5 Things About Acne Nobody Will Tell You

5 things about acne that nobody will tell you, that I learned from years of experience. From acne scars and how long they last, to our microbiome of skin and skincare products, to understanding "is acne related to diet" or genetics, at all, this video shares 5 things that nobody really talks about, that I wish we did. bit.ly/1zxtZ0Q Subscribe & Hit the Bell Icon (and smash the like button!) for new videos on acne, beauty, vegan food, skin care, self-love, healthy living, and inspiration! (It's free and helps me know what kinds of videos you want more of!) 🔴 bit.ly/1zxtZ0Q Join our Inspirational Beauty Community with the Hashtag #BeYOUTiful

5 things about acne that nobody will tell you, that I learned from years of experience. From acne scars and how long they last, to our microbiome of skin and skincare products, to understanding "is acne related to diet" or genetics, at all, this video shares 5 things that nobody really talks about, that I wish we did.

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  • No one prepared me for adult acne. I had a lot of issues growing up and especially in my teenage years and I always used to tell myself "at least you got good skin genes." At age 19, I started noticing my pores on my nose were getting bigger and bigger, my skin redder, small breakouts every other month (which was a lot for me, I had flawless skin before) and now nearing the end of my 22nd year, I have cystic acne, I have active breakouts at all times (havent had a break between them in 2 months) currently I have a cyst the size of a gumball on my chin, the skin on my nose and forehead is bumpy and flaky no matter what i do, and i have constant breakouts all across my jaw.

    Kaytlin WKaytlin W6 months ago
    • Can totally relate 😬

      GaeGae KhongsaiGaeGae Khongsai9 days ago
    • Kaytlin Waggoner Could be birth control. It is screwing up women's bodies.

      Hi thereHi there20 days ago
    • same as me!!! I started breakouts at the age of 25, right now I,m looking for a treatment for my acne scars.

      pantea zpantea z22 days ago
    • Quit screwing around and get on Accutane and cut out dairy. And don't believe all the bullshit about depression and suicide that comes with it. Watch this: us-vision.net/detail/video-uUyhoPbXFF0.html

      goodstuffohhyeahgoodstuffohhyeah24 days ago
    • Dry washing your face with lemon at night and wash it off in the morning, drink A LOT of water and avoid dairy that's what helped me

      Aisling HuntAisling Hunt25 days ago
  • I went on a accutane for almost a year and stopped, now it's back and I keep having mental breakdowns and my self esteem is nowhere to be found and I just feel horrible :(

    MariamMariam23 hours ago
  • i had moderate acne in 7th and 8th grade and now i just have these weird 9 purple spots from the acne. they won't go away. it's been almost 3 years. how do i treat this? the only makeup I wear is color corrector and concealer (mascara sometimes) AND I HAVE NEVER PICKED AT MY FACE EVER

    Madison MoceriMadison Moceri2 days ago
  • Slip-Joint Pliers work best. Though I got lucky I never scarred. Hope you all are doing ok.

    9and79and72 days ago
  • Great points. Really wish you had touched on the hormonal aspects-- this is rarely understood. I am nearly 40, perimenopausal, my weight fluctuates between 155 and 165 at 5'7", and every time I intensify my workout to lose that pesky 5-7 pounds... TOTAL FACE ERUPTION. A woman's body requires a certain amount of body fat to produce the proper levels of female hormones. Whenever those reserves are taken out, I break out. When the weight comes back in the winter the acne totally goes away. So it's either have pizza face or look perpetually 4 months pregnant. Hormonal acne is understood by very few, so I'm still trying to find the balance...at nearly 40...

    J.R. MaverickJ.R. Maverick3 days ago
  • The medical system is corrupt and making billions of dollars off of acne. I've been dealing with cyctic chin acne for 12 years chronic . I am 55 years old extremely depressed. Doctor refuses to put me on accutane, today I'm going to my appointment with zero makeup...going to make her LOOK AT IT. Not wearing makeup for anyone anymore!!!

    HOHHOH4 days ago
  • I have acne but I wear makeup most days but I just like makeup so you can still see my acne through it but sometimes I just go to school with no makeup on and don’t care 🤷‍♀️ you just have to remember that everyone gets it at some point and if anyone thinks that your not pretty because of acne then that probably means that they are insecure about something,because putting you down makes them feel better about themselves

    Josie SlaterJosie Slater6 days ago
  • Idk why but I just don’t like her for some reason. There is just something very fake and shady.

