left from a point of reference is "leftist". There is no such thing as a center.

      Luis Naranjo ZeledónLuis Naranjo Zeledón9 hours ago
    • Are you serious ? He rejects climate change, supported the wars on Afghanistan and iraq and that's just the tip of the iceberg. You clearly have no idea what the term "leftist" means. Andrew Neil is anything but a leftist, being less on the right than Shapiro does not make someone a leftist. But you wouldn't know or care about that because you just love when "Ben Shapiro kills triggered cucktarded libflake with facts, burns the body with logic and dumps the body in a sea of knowledge!!!!1!1!" Videos while completely ignoring all the time Shapiro uses his feelings over facts he doesn't like.

      AfricanAmericanWarGreymonAfricanAmericanWarGreymon9 hours ago

    Derek IronsDerek Irons10 hours ago
  • Intellect when paired with close-mindedness is like having a fast swimming fish in a small fish tank and throwing it in ocean. Kind of useless

    S KirkS Kirk12 hours ago
  • Seems like Ben kind of destroyed himself in this one

    S KirkS Kirk12 hours ago
  • Yeah he has got him on the ropes there look how angry he is

    Day 1 drillDay 1 drill16 hours ago
  • Nope, Ben left because he came for an interview, not for an interrogation, there was no substance to this, old Neil was just pulling random Tweets or things Ben said to attack him. Ben clearly won the argument here, keeping his cool in the face of repeated attacks.

    What everWhat ever16 hours ago
  • This was a ambushed debate this was suppose to be a interview about his book that’s like calling some one to play football but it ends up Being a cage match

    WRATH XIIIWRATH XIII17 hours ago
  • Hardly destroyed...

    Forlorn HopeForlorn Hope18 hours ago
  • No he didn’t, Ben left because the guy wasn’t smart enough to have a logical debate, he wanted to play gotcha, I’m so glad we Brexited in 1776

    Todd BoutteTodd Boutte20 hours ago
  • This stupidly edited and chopped up version of the interview makes me facepalm with both hands and feet. Close-mindedness at it’s near worst.

    Brant LunstrothBrant Lunstroth20 hours ago
    • Shapiro stans are so triggered omg

      Androva J.Androva J.13 hours ago
  • watch the whole interview..context is everything

    extra riceextra rice22 hours ago
  • People seem to forget that Ben apologized for his actions and admitted he was in the wrong instead of defending himself. Those of you saying he can’t handle it don’t need to jump to conclusions. Ben will recover, just a bad debate and poor decision-making, letting his emotions get the best of him. We need to wait and see another debate before we say Ben Shapiro is all bark and no bite.

    Eli ScottEli ScottDay ago
  • He’s the Onision of politics.

    HazelHazelDay ago
  • I’m not a Shapiro follower but I thought the old Brit was really arrogant, not the other way around. Really nitpicking everything Shapiro said years ago, even titles of US-vision videos that he did not author.

    Jack BowersJack BowersDay ago
  • Nice try Guardian but he didn’t. All he did was ask Ben a bunch of Gotcha questions. Plus Ben even pointed him to an article he wrote called All the stupid things Iv said in the past that I take back and, whenever someone brings something up he updates it. I haven’t seen Hillary do that for calling me a deplorable and yes that would be enough for me. You haven’t won anything. You’re just making yourself feel better.

    Cruizer BronyCruizer BronyDay ago
  • Destroyed?! Really?

    germaine browngermaine brownDay ago
  • Ben kinda lost this one.........

    mechaartmechaartDay ago
  • Video with 1 minute and 43 seconds there's like nothing has gone right here how did he get destroyed what were they arguing about why is the guy interviewing Ben Shapiro when he says he doesn't even know who he is there's a lot left out right here

    Jonny RobotoJonny RobotoDay ago
  • I didn’t realize you liberals were drooling with such anticipation. You’re treating Ben like a well cooked steak. These comments are gold. Like hungry dogs smelling food. Lots of noise.

    Samuel McQuillanSamuel McQuillanDay ago
  • This whole argument is dumb. The interviewer asked completely unrelated questions trying to get a reaction from Ben Shapiro, and Ben reacted in a manner inappropriate for the debate. This was simply a waste of time discussing previous topics that don’t matter while Ben used his emotions on the discussion.

