10 Easy Science Tricks That'll Impress Your Friends!

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Join us in today's video as the guys suit up like the mad-scientists they are and test 10 science tricks ranging from explosions to fire and even some optical illusions! Things take a turn for Tanner, but thankfully Matthias and Michael have everything under control. Let us know which trick was your favorite and/or if you've tried some of these tricks before!

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    • meep

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    • DOPE or NOPE I don’t have a computer so I can’t do he join thing :(

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    • DOPE or NOPE I’m your biggest fan!!! I love your videos!! ❤️❤️❤️

      AdvancedAbbyGames - Roblox & MoreAdvancedAbbyGames - Roblox & More3 days ago
    • DOPE or NOPE you suck

      Amaury LevyAmaury Levy3 days ago
  • 23:24 yasss (Ur welcome) | \/ how many times you could watch this

    Booperdooper99 Booperdooper99Booperdooper99 Booperdooper9913 minutes ago
    • Matthias in the background Ehhhhehhhh

      Booperdooper99 Booperdooper99Booperdooper99 Booperdooper9912 minutes ago
  • Nope or dope.what will you choose? Nope or dope.what can you loose? Can you make more? If our summer gets better will teach us s’more? Dope or nope team. What is the next video theme? Did you like me Rhyme? Good bye, it time.

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  • But it’s Father’s Day

    Xx_lyra_xXXx_lyra_xXHour ago
  • 13:22 cant stop laughing 😂

    ChillAniBoiiChillAniBoii2 hours ago
  • What is the backround musics name

    Tuukka OranenTuukka Oranen3 hours ago
  • I have done the first one before

    Kendall HeldtKendall Heldt3 hours ago
  • >ývđěhýïœv§æ

    Amir MgueramanAmir Mgueraman3 hours ago
  • The

    Amir MgueramanAmir Mgueraman3 hours ago
  • 9:40 playing with bubbles like my 4 year old brother 😂

    Els And friendsEls And friends3 hours ago
  • K

    Amir MgueramanAmir Mgueraman3 hours ago
  • Y,all are the stuff that is on the table

    Amir MgueramanAmir Mgueraman3 hours ago
  • Pooooooooooòoooooooooop

    Amir MgueramanAmir Mgueraman3 hours ago
  • ya yeet

    SeaTitianSeaTitian4 hours ago
  • U just want to clarify something... Matt abandoned team edge

    Aiden OcampoAiden Ocampo5 hours ago
  • shut up tanner on the 2 item you said about kids

    Alika NaiganAlika Naigan6 hours ago
  • luau_2005luau_20056 hours ago
  • Lol I like the Reference 1:43 I love the movie Benchwarmers

    Thekidsoviet UchihaThekidsoviet Uchiha8 hours ago
  • Put liquid Nitrogen ??

    Maryam ArafatMaryam Arafat10 hours ago
  • The first one was because you watched 5 minute crafts They are never right

    Evan eilish EvanEvan eilish Evan12 hours ago
  • You guys are about 5 years late to this trend

    Tyler JamesTyler James14 hours ago
  • Love the editor

    FlixFlix14 hours ago
  • 11:10 Matt's just like: UGA CHAKA UGA CHAKA

    PaulaZ13PaulaZ1314 hours ago
  • Did anyone here Matt say your dads were dumb he’s a dad

    Sebastian RangelSebastian Rangel15 hours ago
  • 1:57 One day your daughter will watch this Matt You played yourself

    RockacamRockacam16 hours ago
  • bruh he said dads are stupid even tho he's a dad

    Hekenui NepiaHekenui Nepia17 hours ago
  • Never let tanner in a lab again he will make a zombie virus by accident

    The Grand ObserverThe Grand Observer18 hours ago
  • Does he know what cf means 15:30 see it's a lung and liver and kidney pancrea problems

    cf adventure vivicf adventure vivi18 hours ago
    • Its kind of an aids of a disease

      Tyler McCartneyTyler McCartney15 hours ago
  • Have you heard of the Mobo. Not just a Mobo but it's a Mobo Pro!

    Canadian CyanideCanadian Cyanide18 hours ago
  • Just pretend that the sprinkles and bowl aren't there LOL

    Sharky The gamerSharky The gamer18 hours ago
  • Matt tanner and other guy makes me laugh makes me lazy makes me stay home 🏠

    Cheyenne JonesCheyenne Jones19 hours ago
  • 100 illusion

    Pono The ultimate godPono The ultimate god19 hours ago
  • How do I join

    Jaydee VillegasJaydee Villegas20 hours ago
  • My dad died

    Landon KelseyLandon Kelsey20 hours ago
  • The reason that the “exploding foam” (Elephant toothpaste) wasn’t working is because the hydrogen peroxide wasn’t concentrated enough

    Isaac KannianenIsaac Kannianen20 hours ago
  • I died laughing this is the best video ever

    cooper larsencooper larsen21 hour ago
  • My dads dead

    Shawn James mcculloughShawn James mccullough21 hour ago
  • You should do this experiment. Put a egg in a bowl and put Pepsi and coke in there and wait overnight and then the egg will be clear(well I think so)

    Christie PolkChristie Polk21 hour ago
  • Seeing sound is actually synonymous(only some people have it)which is were all your senses get mixed up like tasting colour or smelling sounds

    Ronin BladeRonin Blade22 hours ago
  • I don’t think a tumor will make u see sound it will cause seizures tho trust me🤣

    babyembabyem23 hours ago
  • pause at 23:24

    studiostagedragonstudiostagedragon23 hours ago
  • My dad is a professional chemist

    Mavyn IsabellaMavyn Isabella23 hours ago
  • why is tanner so dumb? it's very irritating...