    AJBAJB8 days ago
  • What you eat has nothing to do with acne. #FACT #Research

    AJBAJB8 days ago
  • This was a short but informative guide. I would recommend this acne guide *AcneCureOnline. Com* to my friends starting out on their journeys to clear skin, getting rid of acne. Greatly liked this and loved the understanding into how my inside troubles can affect my skin.?

    Lileor OgdenLileor Ogden8 days ago
  • I have acne I eat junk food all the time should I go on a diet?? and also my sister is way bigger than me and eats allot of junk food and has no acne I tell my mom that it's my way of eating but she doesn't believe me because my sister is way bigger but her face is clean

    Lucy PerezLucy Perez8 days ago
  • No one tells you that everyone’s acne experience is different. Mine are skin colored bumps that simply can’t be covered with makeup because it doesn’t make a difference. Exfoliating doesn’t help either. Every time someone tries to tell me to wash my face more or less or use this or that I want to scream because I’m the ONLY person I know who has this. I have no clue what it is. People tell me that mine isn’t bad and that other people have it worse but it’s so frustrating because I feel like I’m weird because of it.

    Alyssa ShickAlyssa Shick12 days ago
  • So many bacteria🤯

    Alex SoteloAlex Sotelo12 days ago
  • I have always had bad skin I have flaking skin plus I get these bumps under the skin that feel like Knotts and hurt I tried different things it's getting a bit better. The bumps are painful

    Jennifer JohnsonJennifer Johnson17 days ago
  • PILLOWCASES AND BLANKETS YOU HOLD BY FACE WHEN SLEEPING!!! Omg! This was a huge game changer for my adult acne! I take a multitude of meds for a MULTITUTE of separate chronic illnesses currently...and many of these not only mess with my gut, cause the dry mouth issue, and many more. But, I know there are a couple that I have to take that also cause acne on my face AND NOW my upper back/shoulder area! Uhg. I have a couple things to try to fight back that have been probably the best things over the years that have become my go to's. I LOVE regular Coke Classic! But if I drink more than one 12 oz bottle in a two week/3 wk period, face will start screaming. Girl! EVERYTHING you have said, sadly I am where you are in some ways! I had to learn it all over years and years of trial and error. Thankfully the worst of my facial acne was about 2 years ago when I first became ill. And obviously WE now know that it's often toxins or other "stuff 'n things" that are pushed from our bodies out of our pores! Being at that time I had "only" been diagnosed with a type of autoimmune disease, looking back on those photos from the onset of illness to now is astounding. My health overall has gotten worse, but my skin has thankfully improved from learning what to stay away from and what to increase with. She knows what she is saying folks! And I had to learn it myself, you all are lucky!

    Julie Bergman-PlatnerJulie Bergman-Platner19 days ago
  • Did you cure your IBS yet? I took tetracycline for 2 weeks and stopped when I started throwing up but I still suffer from IBS. What did you do about it?

    Anshi ChitranshAnshi Chitransh20 days ago
  • I feel your struggle. I go through the same thing. I go to an esthetician now which helped tremendously. Maybe I should incorporate workout too lol. But for the dark marks, chemical peels do an awesome job also. definitely look into.

    Mariah [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅е]Mariah [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅е]20 days ago
  • scars are living reminders ... my acne scars make me feel I need to do sth.

    pantea zpantea z22 days ago
  • Like what Cassandra said, nobody tells you that you can overdo medication. My derm gave me 5 different acidic solutions along with a harsh soap to apply day and night. He told me not to apply anything moisturising. You can imagine what a disaster that turned out to be. What really helped me was stepping away from dermatologists and finding my own routine. What actually helped me and even cured my acne was switching to all baby products from Bioderma and balancing out my hormones. I wish I had known this 12 years ago though, I wouldn't have left so much scarring on my face had I known it earlier.

    Heela DaudzaiHeela Daudzai22 days ago
  • I have chronic Lyme disease and unfortunately have had no choice but lots of abx for a while now. I am horrified your derm would put you on 800 mgs of minocycline. For severe, neurological Lyme disease, my doctors would never ever rx me more than 200 mg of doxy or mino per day. Awful.

    Steph MarieSteph Marie22 days ago
  • What did you use to clear your acne scars?

    Asmer AbuuAsmer Abuu24 days ago
  • the one on the thimbnail are like mine

    Deniel kai LabineDeniel kai Labine24 days ago
  • No one prepared me for the fact that drugstore treatment will not cure chronic acne. Everyone recommends products rather than an actual doctor. Which in the US Makes sense but in europe it just doesn't.

