‘I sacrificed my talent’ playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward - Terry Rozier | First Take

Terry Rozier says he was playing in the shadows of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward all season for the Boston Celtics and felt "thrown all the way in the back seat" when Kyrie announced that he would stay with the Celtics if welcomed back.
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  • I respect your comments Terry

    Thomas MercerThomas Mercer7 hours ago
  • Celtics known for doing shortcuts to get championships. This time it backfired a lot. They turn from title contender to a just another playoff team. No patience for celtics. They have a lot of talented young cores to build with. LMAO! who the fuck would want to play (superstars) for celtics anyway after what they did to IT?

    Inner CoreInner Core20 hours ago
  • Even doe this was a bad idea, nothing Terry said really put him in a bad position.. he spoke very tastefully and tactically 💯 in this interview

    Gabriel BlantonGabriel BlantonDay ago
  • Not a smart move, your not an allstar talent yet. Shouldve kept this in the locker room bruh

    the Juice Boxthe Juice BoxDay ago
  • Terry your watching to much Paul Pierce videos

    Shamaka ShahakaShamaka Shahaka2 days ago
  • Stephen A Smith is st8 bull crap.. before the season started he clearly said Terry Rozier leave Boston get out of there. Go get your money go start somewhere.. You're ready

    Justin PattonJustin Patton3 days ago
  • Homeboiiii in his feelings. 😂

    Anthony HernandezAnthony Hernandez3 days ago
  • Yeah it’s called team basketball. No one remembers marubury in the playoffs

    dat dude They HATEdat dude They HATE4 days ago
  • What talent ?

    Frank ChampionFrank Champion4 days ago
  • N please!

    Brandie RobinsonBrandie Robinson4 days ago
  • top point guard my ass terry

    Sebastian CruzSebastian Cruz4 days ago
  • Teddy be happy you a back up to a champion like kyrie. If you dont shine its because you not gridding hard enough

    jerzon pinedajerzon pineda5 days ago
  • Dam Terry your supposed to shoot the ball not your foot off on national television🤦🤦🤦🤦

    Ronald Ellis JrRonald Ellis Jr5 days ago
  • Hahahah

    Abdul MohamedAbdul Mohamed5 days ago
  • All I hear is me me and me

    John ParraJohn Parra6 days ago
  • He wants out of Boston

    Al James MiguelAl James Miguel6 days ago
  • I feel bad for Terry. Would you like this guy on your team now the way he talks about his teammates, coach, and organization? When I interview people if someone talks bad about their previous work place that raises a red flag because if they talk bad about them they’ll most likely talk bad about me.

    Mrjvc163Mrjvc1636 days ago
  • What Talent?

    HopeHope6 days ago
  • Last years Cleveland season........

    Linda LegLinda Leg6 days ago
  • yup you have a talent but you cant be a superstar

    Arnie IglesiasArnie Iglesias6 days ago
  • Makes me like Kawhi even more now

    Semaphore SmithSemaphore Smith7 days ago
  • can't wait for the celtics to be dogshit again with kyrie leaving 😂

    JebaitedJebaited7 days ago
  • Peanut butter Butt hurt ass trash bastard! Booooooo, stay in your lane dude and sing background vocals.

    doublahhdoublahh7 days ago
  • Terry you fucking suck just stop

    Jesse GuerreroJesse Guerrero7 days ago
  • This was very scary.

    Jaylen WhiteJaylen White8 days ago
  • You know what if terry can start at shooting gaurd then let's go otherwise sthu n put your fking seat belt on

    Pauline JamesPauline James8 days ago
  • How u had to sacrifice rozier when YALL had that hot streak with him last year n gave YALL the confidence to go far in the playoffs

    Pauline JamesPauline James8 days ago
  • Why do we have to stick to the norm? Man speak your mind be honest I'm tired of all this politically correct bs ...I'm glad he was honest stop sugar coating EVERYTHING

    Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald9 days ago
  • Legend has it that Rozier once played in the NBA

    vtownboxingfanvtownboxingfan9 days ago
  • How to destroy your teams chemistry in 6 minutes

    Gabriel FelixGabriel Felix9 days ago
    • season is already over. he's saying they never figured it out about who to play. He said they were behaving differently to Gordon and Kyrie. I think there was no justice with minutes.

