10 Celebs Who Look TOTALLY DIFFERENT Without Makeup

10 Famous people who are unrecognizable without makeup.
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How many times have you read headlines that promise your favorite stars are “just like us?” Only to go to their Instagram and see them sipping champagne on a yacht, or looking totally glam on the red carpet? While they may be putting their best foot forward on social media, some stars truly are completely normal under all that makeup and designer clothes. To prove that, we are showing you ten celebs who look nothing like themselves without makeup. In this video, we are showing you celebrities like Ariana Grande, who posed for British Vogue looking completely different. We will also reveal what Katy Perry, Hailee Steinfeld, Gal Gadot, and Cardi B look like without their signature makeup. And while it may be surprising, they all still look as gorgeous as ever. Once you are finished watching our video, be sure to tell us what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!
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  • I watch this to boost my self confidence

    one Direction foreverone Direction forever18 hours ago
  • 9:48 she does definitely wear makeup on that photo. Her eyelashes has mascara bumbs. And her lips does have obvious lipstick plus pink highlighter

    *internal screeching **internal screeching *Day ago
  • I love how these stars aren't scared to show their true selves.

    Kawaii StrawberryyKawaii StrawberryyDay ago
  • They all look pretty with or without makeup

    Rimsha KamranRimsha Kamran2 days ago
  • I don't/never wear makeup And yet still People ask: DO/WHY YOU'RE WEARING MAKEUP 😑😑😑😑

    Jj猫Jj猫2 days ago
  • Cardi looks the same tbh

    Queen BraeQueen Brae2 days ago
  • Yeah all of ya gials can pop whit out make up to my crib and no one will recognise 👍😉 to be honest all look better whit out make up

    simply luksimply luk2 days ago
  • Mommy Monster Lady Gaga is always so beautiful, but you guys, put true pictures! Her brows are brown, not blonde. That was discoloration.

    Johannes CerulliJohannes Cerulli2 days ago
  • I feel so lucky sum people say I don't even were makeup

    Mel FrancoisMel Francois2 days ago
  • Christina Aguilera still look beautiful 😍💓

    Veve JordanVeve Jordan2 days ago
  • How was Gal Gadot any different, let alone TOTALY Different..pfft Lena Heady is also pretty recognizable ...usually like talko's lists but this one is ... :X

    Stefani PashovaStefani Pashova2 days ago
  • I remember living with male roommate ( in the 80s), who was a sound tech for a band and he would bring home different women all the time. One Sunday morning after partying all night long, I was laying on the living room floor all hungover and reading the newspaper, guzzling coffee and just relaxing, when suddenly I heard my roommate yell out " OH MY GOD, IS THAT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE???" This chick walks out of the room ...er...stumbles more like it and comes in to the kitchen for a drink of water and I repeated what he said, only with a twist. " HOLY CRAP WOMAN, YOU LOOK LIKE ALICE COOPER ON ACID" She had mascara all down her face, lipstick smeared all over her chin and neck and her foundation was blotched up really badly. My roommate booted her out after she washed her face off. Man that gal was Ugly! I'm so glad I've never worn makeup my entire 55yrs of living. That's what ages the face. It's not smoking, it's not suntanning....it's makeup and all the damn chemicals in it. Do I really look 55yrs old???

    Wendy SoloWendy Solo2 days ago
  • Gal Gadot looks like Dua Lipa ANYONE??

    Rainfiala BoltiadorRainfiala Boltiador3 days ago
  • Y don't u add in James Charles?

    Brandon PuranBrandon Puran3 days ago
  • I feel sorry for ariana's hair

    Dian NovitaDian Novita3 days ago
  • cara looks like female cole sprouse

    MiyarielMiyariel4 days ago
  • My Brother is a fan of Games of thrones

    Sama MawedSama Mawed4 days ago
  • No offense but this video made me very bored

    unicorn wonderlandunicorn wonderland4 days ago
  • Cardi B is throwing away her name

    Lee BurgerLee Burger4 days ago
  • If ur a fan of game of thrones. . . 300: *am I a joke to u?*

    Cappuccino NinjaCappuccino Ninja5 days ago
  • If anyone thinks these celebs "without makeup" really have NO MAKEUP on.... they're crazy. Either way, all still beautiful.

    AngieM 420AngieM 4205 days ago
  • woah jesus lol

    Lollipop _WorldGachaLollipop _WorldGacha5 days ago
  • Wooooaaah what happened to gaga

    Harry420 HeddHarry420 Hedd5 days ago
  • Cardi is still beautiful without make up so what's the fuss??

    Mhiz_loyra TwinnieMhiz_loyra Twinnie5 days ago
  • Katy is so beautiful without makeup I love her she is a great woman 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I'm one of her fans in Egypt😶😶😶😶💟

    Angle YoryAngle Yory6 days ago
  • Christina aguilera is pretty!!