    SimplyAWitch9SimplyAWitch924 days ago
  • I luv your smile

    Ioli neko!Ioli neko!25 days ago
  • I'm on birth control, it keeps my cystic acne at bay.. I know I have to deal with it someday but for now I can't think about it

    Olivia KleinschmidtOlivia Kleinschmidt27 days ago
  • if anyone wants some thing that dosent strip your skin and gets rid of acne think how your parents use to wash you when you where younger . get jóhonsons pink baby wash for your cleanser and baby lotion for your moisturiser and thats it trust me it helps on all skin types and you will see a big difference in a week trust me do it i haven’t broken out in a good 3 months and i tried every cleanser and moisturiser and not one helped and now my skin is flawless do it trust me (EASY AND QUCIK SKIN CARE ROUTINE IN THE BEST SKIN CARE YOU WILL FIND) trust me 🙂💗

    jade staffordjade stafford27 days ago
  • I dont have pimples now but I have alot of acne scars and its really sad I've been doing alot of treatments even dermapen, fraxel, subscission japan skin care but still I can see my acne scars. even my friends told me that my skin looks good now. But the fact that you have acne scars its still lowering my self confidence.

    Ces CesCes Ces28 days ago
  • No one had ever told me that acne cause scars that last forever I hate it 💔

    WashiWashi29 days ago
  • How did you find your self confidence?

    rileyfaerileyfaeMonth ago
  • The best for the skin is URINE - I swear... been using it for over two decades now and from experience I can tell it's the best food 'par excellence' for a healthy and ever youthful skin. I made a video about it, sharing my whole experience. ✨⚡️🥃⚡️✨URINE IS THE WATER OF LIFE & SECRET OF ETERNAL YOUTH!

    Mónica SchüttMónica SchüttMonth ago
  • Check your blood sugars the sweeter the blood more bacteria

    Haider RaeesHaider RaeesMonth ago
  • What?? Nobody told you about these things...even doctors?...wow thats too sad!!!!

    AnastasiaAnastasiaMonth ago
  • I cried at the end. Of all the videos I've watched about acne I think this was the one

    Blvck Pearl 24000Blvck Pearl 24000Month ago
  • This may sound weird but I took a lot of antibiotics for my acne prescribed by dermatologist I tried every acne(sensitive and none sensitive) products. I recently started taking my vitamins and PROBIOTICS and my skin has rapidly changed!

    AmandaAmandaMonth ago
  • What is the best foundation you used so far?

    Lamia AlLamia AlMonth ago
  • I have adult acné i have never thought that i will have it at the age of 22 but what worked for me is good healthy sleep, i have always noticed that when i sleep early and wake up early my skin gets better and when i do the opposit my skin gets worst so yeh sleep too does affect ur skin !!! And also sports these 2 things defently work for me

    Sirina SurvunSirina SurvunMonth ago
  • Them shoulders.

    a n t i m a t e r i aa n t i m a t e r i aMonth ago
  • Text doxycycline on the US-vision channel and find out what it for

    Ricardo EstradaRicardo EstradaMonth ago
  • Your personality your intelligence and your perseverance alone make what beauty you have anyway shine in a way Pat you can have a million pockmarks or blemishes all over and I don't think I'd find you any less of a beautiful person so I'm really happy to hear you looking yourself in the mirror still comes with love everyday now. God bless you and I'll definitely have you in my prayers that you stay as strong as you are. Keep up the good work there's a lot of people that are depending on you because I think you give people a lot of other people on this subject matter doesn't give in return and that's helped and true love for one's self

    Dave GordonDave GordonMonth ago
  • Credibility is lost when you say “doctors and physicians have your best interest at heart” just NO. They don’t They have their wallets and bank accounts at heart. Also, why is it that so many people who eat dairy and tons of crap, and they have perfect skin. So no Your schooling is not doing you any good

    Lauren DomengeLauren DomengeMonth ago
  • This is weird but when I go on holiday to the sun (Spain) the sun actually clears up my skin and then when I’m home for like 3-4 my skin starts breaking out again it’s weird

    Aoife 100Aoife 100Month ago
  • So how to deal w scars?