      İsmail Cem Turgutİsmail Cem Turgut16 hours ago
  • Terry Rozier wants to play Terry Rozier in Terry Rozier-sketball. Terry Rozier was either in the Terry Rozier or on the Terry Rozier. I have to adjust to Kyterry Rozirving and Gorterry Hayzier...Terry Rozier.

    James CamaliJames Camali10 days ago
    • 😂😂 wtf

      Ja GibbsJa Gibbs10 days ago
  • He does not have Celtic tradition or blood in his makeup. Addios!

    73trident mcrider73trident mcrider10 days ago
  • Difference between this year and last year was all their bad shots didn't go in

    William HarrisWilliam Harris12 days ago
    • Facts

      1995Benzo1995Benzo9 days ago
  • I think rozier need to know that the roster is built for Kyrie ,not for him, BTW he need to be ready for having a funeral for his career

    Marcus YapMarcus Yap12 days ago
    • Marcus Yap well we saw what kyrie did and we saw what terry did last year, terry took C's to the final

      sep myforsep myfor8 days ago
  • They can't guard or shoot and he is no help with the team anyway

    aa colladoaa collado13 days ago
    • The most I could see him getting is a 10 million dollar contact 🗑🗣

      Jay D.Jay D.11 days ago
  • don't let this interview make everyone forget that TR still makes hella more $$$$$$$$ than everyone in the comments section

    sjackhammersjackhammer13 days ago
  • So he basically said, if kyrie there he gone leave, if he not he staying, t-ro cool, he shows stints of greatness, or at least nba starter, but when he get that opportunity I hope he plays up to the shit he talkin, cuz now he has too n if he don’t? The league gone throw him around til he out

    xavier mccarterxavier mccarter14 days ago
  • Terry got gang banged

    elBuki MiReyelBuki MiRey14 days ago
  • Like i said in my quote i dont complain, continues complaining

    J. M. SmithJ. M. Smith14 days ago
  • One of the few players who keep it real....by the way he's actually a damn good player

    Deveron BrownDeveron Brown14 days ago
    • @Jay D. I can see him coming off the bench for secondary on any team putting up points and assist with no worries, or maybe starting with a team who will give up players for cap space and start him in the line up. I'm pretty sure he'll take a pay cut to start, prove a point and show his talent.

      Deveron BrownDeveron Brown11 days ago
    • Deveron Brown he ain’t a good player he gonna be disappointed when it comes to free agency 🗣🗑

      Jay D.Jay D.11 days ago
  • He ok but no where near as good as kyrie

    Marlee SupremeMarlee Supreme14 days ago
  • Hayward: 25mpg, 11.5ppg 4.5rpg 3.4apg 46%fg 33%3pt Rozier: 23mpg 9ppg 3.9rpg 2.9apg 38%fg 35%3pt Both players comes off the bench. STFU Terry. Hayward is not even in his all-star form and he is playing way better than you bum.

    Zirc 2018Zirc 201814 days ago
  • Molly is a dumb bitch

    Blandford IkisBlandford Ikis14 days ago
  • Had a point buuuut, he's getting boo'd at every Celtic game from here on out.

    Miles PattMiles Patt14 days ago
  • This is to me, the equivalent of Eric Bledsoe saying he can't play right because of Chris Paul, if Bledsoe would have ever said that. My point is that they, Eric and Terry are good points but not kyrie and Chris elite and legendary. But good even solid starters.

    KingRuxGoddy DymynCity RecordsKingRuxGoddy DymynCity Records14 days ago
  • This dude is just dumb!!! His antics are getting paid, getting paid, getting paid 😂 maybe he should go to NY, he is very talented, but then it’s all said

    Geoffrey WendelenGeoffrey Wendelen15 days ago
  • He gonna play in China if he doesn’t deliver next year IN ANOTHER TEAM

    Geoffrey WendelenGeoffrey Wendelen15 days ago
  • Max is correct because the 18 Celtics made it almost to the finals with out either This year they had gorden and still didn't make meaning that Gorden made no difference BUT KYRIE wasn't there last year and this year and he was fine and playing fine and they lost big time / worse ?? Kyrie was an eating cancer ??? Max wins the argument ?? It has NOTHING to do with Gorden as Gorden didn't show up for 2 years ?? but / BUT the results were quite different ??? Gorden didnt effect either year ? The Celtics played better with out both especially KYRIE ??