    Yang ZhiYang Zhi23 hours ago
  • You didn't use the right kind of peroxide

    Kade HildenbrandKade Hildenbrand23 hours ago
  • do wax

    Enoch YeEnoch YeDay ago
  • I've watched 23:23 a good 18× and I've never laughed so hard at a Dope or Nope video, and I always lmfao watching you guys.

    Kimberly AdamsKimberly AdamsDay ago
  • No, what causes the fire to extinguish is that CO2 has no oxygen and fire needs oxygen.

    Oswaldo EsparzaOswaldo EsparzaDay ago
  • 🤔

    Magic Muffin6Magic Muffin6Day ago
  • We want Matthias on Team Edge more often

    Brian DunnBrian DunnDay ago
  • How dare you insult kids like me I’m a boy

    Juliet DietrichJuliet DietrichDay ago
  • 11:17 i’m watching men laugh at sprinkles bouncing lmao

    Mae_Starts_HereMae_Starts_HereDay ago
  • ?????????

    redhed292000redhed292000Day ago
  • Michael why so many babies

    redhed292000redhed292000Day ago
  • NimmY NNimmY NDay ago
  • tanner + editor = laughing people

  • My fav part was at 10:34 baby want you hum my waay😂😂😂😂😂

    Nishan ZayadeenNishan ZayadeenDay ago
  • Who else noticed that it was the breaking bad theme song when they were putting on their white coats

    Brett plays Hockey and gamesBrett plays Hockey and gamesDay ago
  • 23:24 is freaking hilarious!!!

    Cowboy67Cowboy67Day ago
  • At 15:35 tanner says the F word... LOVE YA TANNER!!!

    Daisy livingstonDaisy livingstonDay ago
  • Hey not true

    AlyviasMama1AlyviasMama1Day ago
  • N. ,,, p all l pl

    Emmylee PottsEmmylee PottsDay ago
  • 2:15 Nobody: Literally no one: Tanner: is this ground up bananas

    Bagels4life NoBagels4life NoDay ago
  • My favorite part was when tanner kept trying to get the egg in the cup, lmao😂 I think Matt wore it better😂

    Dayalani McClainDayalani McClainDay ago
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide doesn't work that well in elephants toothpaste. Use 40 volume

    Isaac ChapmanIsaac ChapmanDay ago
  • Noah Just BrochNoah Just BrochDay ago
  • You need at least 35% hydrogen iodide

    DayBag302423605DayBag302423605Day ago
  • I may be late to the party being that this is the first time I've seen this channel... but that guy on the right looks, sounds, and acts like J-fred from team edge and lemon made.. not enough to be like a clone, but just enough to make me believe they're brothers😂

    Chris MullinsChris MullinsDay ago
  • 1:57 True

    Damianos PlayDamianos PlayDay ago
  • 'That's how you get the demons out' 😂

    Samantha EdgeSamantha EdgeDay ago
  • They probably slowed down the video for the bottle boat

    CenntraxCenntraxDay ago
  • My mom is in prison

    Nnml #2 FanNnml #2 FanDay ago
  • Hi

    Lol . 2019 years agoLol . 2019 years agoDay ago
  • Get more concentrated h2o2

    Jaideep MahayJaideep MahayDay ago
  • I think she meant to say that the atmospheric pressure is greater on the outside of the bottle than the pressure on the inside of the bottle, so the atmospheric pressure is pushing up on the plastic disk keeping it in place, consequently keeping the water in the bottle.

    ITITDay ago

    Kartono AwangKartono AwangDay ago
  • What about CO in the bottle

    Caleb BenjaminCaleb BenjaminDay ago
  • That fire trick actually got me not gonna lie 😂😆

    Jamie BrownJamie BrownDay ago
  • But last summer I went on a cruise

    Nathan WellsNathan WellsDay ago
  • you used a low % hydrogen peroxide ... can use citric acid instead of vinegar for a better smell for the boat

    Golden Owl Learning DiscoveryGolden Owl Learning DiscoveryDay ago
  • Can u do another video like this one?

    Galilea De LoeraGalilea De LoeraDay ago
  • Love you guys, but not enough to pay $1.99 a month. Sorry.

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    • also had to down vote. Just.....just not good.

      tyson145tyson145Day ago
  • amanda jonedamanda jonedDay ago
  • #savethesoap2019 love your videos keep it up💯😉

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  • Tanner can not science.

    Rayne ReisingerRayne ReisingerDay ago
  • Y’all don’t know my dad hope that was a joke

    Kenya MillerKenya MillerDay ago
  • my dad is the only prson how tacks caer of me

    rh Lopezrh LopezDay ago

    whitehall GAMING and VLOGGINGwhitehall GAMING and VLOGGINGDay ago
  • I legit just watched three grown men scream at sprinkles dressed as scientists. 😂

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  • You hated to have a big jar with a pointy top

    Denae KingDenae KingDay ago
  • My dad is in jail so I'm not gonna listen to him anyway

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  • Me:bad science Candle trick: ha vodo Dezz nuts: ha gotem

    Robert McphersonRobert McphersonDay ago
  • A for effort

    Jessica TannebaumJessica TannebaumDay ago
  • *iTs pOOpiNg*

    Gabriella SolariGabriella SolariDay ago
  • The missing piece from the Lego wall is bothering me

    Nawaf AlmutairiNawaf AlmutairiDay ago
  • You need much stronger hydrogen peroxide in the first one

    Jericho LeBlancJericho LeBlanc2 days ago

    Nicholas SweetNicholas Sweet2 days ago
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  • 15:07 domesticated horse

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  • 12:40 dont worry! He’s just snorting sprinkles!

    Himnish JainHimnish Jain2 days ago
10 Easy Science Tricks That'll Impress Your Friends!