    Gulnar ZeinullinaGulnar ZeinullinaMonth ago
  • I use this soap and trust me it closet my pores verrrrrryyyyy good and my skin looks soo flawless its also brillant for acne ....ITS A all naturell detox soap without annnyyy chemicalls..when i gave up hope after trying sooo many things someone told me about this soap n it changed evrything (( :: they have diffrent kinds of natural chemical free soaps for diffrent skin problems BEST SOAP EVERRRRRRRR! Istill cant believe how good this soap is

    greeneyediamondgreeneyediamondMonth ago
  • Omg your skin looks fantastic !! I remember watching one of your videos years ago were you took your makeup off and you had tears in your eyes..you were showing how you cover your acne.. I'm so glad to see you with out makeup and you have such confidence 👍🏼.. I have a 16 year old that has acne and. I know it bothers her.. I went through it so I know how she feels.. it just hard to find something that will work for her.. she left dairy, but i believe her is stress from school and sports. I'm going to watch your other videos.. thank you

    Rosa CoriaRosa CoriaMonth ago
  • I had nice skin just acne but I was so compulsive I exfoliated every day with mf st Ives and now I have broken capillaries every where

    Micayla GrandeMicayla GrandeMonth ago
    • My skin is red and there are red veins everywhere

      Micayla GrandeMicayla GrandeMonth ago
  • rub ice on face. DO- IT :)

    secondsecondMonth ago
  • How to treat small dialated pores that appears after acne? Nd remains forever 😔😔😔 help hwlp help

    RawSome AwesomeRawSome AwesomeMonth ago
  • I have acne on my chin and above my lips, it hurts and is super red. I'm also just now starting to realize that I have some rosacia on my face. I have only skin but I also have some dry patches around my nose. I have tried so many products and have tried wearing less makeup but it doesn't work:(

    Shaylee HesselrodeShaylee HesselrodeMonth ago
  • Most people feel that acne can only be cured by skin care products. I began my company 18 years ago because of my Grade 3 acne - so I understand this entirely. What we try very hard to spread with our customers is that DIET plays a huge role in your skin. Liver cleansing and candida on the skin are big problems. We utilize Face Mapping. That is so very helpful in finding the true causes of what is showing up on your face. Thank you for such an informative video. I truly enjoyed it. You are a beautiful girl. Very best wishes in your career.

    Platinum Skin CarePlatinum Skin CareMonth ago
  • The Standard American Diet (SAD) of refined man made foods is causing many of the health problems today. Acne is the visual que that something is wrong with our overall health. Get rid of sugar first if all. Sugar is added to all processed food because it is highly addictive (corporations control information to protect their bottom line). Sugar is highly processed and becomes a poison and an acid that throws the body into a cycle of defense trying to cope with this invader. Get rid of refined (white) flour which also acts as a refined sugar. Get back to a diet that God created for us. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans whole original grains (non-hybridized), rice. Limit the amount of meat and dairy. Clean up your diet. It will be hard at first because a bad diet has addictive qualities. But once you get past the pain of addiction your taste buds will be reconditioned to enjoy natural (real) foods that work with our bodies and heal our diseases caused by the processed diet. It may cost more to buy groceries, but you will save thousands on healthcare costs.

    Sarah MarierSarah MarierMonth ago
  • You will probably never see this. But I am at lost with my confidence which I Never struggled with, with even being over weight, but now my skin is worse then it's ever been. I'm at lost what to do. I've never had acne like this before I'm as of now trying apple cider vinegar and hopeful. :( I have such sensitive skin and redness on my cheeks. Everything is from chin up to cheekbones I'm so unhappy. I'll take any advice. Tia. - rach.

    Rachel BrittonRachel BrittonMonth ago
  • I honestly have self esteem issues with my acne problem mostly because of my mom and my sister who keep telling me how bad my face looks like

    Miriam MurietMiriam MurietMonth ago
  • Thanks Cassandra, Love this video.. Love love from Philippines 🇵🇭

    Anabelle Del MundoAnabelle Del MundoMonth ago
  • One of the biggest things that bothers me the most about acne, is that SO many parents and family members, but specifically parents, act like it’s **NO BIG DEAL or **part of life or teen life...and they do absolutely nothing. I always say “if your child had a rash on their arm, you would take them to the doctor or do SOMETHING!! But, they have something on their FACE and you do nothing!? People without acne and especially scars think “I’m glad I don’t have that” but they really have NO idea just how painful it is. No one talks about how I have every single scar memorized on the exact location of my face. I know when I got it and what type of pimple caused it. I always think “if I could just choose 5 or 10 big scars to erase, id be so much happier. No one tells you that 99% of acne scar removal things cost a ton of money but actually do NOTHING to take them away.