    Oliver PhippenOliver Phippen15 days ago
  • This idiot goes on TV and when they ask about his quote he acts like he dont no what they talking bout!!!lol...young man....

    Shimeka Covell -DHS- Baltimore CityShimeka Covell -DHS- Baltimore City15 days ago
  • He said he dont complain while he's complaining lol

  • when u speak of urslef in the 3rd person and think ur better than a kyrie I....dumb ass!

    Ed EduardEd Eduard16 days ago
  • He didn’t expose anybody he just said his touches went down, playing with these players y’all trippin

    birdmangorilla100birdmangorilla10016 days ago
    • Yeah his touches went down from 10 shots to 8.4 shots lol BIG FUCKING DEAL.

      Zirc 2018Zirc 201814 days ago
  • dude throwing names out

    Nicolas EtlinNicolas Etlin17 days ago

    hiplikechrishiplikechris17 days ago
  • Team full of selfish guys. Can’t even call them a “team” lmaooo

    Ali RoshanzamirAli Roshanzamir17 days ago
  • Celtics have TOO many good players. I mean Rozier cpuld be a staryer on most teams but they have bad camaraderie and leadership.

    pinapple expresspinapple express17 days ago
  • Terry, fix your fucken teeth if you want me to take you seriously

    takitezy7takitezy717 days ago
  • All that money and you don’t get your teeth fixed? Come on man

    Brando YagerBrando Yager17 days ago
  • I guess he'll be taking his talent somewhere else probably the G league

    Moe EMoe E18 days ago
  • These guys really baiting rozier. Pro reporting job.

    Johnny BladeJohnny Blade18 days ago
  • sorry man's dame lillard talkin all that trash as if lebron never sonned him bad while he was in kyrie's spot. one decent playoff run turned this guy's heart and soul into cinderella.

    Raja AnaRaja Ana18 days ago
  • Celtics 1st options. Kyrie Celtics team captain. Kyrie Celtics main guy. Kyrie Celtics superstar. Kyrie So who's that dude they're interviewing..?..i really don't know him & never heard of him. 😭😭😭😭😭

    Susanna BillsonSusanna Billson18 days ago
  • I mean y’all can’t get mad he did prove his self 2018 playoffs that he can maintain top spot 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Edward ElricEdward Elric19 days ago
  • Two much talent not always good. Golden State the same way with KD three superstars and role players all you need

    Audrey GrayAudrey Gray19 days ago
  • Go to New Orleans with a fresh young team

    Audrey GrayAudrey Gray19 days ago
  • hmmm. there has been p 'll entry . of whining on the celtics

    steelers86izationsteelers86ization19 days ago
  • Jaylen brown sacrificed the most - going to the bench for the benefit of the team especially when he started off slow. To JBs credit he played his way back into the starting lineup towards the end of the season. He didnt go on no talk show and bury his former teammates for his lack of productivity.

    mus31mus3119 days ago
  • Bye bye Terry

    felix hugfelix hug19 days ago
  • returned. I am a Boston fan, and I still appreciate Scary Terry.

    hen kohen ko19 days ago
  • Have fun being mediocre on a different team next year

    ShawnShawn19 days ago
  • This guy is a super talent. He is young and will be very special indeed. He very well could have started over Kyrie just because of his ball IQ on defense and offense. He is also not selfish, super athletic, and fearless. All this supersedes ball handling skills, in which he has as well. Probably not one on one ball handling expertise, but indeed championship pedigree.. Will be ALL NBA defense 1st team some day. If Celtics don't like what he said trade him.. Buy I think Kyrie will leave first. Because Brad knows THAT this interview is what he also wanted to say personally.

    MaranathaMaranatha20 days ago
  • Half these dudes wanna be the man, just because.

    t3rr3nc388t3rr3nc38820 days ago
  • This asshat can't speak a cogent sentence, however, because he can play basketball he makes millions; Unreal in its idiocy.

    panggop jiopanggop jio20 days ago
  • Dude just likes making excuses.