  • Christina looks amazing

    Pig Da CoolestPig Da Coolest6 days ago
  • I hate makeup

    Leo MessiLeo Messi6 days ago
  • Oof

    Chris. auhChris. auh6 days ago

    baby saigebaby saige6 days ago
  • Christina Aguilera looks fucking beautiful w/o makeup?!😍

    Daniel GonzalesDaniel Gonzales6 days ago
  • Who cares what they look like with no makeup they are still beautiful

    yee reeyee ree6 days ago
  • *"*

    Kenneth FernsKenneth Ferns6 days ago
  • You are beautiful

    Uche DanielUche Daniel7 days ago
  • cara looks a tinyyy bit like billie eilish with the grey filter am i the only one that noticed it

    zee muzizee muzi7 days ago
  • beatiful❤💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💝💟💞

    koi wanguikoi wangui7 days ago
  • Cara Delevigne could be Harry Styles' Sister!

    Μικαελα ΑνΜικαελα Αν7 days ago
  • Tbh, they look super beautiful without make up. They don't look unrecognisable at all. But sure they have splendid make up artists. So stop calling them unflattering and all that crap. That's what makes these women think they look bad without make up. They look different for obvious reasons, but natural and beautiful all the same. Sick of hearing -- star looks different, looks like any other girl. Like what

    Karthika NairKarthika Nair8 days ago
  • This youtube channel throws so much shade towards celebrities 😭

    hatsune mikuhatsune miku8 days ago
  • Lady gaga look sick and horrible without make up

    Richard NoelRichard Noel8 days ago
  • Who thinks Christina needs to take of her makeup because she already looks good without it.

    Richlove TadjeiRichlove Tadjei8 days ago
  • Christina looks tf good 🥰🥰😍

    Jazmine PriceJazmine Price8 days ago
  • I think all of them look prettier without make up. Just my opinion.

    Chandima PrematillakeChandima Prematillake8 days ago
  • No one needs to know billie eilish (my spelling is bad)

    Masoumeh TayyebiMasoumeh Tayyebi8 days ago
  • The thumbnail is fake. That is not Ariana Grande without makeup

    Kawaii PotatoKawaii Potato8 days ago
  • Taylor swift not here 😎

    Taytay swift My loveTaytay swift My love8 days ago
  • So just because we look different with out make up that's a tragic? We are all beautiful with or with out make up

    anna leeanna lee8 days ago
  • Still pretty

    King ToxicKing Toxic8 days ago
  • These people look different.

    Terry NyivaTerry Nyiva8 days ago
  • card b is more better without makeup

    Grace WanjikuGrace Wanjiku8 days ago
  • Tbh, Christina is prettier without makeup 😂

    xXMaddieXxxXMaddieXx9 days ago
  • 7:47 Slender Perry #scared😥

    Antony SmithAntony Smith9 days ago
  • gal gadot is still gorgeous without any makeup. truly beautiful features

    xollammmaxoxollammmaxo9 days ago
  • Wrong information ! who made this thing ? Lady Gaga a natural beauty ? Who are you joking with ?

    Cynthia MihCynthia Mih9 days ago
  • Lily Collins eyebrows look like furry caterpillars. It's the most unsettling thing.

    Sharon StrattonSharon Stratton9 days ago
  • Just becayse i aint a fan of game of thrones dosent mean i live under a rock

    • EXACTLY!!!

      Sharon OgboghodoSharon Ogboghodo6 days ago
  • She looks Amazing

    Tracey HemphillTracey Hemphill9 days ago
  • Cristina Agulaira is heavily photoshopped and Ariana Grande is wearing like a natural look.

    Meadow GibbsMeadow Gibbs9 days ago
  • I rlly love u!💞 u always talk about celeb

    It's Eva Duh!!It's Eva Duh!!9 days ago
  • We don’t live under a rock because some of the people who watch this don’t game of thrones lol 😂

    Tia Lily popTia Lily pop10 days ago
  • Ariana Grande looks like death..😑

    Pretty JacksonPretty Jackson10 days ago
  • You fucking suck talko no wonder your name is talko cuz you have a fucking bog mouth like ur mum

    Valeria ChavarriaValeria Chavarria10 days ago
  • I fucking love Lena Headey and she is gergeous without makeup 🔥

    Anastasia AnaAnastasia Ana10 days ago
  • Thats why Ariana never goes out without makeup..eventhough with all that plastic surgery

    Anastasia AnaAnastasia Ana10 days ago
  • Christian Aguilera is so sexy without make up

    S DS D11 days ago
  • Ugh I was waiting for the famous US-visionr Wengie 😂

    Guadalupe Valdivia ReyesGuadalupe Valdivia Reyes11 days ago
  • I don't believe this!

    Maria WeaverMaria Weaver11 days ago
  • The magic of make-up! And thats all i have to say! 😁 ( sometimes a miracle!!!😖 )

    Acid GirlAcid Girl11 days ago
  • Stop playing with Arianna grande she is not ugly without makeup so yall haters who ever made this video

    Milan AllenMilan Allen11 days ago
  • Ypu have too much adds, its four of it 😡

    jaruzzjaruzz12 days ago
10 Celebs Who Look TOTALLY DIFFERENT Without Makeup