    Kaci UipiKaci UipiMonth ago
  • Thank you for this video. I had severe acne in my teens and early 20s until I took Roaccutane. I always wondered about the origin of my acne as it doesn't run in our family. Skin conditions like eczema is in the family though and my mother cannot tolerate dairy, but anything I ate or didn't eat never seemed to make any difference. My acne had a very specific pattern, starting on my forehead, moving down to my temples (where I have scars) and then around my mouth and side of my nose. Luckily I never had acne on my cheeks. I think stress might have triggered it, but still I'm not sure. I did lots of the topical solutions that stripped the skin and made it shiny and thin. Not good.

    Vieve RNVieve RNMonth ago
  • I had acnes when I was 13, it got better in my late 20's, but the scars I have to with them for the rest of my life and no skin treatments can help but your self confidence and self love

    Teguh Adhi PrimasantoTeguh Adhi PrimasantoMonth ago
  • So what about probiotics? Would applying them on our skin for 15 mins or so, help us with acne?

    Rebecca ValentineRebecca ValentineMonth ago
  • I Got acne while I wear teeth clip still continues

    Mathan MathanMathan MathanMonth ago
  • We have to learn how to live with it that's a fact💕💕💕

    ED_PR ED_PRED_PR ED_PRMonth ago
  • I was so focus watching your video until then i realized the deer behind was so busy staring at me too

    emy roseemy roseMonth ago
  • I am a picker and it made my acne 10 times bad Idk how to stop myself from doing that

    Glow With MoonGlow With MoonMonth ago
  • Im so glad I found you! I have always been getting a pimple or 2 on my upper lip. It occurs every month or two & it is awful because makeup can’t even cover up & it looks sooo ugly when I try covering it but I don’t pop it 😭😭 Why do I keep getting them! Only there!

    Our Gucci LifeOur Gucci LifeMonth ago
  • Nodular and cystic acne are painful, noticeable and absolutely awful! I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! Green juice definitely has helped to prevent them as well as organic skincare, less is definitely more!

    Erikka's EpiphanyErikka's Epiphany2 months ago
  • Huge huge hugeeee things that absolutely changed my life, I had the worswwt skin since I was about 12, I went on oratane/roaccutane four times, and every time it would come back, I also tried antibiotics, as well as topical medication and hormonal pills which all didn't work. YES cutting out dairy made a big difference, sugar I should cut out and i'm sure that would make a difference, but cutting out dairy and meat, then taking ZINC and LYSINE supplements together have quite literally changed my life. Every friend I tell this to has had the same thing happen. You can get these supplements from any drug/pharmaceuticals store, and just take one of each each day until it goes away. I would also say try and use natural make up or skin care products where possible, avoiding harsh cleansers, toners, scrubs and anything that will dry out the skin too much (scrub once every two weeks maybe). Less is more, let your skin balance itself out because holy shit it works. If this helps any person I'm totally happy because I UNDERSTAND just how much it hurts to have to look at yourself with acne and know people can see and judge you like that. Good luck!

    Alex WareAlex Ware2 months ago
  • Used to get compliments on my clear skin when younger. I told myself I'm not pretty like the other girls but at least they admire me for having clear, glowing skin. Then I had acne when I was 22, and had it until I was in my early 30s. The emotional turmoil. All those days you can't go out of the house because of how horrible your skin looks like. Family events where you can't look into people's eyes because you just knew they can't avoid looking intently on your acne and start to give you advice on what to do with it. Only medication that worked for me is Katialis, a topical cream. Beware though. Do not apply on the whole face -- only apply on top of every zit. Doesn't matter if your face will look like polka dot after applying this. It seemed to kill the bacteria underneath and dries the zit. In 2-3 days, you will see the skin on that zit peel off with a healthy layer of skin. Another upside is that the zit will not come out of that healthy skin again. Unlike with the topical meds that the doctors give you where it only works for a week or two and after that you build some kind of immunity, this topical cream had permanent results (for me, at least). I treated my zit with this cream one by one, not all at once, because I wanted to observe and study how it's curing my acne. The key is, for the cream to stay on on the affected area for as long as possible. So if I felt the cream went to my pillow from moving around while I sleep, I get up and re-apply the cream in the middle of the night. Lost lots of sleep but it was worth it. If you can have it on during day time, a lot better because like I said, consistency is the key. I had chronic acne for years and this cream is the only medication that stopped it. I only used upto 3 small containers the whole time I was trying to fix my acne. Cost less than a dollar here in the Philippines.