    Wrestling BeastWrestling BeastDay ago
  • Watched the entire interview and this is what's wrong with journalism, taking partial quotes from someone, without the entire context, and then calling it investigatory. This wasn't a destruction of Ben, it was a targeting much like all of the news this day. The interviewer's own choice of words for the entire clip labeled the BBC and himself as left wing and non objective.

    silversghostsilversghostDay ago
  • “Facts don’t care about your feelings”- Ben Shapiro “Human life starts at conception”- Ben Shapiro “A cluster of cells is not definable as human life”- 100% of all un-opinionated scientists. I like a lot of the things he says, but this guy is an overrated hypocrite lmao.

    Ryan ChapmanRyan ChapmanDay ago
  • Obviously no one in these comments have seen the full interview, this is extremely deceptive and intentionally so, shame on you Guardian

    Daniel DonovanDaniel DonovanDay ago
    • Thank you for having a brain 🙏🙏

      DisherAceDisherAce6 hours ago
  • where did Ben get destroyed?

    Keegan CasperKeegan CasperDay ago
  • BBC is the enemy of people.

    Mar JonMar JonDay ago
  • But doesn’t this seem like it’s just a short snippet of a longer interview? Idk bout y’all but that doesn’t seem too fair

    Nathan FrankNathan FrankDay ago
  • "Destroys"

    Bruce WayneBruce WayneDay ago
  • This clip didn't show much of anything, let alone Shapiro getting "destroyed".

    Kevin HermanKevin HermanDay ago
  • Usually I support Shapiro but here he was childish, rude, and got wrecked lol

    Richard WilsonRichard WilsonDay ago
  • I rarely agree with Ben Shapiro - with those initials how can you? He's an arrogant little kid who will look back at his former self in years to come and cringe. Nevertheless, I'm glad he exists to challenge the leftist Woke echo Chambers

    The Inspirational Sports TeacherThe Inspirational Sports TeacherDay ago
  • This wasn’t supposed to be a debate, therefore Ben wasn’t prepared as he usually is with knowledge of the subject. It was supposed to be an interview about his book, but it was turned into gotcha moment. I would be upset too if I thought I was being interviewed about my book, then asked irrelevant questions Liberals will be liberals

    Your son’s juiceboxYour son’s juiceboxDay ago
    • Watch Steven Crowder’s interview with him. Ben explains it all.

      Your son’s juiceboxYour son’s juiceboxDay ago
    • lol. it's so silly of you to even believe what you have written.

      Omkar MoreOmkar MoreDay ago
    • Lol he got triggered

      Unrated AccountUnrated AccountDay ago
  • He was not the least bit destroyed. $20 says this video title was created by a liberal.

    Carlos SantosCarlos SantosDay ago
    • Carlos Santos the title of the video is a parody of many Ben Shapiro videos on youtube, aka “Ben Shapiro DESTROYS debater with FACTS and LOGIC”, etc. Also if this is a joke don’t r/woooosh me I genuinely can’t tell with the youtube comments anymore

      Owen H!Owen H!21 hour ago
  • i like how they had to cut this one clip out of the whole debate and ignore the rest. ben shapiro was making debates that the dude simply couldnt respond to and win and so as a result, ben left. ofcourse its a smart move to *only* show when ben left

    finn chissfinn chissDay ago
    • It's not smart; just dirty

      Sutenööri TonzenneggerSutenööri TonzenneggerDay ago
  • Wow you people are pathetic. The fact that you think the public is entirely naive enough to believe the twisted and edited video you have released is honestly humorous to me. This is one reason why you sir, are a liberal.

    Jacob BeavertJacob BeavertDay ago
  • I watched the entirety of this interview. And sorry to burst your bubbles but Shapiro owned this smug little man and had every right to be that upset.

    insertnamehereinsertnamehereDay ago
  • He got got

    AierekAierekDay ago
    • Watch the whole interview. This clip is edited to make Ben look bad

      Your son’s juiceboxYour son’s juiceboxDay ago
  • Okay Ben apologized for it he was flustered because he didn’t have any background info on him and he didn’t get destroyed he just made a fool out of himself

    The Sebass GuyThe Sebass Guy2 days ago
  • Lmao this is the best example of someone destroying Ben you can find? Just some old dude talking over him? Proving my point that he is smarter than all of you

    Charlotte IssbernerCharlotte Issberner2 days ago
  • He over reacted a little bit but the other guy was being kind of rude

    dat1weirdgirl 101dat1weirdgirl 1012 days ago
  • He can give it but not take it. Bully and baby.

    kingerzkingerz2 days ago
  • You cant convince me that every recording of Ben Shapiro isnt that of a person with a normal voice speaking at a normal pace that's just been sped up Alvin and the Chipmunks style.