    Jared UrizarJared Urizar20 days ago
  • Gordon Hayward should've been riding that bench because obviously he wasn't the same player he use to be

    j princej prince20 days ago
  • I wish that the C e ltcs will let go

    Lisa SavageLisa Savage20 days ago
  • Rozier is not Smart

    Luk DelbooLuk Delboo21 day ago
  • Oh he gettin traded

    James Bond 007James Bond 00722 days ago
  • smh what an idiot, who would rather put the ball in your hand the kyrie? cause u had one okay playoff run /not even great but okay. kyrie is a champion idiot. 16ppg in last year playoff done got to his head smh

    KingSu TVKingSu TV22 days ago
  • He's in the public eye again no matter what he said, many already know it's the truth.. someone will pay him

    Mrg BlueMrg Blue23 days ago
  • I thought it broner

    Jacob AgrasJacob Agras23 days ago
  • Join Raptors plz

    SupaFlyBoyZz699SupaFlyBoyZz69923 days ago
  • A lot of people in this comment section are not mentioning that Rozier actually played extremely well last year while Kyrie was injured during playoffs. In fact, they played way way better last year as a team with him bringing the ball down the court. It seemed like they had more facilitation and fluidity as a team overall. Kinda sad to these these casual fans in the comments talking shit when he's just really being honest. I think if they took Kyrie and Hayward out and went with the line-up from last year, they would have had a better shot at winning vs the Bucks.

    Bradley EBradley E24 days ago
  • Stupid negro

    Bobba RockersonsBobba Rockersons24 days ago
  • Listen i knew these 2 were gonna clash 2 years ago, but i personally thinks rozier should def keep some humility cause as good as he may be hes not a championship caliber pg unless hes on a team thats built exactly like boston.

    Michael ThomasMichael Thomas24 days ago
  • The NBA should Add another team extensions for this guy.. coz , you know there's a lot of players that needs time to show up their talent.

    Fiona GameVidsFiona GameVids24 days ago
  • Request trade For sure

    Fiona GameVidsFiona GameVids24 days ago
  • Doesn't have the top 2 inches to ever be a great.

    DamoDamo24 days ago
  • I give Terry a pass on these comments, this was at the end of a long, frustrating season. The truth is he had more time, and success, as a real team guy before the "stars" returned. I am a Boston fan, and I still appreciate Scary Terry.

    d patrickb13d patrickb1324 days ago
  • dude was not complaining, he was telling them why things didnt work out the way it was supposed to which everyone already knew that kyrie stunk up the joint. he was telling first take the thing that even ray charles who is dead knew. so what part of the truth is the complaining. complaining is when you dont want to deal with stuff that affects you negatively

    B JvuB Jvu24 days ago
  • Terry Rozier turning heel. I like.

    Down HillDown Hill25 days ago
  • This asshat can't speak a cogent sentence, however, because he can play basketball he makes millions; Unreal in its idiocy.

    P RiseP Rise25 days ago
  • He lowkey had a point they took Lebron to a game 7 and lost to the bucks in 5 with they best players playing

    Miles WilliamsMiles Williams25 days ago
  • Bruh not even cold like that smh

    Keon CuylerKeon Cuyler25 days ago
  • Why is it so hard for some people to leave a bad situation with some maturity? This is not a good look.

    HannibalBARCAHannibalBARCA25 days ago
  • After this, being sidelined will be the least of your worries 🤣

    Ray MaQRay MaQ25 days ago
  • What I don't get is y not ball out when you get in the Game...how u let somebody get u out your game lol like if your great that wouldn't matter smh

    Thomas BlanksThomas Blanks25 days ago
  • Savage SAS Q. 😅😂

    Ron LumanlanRon Lumanlan25 days ago
  • Daniel Theis, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier lll and Ojeve. This is the nucleus.

    Etta WingEtta Wing25 days ago
  • Wonderful video! Keep making good content and you are going to get bigger quick! Subscribe to our channel and so we should subscribe back to you!

    Incredible WorldIncredible World25 days ago
‘I sacrificed my talent’ playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward - Terry Rozier | First Take