American & British People Swap Snacks

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Flag of the United Kingdom - stock illustration
Encyclopaedia Britannica/UIG/Getty Images
Flag of the United States of America - stock illustration
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Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
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Nestle Aero chocolate bar
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Badge - British flag
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  • I have wanted this video soooo bad.

    safiyyah islamsafiyyah islam6 minutes ago
  • I love how Brits pretend not to know what some of these things are Us Brits invented most of the snacks in this 😂

    Katsuki BakugoKatsuki Bakugo22 minutes ago
  • Bruh I have a capri sun in my packlunch everyday and I live in the uk *THOU IST OFFENDED*

    ElectricDiamond_ElectricDiamond_Hour ago

    Kayaura _123Kayaura _123Hour ago
  • Just so u know walkers and lays are de same

    CtomgCtomgHour ago
  • From what part of america? dude the US isnt the only country in america

    Samantha RodriguezSamantha RodriguezHour ago
  • We don’t have grape juice

    Small video How small can we get itSmall video How small can we get itHour ago
  • Wait they don’t have black currant squash omg u guys are not living

    Small video How small can we get itSmall video How small can we get itHour ago
  • So Americans don’t have pubs ,damn

    Small video How small can we get itSmall video How small can we get itHour ago
  • Aero is an American chocolate😂🤣😂🤣

    10,000 subscribes with no videos10,000 subscribes with no videosHour ago
  • crisps > chips

    lego obi-wanlego obi-wan2 hours ago
  • Wtf obviously we have salt and vinegar flavour crisps here

    lego obi-wanlego obi-wan2 hours ago
  • I would rather drink ribena

    Hannah Humairah Ahmadi AmriHannah Humairah Ahmadi Amri2 hours ago
  • But brits have caprisun as well...

    The Anonynous OwlThe Anonynous Owl2 hours ago

    YouTube TeaYouTube Tea2 hours ago
  • In the UK we have capri-suns too

    James SymeJames Syme2 hours ago
  • I live the us and aeros are in texas

    SkrxttSkrxtt2 hours ago
  • Im great britan

    pika boypika boy3 hours ago
  • I luv walkers

    pika boypika boy3 hours ago
  • Dairy milk over aero and Robinson’s blackcurrent over ribena

    Morven McEwanMorven McEwan3 hours ago
  • Just as any BuzzFeed video it was under researched they gave them both food that existed in the other country

    AyespAyesp4 hours ago
  • Hi

    My Cute DrawingsMy Cute Drawings4 hours ago
  • I’m from Ireland and we have caprisuns

    Geraldine KellyGeraldine Kelly4 hours ago
  • If you want to try an aero chocolate bar they are in the foreign food isle at Meijer. At my Meijer idk bout yours 🙃

    Oofy BoiOofy Boi4 hours ago
  • In 🇹🇷 you can get blue sprite

    Rowen school accRowen school acc5 hours ago
  • you should do nz and AStrler

    William PappleWilliam Papple5 hours ago
  • I think Kool-aid is better

    candice henrycandice henry6 hours ago
  • I've tasted both chocolates

    candice henrycandice henry6 hours ago
  • Aeros are my favourite but I’m not from the uk

    Charlotte OrrCharlotte Orr6 hours ago
  • omg can you have no americans for once

    wiixxyywiixxyy7 hours ago
  • I’m British, respect bruv

    J.T.S.B TuilomaJ.T.S.B Tuiloma7 hours ago

    yasbutterfly Yyasbutterfly Y8 hours ago
  • Their caprisun DOES NOT look like the one in Britain

    yasbutterfly Yyasbutterfly Y8 hours ago
  • wheres the men BUSSSSKFDNSGJNDFJ

    Cooperstein19Cooperstein198 hours ago
  • "Crisp! It's crispy!!!" "..Chip.." my last two brain cells energy

    TrevorTrevor9 hours ago
  • And I oop-

    TheSpirit RainbowWaterTheSpirit RainbowWater9 hours ago
  • *nOt ChIps...cRiSpS!!!*

    Das MemesDas Memes9 hours ago
  • Buzzfeed I hate you.

