6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

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Cody - instagram.com/cody_sessions
Tamara - twitter.com/stupitalupita
Spencer - instagram.com/spencer0061
Rahul - instagram.com/raheats
Brandon - us-vision.net/nameof-brandonrashad1
Sebastian - us-vision.net/pass/UC3O34bCJB1hkwTrLaD0J7Pw
Michael - instagram.com/michaeldonte_

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  • Lmao Sebastian is so true

    Nancy JaramilloNancy JaramilloHour ago
  • I like this concept

    Swank MasterSwank MasterHour ago
  • 6kpop fans vs 1 KPop Hater

    Elizabeth AdeoyeElizabeth AdeoyeHour ago
  • Do this again but with Eminem fans

    Can we get to 50 subscribers with no Videos?Can we get to 50 subscribers with no Videos?Hour ago
  • Brandon Rashad yoooooooooooo

    JDCJDCHour ago
  • Best thing ever

    suraj nongmaithemsuraj nongmaithemHour ago
  • Do Ariana Grande next and Invite me when you do.

    Natalia EllaV223Natalia EllaV223Hour ago
  • I knew from the beginning it was him

    Miranda RoseMiranda RoseHour ago
  • That ''AND I OOP-''in the beggining..

    Ana MarijaAna Marija2 hours ago
  • “Didn’t shake my ass on US-vision for nothing” ooof xD

    Kyofume WillowKyofume Willow2 hours ago
  • I hated how 3 of them just controlled the whole thing and got offended when someone said “everyone”

    kim ckim c2 hours ago
  • Kicks one of the white guys first sksksk

    My Ch3micalpanicMy Ch3micalpanic2 hours ago
  • Why are people named Sebastian, orange?

    Fara AhmedFara Ahmed2 hours ago
  • Do a Harry Potter one

    Sammy TorresSammy Torres2 hours ago
  • Shoulda listened to Michael

    ShannenShannen2 hours ago
  • if you want an intense fanbase do ariana or blackpink 😳 this episode gave me life tho

    gian -gian -2 hours ago
  • Hi you should do: 6 Alicia Keys fans and 1 hater (I believe that would be cool because some of her songs and the way she sings could be hated) but I personally love Alicia

    Nyree M.Nyree M.2 hours ago
  • I knew it 😂😂

    RL SeriiouslyRL Seriiously2 hours ago
  • I thought it was Tamara

    hopedawn rainbowhopedawn rainbow2 hours ago
  • Tamara is too sassy ad petty....just my opinion

    Susana NguyenSusana Nguyen2 hours ago
  • I agree with Sebastian about beyonce..

    Leona 12345Leona 123452 hours ago
  • Do this with ari or shawn

    reefreef2 hours ago
  • Omg that was so entertaining and fun. I WANT MOREEE

    Life SucksLife Sucks2 hours ago
  • They lost because they were foolish. They ganged up base on ones appearance, attitude, and knowledge. A fan does not have to be crazy over an idol to get the VIP pass. They played themself, therefore lost at their own game.

    Mimi KMimi K2 hours ago
  • can you please do a one 6 bts fan vs 1 hater

    LochiLochi2 hours ago
  • 6 BTS stans vs. 1 hater PLEASEEE

    Verena PhanVerena Phan3 hours ago
  • 6 BTS stans vs. 1 non kpoper

    Verena PhanVerena Phan3 hours ago

    Verena PhanVerena Phan3 hours ago
  • Please do 6 bts fans vs 1 hater 💜

    Banana ChachaaaBanana Chachaaa3 hours ago
  • this hole video made me say and I oop-

    burntburnt3 hours ago
  • Do Harry Styles and bring me so I can be involved

    ShailaShaila3 hours ago
  • Is the due in the gray shirt Michael with a B??

    karla galvankarla galvan3 hours ago
  • 6 vampire fans and 1 werewolfe fan

    Emma DEmma D3 hours ago
  • And i oop-

    вяι ωιтн lυνвяι ωιтн lυν3 hours ago
  • For the next one do 6 BTS fans vs 1 hater!

    Alisoj GlazeAlisoj Glaze3 hours ago
  • I knew it!!! I knew he was the hater

    Samya R.Samya R.3 hours ago
  • Why does this video even exist

    Magdis PæreMagdis Pære3 hours ago
  • Lmao

    Aya  RabbaaAya Rabbaa3 hours ago
  • “I barely knew my middle name” 😭

    Melana RodriguezMelana Rodriguez3 hours ago
  • I agree with Sebastian so mich about her fandom

    Kitty ClaireKitty Claire3 hours ago
  • Y’all need to make another one of these ASAP

    Hope WhitleyHope Whitley3 hours ago

    NicooNicoo3 hours ago
  • Tamara: “I kNeW iT WaS yOu” Teamed with Sebastian a minute ago 😂

    Queen MaryQueen Mary3 hours ago
    • Queen Mary TRUUUUuU 😂😂😂😂

      MihawkKunMihawkKun3 hours ago
  • This is a low key reality show

    Oscar The DoggoOscar The Doggo3 hours ago
  • Spencer was in the Gabbie show video

    Jay MaloneJay Malone3 hours ago
    • He said he was her fan

      Jay MaloneJay Malone3 hours ago
  • Do kpop BTS

    shadia panda lovershadia panda lover3 hours ago
  • Do lady gagaaaaaaa mother monster

    kenza a.e.kkenza a.e.k3 hours ago
  • 6 gays 1 straight, plz

    Frogpig jelly fishFrogpig jelly fish3 hours ago
  • 6 ariana grande fans vs 1 ariana grande hater, please

    JulianaJuliana3 hours ago
  • do this with kpop stans

    namename3 hours ago
  • This is the best series yet

    ii4 hours ago
  • I thought the mole was either Spencer or Sebastian but I wasn’t sure

    Kenia MunozKenia Munoz4 hours ago
  • They need to do a 6 anime fans 1 hater I wanna see people be forced to sing anime openings to stay in

    rascal _rmrascal _rm4 hours ago
  • Brandon got a US-vision channel so I thought he's a Beyonce hater, because he was always talking about her.