    G PG P2 days ago
  • Nah Ben was mad that the reporter was dodging literally ALL of his questions and retaliates with his own. It’s BS and I’m on Ben’s side with this one. I don’t think Ben can win ANY debate, but what I think about this is that the reporter was dodging all questions. Edit: Also Ben could’ve been a little less triggered IMO

    Standard GamingStandard Gaming2 days ago
  • Lmao ‘destroy’s’! Really talking about the past is ‘destroy’s’. He wasn’t even on topic about what’s happening to say now in the present! Sure it’s easy to find someone’s mistakes in the past. Sorry but try again 😂😂😂

    BigBig2 days ago
  • I love you Ben. But u fukd up

    The senateThe senate2 days ago
  • I'd be annoyed if i was talking to the sloth from zootopia.

    swim goodswim good2 days ago
  • He looks like MC Grindah from BBC’s People Just Do Nothing.

    aidan jon sullivanaidan jon sullivan2 days ago
  • Poorly worded first question

    JarrodJarrod2 days ago
  • Since I never heard of you...😂😂😂😂

    George JohnsonGeorge Johnson2 days ago
  • Oof I was actually impressed by him in other debates but here he was ridiculous and rude

    siw_siw_2 days ago
  • Ben Shapiro DESTROYS facts with FEELINGS and RELIGION

    Coolboy 99Coolboy 992 days ago
  • Is somewhere the full interview?

    Coolboy 99Coolboy 992 days ago
  • It is funny that the interviewer can't talk and finish his sentences in his own show.

    Shawqi BukhariShawqi Bukhari2 days ago
  • That old BBC peadophile is a gimp worst of the worst

    Scott francisScott francis2 days ago
  • Ben "I'm leaving now" Shapiro.

    amfe52amfe522 days ago
  • Pull the whole clip. Maybe there’s something behind this?

    magdalenojuanmagdalenojuan2 days ago
  • Ha Ha ! 👉

    Amanda RAmanda R2 days ago
  • Ben didnt get ‘owned’ though did he, but considering the guardian is left wing ofcourse all you fools are going to think that he did

    Lloyd JonesLloyd Jones2 days ago
  • I've been telling you people this Shapiro guy is a HACK! He's only been ever able to debate college students, overrated and arrogant. He better clean up his act and humble himself before his fanbase washes away!

    Joshoua JonesJoshoua Jones2 days ago
  • Watch the whole interview guys... This old fart cannot answer questions

    Casey LaForteCasey LaForte2 days ago
    • It’s an interview, not a debate. Neil asks a question and Ben answers it. Neil asks some follow up questions. That’s how a fuckin interview works.

      J HuppJ Hupp2 days ago
  • Ben Jewpiro yarmulke wearing mf

    Mickiii PMickiii P2 days ago
  • I like this tougher Ben

    Without RulersWithout Rulers2 days ago
  • Lol “destroys”

    RT SoloRT Solo2 days ago
  • Please.....

    Timmy timTimmy tim3 days ago
  • Kinda funny that this was meant to be a talk about his book. Was nice of the old coot to turn it to a’s that free speech Britain.

    Shaun BarlowShaun Barlow3 days ago
  • Anger is not a part of American Politik. U American u loose.

    HariHari3 days ago
  • liberals:1 Ben: 2,098,075

    SnorlaxSnorlax3 days ago
  • This was not a destruction. This was a childish, bigoted reporter slandering a logical, patient human being. This reporter and the BBC are delusional

    Robert RegnierRobert Regnier3 days ago
  • Who ever made this video accidentally put the names backwards... Ben shapiro is supposed to be before the word "destroys."

    Damien XDamien X3 days ago
  • Wow. Never seen ben like that.

    ZombonicHDZombonicHD3 days ago
  • You either die a Milo or live long enough to see yourself become the liberal.

    deep fried pidgeondeep fried pidgeon3 days ago
  • Shitpyro gets owned💋

    Captain RonCaptain Ron3 days ago
  • I think Ben Shapiro was destroying him then he brung his religion into it.

    Cait! SmithCait! Smith3 days ago
  • How did Ben Shapiro get destroyed

    Samuel MolitorSamuel Molitor3 days ago
  • How does Ben Shapiro get owned? This entire interview was erratic on both sides. I just don’t understand how the title reads as such.

    Aaron RooseAaron Roose3 days ago
  • Must be why some old Brits talk so slow. Think before you speak.

    N WiltN Wilt3 days ago
  • That wasn’t a meltdown

    Mark DentonMark Denton3 days ago
  • is this the same group that helped Edward Snowden?...clickbaits now?...this is a new low for u guys ...Ben was stupid for leaving like that but Andrew Neil needs to do his job ...this was supposed to be about Ben's book...not how long can Ben dodge my judgemental interrogations

    I Shot BlanksI Shot Blanks3 days ago
  • Ben Shapiro is a very smart science is a fact can’t argue with facts

    Dutch van der lindeDutch van der linde3 days ago
  • I dont get it why cant people get abortions? Who cares I say the more abortions the better

    jbarsjbars3 days ago
  • Wow Click bait title, didnt happen.

    Redsox 3424Redsox 34243 days ago
  • Terrible Journalism, the biggest problem with video interviews instead of in person interviews is that it takes the feeling and interaction of being in the room with the other person out of the equation. Since the other interviewee is not physically present both sides have an inflated sense of ego and they can come off as harsh as they want to, and instead of talking to each other they talk at each other.

    Mike SherrardMike Sherrard3 days ago
  • Ben: "I'm leaving now". Andrew Neil: "So you're aborting this early in the interview"?

    Rick rickRick rick3 days ago
    • +Jonathan Vazquez who implied that it was a comparison though?

      Androva J.Androva J.13 hours ago
    • +Jonathan Vazquez Are you against it?

      Rick rickRick rick22 hours ago
    • Not the same as killing babies buddy

      Jonathan VazquezJonathan VazquezDay ago
    • Rhetoric fail.

      SayNoTo TerrorismSayNoTo Terrorism2 days ago
  • British right wing is just to the left of Bernie Sanders. Ben Shapiro is absolutely right.

    TequilamockingbirdTequilamockingbird3 days ago
    • OMG

      HariHari3 days ago

    Thomas ButlerThomas Butler3 days ago
    • +andres aguirre He was not being interviewed for a job. Nor are they similar! THIS WAS A ROAST... NOT AN INTERVIEW. VERY EASY TO CRIPPLE SOMEONE WITH OUT OF CONTEXT DOGMA!

      Thomas ButlerThomas Butler3 days ago
    • ben is the interviewee he doesn’t get to ask questions just like how when someone is getting interviewed for a job the employee is the one who answer the questions not the other way around, ben just didn’t know how to deal with an intelligent interviewer

      andres aguirreandres aguirre3 days ago
  • They need to switch this title. Ben just shut it down hard lol.

    Paul KellyPaul Kelly3 days ago
  • Ben was being Sarcastic' saying he was destroyed' does no one on the left get that! Neil was slow and uninformed. I'm not Bens biggest fan but you have to be on your toes with him. He walked off because the interview was getting stupid.

    Duck and GingerDuck and Ginger3 days ago
  • So here, in their national habitat, we have two state-manufactured "intellectuals" who both insist that they are fair and impartial, and both are being as manipulative, dishonest, deceitful and conniving as ever, with the ultimate aim being to pass this whole thing off as insightful televisual debate to the passive, unassuming audience, who will in turn blindly internalise either of their ideals as truly representative of untainted ideologies.

    georgesheardexpress9georgesheardexpress93 days ago
  • The left finally beats Shapiro in an argument once and they act like they want to Super Bowl lol

    Sam S.Sam S.3 days ago
  • He wasn't really "destroyed". This looks more like an interview that went sour.

    Justin HollowayJustin Holloway3 days ago
  • This man had no intention of answering bens questions at all just tries to be smug and not converse but just move to his next attach. Yes Ben clearly got mad about this and fell apart. It’s a joke people trying to say he doesn’t debate people other then college kids, he does and he invites plenty to his Sunday special and they decline all the time. He offered AOC 10,000 to a charity of her choice and she said he was cat calling. This guy was there to just take old out of context quotes and even stuff Ben has posted about dumb stuff he has said and taken responsibility for. I don’t stand with most his stances on abortion but I feel something needs to be put in place but not the overall ban of it . But he clearly lies when saying the women getting the abortion will get jail time, no it would be the doctor performing it.

    Slaten LongSlaten Long3 days ago
Andrew Neil 'destroys' Ben Shapiro in BBC interview