06/12/19 Cup Final, Gm7: Blues @ Bruins

Extended highlights of the St. Louis Blues at the Boston Bruins
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  • Any time Boston loses is a good time. 😅

    Doctor XDoctor X21 hour ago
  • Congrats to St Louis on your 1st Stanley cup win,coming from a Hawks fan way to go great team. Btw it was great seeing that little ball of hate crying when you guys won.

    George FortuneGeorge FortuneDay ago
  • I'm still drunk as Hull!!!!!

    John AdamsJohn AdamsDay ago
  • i watched the interview with marchand right after the blues won. that guy is a juvenile with a beard. the most whiney and pitiful intervue i have ever seen. 'they took it away from us" BLUES 4 BRUINS 1 .

    gerald millergerald millerDay ago
  • This makes up for the losses to the Red Sox.

    Tony JacksonTony JacksonDay ago
  • I still find it hard to believe that Jay Bouwmeester doesn't have a playoff goal yet.

    Eli AugustineEli AugustineDay ago
  • Let’s go Bruins

    Lukas AllenLukas AllenDay ago
  • The NBC mouths couldn't say enough about Rask, except when Binnington won it all.

    Musique61414Musique614142 days ago
  • From a Blue Jackets fan, congratulations St.Louis!!

    Greenday FanGreenday Fan2 days ago
  • Congratulations to the blues from a knights fan

    Thomas McInallyThomas McInally3 days ago
  • My father's neighbor (a Bruins fan) said to my dad in April that "The Blues are going nowhere." His name is Richie and he jinxed his own team.

    Tanmart SelbyTanmart Selby5 days ago
  • 1 month later and still partying!

    Jason SteigerwaldJason Steigerwald5 days ago
  • my favorite game of the season. my god, i hate bruins and their fans. ahhh, gee. too bad. wah wah wahhhhh!

    cash macgregorcash macgregor6 days ago
  • Rask choked

    HowToSportsHowToSports6 days ago
  • Blue your awesome 😎 congratulations for winning the Stanley cup 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 from 🇨🇦 Canada= canucks fan

    Chase SiennaChase Sienna10 days ago

  • Gloria

    Ma.socorro TenaMa.socorro Tena10 days ago
  • So glad Bruins lost.

    Thatcher AllanThatcher Allan12 days ago
  • Congratulations from a Canuck fan (and a Cardinal fan). Thanks to you, we are now the oldest team awaiting our first Cup (and we already hear it coming).

    broadstreet21broadstreet2112 days ago
    • You and Buffalo

      George FortuneGeorge FortuneDay ago
  • Boston didn't need another championship glad the Blues won.

    Michael TerrellMichael Terrell12 days ago
  • Alexa, play Gloria

    JoeShit TheRagManJoeShit TheRagMan14 days ago
  • Just makes my day seeing the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup on Boston ice and now St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup on Boston ice.

    Dustin ThomasDustin Thomas17 days ago
    • Powerranger6342 yeah the black hawks ended a 3 year Stanley cup drought

      JoeJoe10 days ago
    • Both teams got rid of a Stanley Cup drought. I am very proud of my Blues.

      Powerranger6342Powerranger634213 days ago

    Derek J.Derek J.17 days ago
  • I'm a wild fan and this division is competitive. It's cool to see the blues get their first. Should be a good upcoming season.

    kyle gamblekyle gamble19 days ago
  • Ive been waiting my whole life for this one...literally...born in '70 and fan since.. i still get all choked up watching this game...way to go BLUES !!!!!

    prppn Cosmoprppn Cosmo20 days ago
  • good job blues ! 1 like = one tear that Marchand shed after the game

    Can we get 1 million subs without any videos?Can we get 1 million subs without any videos?20 days ago
  • Its been 2 weeks and I still can't stop watching this. GO BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUES!!!!!!

    J GJ G21 day ago
    • J G ik and im a stars fan.