    Charleigh BlocksonCharleigh Blockson4 hours ago
  • I knew it

    Ki YTKi YT4 hours ago
  • Who heard the "AN I OOP" in the beginning?? 😂

    Yara FataYara Fata4 hours ago
  • 10:19 Tamara’s tone changed so evil so fast 😂

    CHEERS!CHEERS!4 hours ago
  • Michael kept pointing out the mole the whole time, but y'all never listen

    The Only Fried_godThe Only Fried_god4 hours ago
  • There should be an ariana grande version and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have me on that episode like I swearrr

    Stephanie DreamStephanie Dream4 hours ago
  • Tamara is so extra, tune it down sis

    VictoriaVictoria4 hours ago
  • omg i love this series man :o

    honeyhoney4 hours ago
  • Ok I'm living for this type of show. Group think is VERY strange and I love the game mafia and werewolf

    Penguin EntertainmentPenguin Entertainment4 hours ago
  • you should do 6 bts army x 1 hater

    Pyo frutaPyo fruta4 hours ago
  • Love this great and creative

    Teeth_Time NowTeeth_Time Now4 hours ago

    Rebe saRebe sa4 hours ago
  • i knew it was him all along lol

    Kitten LittleKitten Little4 hours ago
  • You should do bts fans (armys) vs a bts anti.

    melinarosemelinarose4 hours ago
  • this is the funniest thing I've ever seen

    eoghan flemingeoghan fleming4 hours ago
  • I love Brandon lmao

    Kielah CovanKielah Covan4 hours ago
  • that one guy said and i oop-

    Ella BoersmaElla Boersma4 hours ago
  • Ermmmm the girl kept throwing the blame on to everyone, major red flag....

    Messy FrenzyMessy Frenzy4 hours ago
  • Tbh i new it

    Jasmine SomsriJasmine Somsri4 hours ago
  • 6 Queen/Freddie Mercury fans vs 1 Secret Hater

    Angus229Angus2294 hours ago
  • Next video: 6 Billie Eilish fan vs 1 secret hater

    Tali JTali J4 hours ago

    Tali JTali J4 hours ago
  • Nobody should hate Beyoncé I mean how does she personally affect you in such a way that you’d hate her. Personally, I just don’t get the hype and think that her music isn’t my thing. Doesn’t mean I hate her :/

    jake.jake.4 hours ago
  • this just shows how people can tell you pretty little words and then take them all back.

    b.wb.w4 hours ago
  • I hate Beyonce because everyone treats her like she is a goddess or the queen of the world, but she is overrated

    Diana Alicja Amorette Kudrjawzew LyonDiana Alicja Amorette Kudrjawzew Lyon5 hours ago

    big chungusbig chungus5 hours ago
  • “a stan is crazy” this is where i leave

    yoongispirityoongispirit5 hours ago
  • The real that every haters know about you haha because they are finding one thing that we will break you if they see anything that can cost damage In your image they will do anything to to that!

    Marsie DRCMarsie DRC5 hours ago
  • 6 army’s vs 1 hater, y’all better be prepared for an all out *W A R*

    agustdeportedagustdeported5 hours ago
  • It's def the Indian bro

    izzmezariyah kizzmezariyah k5 hours ago
  • “DESTINYS CHILD MY ASS “ I was laughing so much 😂 😂 😂

    meddie Bmeddie B5 hours ago
  • I noticed he was the one asking the deeper questions so he was in control

    Kortni SavageKortni Savage5 hours ago
  • 7:34 "Bye" LOL!

    Juwairiya UmarJuwairiya Umar5 hours ago
  • And i oop- i’ma keep it real

    Ada BTSAda BTS5 hours ago
  • Okay, many of these fans are kind of a bit rude lol.

    Teddy VideosTeddy Videos5 hours ago
  • and i *who*.... no honey

    cherish nanettecherish nanette5 hours ago
  • This is like a danganronpa class trial all over again i swear-

    Kat HarrisKat Harris5 hours ago
  • Now that’s an original content!

    SS5 hours ago
  • The barbz would’ve jumped the hater

    KeawahnKeawahn5 hours ago
  • Too many rounds. but still interesting.

    stringX90stringX905 hours ago
  • I loved the ending! I was like I hope the light turns RED! Lol 🔴🚦

    Lisa RivLisa Riv5 hours ago
  • put a glittery gay guy inna group and ofc they will gravitate to him

    I conicI conic5 hours ago
  • This is like the mafia game but like, a bit different. XD

    SunflowerSunflower5 hours ago

    Arlene ZhaoArlene Zhao5 hours ago
  • Tamara is that fan whom you don't wanna hang out with despite the both of you sharing interest/ being in the same fandom. You feel me?

    Yummy LlamaYummy Llama5 hours ago
  • i knew it lmao

    Kim TaehyungKim Taehyung5 hours ago
  • 6 Taylor swift fans 1 hater if you do invite me

    Emma KowalEmma Kowal5 hours ago
6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater