I live Kylie Jenner’s life for 24 hours! Hang with me while I wear her clothes and experience life as a young mom. Y’all are going to love Rocksbox. Go to bit.ly/2XGpp4N and use code LAURENXOXO for your first month free!I got a super fancy expensive car for the day that I drive and try not to crash lol, I even go to a full Kylie inspired photoshoot and get my makeup and hair done like hers to transform into her. I ate from one of her favorite restaurants and shop where she does too. All I'll say is it's really fun being the world's youngest self made billionaire for a day.
I WENT TO THE WORST AND BEST RATED SUSHI IN MY CITY us-vision.net/detail/video-LFiuZMwKA74.html
1 HOUR TROPICAL TRANSFORMATION us-vision.net/detail/video-picHQftuBUY.html
MY VALENTINES DAY NIGHTMARE: STORYTIME us-vision.net/detail/video-Y0t1tdIxOhw.html
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  • Best US-vision content out there, Lauren love u queen 💛💛💛💛

    Evie ParedesEvie Paredes3 months ago
    • I lv herrrrrrr she iisssss sssooooooo PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL

    • Good try

      Kirstin DeAngelloKirstin DeAngello3 months ago
    • I am gonna thumbs up here video 4 minutes in before I even know what it's about because the effort you put in is worth it

      Kirstin DeAngelloKirstin DeAngello3 months ago

    Peytie KimPeytie Kim16 hours ago
  • She looks like nilsa from floribama shore

    Hdhdhdmaddy GjkbghbbHdhdhdmaddy Gjkbghbb20 hours ago
  • low-key feel like this bitch rich too 😂😂

    r e g d l a m i n ir e g d l a m i n i2 days ago
  • Lmaooo! "The ones that look like socks!" Who else gets the cardi-b reference! 😂😂

    salma kausersalma kauser3 days ago
  • Haha what is the point of burning calories in a coldtank? That's just wasting energy. Although, these kind of coldtreatments (like taking cold showers) do have health benefit, but what is the benefit in terms of calories?

    HerrFinsternisHerrFinsternis4 days ago
  • She doesn’t go to the gym because she have surgery 👎👎

    Luisa Perez BeltranLuisa Perez Beltran4 days ago
  • Who here is a guy

    BlyzzzツBlyzzzツ4 days ago
  • Ariana vibes

    shubhi singhshubhi singh5 days ago
  • Jessica LopezJessica Lopez7 days ago
  • Tutorial on overlining the lips please!

    Brittany CamachoBrittany Camacho8 days ago
  • What’s up with the hand in front of your face. Move that hand girl you’re pretty.

    Sophia MilanosSophia Milanos9 days ago
  • She gives me the Ariana Grande vibes.

    Candice QuirkyCandice Quirky9 days ago
  • It's pronounced Muh-k-bang

    Patricia ForePatricia Fore9 days ago
  • go subscribe to pomona gonwild

    Deanna CastroDeanna Castro9 days ago
  • You look sooooo much like Bebe Rexha

    Elise HannahElise Hannah9 days ago
  • Y

    haylee penahaylee pena9 days ago
  • Great content though go girl

    Linnay WestraLinnay Westra10 days ago
  • Girl she have plastic surgery but yes she does have a nice body

    Linnay WestraLinnay Westra10 days ago
  • Your so pretty

    Sally KerrSally Kerr10 days ago
  • she looks more like Ariana grande

    Maggie McCartyMaggie McCarty10 days ago
  • Man she’s a mix of aria montegomery(from pretty little liars),selena gomez and ariana grande with a lil bit of kylie jenner!! Your soo pretty tho❤️❤️

    Alysha Ali HassanAlysha Ali Hassan10 days ago
  • I like those Balenciagas the ones that look like socks I like going to the jewellers i put rocks all in my watch

    Alicia SalasAlicia Salas10 days ago
  • You REEEEEALLYY should've put a blonde wiggggggg you would've been looking like heeeerrrr

    Alicia SalasAlicia Salas10 days ago
  • literally got bored the first minute

    LuluLushXoxLuluLushXox10 days ago
  • OMG!! i want her car.

    Jessica LeeJessica Lee11 days ago
  • Flawless glamm Photoshop

    Joyce SchotsborgJoyce Schotsborg11 days ago
  • i just think you turned into ariana ...

    Sadara DustinSadara Dustin11 days ago
  • Do you even know what the car is called?