    Jane DoeJane Doe2 months ago
  • I really enjoyed and got a lot of value from your video. Thank you. But please be aware you are going too hard with the vocal fry, it doesn't make you sound more authentic or relatable. At the end of every sentence it's excruciating. So many American women do it that you shouldn't take it this feedback too personally. I find it a Strange phenomenon though cos I don't think it ever has the speakers desired effect, I feel it make someone less relatable, without self awareness

    Regina FalangeeRegina Falangee2 months ago
  • Skin NEEDS Zinc to stay acne free... EAT it! Research the absorbable form of zinc.No more than 125 mg daily.

    Bobby CaldwellBobby Caldwell2 months ago
  • I’ve been suffering with breakouts since the age 13 !!! I clearly remember my first one on my forehead , didn’t know what it was and kinda liked it but few years later they invaded my face and my battle began when I turban 17 But nothing worked no potion or lotion ! It took me a life time to understand my strange and unique body ! It totally destroyed my self esteem and confidence to point that I’d hide from people whenever could , no relationship no close friends I used to think that god was punishing me for something, eventually I began a journey of self discovery and about 15 years ago I decided to become vegan , of course my research lead me to realise that the dairy products was part the problem, it helped but not totally , I later found out that chocolate was also a culprit, then I found out that sugar and honey was also culprits and then coffee showed itself as a cause too then oily foods especially Transfats also entered in my list and nowadays I am occasionally get one somewhere on my face but I’m now so equipped with battle armour that the occasional breakouts has no chance of survival, my latest discovery is ingesting Blue green algae or Spirulina powder or tablets but they taste terrible but I kinda think they can help, in my case the worst culprits are : number 1) sugary things Number 2:) fatty cheeses Number 3:) butter But I must confess that I kinda can tolerate Goat’s cheese and goat’s butter but only in very small quantities And maybe once or twice a month but the danger is always lurking around when one indulges with dairy products so be aware !! I also think that sun screens can aggregate my skin in a vicious way ! Even the non greasy ones ! The only one that doesn’t aggravate my skin is : Ultra-sun not sure about the spelling though since my iPhone went crazy when I typed it differently!!! It literally wouldn’t let me carry on with my typing! May the angel of acne free skin always be with you all :)

    Earthshine MoonshineEarthshine Moonshine2 months ago
  • omg that emotions... too hard for watching ...

    София ГончаренокСофия Гончаренок2 months ago
  • I started getting hormonal cystic acne when I was 26. I’m 27 now and have pretty clear skin. What works for me is neutrogena face bar and AmLactin alpha-hydroxy lotion. I’m not sure if the lotion helps my acne, but it’s the only lotion I’ve found that doesn’t break me out. Also I’m crazy about lotion so I can’t go without it. Another thing I did was pop the zit, put a glob of Neosporin on it and a bandaid every night until it went away. I know alcohol isn’t great for your skin, but it really helps getting bandaids off without ripping off your skin. I just drench a cotton round and make swiping motions on the edge of the bandaid until it came off. The Neosporin also helped to prevent scarring. A tip: don’t put Neosporin on healthy skin, it always made me get zits for some reason. I also exfoliate weekly with clean & clear dual action moisturizer. It’s not meant to exfoliate your skin, but it does with me for some reason. It doesn’t help with my acne, but it makes my skin brighter and helps with pigmentation. It also makes my skin look younger. My acne used to look like craters and take weeks to heal. I would avoid going outside and just cry. I never had a problem with acne before so it was a huge hit to my self-esteem. I hope my advice helps!!!! I know it’s devastating to deal with hormonal acne. Please don’t give up. You are not alone and you will find what works for you!!!!!!!!

    Mariah BMariah B2 months ago
  • I am going to try microneedling for my skin change due to acne. Any comment please!

    Masooda Sadat RazavieMasooda Sadat Razavie2 months ago
  • Omg ur so good at explaining ur right about the animal stress hormone stays in our skin antibiotics from anilmal. And yes wen i went vegan my skin changed n looked so better. By scars sucks i love you seriously im amazed with ur videos. U shud do psychology n work in a lab or work as a skin therapist u wouod do great. I want advice about my pitting or ice picks i want 1 products to take it away in less time do you recommend anything please thank you for ur replies in advance and Goodrich for future ur beautiful

    Sharon KourSharon Kour2 months ago
  • This was a great video Cassandra.

