Addressing The Claims

This week I track down the copyright fiends known as UMG
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Written by - Stephen Tries
Starring - Cameron Green
Georgia Parker Aiken
James Ormrod:
Max Smith:
and myself
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  • Shit puns couldn't ask for more 😂

    gareth russellgareth russell5 hours ago
  • Y'all made a classic

    Ryan SullivanRyan Sullivan6 hours ago
  • Why does that guy look like a b tec ChrisMD

    Nxt DayNxt Day10 hours ago
  • Yes more steelers clothes please

    Matthew MillerMatthew MillerDay ago
  • Irrelevant but I just wanna flex that I met Max at parklife and he was so sweet when I was annoying and drunk, all love💕💕was tryna look for a bucket hat alll night

    Ella HendersonElla HendersonDay ago
  • Songs in real life. Only the OGs know what im on about

    Callum GilroyCallum GilroyDay ago
  • gotta get creative with the claimage

    Koko MmcKoko MmcDay ago
  • No. 50 on trending . Well done young stephen

    pako joepako joeDay ago
  • No. 50 on trending . Well done young stephen

    fsoon yoogfsoon yoogDay ago
  • When you know every song

    Al OconnorAl OconnorDay ago
  • This just SCREAMS high school video project but in the BEST way

    Wa LuigeeWa LuigeeDay ago
  • Sun to willne

    Andy NewsteadAndy Newstead2 days ago
  • Helo darkness myold friend 🤣

    saint adssaint ads2 days ago
  • Stephen looks like my 6 year old cousin

    izhwizhw3 days ago
  • I wish umg claimed this for the meme

    EclipseFox31 Show?EclipseFox31 Show?3 days ago
  • Loool way too many in here

    Patrick 14qPatrick 14q4 days ago
  • still one of the best minds out there tbh... another underrated piece of work.. fair damn play..!

    woodyAUSwoodyAUS4 days ago
  • Literally gets demonetised

    Sam ForeheadSam Forehead4 days ago
  • Hi

  • Do a how to be Gordon Ramsay video

    john fillakjohn fillak4 days ago
  • 0:38 Come on is a song by the hives

    joeh tomjoeh tom4 days ago
  • Make a Disstract to US-vision for Claiming stupidd..tis

    patty enstonepatty enstone4 days ago
  • I got 99 problems and a switch ain’t one

    Christine SwiftChristine Swift4 days ago
  • As a Coldplay fan the yellow one was beautiful

    Carl MeehanCarl Meehan4 days ago
  • This is brilliant! 😂

    Cierra ClemensCierra Clemens4 days ago
  • you had fun with this one

    OiOi wastemanOiOi wasteman4 days ago
  • gotta get creative with the claimage

    hothotpocketshothotpockets4 days ago
  • No. 50 on trending . Well done young stephen

    liam o'malleyliam o'malley5 days ago
  • I want Stephen to be at 1

    Harry On BenefitsHarry On Benefits5 days ago
  • I met you at parklife i was off me barnet and just came up to you thinkin it was some fella that just looked like you it was mad

    ShekelsteinShekelstein5 days ago
  • Seen Stephen and max at parklife this weekend absolutely flying haha

    Luke DixonLuke Dixon5 days ago
  • This is top class.

    WeCoachCricketWeCoachCricket5 days ago
  • Brilliant!😂

    MetricateMetricate5 days ago
  • You look like someone off Jeremy Kyle

    DanielDaniel5 days ago
  • Where’s Tom

    Corey MorganCorey Morgan5 days ago
  • Not sure if I should cringe or laugh

    RBHDRBHD5 days ago
  • I’m surprised US-vision put this on trending, what are they trying to tell us ?

    Owen RussellOwen Russell5 days ago
  • Just end copyright?

    film effectsfilm effects5 days ago
  • swear i seen you at plife this weekend boming it down the road after it aha

    Alex Monty-JonesAlex Monty-Jones5 days ago
  • EW take that jumper off you dirty mong

    Table SkinTable Skin5 days ago
  • 0:38 Come on is a song by the hives

    Absolute PrawnAbsolute Prawn5 days ago
  • Stephen was lookin wavy at parklife yesterday

    tom childstom childs5 days ago
  • No better moment than talking to Steven at parklife about max being absolutely mangled. Scenes

    Matty ThackMatty Thack5 days ago
  • that bohemian rhapsody bit hahaha

    hannah evehannah eve5 days ago
  • Wouldnt be ironic if this video was copystriked

    TanksniperTanksniper5 days ago
  • "Hey Jude... bollocks"

    Joseph CannonJoseph Cannon6 days ago
  • Hahahahahahahaha

    mlkamlka6 days ago
  • 3:24 was that a fucking The Streets lyric?

    Music & MemesMusic & Memes6 days ago
  • I have a love hate relationship with this video ngl

    TrinityTrinity6 days ago
  • Stephen is becoming boring

    Norris JinglewillyNorris Jinglewilly6 days ago
    • Norris Jinglewilly Move on then and leave others to enjoy it.