      DimeZDimeZ20 days ago
  • Whatching this replay truly does show off how binnington basically said "absolutely not" to Boston. It took a Lazer to go bat and down to get a point on the board for Boston to prevent the shutout.

    Austin JacksonAustin Jackson21 day ago
  • I'll never get tired of this video, this game 7 and this St. Louis Blues team! Wow, what an accomplishment!

    Clessandra PippenschnottClessandra Pippenschnott21 day ago
  • Jordan Binnington is just..... wow. He was on it that night. No other goaltender would have played how he played that night. He wanted it more than anybody. He wanted to prove the doubters wrong. and he did.

    ThomasThomas22 days ago
    • Thomas do I look nervous?...Binnington.😎

      James ReillyJames Reilly5 days ago
  • I have a feeling that Germany and USA females World Cup 🏟 👀

    Wait WhatWait What22 days ago
  • Haha sharks

    Mr. ManMr. Man23 days ago
  • Yes Binnington was amazing in game 7. Also, we were the better 5 v 5 team. Parayko and Bouwmeester shut down some great players and lines in every series. The suspensions of Sunqvist and Barbashev hurt us in games 3 and 6. We bounced back well from losses in all 4 series. A different line came through for us in every series - in this series it was the line of O'Reilly, Perron, and Sanford that went above and beyond. We won 3 on the road in this series. In the end, we were the better team in MANY areas in this series. LGB!!!

    K MacLauK MacLau28 days ago
  • I just can't watch this enough.

    kevin littonkevin litton29 days ago
  • The St. Louis Blues are the underdogs and they won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

    Brandon KohoutBrandon KohoutMonth ago
  • Well done . Hardest championship to win in sports!

    Dan AugustDan AugustMonth ago
  • What do the Boston Bruins have in common with a defective jockstrap? NEITHER HAS A CUP!!!

    ECO473ECO473Month ago
  • Omg I could watch save by Binnington at the 5:40 mark 100 times

    James MatthewsJames MatthewsMonth ago
  • The wait is over , the series is over 💛💙

    Dominick ToranDominick ToranMonth ago
  • You all know how the Nashville Predators were the Central Division champions this year? Yeah... pretty sure we all know who the real Central Division champions are after this.

    Chris SimmonsChris SimmonsMonth ago
  • what a win from the blues.what a performance.nice try bruins

    Sowjanya KattamuriSowjanya KattamuriMonth ago
  • congrats Blues

    Eddie BenzeeEddie BenzeeMonth ago
  • Западная конференция вперед

    Руслан МасюкРуслан МасюкMonth ago
  • Flyers winning next year for sure!!! Woooo! :)

    sirgigglezsirgigglezMonth ago
  • There was a point where my heart rate from the game alone was 123 BPM

    AbstracTAssassin 30AbstracTAssassin 30Month ago
  • No excuse Bruins...NONE. If u lost in 6 then yeah due to that no trip call on Bozak. In gm 6 u guys raped them, why couldn't u at least put up a fight for gm 7 in your house??? No excuse.

    Stammer91#beastStammer91#beastMonth ago
  • Who’s the idiot who keeps butting in

    mike cameron Cameronmike cameron CameronMonth ago
  • If it's going to be special , nothing better than winning in game 7 Congrats to The Blues! Great series!

    nostalga51jonostalga51joMonth ago
  • This sums it up: us-vision.net/detail/video-aX7nhW5PQZI.html

    thathomeschoolthingthathomeschoolthingMonth ago
  • I also want to say that, as a Blues fan, i give a lot of credit and respect to Zdeno Chara for playing in the Stanley Cup Finals with a broken jaw. so, to all the Bruins fans out there, you guys have quite an honorable captain on your Bruins team

    Fire .PhoenixFire .PhoenixMonth ago
  • this sums it up: us-vision.net/detail/video-aX7nhW5PQZI.html

    Jesse MichaelJesse MichaelMonth ago
  • чаре респект за мужество . со сломанной челюстью вышел

    Антон ИвановАнтон ИвановMonth ago
  • Congratulations St. Louis blues🔵🔵

    Mr. ApplebeeMr. ApplebeeMonth ago
  • Chou saint-luis 😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎👎

    lapincroquette lapincroquettelapincroquette lapincroquetteMonth ago
  • Congrats St. Louis on winning Stanley Cup.. Goalie or St. Louis was awesome he saved like 10 goals

    KC YKC YMonth ago
  • I like Tarosinco love all you guys Im soo proud and happy we got the Stanly Cup pray for Lola with cancer

    lemon zestlemon zestMonth ago
  • always wonder this accidental cup wins .blues have no future

    Andrey KorsunAndrey KorsunMonth ago
    • No future? That's what your daddy said when he saw you for the first time.

      Erno d'VriesErno d'VriesMonth ago
  • "4:38 to go in the 3rd and the Bruins fans are going to the exit!" Well done, Boston fans...

    Jim StyJim StyMonth ago
    • @Cougars & Tigers it's the last game of the season for your team. Show some respect and give them a little cheer on their way out the door. Every NHL home team that has ever been eliminated from the playoffs has done the same thing. They shake hands with the winners, come together and raise their sticks together and their loyal fan base cheers them on. Not so much a thing for Boston fans, I guess...

      Jim StyJim StyMonth ago
  • Беннигтон просто сделал игру. взял и сделал!!!!!!! красавец

    Xaa RaamXaa RaamMonth ago
  • the distorted additional commentators are not needed, drop it out nhl.

    djkingpinndjkingpinnMonth ago
  • Congrats St. Louis!

    Tommy SandersTommy SandersMonth ago
  • Тарасенко молодчик,давно заслужил

    Владимир ЧубовВладимир ЧубовMonth ago
  • Kill the RAT!

    SnootySnootyMonth ago
  • 7:38 music?

    Lexa NLexa NMonth ago
  • Dude, if this isn't some of the best goal tending you've seen, the first minute he stops about 10 shots fired, like, i can't even see the puck sometimes, this guy is Superman!! GOOD JOB Jordan Binnington, and he's only 25!! AMAZING!!!

    Kitty xoxoKitty xoxoMonth ago
    • Get real that dude was shaky many games..I know for a fact me and a few of my buddies could fire that slug up ...bruins outplayed the blues game 7 and lost lol horrible I'm no bruins fan but Bennington was Def inconsistent and got lite up badly a few times not impressed

      Michael JosephMichael Joseph14 days ago
  • This is why Hockey is the best sport on the planet. A team that was in last place, fired their Coach and brought in a Rookie Goalie just Won the hardest to win, nicest looking Trophy in all of Sports.

    TR LTR LMonth ago
    • there's plenty of reasons hockey is the greatest sport! 1. the game itself 2.lowest amount of criminals 3. players are for the most part, down to earth regular and humble 4.doesnt seem as fixed as the other leagues( national felon league especially!) but it just doesn't get marketed properly.

      James HadfiledJames Hadfiled7 days ago
  • They've done it. The St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup Champions!

    Google UserGoogle UserMonth ago
  • To put things in perspective we beat a well oiled Bruins team who intimidated their way into the finals. By no means were the Bruins pushovers. But this Blues team reminded me of the Stanley cup winning NJ Devils and Anaheim Ducks teams. They had big guys like the Niedermayer and a HOF goalee in Martin Brodeur. The Blues had shades of these two teams in them. And most importantly they were so good on away games. Maybe that's why they were confident going into Boston. LGB..What a series!

    janakiram suswaramjanakiram suswaramMonth ago
  • С победой парни!Володя вези кубок в Новосиб

    ParmeliumAGParmeliumAGMonth ago
  • Сент Луис красавцы!!!! А Бостону с их Маршандом так и надо!

    Alesha PopovichAlesha PopovichMonth ago
06/12/19 Cup Final, Gm7: Blues @ Bruins