    MsAggie73MsAggie732 months ago
  • Medical doctors are not the most intelligent people. Many focus just on their learned Merck Manual and do not ask questions concerning " How did this disease, virus etc. come into existence in the first place?" Instead of focusing their brains and capabities on prevention, they just focus on cure by using mainly chemicals which are generating money for the pharmaceutical industry, industry number 1 in the world. A healthy person does not generate money, a sick one does...Without sick people a whole world of physicians, care givers, pharmaceuticals would collapse..The only thing medical doctors do is study pharmacology: what synthetic medicine is right for what condition and what chemical progresses does this chemical cause on the bodily tissues, cells, nerves etc. Doctors should think that every chemically-fabricated drug in a laboratory was invented by a bio-chemist who looked at/was inspired by processes in nature. Chemical drugs are no " Eureka" Einstein-wonder! People in the medical field should feel the innate moral obligation as is part of their profession, to want to eradicate and prevent disease rather than cure..(acne, whatever health condition) Acne on your skin is related to genes, hormones, but foremost your bowels..Bad bowels is ACNE The toxins which could not be eliminated by the bowels come to the surface through your skin Fix your bowels, hold stress at bay, try to correct hormonal influence ( DIM) use thyme oil, a natural anti bacterial and anti-viral! Use Ayurvedic blood purifiers, eat Turmeric and vegan,they help your bowels and stop toxins from coming out through your skin. Topical retinoids help the skin peel and help to get rid of the pimple and wrinkles on the outside. Some people are better of not eating sugar or dairy products (again because their intestines can not break them down properly) Insulin might be a factor too Try not to spike your insulin multiple times a day.

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monster2 months ago
  • I’ve had bacne (back acne) for several years until I changed my hair washing routine. shampoo - rinse, conditioner- rinse. then I put my hair in a towel and only after doing that I wash/shower my body. I just thought I’d leave this little tip here because it might help someone.... That was all it took to get rid of my bacne. before that i had tried lots of things but nothing really worked. ever since I changed my hair washing routine I managed to completely get rid of that bacne simply because Conditioner (and its ingredients) won’t clock the pores on my body anymore. ^^

    Given Not StolenGiven Not Stolen2 months ago
  • I keep have breakouts most on the forehead and upper back only i have been 4 year vegan and most of my products are organic including what I use on my face . I use all natural ingredients regardless what I use I keep having pimples on my forehead. Now I'm focusing on increasing my fermented foods to boost my gut health will see how that will go . If anything will help . Please share

    Zaid AlfayadZaid Alfayad2 months ago
  • Thats doctors for you. Killing you so they can a paycheck. I don't trust doctors I only need them to perform tests.

    dbedazzling1dbedazzling12 months ago
  • I wish we had the internet and your videos in the 1970s! They would have helped me so much. Even though it appears that people are still suffering with this horrible skin problem, at least now there is more support and info from people like you. You do a fantastic job!

    Curly WurlyCurly Wurly2 months ago
  • Thank you so much for this video. You are saying what I've thought for years. I was a teenager in the 70s so you can imagine the bad advice I was given. I cringe when I think how I treated my skin. Doctors recommended using soap and water and using a sun lamp! I was on antibiotics for years which affected my stomach and gave me other problems. My diet was awful too. I am now in my 60s and left with the scars but I take really good care of my skin and eat a good diet - no dairy!! I am in the process of working on accepting that this is as good as my skin gets. Your vid has given me a boost to help me accept my skin at last. Thank you Cassandra.

    Curly WurlyCurly Wurly2 months ago
  • I’m tired of typing long paragraphs trying to help people clear their acne so let me just sum it up. My acne cleared up once I started changing my pillowcases often and stopped washing them with laundry detergent and started using baking soda instead, I stopped drinking milk and switched over to almond milk. I cut out sugar based drinks out of my diet and i stopped eating junk food, it was hard at first but I got used to it. I stopped washing my face everyday and stopped using skin care products I know it sounds scary but trust me. I exfoliate 1-2 a week ,nothing else!!! And I stopped showering with hot water and started showering with cold water instead. TRY THIS AND I PROMISE YOUR ACNE WILL CLEAR UP!!!!!