    Aliya KhakiAliya Khaki11 days ago
  • can someone send the link of those biker shorts that she is wearing or even their name???

    stream alaverdistream alaverdi11 days ago
  • Lauren: “so let’s go” *snatches eyelashes* IM DEAD 💀 A😂😂

    Autumn McCalisterAutumn McCalister11 days ago
  • Your so annoying. And I really hate you. Sorry.

    Gabrielle WillomintGabrielle Willomint11 days ago
  • Did anyone else watch kylie’s video before coming here?

    Nanditha ManojNanditha Manoj11 days ago
  • she only carried the baby around ahahaahahahahah

    Zoe TeddyZoe Teddy11 days ago
  • me: lauren: *rips lashes off* me: and i oop 👀😂🤣 btw i literally love you 😍

    angxlbabyy 1203angxlbabyy 120311 days ago
    • sky 1203 🤨

      Damn people are WEIRDDamn people are WEIRD10 days ago
  • Kylie has those pink slippers!

    Linda RamosLinda Ramos11 days ago
  • She looks n sounds like selena Gomez wym

    Aaliya WoodAaliya Wood11 days ago
  • She kinda looks more like Arianna than kylie

    Jazz HomesJazz Homes12 days ago
  • yeah Kylie’s body is bomb but wouldn’t we all have that body if we had her bank account?

    Maddie BrownMaddie Brown12 days ago
  • Jordan is a home wrecker

    Mary anne TetreaultMary anne Tetreault12 days ago
  • What kind of camera do you use to record?

    Lea Daily VlogsLea Daily Vlogs12 days ago
  • Hi Lauren 💖

    Jenica Dela CruzJenica Dela Cruz13 days ago
  • wow you are prettier than Kylie. Honestly

    Bobbi Ann ThykesonBobbi Ann Thykeson13 days ago
  • Why people want to look like someone she is more butiful then the whole jenner she had lots surgery to become so nice so thats not nature buty

    gaming Applegaming Apple13 days ago
  • I thought you were so pretty that you were going to be stuck up and cringy but wow your hilarious and fun to watch. You legit are identical to kylie in most of this except your face has more expressions lol. Obsessed with kylie too though

    Samantha GalvinSamantha Galvin13 days ago
  • “Kylie Jenner’s into loosing weight without working out” no that’s called surgery 😂😂😂

    marissa.4701marissa.470114 days ago
  • Lauren this is my 1st video I'm watching on your channel. Your a cross between kylie & Ari 💅🖤👡

    Cat MinichCat Minich15 days ago
  • Hey girlie, you are so pretty. So I think Jordan totally f’d up!! I completely think Jordan was the one at fault. I think Khloe she have punched right in the smacker. I hope Kylie totally cuts her a** off.

    Lynette FajardoLynette Fajardo15 days ago
  • In some of your pics you look like Kylie. If I could look like anyone in the world it would be her. And the body she has now. Body goals!

    Brandy NguyenBrandy Nguyen16 days ago
  • "im like not really a good driver" my brain everytime i get in my car

    Taylor MartelliTaylor Martelli16 days ago
  • I'm on KYLIES side bc first of allll.......CHISME......Jordan shouldn't be doing that to her bff or used to be bff sisters bf and she shouldn't MESS what is not HERS especially her used to be bff BF......MY QUESTION IS WHYYYYY?????IS JORDAN THAT STUPID I THINK SHE IIISSSSS WHAT AN IDIOTTTTTTTTTTTT


  • Gal,u look far better thn kylie. Gud luck.

    Puja ShindePuja Shinde17 days ago
  • this is really a dum thing to do

    Natasha PranchunderNatasha Pranchunder17 days ago
  • You look like Kylie

    Kim YaroKim Yaro17 days ago
  • You look like a combination of Kylie and Ariana 👀

    Mya MarchingtonMya Marchington17 days ago
  • Did u sleep like Kylie though?

    Gabrielle BlackGabrielle Black19 days ago
  • she could write all this off on her taxes now... crazy

    Chloe KailaniChloe Kailani19 days ago
  • Kylie has surgery to look like you.

    Alexis ludoweseAlexis ludowese19 days ago
  • You’re stupid man she works hard everyday that’s what she does, she doesn’t just walk around filming shit cuz she ain’t got time for that

    Talia ElTalia El20 days ago
  • basic bitches sicko mode/ butterfly effect

    sciangsciang20 days ago
  • cringe

    replicxntreplicxnt20 days ago
  • Shut up bitch!