    SUPERSUPER10 hours ago
  • aero is not from britian

    cody games alotcody games alot11 hours ago
  • aero is american

    cody games alotcody games alot11 hours ago
  • i preferv cheez itz

    cody games alotcody games alot11 hours ago
  • chips noy crisps

    cody games alotcody games alot11 hours ago
  • I'm Irish so I call them crisps

    sausuke uchiasausuke uchia11 hours ago
  • Then Tom Holland enters the chat XD

    Paulette CiolliPaulette Ciolli11 hours ago
  • 3:03 my favorite part.

    SantostheninjamasterSantostheninjamaster11 hours ago
  • Well we have areo in Canada to. ITS SO GOOD

    The S-MasterThe S-Master12 hours ago
  • She said Ca-Pra-Son who tf says that it’s Ca-Pri-Sun

    Y o o G o dY o o G o d12 hours ago
  • 1:54 look at the captions... 😏😏😏

    We y’all gamesWe y’all games12 hours ago
  • Hi gushssh

    Daisy MedinaDaisy Medina13 hours ago
  • "It's Crisp!" "why?" "Because it's crispy" "*whispers* chips"

    Jacky WackyJacky Wacky13 hours ago
  • .

    Adyn LienkeAdyn Lienke14 hours ago
  • I thought that the people would've brought their own fav snacks

    You Offended?You Offended?14 hours ago
  • Erm I like how yankys think walkers are a copy of lays

    london mandemlondon mandem15 hours ago
  • I love how the Americans barely know what aeros are I get a frikin care package of them every year AND IM CANADIANNN

    oof_itzAddi !oof_itzAddi !16 hours ago
    • Ok..?

      Johancy PluvioseJohancy Pluviose15 hours ago
  • Im from britain but i live in canada and some of the snacks from Britain are in Canada or US like Aero for example and aero is pretty common but to find the other snacks is pretty hard

    LifeAsEva 514LifeAsEva 51416 hours ago
  • Escuese me we have Ribene in the US

    Kodi ShimKodi Shim16 hours ago
  • I always grew up with aero bars but they were from Canada not the uk

    Sabrina WoldSabrina Wold17 hours ago
  • Tf is Capri sun in Canada we have kool-aid

    Blurrr PatrickPlayBlurrr PatrickPlay17 hours ago
  • American: these are like ketchup chips Me (I am Canadian): how dare you say that you don’t have ketchup chips in America unless u go to Tim hortons near the niagra/ New York/ Boston border.

    Blurrr PatrickPlayBlurrr PatrickPlay17 hours ago
  • Aros are even made in canada

    Alex WoldeghiorghisAlex Woldeghiorghis18 hours ago
  • Capri Sun originated in Germany. It was named Capri-Sonne before and was then named Capri-Sun to advertise international better.

    Kra XiKra Xi18 hours ago
  • I'm Canadian and I grew up with aero

    Heidi McInnisHeidi McInnis18 hours ago
  • I live in canada and i have all of that stuff here

    J PeckJ Peck18 hours ago
  • Bruuh caprisun is everywhere and i’m from sweden

    Ugbaad IsmailUgbaad Ismail18 hours ago
  • Capri sun is a German drink.... If u don't believe me take a look on Wikipedia or Google etc

    Jannik EichJannik Eich18 hours ago
  • I love Jacob mini Cheddar's and AEROS they are the best

    wolf playzwolf playz19 hours ago
  • Watching these videos feels wired because in Canada we have fruit roll ups and way too many flavours of aero

    Popcornstealer90 0Popcornstealer90 019 hours ago
  • Emily is so American

    Rodney WoodsRodney Woods19 hours ago
  • No mean stuff but do am I the only the one who notices that Joyce is in all of the American vs ____ episodes

    Daviddaboss 10Daviddaboss 1019 hours ago
  • Did she just pronounce Capri sun like cap-ree sun???????? It’s CAPRI like Capri pants...

    Sarah GoodmanSarah Goodman19 hours ago
American & British People Swap Snacks