    Erik AlejandroErik Alejandro2 months ago
    • I’ve been thru it all trust me I used every skin care product you can think of(over exaggerates) but I have used many expensive skin care products and I also even had a clarasonic. I’ve been do the dermatologist so many times and they prescribed me so many products but not nothing seemed to help. I was so consistent with the product they would even give me and I would follow the rules for months but nothing seemed to help until I started doing what I have up there ^^^

      Erik AlejandroErik Alejandro2 months ago
  • YOU. ARE. AWESOME.💯🔥👍💎🌟😊

    Harley TurnerHarley Turner2 months ago
    • ❤️💕🦋

      Cassandra BanksonCassandra Bankson2 months ago
  • It took me 2 years to realize an odd coincidence, I started breaking out after I had be wisdom teeth pulled. And it just kept getting worse over those two years. I did find some very interesting things by googling that, a lot of women had that same thing happen.

    Jodi BrinkmeyerJodi Brinkmeyer2 months ago
  • Have you tried honey?? Well, is it ok to put it on your fast??

    Konnie SuggsKonnie Suggs2 months ago
  • I have done everything from dieting, double cleansing, putting this and that cream/essence/serum, using sheet masks, drinking more water, taking supplements, working out regularly, etc you name it, yet everyone still says I have acnes because I don't wash my face LMAOOO

    DebiDebi2 months ago
  • Beautiful lady before&after acne..just found your channel&subscribed soo thankyou for being you&sharing wth us this problem..much appreciated. ♡♡♡

    dolly dimpledolly dimple2 months ago
  • 6 Y

    Leslie CorreiaLeslie Correia2 months ago
  • 6 Y

    Leslie CorreiaLeslie Correia2 months ago
  • Please please research before saying antibiotics are used to make animals grow in a video that over half a million people are going to watch. If meat has traces of antibiotics it has to be destroyed, it can't be sold for consumption, same with milk, it has to be dumped out until it tests clear of antibiotics.

    Nicole SheltonNicole Shelton2 months ago
  • I think everyone always talks about it as a benign thing and they always neglect that it is physically painful and that getting blood everywhere is disgusting and also.....that sometimes, the infections can become severe enough to require medical intervention. Also, no one ever talks about how acne can go all the way down to your butt crack and all the way down your arms.

    Nicole TomNicole Tom2 months ago
  • I didn't have acne during my teenage years until I started work. I never knew what is acne until I got it during my adult years. It was worse that time that I've got acne all over my face and the scars. I was able to treat acne and clear all though sometimes it does pop up one or two. I'm getting acne again during my adult years and I couldn't get it cleared like I did it few years back. I have been fighting to clear the acne for long now. It's painful to touch my face. Sometimes it will be cleared and then it starts all over again. I seldom have dairy. I guess stress causes my acne to become worse. Still fighting to clear my breakouts..

    Sri NarainiSri Naraini2 months ago
  • What about when the years of antibiotics and accutane have caused so many stomach issues that I can barely eat vegetables 😭

    Holley CurtisHolley Curtis3 months ago
    • Holley Curtis Did the acne come back after accutane

      KaiKai2 months ago
  • I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out rosacea home treatment try Skyarza Treat Rosacea Star (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got cool success with it.

    Aleksandar MileticAleksandar Miletic3 months ago
  • Ur amazing n hopeful thank u so much ❤

    Bou ChraBou Chra3 months ago
  • I am thinking of starting accutane but idk if it will damage my health since I am 15 and my skin is very sensitive. Any advice??

    Veronica BVeronica B3 months ago
  • hey can anyone recommend a good cleanser that worked for you? I have combination skin

    LauraLaura3 months ago
    • Laura himalaya neem&turmeric cleanser is the best for me

      kyu kyukyu kyu3 months ago
  • It's about *systemic and chronic inflammation* If you want clear skin *stop eating wheat, sugar eggs and dairy* it's as simple as that. Your skin is not supposed to break out in cysts *unless your hormones are jacked up* Otherwise *stop eating gluten, sugar, dairy and eggs* People whine "I like all those foods, what will I eat??" Eat to live, don't live to eat.

    Rachel RosenRachel Rosen3 months ago
  • OMG, this is SO inspirational! I remember your makeup acne coverage video from 2010 (I think I saw it just that year), how great to know that you cleared your skin since then!

    Enon ZEnon Z3 months ago
  • You can trust only few doctors. Most of them gain from writing resepe.

    Vivian ViljakainenVivian Viljakainen3 months ago
  • Trump all over my skin 👹 🎉

    The86The863 months ago
  • It generally involves exposure to light and heat which act on facial skin and healing procedure starts which covers your scars and make your skin look new. Our doctors provide you with the best possible treatment by examining you. Now get them Treated for reasonable price at dermatique.

    Prakash VadrobePrakash Vadrobe3 months ago
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