    Camill LiciousCamill Licious21 day ago
  • I don’t think you look like Kylie.

    Stephanie SilvaStephanie Silva21 day ago
  • Lovely...even though I feel like you wanted to give us every detail but I will propose someone else captures the actions while you just act without talking too much...Kylie doesn’t talk too much remember...don’t be in a hurry too...you can do more than one episode...we are here to watch 😊 #my humble opinion

    Nadine MebuneNadine Mebune22 days ago
  • Nice tits

    Kim VKim V22 days ago
  • U looked just like her just need the black hair

    Tiesha FeltonTiesha Felton22 days ago
  • 15:54 is when she most resembles Kylie

  • bro you fucking ugly

    Sofia garate 31Sofia garate 3123 days ago
  • I think u look likeAriana Grande than Kylie😉

    Amira Mohd NorAmira Mohd Nor25 days ago
  • is it expensive to do cryotherapy ? I wanna try it!!!

    Salena GuneySalena Guney28 days ago
  • Wasted my time in watching this vedio

    Neha ReddyNeha Reddy29 days ago
  • Aw hey stormi

    ElenhElenh29 days ago
  • Actually Kylie works out with her sister Kourtney ......

    bucket gamingbucket gamingMonth ago
  • U lived Kylie life with someone sponsored money.... But she lives with her own money.....

    bucket gamingbucket gamingMonth ago
  • Not as rich as Kylie ?? BISHHH LOOK AT YOUR CAR WTF

    Gatak EGatak EMonth ago
  • This Girl is obssesed with Kylie Jenne rif she did a 22 minute video living her life.

    ahsamiaw06426ahsamiaw06426Month ago
  • Your videos are the only ones I can watch straight through.. Love you queen

    BABY BBABY BMonth ago
  • im so sad that there isn't subtitles i was really looking forward to this

    Madison DoughtyMadison DoughtyMonth ago
  • You’re so frickin pretty wow

    ashley atwellashley atwellMonth ago
  • is just me or- that she looks like Ariana Grande more hahaha

    Aidha PutriAidha PutriMonth ago
  • How much do y’all think she spent 🤔 like spent as this video & recreating.... mhm any thoughts 💭renting the car 🚙 video shoot/makeup etc....

    Diane MartinezDiane MartinezMonth ago
  • Side boob much? Lol

    Betty WareBetty WareMonth ago
  • Love From India

    Glam UpGlam UpMonth ago
  • Love you lips

    Glam UpGlam UpMonth ago
  • mann girl i just started watching you and i love you already

    Jaqueline GonzalezJaqueline GonzalezMonth ago
  • Of course she dont work out. She legit bought her body 😂

    Ry2Die FlaRy2Die FlaMonth ago
  • I have been studying Kylie Jenner’s makeup for awhile. He did such an amazing job, he really nailed the “lifted” look and the lips were perfect!

    Em AlineEm AlineMonth ago
  • hi think u should do more of these stuff... Selena gomez , ariana grande etc

    Cindy Patterson BabyCindy Patterson BabyMonth ago
  • I don't like her face but she has amazing balls...

    Tornado TornadoTornado TornadoMonth ago
  • you look sm like Sofia Jamora

    Sarah KingSarah KingMonth ago
  • Did Lauren just subliminally messaged us with that inserted photo during the milk studios mini tour?...

    LaKirbyVirisLaKirbyVirisMonth ago
  • You kinda look like kylie

    its navaesits navaesMonth ago
  • She goes to the gym she just doesn’t post it

    Thee.wabsterxThee.wabsterxMonth ago
  • Kylie doesn’t wear fashion nova periodt

    Thee.wabsterxThee.wabsterxMonth ago
  • she lowkey look like Khloe

    Jessica MJessica MMonth ago

    Evelyne ErnestEvelyne Ernest2 months ago
  • You looook like Selena Gomez omggg

    Hadjer AdghirHadjer Adghir2 months ago
  • Did anyone notice that glitch at 1:13/1:14 or is it just me?

    rina delcanorina delcano2 months ago
  • You look nothing like Kylie Jenner

    Tiffany HillTiffany Hill2 months ago
  • You look like Hala turk

    nadine bensalemnadine bensalem2 months ago