      Andy BoyleAndy Boyle5 days ago
  • Stephen tries.. desperately to be funny and fails. What a load of shit.

    clydemartinleonclydemartinleon6 days ago
  • I’m surprised they waited so long to drop the ‘Come on Eileen’ joke, I was waiting for it the moment she introduced herself.

    ParagadeParagade6 days ago
  • Well done for getting no.3 on trending

    Zachary GaballaZachary Gaballa6 days ago

    YinzerYinzer6 days ago
  • I swear someone gave up putting in the copyright claim for half of them

    Kyle MacdonaldKyle Macdonald6 days ago
  • U are a good team dear

    V3 TVV3 TV6 days ago
  • Look 👀 your gay hair 😂

    Stay Woke MediaStay Woke Media6 days ago
  • Absolutely GENIUS hahahahaha

    Danny KeoghDanny Keogh6 days ago
  • 0:54 *You deserved that one, dead memes aren't cool.*

    mr paymr pay6 days ago
  • US-vision really want me to watch this fucking video. Everywhere I look it's being recommended to me.

    Habib MHabib M6 days ago
  • The icing on the cake would've been if he bleeped out all the swearing then forgot the one at the end and the age restriction just popped up on screen

    Danboy JrDanboy Jr6 days ago
  • "hey jude" "Bollocks"

    Daniel HayesDaniel Hayes6 days ago
  • Trending!

    spongspong6 days ago
  • Why u never making vids with WillNE

    E-GAMINGE-GAMING6 days ago

    Joe MoreaJoe Morea6 days ago
  • Very well put together. I saw "Come on Eileen" coming from a mile away, but "Hello Darkness my old friend" really caught me off guard. Well done guys : )

    BuscBusc6 days ago
  • The same joke used over an over in this video, pretty shit. You can do better Steve

    C JamesC James6 days ago
    • C James And that joke would be..using song lyrics for copyright claim..isn’t that the whole point? Sheesh hahahaha

      Andy BoyleAndy Boyle6 days ago
  • So what's the outro song then?

    jaket282jaket2826 days ago
  • You got 5 on trending :0

    LPS chewitsLPS chewits6 days ago
  • This is trending????

    Mini KippaMini Kippa6 days ago
  • Trending page 😂

    TomTom6 days ago
  • #5 on trending well done mate

    ripmisskesharipmisskesha6 days ago
  • Woohoo trending let's go stephen!

    squash bosssquash boss6 days ago
  • congrats on trending

    Eliza Jane Aitken CurranEliza Jane Aitken Curran6 days ago
  • is it bad that i’m proud for getting every lyric reference??

    Eliza Jane Aitken CurranEliza Jane Aitken Curran6 days ago
  • The Two Ronnies would be proud. 😁

    Ben TaylorBen Taylor6 days ago
  • How's Stephen higher than a fifa trailer? Gg's

    Pricey78 GamingPricey78 Gaming6 days ago
  • ooo trending i see

    Little Toxic BunnyLittle Toxic Bunny6 days ago
  • A video with swearing .. On TrEnDiNg?!¡¿

    SamSam6 days ago

    Jess TallenJess Tallen6 days ago
  • X.

    JesusJesus6 days ago
  • Cheer up mate, daddy's here if you need anything x

    OythOyth6 days ago
  • "I'm eileen" *Stephen leans on door*

    Chris MarlowChris Marlow6 days ago
  • Max looks like he's an aspiring actor who never made it and hes forcing his kids to do a screen play with him for his next potential role

    Cameron WoodwardCameron Woodward6 days ago
  • #3 on trending

    ScowoodyScowoody6 days ago
  • 😂😂

    ZardackZardack6 days ago
  • 4 on trending

    GT22 GamesGT22 Games6 days ago
  • STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

    Traci NesbittTraci Nesbitt6 days ago
  • 5:35 the cringe is strong in this one

    aisha baisha b6 days ago
  • "Nobody listens until you say something wrong " SHAKESPEARE

    مروى رمزيمروى رمزي6 days ago
  • Am I high or is this trending?

    miiamo xomiiamo xo6 days ago
  • omg he's trending :)

    agust deadagust dead6 days ago
  • US-vision made this trending?

    Unknown PersonUnknown Person6 days ago
  • 4th on trending !!!!!

    LongburnLongburn6 days ago
  • My man is 4th on the trending page with a video slating US-vision. Quality

    Alex LewisAlex Lewis6 days ago
  • You could be more refined and selective in the writing, instead of cramming all in you can work to and for the big ones. It's an art. Watch not going out.

    nic ancelinnic ancelin6 days ago
  • 4 on trending?!

    ben allisonben allison6 days ago
  • Oi big up Stephen

    Isabelle HoranIsabelle Horan6 days ago
  • Someone had to say it

    Hugh WestcottHugh Westcott6 days ago
  • Steven is a smaller version of Curtis from love island

    Miss PriceeyMiss Priceey6 days ago
Addressing The Claims